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Private Villa Bali – Know How to Value it

Private villa bali are ranging in various value point. There are numerous indication that makes the valuation either go up and slide down. If you ever in position to sell your current house or villa, you’ll always know how to value it directly. Either way, its important for you to do the same while posing as a buyer.

private villa bali

Every property agent often sell their private villa in its maximum value. Sometimes buyer are overwhelm by the value itself when they negotiating with the agent. If you currently dont comprehend the market value of property, you might spend a costly purchase.

So here are few aspect you should look out to value Private Villa Bali:

Area Price Index

Bali are popular for its tourism and attraction sites, moreover these sites isnt just located in one area. The attraction are widely spread over the corner areas of Bali. This what makes every area in Bali have their own characteristic and unique points. Often these factor is use to indicate the valuation of the Private villa bali in certain area.

private villa bali

Area price index is one of the major factor which can bounce the selling price in which the villa unit is situated in. Usually the price index is dynamically changing in various area, so you need to be keep updated before you need it.

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Local Amenities

Slightly similar with the area price index, local amenities is the factor that could complete the valuation factor. Local amenities mostly cover the aspect in which the villa is close to nearby facility. This local amenities could affect the final selling price by a mile. Some of the local amenities are shopping malls, school, hospitals, entertainment park, etc.

Private Villa Bali which accessible to these facility will have a great valuation in the market. Furthermore, it is without a doubt that property in crowded place will be more pricey than the ones in secluded area. Its important for you to observe the nearest local amenities or facility of the property to help you decide its valuation.

Exterior & Interior Design

One thing that mostly get our attention while observing a private villa bali are the exterior and interior design. People tend to value the well-maintained, tidy and clean interior rather than the abstract and messy ones. You might negotiate the villa price based on any exterior and interior that doesnt seems normal to you.

private villa bali

Furthermore, you might find an undervalued villa which have a unique character in its exterior and interior. This could be an opportunity for you to purchase it with the best deal.


An extra space in private villa might be a potential for future plan. This might suit your long term plan if you seek for future renovation or any particular space can be extended. Moreover, these space can be upgrade with other facility and eventually rose the value. Often this factor is also used to determine the price value of a villa. As a buyer, usually they are willing to spend more to get this benefit and utilize it based on their demand