Improve Your Brand Storytelling And Boost Your Business  Growth

Improve Your Brand Storytelling And Boost Your Business  Growth
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Storytelling is one of the most important element in marketing. It is what can grab customers’ attention and make them emotional. A good story also leads to a change of mind so that is why a good story can influence customer’s decision. Selling your product or marketing your service  means you need to be a good storyteller to gain effective result. 

How to improve your storytelling

Brand storytelling is crucial for company, especially startups. With a good storytelling you will be able to create advocates who share or love your ideology genuinely. You need your story to have a clear mission of who to reach and what goals to achieve. And here are some tips to help you improve your brand storytelling and automatically boost your business:

Stay authentic

Always be true to yourself if you want to gain your customer’s trust. Also, consumers today are very smart that they can see right through lies easily. In your story, do not be afraid to tell your audience about your struggles or failures. Hence, don’t only talk about your triumphs. It is how you promote transparency that your customer will appreciate. Talking about your vulnerability will make your audience relate to you. 

Convince your claims with real testimonials

Use testimonials from your previous customers to convince your audience that the claim you make is real. Instead of just telling this and that, you have to show them about how awesome you are with authentic proofs. It is also more proofing and less bragging if you have something to back up your claims. Show real-life instances of how people have benefited from your products or services. 

Have your story solve what customer needs

Customers fell connected to a story because it resolves something. Therefore, it is important that you identify what your customers really need and figure out how to fulfill them. Create stories around your findings and think about how your products or services can make their lives better before they decide to make a purchase. Make them aware of your resolutions through your story. 

Remove fluff and focus on important details

Create story that won’t bore your audience. It is best to remove any unneeded details. Instead, stay focus to only what’s important by getting to the point. Don’t drag your story out because it will only make your audience lose attention. Put only relevant information in your story and consider starting your story in the middle since it is usually where the most exciting stuffs happen. 

Be mindful with your word choices

The way you tell your stories and the type of words you use should spark emotion from your audience. It is the purpose of the story to evoke emotion from audience so if you just tell play-by-play account of events, your story won’t be meaningful. Form strong connections to the choice of words you use. Include information and details that will only make your audience immerse in your story and let them feel inspired, empowered, or empathetic. 

Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Travelers who come to Bali want the sun and all the tropical seaside fun. When they look for a place to stay, they would really value a room with a view. This is why hotels in Bali charge higher for their oceanfront rooms—because waking up to breathtaking ocean vista is an amazing experience! However, not many villas can provide the view, unless you have billion dollars to buy an oceanfront lot in Bali. The Seminyak, on another hand, is one of the most popular area in Bali for traveler, and having a villa there could be a lucrative business. However, there might not many opportunity to display a gorgeous view at your Seminyak villas in Bali.

One of the alternative is creating a beautiful garden view that guests would love to enjoy from the living room or the bedroom. Wonder what it’s all about?

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

A beautiful view from within can completely alter how a space feels. While you want the guest to be able to stare out to a vast landscape or a sprawling garden, the majority of us are actually working within the limitations of our own property in Seminyak. Consider the following nine design decisions that aim to maximize views from inside the house if you’re planning a garden layout from scratch or working to improve current vistas.

Take A Look at the Existing View at Your Villa and Ways to Improve It

Start by noting the views or sight-lines that are now available from windows and glass doors. What can you see from the rooms in your Seminyak villas that guests use the most? Do any spots need greater privacy, or are any views obstructed by overgrown vegetation that needs to be pruned? Could any windows be made larger (if your budget allows) to provide better views?

Maximise the Windows to Frame the View

What would you like to see inside each frame versus what you currently see? Look out one of your home’s windows and take note of where your eye falls. Does it land on something that you find attractive, like a well-placed pot or an eye-catching plant, or does it go straight to a garbage bin that could use some screening? Note which views could be improved in your Bali Seminyak villas.

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Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think about the overall composition of your window view in the same way an artist might consider the composition of a painting. Distinguish elements that are near the viewer from those that are farther away in the area. Details are crucial for close aspects. Just outside a window, you could arrange a collection of miniature pots or a fountain, or you could use a blooming vine to frame the foreground of a garden view.

