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Bali Villas for Rent Tips: Proper Ways to Handle the Landlord

Renting a villa becomes more popular than buying it not only for the locals but also for foreigners. The reason is that the process is easier and less complicated since you do not fully own the property. But not every villa is easy to rent, sometimes the landlord can give you a hard time and be difficult. So try to be careful before deciding which Bali villas for rent is best for you.

Bali villas for rent is the best accommodation for short and long stay

The Landlord in Bali Villas for Rent

The landlord of the property holds the authority when it comes to anything that will happen to it. They can decide what to do with the tenant’s misbehavior, whether it’s accidental or on purpose. Most of the landlords will treat you nicely as long as you are following the rules. But there are some who just wanted to make their tenant’s life more difficult.

Don’t break the rules. This would be the basic idea of not getting into your landlord’s nerve. The agreement that you made before you rent the villas is there to accept. Try to be a good-natured tenant by not doing anything that may damage the property or tainting both you and your landlord’s reputation.

Maintain a good relationship. The landlord might have authority over you, but that doesn’t mean that you should distance yourself from them. Every time you submit your payment try to engage in a nice conversation or occasionally pay them a visit. This gesture sure can make your landlord’s perception of you to be positive and can break the tension between you two.

Share your problems honestly. Sometimes you will find a problem regarding your villa rental, it can be a delayed payment or just simply want to make a change in the property. In this case, you should be perfectly honest about it and consult your landlord. A reasonable landlord should understand your situation and both of you can find a solution together.

Send a gift. Besides being communicative with your landlord to maintain a relationship, you can also send a small gift like a cake or trinkets when you are back from a vacation or hometown. Some of the nice landlords also occasionally share their extra food to the tenant, so consider it as a nice payback.

Make a documentation. This means you should try to get a picture when something happened in the property or remember the details of the discussion with your landlord previously so you can bring it as proof for complaint purposes. Not saying every landlord is going to go that far, but some might be a little difficult to handle so it’s better to take a precaution.

A relationship between the landlord and the tenant can be complicated. A healthy relationship can lead to a good outcome and create a mutual understanding of both parties. But an unhealthy relationship will make a toxic outcome which usually makes the landlord evicting you before the leasing ends. Make sure you keep this in mind before looking for Bali villas for rent.