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Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Travelers who come to Bali want the sun and all the tropical seaside fun. When they look for a place to stay, they would really value a room with a view. This is why hotels in Bali charge higher for their oceanfront rooms—because waking up to breathtaking ocean vista is an amazing experience! However, not many villas can provide the view, unless you have billion dollars to buy an oceanfront lot in Bali. The Seminyak, on another hand, is one of the most popular area in Bali for traveler, and having a villa there could be a lucrative business. However, there might not many opportunity to display a gorgeous view at your Seminyak villas in Bali.

One of the alternative is creating a beautiful garden view that guests would love to enjoy from the living room or the bedroom. Wonder what it’s all about?

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

A beautiful view from within can completely alter how a space feels. While you want the guest to be able to stare out to a vast landscape or a sprawling garden, the majority of us are actually working within the limitations of our own property in Seminyak. Consider the following nine design decisions that aim to maximize views from inside the house if you’re planning a garden layout from scratch or working to improve current vistas.

Take A Look at the Existing View at Your Villa and Ways to Improve It

Start by noting the views or sight-lines that are now available from windows and glass doors. What can you see from the rooms in your Seminyak villas that guests use the most? Do any spots need greater privacy, or are any views obstructed by overgrown vegetation that needs to be pruned? Could any windows be made larger (if your budget allows) to provide better views?

Maximise the Windows to Frame the View

What would you like to see inside each frame versus what you currently see? Look out one of your home’s windows and take note of where your eye falls. Does it land on something that you find attractive, like a well-placed pot or an eye-catching plant, or does it go straight to a garbage bin that could use some screening? Note which views could be improved in your Bali Seminyak villas.

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Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think about the overall composition of your window view in the same way an artist might consider the composition of a painting. Distinguish elements that are near the viewer from those that are farther away in the area. Details are crucial for close aspects. Just outside a window, you could arrange a collection of miniature pots or a fountain, or you could use a blooming vine to frame the foreground of a garden view.

As swimming pools is very popular in Bali, you can arrange a landscape view surrounding the pool. You can have a limited lot but still have the best villas in Seminyak Bali with private pool and lush surrounding garden that would please the eye of your guests.

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden II

It’s not the same to view a garden from an upper window as it is from a ground floor window. For instance, you might find it easier to appreciate the design of the beds and walkways from above than you would from the ground when in the garden.

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Have A Seminyak Villa Near Busy Streets? Create Garden for Privacy

You probably have windows that provide less-than-ideal views of things like a bustling roadway. This is actually a problem shared by many private villas in Seminyak, Bali. One of the solution is by cutting a garden wall to buffer the road view and noise. Try a patio might surrounded by potted plants or a hedge to help block views. Hedge height variations could be used to open or block particular viewpoints.

Create A Focal Point to Your Garden View

A focal point gives your eye a place to rest when viewing the scene outside a window. Anything from a striking plant to a birdbath, fire pit, or seating space can serve as a focal point. There are two ways to ensure that a feature is a focal point rather than just another garden component.

Decide where to put something. Align the focal point with a line of sight that runs through the garden or, in this case, with a window’s view.
Make sure the component is noticeable. Typically, this entails using various shapes or colors to contrast the feature with its surroundings.

Why Choose Concrete Construction For Your Next Building Project?

Are you looking for a building material that will meet your needs today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? Have you ever considered why there is a lot of concrete construction? Because of the numerous benefits, it provides to both the building and the environment, Concrete is the world’s most popular building material. Concrete is not only the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly building material, but it is also the safest.

3d illustration of contemporary concrete building holiday villa

The advantages of concrete building

There is concrete everywhere you look. This is due to the fact that concrete provides a wide range of benefits while remaining cost-effective and sustainable. Concrete is both extremely durable, versatile, and long-lasting. There’s a reason it’s so popular.

The durability of concrete construction

Concrete construction outlasts all other building materials. This is due to the fact that concrete actually strengthens over time.

When you build with concrete, you don’t have to be concerned about long-term costs or the environment due to maintenance and upkeep. The fact that you won’t have to fund routine repairs lowers the overall cost of ownership.

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Concrete is fire, rust, and rot-resistant. It’s also impervious to vibrations, water, wind, fire, and earthquakes.

Not only does this save money, but it also keeps people safe. When it comes to natural disasters and extreme weather events, concrete has proven to be the most durable building material.

Highly Sustainable

Concrete is made locally and is extremely sustainable. It is typically manufactured near the construction site using local resources. This lowers pollution and shipping costs while also stimulating the local economy.