As swimming pools is very popular in Bali, you can arrange a landscape view surrounding the pool. You can have a limited lot but still have the best villas in Seminyak Bali with private pool and lush surrounding garden that would please the eye of your guests.

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden II

It’s not the same to view a garden from an upper window as it is from a ground floor window. For instance, you might find it easier to appreciate the design of the beds and walkways from above than you would from the ground when in the garden.

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Have A Seminyak Villa Near Busy Streets? Create Garden for Privacy

You probably have windows that provide less-than-ideal views of things like a bustling roadway. This is actually a problem shared by many private villas in Seminyak, Bali. One of the solution is by cutting a garden wall to buffer the road view and noise. Try a patio might surrounded by potted plants or a hedge to help block views. Hedge height variations could be used to open or block particular viewpoints.

Create A Focal Point to Your Garden View

A focal point gives your eye a place to rest when viewing the scene outside a window. Anything from a striking plant to a birdbath, fire pit, or seating space can serve as a focal point. There are two ways to ensure that a feature is a focal point rather than just another garden component.

Decide where to put something. Align the focal point with a line of sight that runs through the garden or, in this case, with a window’s view.
Make sure the component is noticeable. Typically, this entails using various shapes or colors to contrast the feature with its surroundings.

Tips For Increasing Team Innovation

People especially in business world may have different perspectives about innovation. For some business leaders, innovation is more about developing entirely new products, solutions, and technologies. For others, innovation is more of an ongoing mindset and attitude that needs to be nurtured. In any kind of organization, innovation should be the core. However, the majority of people often too focus on the tools not the people. Meanwhile, there is no innovation without people because innovation itself is about people. 

Tips For Increasing Team Innovation

Developing team innovation effectively

As innovation is about people, you need to find ways to help your people turn into innovators. They are your business’s biggest investment. Hence, you need to invest more in time, training, and resources to encourage and support them to innovate more. Here are ways you can consider to focus more on turning your employees into reliable innovators:

Establish transparent communication

Make sure that you communicate your commitment to innovation widely through internal channels. And at the same time, employees should also communicate transparently with one another as well as with their higher-ups. Everyone should be willing to listen to each other and solicit feedback So it is easier to determine what to do to give more innovation support. 

Establish management support

In order for your employees to freely innovate, they need proper management support from their leaders. Hence, you need to make sure to secure executive support and help employees ideate about their passions more comfortably. Cultivate an environment where employees feel empowered to take risks without consequences. As a leader and executive, you need to encourage other executives to also touch every grade level, function, and region.

Encourage collaboration across all levels

Innovation doesn’t come only from an executive, an engineer, or a researcher only. Everyone can be just as innovative. Hence, make sure to open opportunities for everyone to share impactful ideas. Build a culture that encourages collaboration across all levels. Encourage every employee to explore more on their passion and nurture their inner entrepreneur.

Embrace diversity

It is also important to embrace diversity because innovation has no limit on certain group of people only. Inclusion and diversity is important when trying to generate great ideas. Diversity in your organization can be about people of different races, skill levels, genders, and ages. However, it can be also people with different point of view. Encourage your employees to brainstorm that lead to new ideas and solutions. 

Provide the right spaces

It is also strongly recommended that you provide spaces and places where your folks can get outside with fellow employees during work day. You can also create a free-flowing space to help employees generate creative ideas. You may also provide various tools, platforms, and technologies so they can turn their brilliant ideas into prototypes. 

Make it fun

Make the process of innovating more fun by conducting a sort of game. It helps a lot in bringing out employees of their self-assigned boxes. Friendly competition can stimulate employees to identify and develop new ideas. Make sure to give rewards as a form of acknowledgement.

Sustainable construction of wooden house in Bali

Wooden houses are a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional brick and concrete homes. Wood is not only a natural product, but its use is also environmentally friendly. These homes are constructed from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, as well as ‘ecological.’ The wooden structure used in sustainable construction is certified and comes from responsible logging, in which manufacturers plant new trees for every tree felled. Maintaining this balance is critical for them. Furthermore, building with wood uses less energy, has a lower environmental impact, and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional building methods because wood absorbs CO2.

Wooden design. villa with wooden floors, ceilings and furniture. Modern interior.

