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Tips To Battle Sun Exposure To Avoid Any Health Damage

Sun exposure has been known to be one of the main causes of many health issues such as skin cancer and premature aging. Of course, there are also benefits from sun exposure. However, it is best to know how to minimize the risk of getting health damages caused by it. It is impossible to fully protected from sun exposure especially for those who work outdoor. However, there are ways we can try to minimize and prevent negative effects of it. And here are some of the tips to consider in battling against sun exposure:

hydration concept. a young woman drinking a bottle of water.

Create a shade for your home

Your home should at least be a safe place to protect you from excessive sun exposure. Hence, make sure to create a shade. You can do it by installing some high-technology shades, or choose more conventional ways. For example, you can plant trees near your home for shade or choose the pre-made version available online with variety of shapes ans sizes to choose. Use blinds and curtains to avoid direct sun exposure to get into your house. Another way is to design shade pergolas int he front of your home. 

Protect your skin

As mentioned that sun exposure can cause serious health damage especially to the skin. Hence, always do your best to protect your skin. Wearing a sunscreen or sunblock is a must even when you are staying in your house. It is because there are UV rays that can penetrate through the gaps in your house such as windows. Choose sunscreen that your skin love with the spf at least 30 and has broad spectrum. Hence, your skin will be more protected from UVA and UVB. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours especially when you are outdoor. 

Choose your clothes wisely

If you don’t want to get any sun damage, pick your clothes carefully when you are planning to go outside especially during summer, or when you plan to be outdoors for longer periods of time. Choose light-colored clothes to help reflect the sunlight. Also, choose loose outfit made from comfortable materials such as linen or cotton. Also, do not forget to protect your head from the sun exposure by wearing a hat or cap. And wear sunglasses if you are outdoor to protect your eyes better. 

Stay hydrated

Being under the sun for a long period can drain out your body. Hence, make sure to stay hydrated no matter where you are. Dehydration is one of the health issues caused by sun exposure as well. Therefore, it is best to carry your own water bottle wherever you go so you always remember to drink plenty of water every day. Also, it is highly recommended to not do your outdoor activities during peak hours if you want to avoid sun damage. The most intense sunlight is around 10 am to 2 pm during summer. At those times, the sun rays are at its strongest even if you see some clouds floating in the sky.

How Positivity Can Help Enhance Customer Experience

It is common for you as the business owner to feel stressed and panic when there are customers call you to complain about your product, service, etc. While it is not such a pleasant experience, it is something that needs to be handled considerably. Customer experience does matter for your business because according to survey, customers are ready to choose another brand or company once they have one bad experience. 

Using positivity to boost customer experience

The main factor to consider when trying to elevate your customer experience is by using positive, be it in the words ou pick or the gestures you show to your customers. By showcasing positivity, your customers will see you as an ally they can rely on. Therefore, it is best to teach your representatives and yourself about critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence to know how to use positivity. 

Positivity to show support to your customers

When you showcase negativity to your customers, they will feel like they are not appreciated or supported. Hence, they are not ready to be loyal to your brand. Even negativity can be shown through words. Hence, the choice of words you use when talking with customers should be full of positive messages that make your customers feel supported. 

Critical thinking to deliver positivity

To be able to show positivity to your customers, you need to learn how to develop your critical thinking. It is also something important your representatives need to learn. Critical thinking skill can be earned by practicing how to respond to top pain points of customers. Then, practice problem-solving that will become reasonable solutions for customers. Sharpening critical thinking will help you know what to say when interacting with customer. 

Promote customer experience using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence comes hand in hand with critical thinking skill. You and your team members need to learn both. The purpose of developing and implementing emotional intelligence is to make you able to respond to customers without having any negative emotional reaction. With excellent emotional intelligence, you know what to say and do to make your customers feel heard and understood. 

Formulating the best responses

It is important to do your best in finding solution for your customers. However, it is also just as important to learn how to present it in a way that will resonate with your customers. Do not brush off or invalidate your customer’s feeling just because you think you know what’s best for them. Make sure to let your customers know that they are heard and understood, and that you are willing to work with them in finding the best solution. 

More than finding a solution

Through critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence, you and your representative will become better at formulating the best responses to your customers, in a way that come across as empathetic. This way, you will be able to see things more objectively. It also allows you to put yourself in your customer’s shoe so you can work toward solution that will build real connection with them.