Concrete is also a recyclable material. It is recycled as an aggregate as well as granular material.

The versatility of concrete construction building

While hardened concrete is strong and formidable, it has plasticity when freshly made, making it extremely versatile. Freshly mixed concrete can be molded into any shape, surface, form, or texture desired by designers and builders.

There are also many different types of concrete, each of which serves a specific purpose in a variety of applications. Concrete is constantly being modified in novel and creative ways in order to make it more sustainable.

Concrete buildings are simple to repurpose and adapt to new uses. This is due to the fact that concrete is both strong and fire-resistant. When buildings are repurposed rather than demolished, resources are saved and the environment is protected.

Environmentally friendly

Concrete has the lowest carbon footprint over the life of a structure. This is due to its durability, recyclability, and efficiency, as well as industry innovations to address sustainability concerns.

Concrete buildings have a much lower carbon footprint than wood-framed structures. Concrete is also a very energy-efficient material.

This is due to its ability to store energy, which is also referred to as thermal mass. The thermal mass of concrete allows it to reduce the building’s heating and cooling demands.

Significant energy-efficiency improvements are seen when concrete is used in conjunction with other green construction technologies. Concrete construction building occupants are more comfortable, and reduce energy demand in cities as a whole.

Concrete construction safety 

Is concrete a safe material? ” Yes, the answer is yes.”

Because concrete is inert, it does not burn and does not rot or mildew, making it extremely safe for building occupants and the environment.

Concrete buildings have excellent air quality because, when built properly, it does not allow airborne pollutants such as dust or pollen to enter. You can be confident that concrete is safe because of how long it has been used and studied.

Designers, builders, and engineers understand concrete and have refined construction techniques over time, whereas newer materials cannot.

Building occupants will feel secure and private due to the strength of the concrete walls. Because of its high strength, concrete can protect its occupants from severe weather and earthquakes.

Its high thermal mass also protects against temperature swings and keeps the building’s interior consistently comfortable and draft-free.

8 Must-Do List to Maintain Your Beach Villa Bali!

8 Must-Do List to Maintain Your Beach Villa Bali!

Beach vacation rentals appear to be the epitome of luxury. What could be better than sunset views, sandy beaches, and mornings spent on the cafes around the coastal roads? Having a beach villa in Bali means running the ideal summer vacation destination for any guest. 

Beach vacation rentals, on the other hand, necessitate more maintenance than standard rental properties. The same sand, water, and sun that your guests enjoy might hasten the deterioration of your property. You can be stuck with a property that’s burning a hole in your wallet while it collects bookings if you don’t have suitable maintenance and cleaning ideas. Having a villa in Berawa beach Canggu, for example, is highly different with owning one in Ubud. 

Don’t panic. This is what this guide is for. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your oceanfront villa in Bali.

Regularly Repaint the Exterior of Your Bali Beach Villa

Under direct sunlight (particularly on south-facing walls) and constant exposure to salty sea air and sand, any paint, no matter how good, will ultimately fade. Coastal house paint will fade, blister, or chalk if left unattended. However, you can put off the inevitable. Expect to prime and paint your home every few years to keep it looking new. Consider examining your paint for cracks or other issues once a year to avoid pricey repairs.

Regularly Touch Up the Varnish of the Wood

Regularly Touch Up the Varnish of the Wood

Unprotected wood, such as that used to construct your siding or outdoor decks, is particularly prone to damp seaside climates. It is easily and quickly susceptible to decay and mold. You could see traces of swelling and warping over time. Even if your villa doesn’t sit right in the side of any beaches in Bali, the harsh sun will make the wood’s colour fade sooner than you think. 

Re-apply the varnish every season to create a protective layer to counteract the impacts of high humidity and moisture. Furthermore, varnish can enhance the natural beauty of wood.

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Prep the Surface Before Any Touch-Up

It’s critical to prepare the surface you’re painting or staining appropriately in a coastal setting. To ensure total removal of flaking paint, sand it off then sand it again. Examine the wood for signs of warping or rot, and replace it if required.

Protect the Furnitures in Your Patio

Protect the Furnitures in Your Patio

The outdoor area of a beach villa in Bali always bring certain charm to the guests—whether it’s pool, garden, or backyard lounge. However, If not protected from the sun, sand, and moisture, patio furniture, umbrellas, and your outdoor furnitures will deteriorate and rust. When you don’t have guests or during the off-season, one solution is to store these products. Cover them and leave them out, as moisture can be trapped underneath, creating an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. When it comes to designing your beach house, an even better option is to invest in furniture constructed of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials.