Wooden house in sustainable construction

Log construction: Built or assembled directly on the plot, with trunks providing a distinctive final appearance. The thickness of the wood acts as an excellent interior humidity and temperature regulator, which is an advantage of this system. Square logs, which fit better together, can be used.

These structures are a little more complicated; wooden beams are latched together to house large glass window surfaces.

Light wooden framework: This is the most common option and is used in most Canadian homes. A large number of small components are used to facilitate module construction, interchangeability, and pre-manufacturing.

Mobile homes are built in factories and transported in large sections to their final destination. Depending on the final size, houses can be built in a single piece or in several sections. The walls can be finished with wood or other materials.

False myths about a wooden house in sustainable construction

Durability: While certain highly admired, solid concrete houses are ready to be demolished after 40 years

Fires: Fires are most commonly started in homes by items inside the home: a cigarette that wasn’t properly extinguished, a short-circuit, and so on, and what catches fire is the furniture inside, so the risk of fire is the same. If the fire is not extinguished quickly, the wood catches fire but burns slowly. If the fire is not extinguished quickly, the house will be reduced to ashes. However, high temperatures in a concrete house can cause cracks, which may necessitate the demolition of the house.

Wood type for your villa

Wood is one of the most commonly used natural materials when building houses. The reason, wood is a material that is easy to shape and suitable for many things. Moreover, wood can create a natural and natural impression that is in great demand by many people.

Teak hardwood

Among the various types of wood, teak is the most well-known. This wood has a beautiful and strong texture in addition to being classified as a type of wood that is not eaten by termites. Teak wood has a brown color, is easy to process and cut, and has a high quality. When compared to other woods, teak wood is extremely affordable. As a result, teak is not recommended for use in the construction of a low-cost minimalist home.

Camphor wood

Camphor wood or borneo wood, has a beautiful fiber and texture when processed for building. There are various uses, ranging from door frames, windows, interior furniture, and so on. In the market, camphor wood is divided into three categories: kruing camphor from Sumatra, Samarinda, and Surabaya.

Bengkirai wood

Utilization of bengkirai wood in the manufacture of a building, can be applied to making list signs, decking, wooden roofs, and so on. You see, bengkiri wood is strong enough so that it can be used for a long time, and has weather resistance. The hallmark of this wood is to have a yellow color and sometimes a bit brownish.

Green Strategies o Implement By Small Business

Green Strategies To Implement By Small Business

It is common for the majority of people to view business industry as one of the biggest contributors to the environmental damage that is happening to the earth. However, it is also important to understand that business goers can make changes to help conserve the energy and protect the environment. In fact, some small businesses are already on it. Energy conservation is no longer a choice now but something that has become a competitive advantage. 

Green strategies small business implement to conserve energy

Regardless of the type of business you are running, there is always a risk of energy waste which affect not only your business but also our planet. That is why even small changes are valuable to help contribute to conserve the energy. You need to start considering green strategies that can actually help eliminate any energy waste, and below are some of them:

Fix your lighting

The way you set up your lighting for your small business can contribute a lot to conserve energy. It is highly recommended to use LED or light emitting diodes instead of light bulbs since the former are energy efficient and actually more affordable. If the large spaces in your company need proper lighting, it is best to opt for large fluorescent lightbulb tubes since they are more illuminated by still energy-efficient. 

Consider using occupancy sensors for lighting in rooms that are not used all the time such as conference rooms, bathrooms, and break rooms. These devices regulate light only when the room is occupied by someone. For outdoor lighting, you can consider using solar lighting. To save more money, take advantage of natural light. Make sure your buildings have larger windows to let in more light. 

Consider upgrade your equipment

Consider upgrade your equipment
Laptop, workstation, free public domain CC0 photo.

Newer equipment are built to be energy efficient. The equipment you run is probably responsible for your energy cost and consumption. Hence, start looking for old appliances that are wasting energy such as coffee maker, refrigerator, and washing machine and change them into energy-efficient versions. 

Also, you may consider using laptops instead of desktop. Laptops are more energy-efficient because they are designed for maximum power efficiency. Also, tell your employees know not to keep their charger plugged when not used because it consumes more energy than when used. 