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Whale sharks are large ocean animals that can weigh up to 11 tons and measure up to 12 meters in length. These creatures attain maturity around the age of 30 and can live to be between 60 and 100 years old! Whale sharks, although being the largest shark species, graze on plankton and are friendly creatures. They can be found in tropical oceans all around the world. Indonesia is one of the best places to see whale sharks. If you want to see whale shark Indonesia for yourself, we’ve put together a list of sites you should go:

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara

Sumbawa provides a peek of incredible marine life as well as snorkeling opportunities. It’s also a fantastic place to see whale sharks in Indonesia. Whale shark conservation tourism is available at Labuan Jambu, a town near the bay. To get to this location, fly to Sumbawa Besar’s Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport and then drive about 100 kilometers to Labuan Jambu.

There are plenty of must-see attractions in the area as well! Island-hop to Lipan Island, where you can see coastal cliffs, or Dangar Ode, where the sand is pearlescent. Gili Mariam, on the other hand, is a suggested site to visit if you wish to explore a secluded natural spot. Take a walk along their beautiful sand beaches or climb the tiny hill. You can even pitch your tents here for some camping fun in the great outdoors. When it gets dark, you can gaze dreamily at the beautiful night sky.

Derawan, East Kalimantan

Imagine a paradise where you can swim and dive alongside aquatic creatures in wide stretches of clean water. Talisayan Derawan in East Kalimantan is a renowned tourist attraction. Whale sharks can be seen as fishermen starting their day fishing, according to residents, because many of them throw their catches into the sea.

It is best to plan your diving trip to Talisayan during the summer months, when the south winds are blowing, which is from mid-June to mid-September.

To get to Talisayan, travel to Berau’s Kalimarau Airport and then continue by land for a 4-hour drive. To go to the center of the water, you’ll need to take a boat from Talisayan Pier. Keep in mind that whale sharks only come out once the sun has risen. So make it a point to get up early in the morning!

Cendrawasih National park, West Papua

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park in West Papua is home to a vast protected marine reserve with a diverse range of flora and animals. In one of Southeast Asia’s largest national parks, you’ll see plenty of wildlife, including the gorgeous exotic Cendrawasih bird. Whale shark Indonesia in Cendrawasih National Park can be seen in its waters all year. The best place to see them is Kwatisore Bay, near Nabire. It’s also a good idea to dive early in the morning, as they’re more likely to be observed then.

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The Importance Of Attitude In Running Business

As we were kids, we would always grumble when older people told us they didn’t like our attitude. We would see it as them being annoying. We would also told them back to quit complaining. Good or bad attitude is often seen as important element to apply in general life especially when it comes to relationship. However, attitude is just as important in running business. Good or bad attitude can affect business in many ways. 

Why attitude is impactful in business

It is important to have good attitude no matter where you go and regardless of who you are facing at the present. Your attitude should be in the right place. And in business, it is just as crucial. Here are the reasons why attitude is such an important aspect that can affect your bottom line:

Skills can be learned but attitude can not 

Most companies choose employees who meet the required skills and it is not wrong. However, relying solely on that aspect won’t guarantee benefits for your business int he long run. If the candidate misses one skill or two, you can teach them and they can learn to master the skill. However, attitude cannot truly be taught. So if you find a candidate with good attitude even with missing one or two skills, then they are still better choice. 

People with positive attitude are willing to learn

The reason why you should hire people with positive attitude is that they are always willing to learn. They like trying new things and are not afraid to make mistakes as long as they can learn from them. In business world, nothing is truly certain. Unexpected things may happen anytime and people with good attitude won’t avoid the situation. Meanwhile, people with negative attitude are more likely to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Hence, they rarely grow better than they first started.

People with good attitude is a major benefit for your business

It is because they are always motivated to learn even if it takes time for them to fully master a new skill. Once they master it, they will become a major benefit for your company. Their contribution will be one of the most valuable assets your business can rely on in the long run. 

Attitude is something infectious 

Whether it is positive or negative, attitude is infectious. So when you hire a person with negative attitude, she/he may infect the others. What about people who have positive attitude? It is also infectious but negativity is easier to spread. Hence, always keep people with positive attitude to infect each other positively. 

Positive attitude is more agile in every situation

In running business, challenges is not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. everyone should always be ready with any challenges and hurdles that come in the way. People with positive attitude will always look for meaningful solution in a form of long-term answer. People with positive attitude see problems and obstacles as opportunity to grow more. 

Diving Papua Budget, How Much And How To Plan?

