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Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Running business requires you to make decision of everything. It is not easy even for those seasoned entrepreneurs. In fact, entrepreneurs are prone to decision fatigue due to the endless amount of decision to make. Leading the direction of the business can be overwhelming and taxing. It is not something bad because it is normal to experience it sometimes. However, you need to make sure that your decision fatigue doesn’t reach the point of freeze decision-making.

Dealing with anxiety in decision-making

If you keep anxious every time you have to make decision, you have to start reevaluate yourself. Being anxious is normal but when it becomes severe and affect your decision making ability then you have to find the solution to deal with it. Here are some tips from professionals and business leaders to overcome anxiety in decision-making:

Relax for a bit

Stop yourself from being too analytical, cynical, and detailed oriented. People who tend to be like this are usually those clever, structured thinkers. They are driven by perfectionism whenever they make decision. It is not bad to be perfectionist but it can do more harm than good when it is too much. This can slow you down in decision making process and lose the real focus.

Seek other perspective

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Do not limit yourself as the only resource you can go to whenever you make decision. Open your mind to see perspective from different angles. Gain some input and experiences from others to help you make the best decision. Being independent in running business doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Thus, building your own advisory council will help a lot to make decision-making process goes smoothly. You can do it by mingling with people who have different perspectives and experience.

What’s the root of your decision-making problems?

When you experience anxiety or difficulty in making decision, you have to look back the reason or the problem of it. It can be because you are micromanaging too much by empowering others who should be the one making decision. Or, it can be because you make decision that your team members should make together. Your habits in making decision can become the cause of your anxiety. Fix or change it is what needs to be done.

Prevent the analysis paralysis

It is easy to succumb to analysis paralysis when it comes to decision-making. To prevent you from decision fatigue, you can consider the pros and cons. It is considered the most simple method if it is too difficult to decide something. You can weigh down the advantage and disadvantages into a chart then get clearer picture of what you are facing.

Go back to simplicity for a moment

Back to simplicity when decision-making has caused you severe anxiety or stress. Sometimes, a decision is too difficult to make because you add any unnecessary element into the picture. When you add too much information or put immeasurable projects, it can result in chaos. Therefore, it is important to stay focus on what’s matter. Focus on the value, bottom line, and strategic vision so you can have clear picture of what to make.