Set up your heat regulation better

Working in ideal temperature makes it easier to focus because our body is not bothered by extreme temperature. Some areas may have non-ideal climate which lead to the need of proper heat regulation. So consider taking some innovative technology to set it up. 

You may consider using smart thermostats, which is a technology that makes it easier to maintain a constant temperature in your workspace. This technology will adjust the temperature according to your temperature preferences. 

Or, you may also consider installing several fans which are considered energy-efficient and more affordable. In addition, you may also consider installing window coverings such as blinds, shades, or awnings. Those can absorb the heat so the temperature inside the room can be more ideal. 

Six Advanced Things to Max Up Your Bali Villas Interior Design

Six Advanced Things to Max Up Your Bali Villas Interior Design 2

In a vacation rental, first impressions matter much. You will find it difficult to obtain the favorable evaluations that promote additional reservations if the images of your property don’t appear welcoming and if your doorway doesn’t make visitors feel at home. A unique interior design can set your vacation rental apart from other one thousand villas in Bali. Here are some of our finest suggestions for designing a unique space in your luxury villa that visitors won’t want to leave.

Give A Distinct Personality to Your Bali Villas

Give A Distinct Personality to Your Bali Villas

The vacation rentals that always attract bookings are always the one with certain unique touch to it. It can be a wooden triangle mezzanine house in the middle of the woods, a bamboo house, an all-white house with jacuzzi, you get the idea. Having a local experience is one of the reasons tourists pick vacation rentals over hotels. But far too many home owners take the easy road, furnishing their residences with décor that can be purchased at any big-box retailer. The end result is just another cookie-cutter villa Bali with no distinguished style or whatsoever. 

What makes a villa unique?

There is the significance of giving decor personality. The region is what visitors want to see via your eyes. So instead of decorating with matchy-matchy vases from national chains, use driftwood you collected at the beach or artwork created by a local artist. Use hues or designs that convey something about you or the area. Make it distinctive. Travelers looking for vacation rentals online may come across 10 listings that are quite similar. Choose a theme and build your interior around the theme. 

Let Your Personality Seeps In

Let Your Personality Seeps In

One of the main reason guests choose vacation rentals is to experience local culture. Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, but your holiday home is special, so treat it as such!

Don’t use generic paintings and dull furnishings to adorn your beach villa. To give your visitors a truly local feel, use furnishings and accessories made by the community. Don’t forget to inject some of your own individuality as well! The design in your home should reveal a lot about your personality and the neighborhood. But don’t mix it up with your personal life! Avoid displaying your family pictures and personal milestones in the house. 

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Try to Evoke the Homey Feeling in Your Bali Vacation Rental

Try to Evoke the Homey Feeling in Your Bali Vacation Rental

Whether you build luxurious Bali villas with private pool or a one bedroom villa, your vacation rentals should have a cozy, welcoming, and comfortable feel to it.

Keep in mind that your visitors are there to unwind, and use the interior design to help create a cozy ambiance. The furniture in a home is one of the major comfort-enhancing elements. To create the most functional space possible, interior design specialists constantly strive to mix furniture with functionality. The distribution of interior space for specific purposes and activities, or space planning, has a significant impact on how your guests use the area and whether they have a good experience.

Fill Up the Blank Walls

Fill Up the Blank Walls

Wall deco is a simple way to spice up your vacation home rentals in Bali. The experience of your guests will be impacted if you leave your walls empty because it can make a home look impersonal and dull. To distinguish and add character to your beach property, choose the right artwork. Avoid buying commercial goods and choose something made by a local artisan instead. 

Make your own framed artwork or quotes if you can’t find any that you like already made! Use your imagination by hanging the jersey of your neighborhood sports team, a group of shells you collected at the beach, or a stunning mirror. There are countless options!

The True Luxury in Bali Villas is the Quality of Its Furniture

The True Luxury in Bali Villas is the Quality of Its Furniture

Will you purchase inferior goods if you knew they would malfunction sooner or later? No! Don’t do this to the holiday rental since you wouldn’t do it to your own home.

In order to provide your guests a pleasant stay, it is crucial to invest in high-quality furniture and bedding for your private Bali villas. Among the most essential things you can buy for your vacation rental are high-thread-count linens, comfortable furnishings, and cozy blankets.