Diving Papua Raja Ampat is currently at the level of a mainstream dive destination. Raja Ampat has 76 dive spots recorded from 2013 islands. The worldwide popularity of Papuan diving due to its underwater beauty, and the easier it is to reach it, attracts many tourists to visit. This is a human secret again, the cost of a vacation to Raja Ampat is not cheap. Then how much is diving Papua budget?

Diving Papua Budget, Rent a boat

To be able to reach the dive spot diving you have to rent a speed boat with a capacity of 7-12 people with the most expensive budget of 7 million rupiahs. This price does not include diving fees. Diving Papua budget for 1 time varies, depending on the resort manager there. Diving equipment, of course, you have to rent, starting from wetsuits, fins, masks, oxygen cylinders, and other diving equipment. When calculating the costs you have to spend for diving, of course, it looks very expensive. Are there other options to save on the Papuan diving budget?

Papua Liveaboard

Live onboard is increasingly popular among diving lovers. Papua liveaboard, not just reaching dive spots, but exploring other tourist destinations in Raja Ampat. Maybe you think, live onboard budget will be very expensive. But have you ever calculated the diving Papua budget that you have to spend if you are solo traveling?

Diving Papua liveaboard budget is relatively cheap because you can plan according to your vacation time. Facilities that can be available are bedrooms, 3 meals, hoping island, sundeck, including snorkeling and diving equipment. For professional diving, Papua liveaboard is certainly the perfect choice to explore the many dive spots.

The advantage is that you don’t need to rent a speed boat to go to the islands looking for a dive spot. The Papua liveaboard provider will provide options for many dive spots that you can visit. Papua liveaboard charters can be a smart choice if you go with friends or family.

You can save your diving Papua budget compared to your solo traveling. The ship’s crew will serve your daily needs while you are sailing. Master certified dive guides will be ready to help divers if there is a change in current during the dive. Dive spots in Papua are known for strong deep currents and sudden changes in currents can occur. It will be very unsafe if you dive without a professional and experienced guide.

Papua liveaboard, you can say as a luxury cruise ship for diving lovers with super-premium facilities. Your diving experience will be unique, different, and memorable. You can see the sunrise, sunset while on the boat. This is your unique diving holiday experience!

How To Structure More Productive Workday

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Entrepreneurs’ workday are often not standardized. Many of them work for more than 14 hours at a time. Of course, it is not healthy even from any perspective. However, most entrepreneurs think that 24 hours are not enough to do their work. You might be one of them who work long hours on daily basis. The problem with this is, there is no guarantee that your days are truly as productive as you thought. 

Structuring your day to be more productive

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner often leave you with no choice but do everything on your own. You have so much on your plate just to make sure everything runs well. However, it is also important to know if your days are productive or not with how much you work. Because you can make your workdays more productive without straining your well-being.

Rely more on your calendar to spend your workday. Do the tasks that are stated on your calendar. Hence, it is important to set up your calendar to manage your schedule. By relying on your calendar, you know how much time you have in a day. It also helps in eliminating distractions. It helps you to keep up with your schedule better. 

Make your meeting short and simple. Meetings are often time-consuming. You can make it short but with great outcomes using three elements. You need an agenda, a two-minute rule, and a person to lead. With those elements, the meetings will be much more efficient. Agenda will make everyone stay in the topic. The two-minute rule allow every participant to talk only for two minutes not more. The leader helps monitor time and keeps the agenda flowing. 

Sort out your tasks and separate the small and big ones. Finish your bigger, arduous tasks when you are in productive mode  and motivated mindset. Then, group small tasks together and finish them when you don’t have to spend a lot of mental energy. Smaller, mindless tasks can be finished quicker together. It is also recommended to tackle touch tasks first so you have more energy to do the other tasks because you know that you are capable with how you succeeded in completing the tough tasks. 

Plan in breaks in your workday. Working constantly for 12 hours without a break will not make your workday more productive. When you are tired, you will be distracted. You will be unable to stay focused and end up completing your task longer. Set 10 minutes breaks to go escape from your work by going on a walk, looking at the landscape, and just clearing your head. Two or three short breaks a day will make you more productive. 

Eliminate things that can distract you. So many distractions that can hold you back from working productively. They can be your phones, foods, noise, etc. Silent your phone during work and make sure your stomach is full already. Block noise by using a canceling-noise headphone. Set a reminder/alarm so you know when to take a necessary break. 

Must-Have Skills Of Successful Small Business Owners

Time keeps changing and as the world keep moving, there are always new things to learn. Being an entrepreneur also means you have to always be ready to learn something new especially with the explosion of tech in recent years. Being successful in modern world requires you to develop new skills but there are always basic skills you need to be a successful small business owners regardless the era you are in.