Prevent the Growth of Mold in Your Villa

Mildew and mold are common in moist areas, and they can grow on almost any surface, both inside and outside your beach house. Homes that have been closed up for an extended period of time or bathrooms that lack adequate ventilation (hello, steamy showers) are likely breeding grounds for both. Allow your vacation home to breathe and air out on a regular basis. Most importantly, keep your home clean by wiping down all surfaces with a cleaning or anti-fungal solution on a regular basis.

Decks and roofs are another source of mildew and mold. The combination of humidity and sunlight can lead to the growth of algae or mold. So have them cleaned professionally—and on a regular basis.

Regularly Clean the Salt on Your Beachfront Villa’s Window

Regularly Clean the Salt on Your Beachfront Bali Villa

What can be better than having a beachfront villa in Bali with direct view to the ocean? Aside from being close to the beach, the view is the most appealing feature of a beach house. This is the million-dollar view that makes your villa so valuable, and thus the high renting price! However, such high-valued window is prone to salt stain if you are not careful. Don’t let foggy or humid windows, caused by salt accumulating on the glass, impair your customers’ experience. Window washing on a regular basis will keep them clean and free of corrosive salt particles.

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Do Regular Pest Control

Your guests are not the only ones who love to enjoy a stay near the ocean. Roaches, termites, and rodents, on the other hand, do. These pests are drawn to dark, warm, and damp environments, and they commonly build their nests in difficult-to-reach spots. The best approach to be sure they’re not making your house their home is to have professional inspections done on a regular basis.

Avoid Metals Whenever You Can

Avoid having metal features on the exterior of your property, such as stair railings, outdoor lights, and window frames, if at all possible. Metal rusts as a result of the combination of salt and sea air. Look for alternate materials for your windows and doors, such as fiberglass frames. Alternatively, stainless steel, aluminum, or powder-coated metal can be used. They won’t be impenetrable to rust, but they’ll last a lot longer. If you already have non-weatherproof metal parts, paint them over to add another layer of protection.

Bali Villas For Sale – Expectation for 2021

When it comes to bali villas for sale, 2021 year may bring a lot of expectation for you. A lot of people in bali set their purpose and resolutions around their villa unit. For some, it may sound like moving into a new unit. In terms of upgrading, they can find areas and get a larger villa because of a growing family. But how if people just want to stay and improve their current villa now? What expectation people usually set for their home in 2021? Here are some point to make it relevant.

Bali Villas for Sale

Extend and Add Up the Living Space

One of the first things you can do while seeking Bali Villas for sale is whether the unit open for improvement and extention. Especially, the extending of living space which can change the primary style. Extending can often define as improving out the unit, but you can could plan to convert some spaces like basement, loft or garage. Its nothing but to provide you extra space while the villa unit you seek isnt offering the amount you want.

These space can become extra bedrooms or even additional living room, also to enable the activities growing in your family. However, before you start planning on additional living space, be sure to calculate the costs of repairment and renovation. The cost of a loft conversion can asked with your realtor agent to help you decide the budget.

Smart Home in 2021

2021 may be the best time to embraced some smart devices around your Bali Villas for Sale. It is becoming a trend that more home are shifting to more smart approach. A smart device such as a Google home or an Alexa might bring the unit to the next level. It can help you to switch on lights, control your temperature and play songs and videos from various devices. It certainly gonna be the future of the world, so its nice for you to start expect and investing for home smart home device.

Bali VIllas for Sale

Changing Bali Villas for Sale Interior

In case you want to change the style and design of your villa, starting from changing interior is one of the essential to do. This interior improvement might involve wall painting, new wallpaper, or adding new furniture. It may be a simple color upgrade, or you could turn back your style completely. Theres always a great reference for any interior design, you could find the inspiration from websites like Pinterest.

Find Best Affordable Villa Near You

The last but not least, all of these expectation will be met if you could find affordable Bali Villas for Sale. Its more important to expect an affordable villa unit before you could finally set expectation to another. You could find the best range of affordable one in real estate listing platform. Some honorable mention is www.villabalisale.com, the platform with complete listing of villa, clear information and easy to enquire. Head over to the platform to find the ideal bali property and amazing offer

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How to Properly Inspect a Bali Property

How to Properly Inspect a Bali Property

At the times you are seeking a new Bali Property, the property inspection could be an exciting time. It’s the great opportunity for you to know in detail and walk around the property by the time you made your first offer. Moreover, you could find out all the problems and whats the real condition of the property.