We guarantee that visitors can tell the difference! Additionally, you don’t want them to deal with mistreated linens or destroyed furnishings.

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Plan Out A Layout with Comfy Spaces

Plan Out A Layout with Comfy Spaces in your Bali Villas

Don’t just cram furniture into your rooms. Consider the layout carefully and how visitors will make use of the area while they are visiting. Secret of an inviting villa is staging. The way you stage your furniture affects how people use your space and if they have a good time there. It will look disorganized if your living room furniture is overly dispersed, with a couch along one wall and a lone chair buried in the distant corner. People struggle to make good use of that space.

It is preferable to position the chairs around a coffee table or other prominent center piece. This encourages people to get together and socialize, which is ultimately why they are on vacation.

Boosting Customer’s Loyalty To Your Brand

One of the hardest part of running a  business is to attract customers. However, making them stay is even more challenging. Today, customers hold more power due to limitless access and resources to information they need to make good decision of their purchase. One of the best way to keep them is by providing good customer service. However, it is no longer enough. To make your customers stay, you need to make them loyal to your brand. 

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept. User give rating to service experience on online application. Customer can evaluate quality of service leading to reputation ranking of business.

Keep your customers loyal to your brand

What define customer’s loyalty is their willingness and desire to repeatedly make a purchase of product or use a service from a company especially the one they had outstanding experience with. Satisfied customers are usually more willing to stay. Loyalty is a great foundation to maintaining long-term relationships with customers. 

Factors that drives customer’s loyalty

There are many factors that can drive customer’s loyalty to a brand such as dependability. With it, customers learn they can depend on your company for products or services they need. Emotional connection is also essential factor since a meaningful bond created with customers can achieve widespread customer satisfaction. Another important factor is how your brand can show superiority over competing products or services, making them hesitant to even think about switching to another brand. 

The importance social media presence

A company that own strong social media presence is more likely to have loyal customer base. Social media is a great platform for your brand to share story that your target customer can relate to. Not to mention that you can also show what you got and how you can do it better than others through social media. You can target specific online community to increase your customer base and make them your loyal army who are ready to be your brand advocate. 

The goal of loyal customers

Building customer base who is filled with loyal customers is not easy but the benefits you will get is worth all the pain. For example, loyal customer won’t hesitate to spread the words about your company. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth marketing is still an effective marketing strategy. Loyal customers believe in your company so they feel the need to share their positive feedback with others, be it their families, friends, or their followings on social media. 

Loyal customer love to help your brand

Another benefit of having loyal customers is that they are happy if they can help your business grow even more with their contribution. For example, the ones that will responds to your social media posts and answer your surveys are your loyal customers. They don’t mind taking time to share their insight if it can help your business grow. 

Building and maintaining customer loyalty

After attracting customers, it is important to make them loyal to you by building and maintaining healthy relationships. You can also implement different strategies such as delivering a loyalty rewards program, a referral program, boosting your customer service, using customer data, and staying consistent with your performance.

How To Pick The Best Komodo Island Boat Tour

Perfect for all travelers, the flora and fauna are Indonesia’s finest, and as popularity increases for this coveted destination. There is a paramount need for more information about planning a Komodo Island boat trip to this island. Komodo tours have become a bucket-list-worthy experience. The most incredible destination is tour Komodo is travel by boat! Komodo island boat tour makes for a lovely isolating adventure of seclusion, distance, and an ocean dip whenever you please. 

A wooden yacht with three masts is anchored in the waters of the famous archipelago of Komodo in Indonesia. The National Park of Komodo attracts numerous diving expeditions as it is considered one of the best diving destination in the World. - komodo island boat tour

What to Look for When Selecting a Komodo Island Boat Tour

If you research the Komodo island boat tour, you will find lots of offerings but they don’t always specify which type of boat. It is critical to understand the type of boat being used because it will give you an idea of the amenities and number of people, type of cabins, and size of the boat on which you will travel and sleep

Let’s check the types of boats!

A standard boat is a smaller vessel with no air conditioning, basic amenities (no hot water), and no private cabins. This can be used for both public and private transportation.