Basic skills small business owners should have to successfully manage their organization

Communication skills are very basic in business world. As small business owner, you should be well-versed in managing to all the moving parts. Communicate accurately and succinctly is essential to deliver what process and procedures to be executed to various professionals especially those whoa re associated with your business. Regardless of changing technology platforms or accounting system, your communication skills are still the key factor to lead your business to success.

Delegation skills are also important because even if you are the owner of your small business, it is impossible to handle everything on your own. Building a solid team is a key to successful business and that’s why you need to be well-versed in delegating. This way, the goals are more attainable because the efforts are not only from your side but also everyone in your team. 

The ability to follow through is also a skill not all small business owner but it is such a basic skill to be successful. Coming up with brilliant ideas is not enough because you need to bring them to fruition as well. To follow through, you need to believe in yourself first, and have a great support from your team. Also, the ability to prioritize while following through can help a lot to create more impactful or-value oriented outcomes. 

Analytical thinking is basic skill because you deal with day-to-day operations. You need to be able to synthesize information and data and how to analyze it to ensure that the operational process will run smoothly and meet your expectation. Analyzing your daily operations of your business will help increase the value of it. 

Creativity is often underrated but it is a such a basic skill small business owners should have. Rigid rules and standard operations sometime don’t work for you. Sometimes, you need to think out of the box to find the best solution because your business might face different circumstances from others. Creativity combined with fast thinking will help a lot in navigating your business to success.

Time management is also a basic skill to be successful in managing your small business. Time itself is valuable resource you cannot waste because you will never get it back. Coordinating your team to ensure goals are accomplished and deadlines are met is necessary. You need to be able to estimate project as well as the skills of your team members so you can make the best plan. This way, you are able to ensure that the time is efficiently spent.  

A Private Villa Ubud, Buying Tips For Expats

If you are looking for the best place to live in Bali, you have probably heard of Ubud. With its picturesque landscape, unique art, Ubud has many ways to attract buyers of luxury property. Ubud is fast becoming the destination of choice for foreigners who wish to buy a retirement home. In addition, Ubud has an intimate romantic atmosphere. Therefore, this makes Ubud the perfect investment for a couple who need a vacation home as a relaxing getaway. For many, buying a private villa Ubud is a lifelong dream. So here’s a private villa buying guide to help you find a real estate investment in the Ubud that you won’t regret.

 A Private Villa Ubud, kclub project 2021

A quick guide to buying a private villa Ubud

Take Advantage of the lush natural scenes

Famous for its lush beauty, Ubud is just the place to squeeze in some relaxation. There are lots of attractions in Ubud. However, the topmost favorite is the stunning rice paddies. A private villa Ubud surrounded by rice paddies can give you the edge in terms of return on investment. Aside from the possibility that a villa’s value will be preserved or even increased in the long term. The convenient setting of Ubud, makes it a fantastic investment choice.

natural scenes private villa bali

Accessibility is a must

A great villa in Ubud should be easily accessible. It should offer you the convenience anytime you want to visit your villa. Moreover, good accessibility is a key factor that can influence how well you will be able to rent out your villa throughout the year.

Find a reliable property agent

A local property agent is an asset, especially one with experience working with real estate investors who buy holiday rental villas. Make sure to use a reputable property agent to ensure you receive the best possible advice on buying. A good property agent will scour the market for villas that meet your needs. They also guide you through the negotiation and closing process.

So, are you ready to buy your dream villa? Here’s our pick for the perfect Villa Ubud to keep your eye on.

3 bedrooms private villa Ubud - Kclub Project 2021

Nicely designed 3 bedrooms private villa Ubud

This tranquil villa is located in the peaceful area of Ubud. Surrounded by beautiful rice paddies, this villa set on 4.9 are of land. The villa consists of 3 bedrooms that are well furnished with ensuite bathrooms. This lovely villa also features a spacious and airy open-plan living and dining area. It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar. All the bedrooms and living areas open out to the swimming pool. The outstanding garden with a swimming pool and terrace area is ideal for relaxing the shade during the daytime. With all the good amenities this villa provides, it is on leasehold for 30 years and costs 490,000 USD.

Best Lessons Business Leaders Can Take Into 2021

The way we work since last year has significantly shifted into remote environment. Even though remote work is not essentially new, the global pandemic has brought it to another level. However, 2020 has also brought so many lessons to take especially for business leaders. There are many aspects to focus on to boost remote workforce. 