Stunning Bali Property

Property inspections can justify that you have made a great purchasing decision or hand a list of issues to ask with the realtor. Keep in mind that property inspections isn’t always work out since theres a minimum time to analyse the whole unit. Furthermore, Bali Property could come in all type of conditions, rangin an exceptional ones to an awful condition. Thats why you need to understand the most important step in buying property in bali.

Ask All Your Question to the Realtor

The realtor’s agent will be in place for full day. Make sure you ask all of your question and the agent has all answer to your question, along with presentation to the seller. Whether you want to present on the day, you will need to spare enough time for it. Inspections may take a decent time and the larger home mean the more time it spend. You can follow the agent around the property so that you aware about any issues regarding the unit.

Don’t be scared about giving away questions, the agent will be excited to provide the details about the property that you don’t understand. They could even share some guide on maintenance for your new bali property indonesia.

Check Bali Property Upper Roof

There will be unexpected things going on during survey of the unit, so you need to list them all when you are attending. When was the roof latest repairment? Is it in good condition? The quote of “get a great roof above your head” are relevant when it comes to buy a property. You should figure out from the agent of the durability thats left on the roof. Bali houses for sale that possess architectural shingles may last longer in durability than the other ones like flat.

Bali Property Upper Roof

The Exterior

What would the outside of the property look like? Has it been re-decorate recently? Will the new owner need a future repairment? One of the important aspect the inspector will be looking for are the property siding and property’s trim condition. In addition, if theres an inside rotting, cracking, etc. Its good to do the same for other structures as well, the likes of deck or porch.

Bali Property Foundation

Are there any visible cracks that may indicate a moving direction of the foundations? If any trees are close to the home, it could cause a problem. The foundation is merely an important components in the home and need to look further. Moreover, a several small cracks are acceptable when it comes to a used property. When the crack is larger than it should, we may take it as a repairment priority.  Often, in future you could consider having a structural engineer to look further a significant cracking, but also mind how much would it cost.

Bali Property Foundation

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Look For Water Leaks

Seeking for water leaks above the ceiling and near windows is relevant things for you to do while inspecting. One things that could also occur is ice damming in the ceiling. Its a common issues that most people face in their daily maintenance.Also when you see water stains above your ceiling or in upper wall, this could be the reason behind it. It’s worth mentioning that mostly stains on the ceiling can be a one problem occur, such as a toilet overflowing.

To Wrap Up

Home inspection is essential for every buyer in the stage of purchasing their desire unit. In Bali Property markets that mostly benefit the seller, its now a common that the buyer request for an inspection. Furthermore, doing inspection by yourself, could save you from a huge dollars mistake in future in contrast of repairment expense.

Now its time for the buyer to find the trusted realtor agent and request home inspection. Head over to www.villabalisale.com to find out more, on how you can implement these inspection tips

Private Villa Bali – A Necessity For Invest and Vacation

Private Villa Bali is an extraordinary Island cover in luxurious villas and property in every corner. Its tropical weather experience all year long with minimum conditions of 25c in each sunny days. This tropical vibes gives a great sense and place to own the unit in any occasion and planning.

Private Villa Bali

In fact Bali often referred as the last paradise island, as its weather and vibes are enormous for daily holiday. Probably this caused on why theres many stakeholder enter the market and buying private villa bali. Whether mostly they are settling to live in the unit or retire by the paradise vibes in Bali.

Therefore if you interested in the notion of going for a vacation, staying in bali villas might be the necessity to your plan.

Private Villa Bali In A Glance

The bali territory has been popular since and it affect the cost and value of its villa or property. It is believe that the number are keep rising year on year. Thus, align with the uprising of tourism and hospitality rate. This support the issue that several property players in bali decide to enter the market now before they miss the opportunity.

Private Villa Bali

Regardless of this quick increasement in sales, the private villa bali prices still shows a good value of price rather than other unit. In fact rates of villa and property in bali have recently trend upwards quicker. This trends are quicker than other comparable areas in Indonesia, especially the type of bali real estate.

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What Customer Seek in The Industry

Various potential private villa customers are benefit by Bali’s identity as the one of favourite tourism in the world. The get thrilled by how the market is shifting upwards in fact theres still a lot of space for development. Especially in property industry, in which they can explore, buy or rent and add it to their investment portfolio.

Other than that, owning a luxury and amazing villa will be an amazing life experience for the customer. This adds the image of glamour to the customer daily life, social status and further the sustainable business in the future.

Exotic Private Villa Bali For Your Desire

Private villa might be the best option to gateway from your real life and enjoy the bit of your vacation. So while picking a unit, make sure you find the very suitable option to match your desire. For instance like this decent private villa which located inside a resort in Ubud.