Standard boat with air conditioning: A smaller boat with basic amenities (no hot water) and only shared cabins. This can be used for either a public or private trip.

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Traditional phinisi boat: Private and shared cabins are available. The cabins are all air-conditioned. It typically seats a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 22 people.

Luxury yachts: These are frequently used for private tours of small groups and will have every amenity imaginable, as well as stunning decor. There are websites that have a lot of information about what is available with this Komodo tour package.

Cabins: Private/shared/no cabin

This is especially important when visiting the Komodo Dragon Islands because, unlike a hotel, there are a limited number of rooms and you can’t just move to another if you’re unhappy. If you need something urgently, there is no front desk or concierge to call. Before you board the boat to Komodo Island, you should be aware of what you’re getting.

Power and Plug Points

Most people in this digital age cannot go a day without electricity. We require electricity to power the lights, and charge our phones, cameras, and power banks, among other things.

Because the boat is powered by a generator, most boats will turn off the electricity during the day. The electricity is usually turned on in the evenings so you can charge your devices, use the A/C or fans to sleep, and turn on the cabin lights, among other things.

Komodo island tour activities

Another reason to think about the number of guests onboard is when you’re out on activities. When you’re not on a private tour, you must be considerate of your fellow travelers when going out for activities.

You frequently have to wait for the group before proceeding, or for everyone to be ready before proceeding. Please note, that not everyone is interested in the same things.

The trip is fairly diverse in that there is some hiking, beach lounging, snorkeling, and swimming, which not everyone enjoys. So you might get lucky if some people choose to stay on board for some activities while the other group gets a little more attention.

Komodo island tour destination

The following are the must-see attractions on your Komodo island boat tour. Check them out on the Komodo Island map to ensure they are included in your Komodo island trip!

Komodo Habitat at Rinca Island

Rinca Island, also known as Komodo Dragon Island, is home to a conservation area where Komodo island dragons roam freely! As much as this is the main attraction of your Komodo dragon trip, not everyone does it for the day Komodo dragon tour, as you’ll see below; there are many other beautiful destinations on the trip.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is a real thing! This is not a Photoshopped image! The Pink Beach sand on Komodo Island is colored by thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by foraminifera.

Padar Island

This is your reward for a relatively steep walk, but it’s well worth it. The walk usually begins at sunrise, and reaching the top rewards you with stunning panoramic views of this Jurassic Park-like landscape’s unique rock formations!

Diving & Snorkeling Spot

Manta Rays, not to be confused with Sting Rays, are gentle, docile, and harmless floating creatures of the sea. Swimming with manta rays was a dream come true for me. How many you can see will depend on the season and time of day you visit.

How To Organize Productive Online Meetings

One of the most integral parts of organization is business meetings. There are included in daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. Meetings are not just activities where every important heads of departments gather. It is important part of running a business because it can decide what decision to make. One of the most challenging parts of business meetings is the time-consuming tendency. And for today’s remote work implementation, online meetings seem to be delivered less effectively. Is it true?

Young Asian businessman work at home and virtual video conference meeting with colleagues business people, online working, video call at home office

Organizing productive online meetings

With the advancements of technology and communication, it is still a challenge to organize online business meetings to be as productive as possible. There are many factors that can potentially distract and disturb the meetings such as connection problems, communication delays, poorly structured manner, etc. Here are ways you can do to organize your productive online business meetings agenda:

Make it fun

Even though you are in professional settings, you can make online meeting to be fun agenda to follow. Liven up the meetings by making introduction, having a team-building exercise as an icebreaker, or play a game. Be creative in making the beginning of the meetings as interesting as possible so you get to have everyone engaged throughout the rest of the meetings. 

Plan a well-defined agenda

Make sure that your meetings have clear purpose to avid any confusion and wasted-time. Make clear agenda prior the meeting so everyone knows what to prepare with as the issues to be discussed later. It is also highly recommended that you specify a role of each participant clearly so every individual knows their own responsibilities. Then, send the agenda you have made at least 24 hours prior the meeting. Make sure everyone receive it then have everyone set a reminder. 