Best Lessons Business Leaders Can Take Into 2021

What business leaders can do to achieve success this year

2020 has caused variety of challenges that many business leaders may not feel prepared for. Only those who can adapt to the situation can survive. Even then, the challenges this year will continue. Business leaders have such major roles in navigating their business because they are like the core energy of the overall organization. Hence, it is important for business leaders to take lesson from the situation happened 2020 and make 2021 a brighter year. 

In business, decision making is part of daily life. However, the crisis of 2020 has taught us all lessons that making the right decision is not enough, you need to do what’s best due to the situation. Also, you need to do what you think is best boldly. You have to trust that what you decide will work out. You need to learn that sometimes you cannot rely on data or any typical business case process to make decision. You need to instead reflect on your values. 

The top priority should lie on the safety of your people. Safety first, safety second, and safety third. The past year has tested your people-oriented company. The past year has reminded us all that health and safety are the most fundamental priorities for your company. Hence, you need to make more actionable approaches and policies to ensure the safety and health of your employees. You need to make policies that can both avoid harms and support health and well being at the same time. Those policies should be past of your ongoing programming even after the pandemic is over. 

It is best to not put culture on hole. Company culture that has brought your business and team going so far should not be put on hold regardless of the situation with the global pandemic. It is best to implement the same activities that you usually do when working at the office. This way, you and your employees will keep functioning well. Of course, some things may need some adjustment due to limitation of physical-interaction. However, keep those traditional work activities alive to help your employees keep a sense of connection and community during remote work. 

The year of 2021 is when you have to talk less and do more. Statements are no longer enough. Instead, you need to do more actions and accountability. Showing your care to your employees and customers should be more than just words. You need to show it through actionable supports. To do this, you may need to make some changes or adjustment to your corporate budgets and priorities. To do well in 2021, you have to do your best until you know better. 

Villa Ubud Bali, A Perfect Choice for Your Honeymoon Escape

Are you looking for a romantic or relaxing escape during your post-wedding? Ubud is one of the most romantic getaways on the earth, especially if you plan for a honeymoon escape. The town is located in Bali’s uplands, and it’s an entirely different atmosphere to busy areas like Seminyak or Kuta. Steeped in artistic culture and enhanced by magnificent vistas, Ubud offers a respite from the humdrum of your busy day. With scenic landscape, rich cultural atmosphere, and the famously friendly Balinese, there are no limits to romantic things to do in Ubud. However, there is no better feeling than staying in Villa around Ubud for a perfect honeymoon. A honeymoon in Villa Ubud Bali is all about unabashed romance and relaxation.

A honeymoon in Villa Ubud Bali is all about unabashed romance and relaxation

Villa Ubud Bali for a romantic experience

For many, there is nothing more romantic than a serene paradise.  The whole place feels like an unspoiled hidden paradise, and many Villa offers a whole host of romantic experiences. When it comes to fine dining, think cocktails, and sunset-gazing with your loved one are extraordinary experiences. Swimming under the hidden waterfalls will soothe your body, soul, and mind. You can also rent a scooter ride around waterfalls, rice paddies, and other picturesque landscapes. If you want to add some thrill to your honeymoon trip, then couple cooking classes, couple’s yoga, and enjoy Balinese cuisine are for you. This town is a place of the spiritual side, buoyant mood, and romance.

Plenty of privacy

Hidden away in these magical tropical surroundings, many outstanding accommodations lie between the gorgeous forest, mountains, and waterfall. When it comes to spending a quality trip with the one you loved, the Villa Ubud Bali provides the perfect setting. One of the best reasons to stay in Villa Ubud is that you will have privacy. Free from the disturbance, you can be your authentic self and pay full attention to the one you loved. Imagine that every morning that you enjoy with your partner will be filled with full-on romance once you step your feet onto your private swimming pool. Living in a peaceful place without anyone else disturbing you to ensure the utmost privacy. Spending lovey-dovey time at Villa Ubud is undoubtedly going to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

a touch of luxury villa ubud bali

A touch of Luxury

Staying in a villa while honeymoon in Ubud provides security, a romantic atmosphere, and luxury. You can look for one romantic bedroom villa with quite luxurious facilities. With direct access to the private pool, kitchen set, and spacious romantic set up bathroom with deluxe amenities, this Ubud villa would be your love nest during your honeymoon escape. With a romantic ambiance, Villa Ubud Bali is definitely suitable for honeymooners who would spend their intimate time during a trip to Bali.