Have moderator to run the meeting

Without moderator, it will be likely that the meetings may go off track. A moderator is someone appointed to control the proceedings of the meeting. They have the authority to run the meeting smoothly. Moderator should be respected and no one is not allowed to speak without moderator’s permission. Online meeting without moderator is like a recipe to disaster because everyone may speak at the same time and the meeting won’t result in anything. 

Prepare the system prior the meetings

Online meetings requires good system to avoid any potential problems with communication, connectivity, etc. Have everyone restarted their computer at least 20 to 30 minutes prior the meeting. Give all participant enough time to check everything including monitor, microphone, camera, etc. It is essential especially when the meetings involve multiple participants. 

Minimize distractions and limit the time

To manage productive online meetings, remove all potential distractions. Encourage participants to have sit in private and well-illuminated room, use collar microphone, use headset, and laptop’s speaker. Also, set specific amount of time. For example, you set the meeting duration 40 minutes. Then, set time limit for every agenda point. If necessary, you may also set time limit for each participant to speak, helping them more efficient with what they want to convey.

Why Choose Concrete Construction For Your Next Building Project?

Are you looking for a building material that will meet your needs today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Have you ever considered why there is a lot of concrete construction? Because of the numerous benefits, it provides to both the building and the environment, Concrete is the world’s most popular building material. Concrete is not only the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly building material, but it is also the safest.

3d illustration of contemporary concrete building holiday villa

The advantages of concrete building

There is concrete everywhere you look. This is due to the fact that concrete provides a wide range of benefits while remaining cost-effective and sustainable. Concrete is both extremely durable, versatile, and long-lasting. There’s a reason it’s so popular.

The durability of concrete construction

Concrete construction outlasts all other building materials. This is due to the fact that concrete actually strengthens over time.

When you build with concrete, you don’t have to be concerned about long-term costs or the environment due to maintenance and upkeep. The fact that you won’t have to fund routine repairs lowers the overall cost of ownership.

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Concrete is fire, rust, and rot-resistant. It’s also impervious to vibrations, water, wind, fire, and earthquakes.

Not only does this save money, but it also keeps people safe. When it comes to natural disasters and extreme weather events, concrete has proven to be the most durable building material.

Highly Sustainable

Concrete is made locally and is extremely sustainable. It is typically manufactured near the construction site using local resources. This lowers pollution and shipping costs while also stimulating the local economy.

Concrete is also a recyclable material. It is recycled as an aggregate as well as granular material.

The versatility of concrete construction building

While hardened concrete is strong and formidable, it has plasticity when freshly made, making it extremely versatile. Freshly mixed concrete can be molded into any shape, surface, form, or texture desired by designers and builders.

There are also many different types of concrete, each of which serves a specific purpose in a variety of applications. Concrete is constantly being modified in novel and creative ways in order to make it more sustainable.

Concrete buildings are simple to repurpose and adapt to new uses. This is due to the fact that concrete is both strong and fire-resistant. When buildings are repurposed rather than demolished, resources are saved and the environment is protected.

Environmentally friendly

Concrete has the lowest carbon footprint over the life of a structure. This is due to its durability, recyclability, and efficiency, as well as industry innovations to address sustainability concerns.

Concrete buildings have a much lower carbon footprint than wood-framed structures. Concrete is also a very energy-efficient material.

This is due to its ability to store energy, which is also referred to as thermal mass. The thermal mass of concrete allows it to reduce the building’s heating and cooling demands.

Significant energy-efficiency improvements are seen when concrete is used in conjunction with other green construction technologies. Concrete construction building occupants are more comfortable, and reduce energy demand in cities as a whole.

Concrete construction safety 

Is concrete a safe material? ” Yes, the answer is yes.”

Because concrete is inert, it does not burn and does not rot or mildew, making it extremely safe for building occupants and the environment.

Concrete buildings have excellent air quality because, when built properly, it does not allow airborne pollutants such as dust or pollen to enter. You can be confident that concrete is safe because of how long it has been used and studied.

Designers, builders, and engineers understand concrete and have refined construction techniques over time, whereas newer materials cannot.

Building occupants will feel secure and private due to the strength of the concrete walls. Because of its high strength, concrete can protect its occupants from severe weather and earthquakes.

Its high thermal mass also protects against temperature swings and keeps the building’s interior consistently comfortable and draft-free.