Private Villa Bali | Bathroom

Several units are available with 2 lux bedroom equipped with finest quality. Moreover, this villa is enclosed in a resort which comes with lots of benefit and perks. These benefit include swimming pool, living room, mini bar, dining room, bon fire facility, spacious garden, gazebo, jacuzzi, restaurant and spa. Theres a lot of perks provided in this private villa bali specially for you. Enquire this unit now with under price value and a maximum benefit.

Do Gardens Really Add Value to Your Property?

We all throwaway words like curb appeal when talking about house’s property. A well-maintained garden certainly would top up the value of your house by a rather considerable margin. But apparently, a large and beautiful garden may not be on everyone’s house wishlist. How can people resist a lush garden for their house?

Is your garden high-maintenance?

While you love your garden, some homebuyers would be off-put by gardens that seemed to require a lot of care. Extensive maintenance can be pretty expensive in the long run. An attractive garden does have the potential to add over 20 percent to the value of your house. However, people have been seen to gravitate more towards a small, no-fuss garden that looks easy for them to maintain.

The determination of house value can be a complex one

Although lush gardens, at a glance, seemed to contribute great value to a house, it may just be off-putting to some potential buyers. Homebuyers are also thinking the long-term prospect of caring for the house, and that includes the garden that comes with it.

Keeping your garden low-maintenance

A garden that is low on the maintenance is often more “approachable” to a wider arrange of prospective buyers. It is less about your garden. This is more about people’s preferences and the many considerations when buying a house.

Market your house to people who will appreciate its features

Let’s get this out there. This may mean that it would take a very long time for you to get the buyers. Especially if the price you’re offering has a considerable margin compared to what your agent advises you. This does not mean that you don’t need to trust or heed your agent’s advice. If you want your house to sell fast, then listen to them. However, if you’d want your house with your garden to be sold to the people who can appreciate its value, then you will have to be patient. There are people out there just like you, who are into lush gardens and perhaps even the gardening that comes with it. What you need to do is market your garden to the right people. Emphasis on the garden and include pictures of your property’s garden from different angles. Reach out to agents and consult with them your concerns. Have your agent at your side and make sure that you talk things through with them. Your agent is here to help you and the best way to go about this is to communicate well with your agents.

Replacing some plants with low-maintenance options

If you have plants that require some special care then maybe it’s time to take those plants with you, if you can afford it. Letting them rot in the hands of those who don’t have green thumbs is not something you’d want to do. Plants such as evergreen shrubs and bamboos are a great replacement option for your garden. They provide your house more privacy, and they are naturally low on maintenance. The added privacy is a feature that you can sell to the best of your ability.

Considerations Before Buying Tenanted Property

There’s so many option when it comes to purchasing investment property. You can buy secondhand property, new property, or tenanted property. Every option carries its weigh and risk. Before deciding to choose one of them, make sure to calculate every risk and weigh because you can’t let your money go to waste by buying the wrong property.

Considerations before buying tenanted property

How about buying tenanted property then? Is it good idea to choose or otherwise?

Weighing the option of buying tenanted property

For a quick glance, buying tenanted property makes a lot of sense for you as an investor. The good part is that you don’t have to pay for a letting fee. You also don’t need to worry about how to find tenants to rent your property.

You just can get monthly income right after buying the property. However, making rash decision just because of tempting surface is not always good for investor. Therefore, make sure to consider various factors before deciding to purchase tenanted property.

  • There is a risk that you could inherit irresponsible or less desirable tenants. What if the already tenanted property you buy is occupied by tenants who are always late to pay for the rent or don’t treat the property properly? If you buy the property with this type of tenant, it can cost you more money as well as time. It can also put your investment career in jeopardy. What if the tenant is the reason why the previous property owner decide to let go? This is possible risk of buying tenanted property which doesn’t mean it is always the case. This should be at least included into your consideration.
  • Aside from the possibility of inheriting problematic tenants, there is also risk of problematic lease documents. There is possibility that you inherit lease documents with hidden troubles. This can lead to bad scenarios if you are not prepared of this risk. Aside from problematic documents, there is also case of tenanted property with no documents at all. This is of course much worse than problematic documents.
  • The next thing to consider before deciding to invest in tenanted property is the PCR or Property Condition Report. This is important for a property owner because it is supposed to contain necessary information regarding to the condition of the property in the beginning of the lease. If there is lack or no details of relevant information, it can cause bigger problems in the future. You will not know if the property has been damaged because there is no concrete baseline for comparison in the first place.

Those are risks you should consider before deciding to buy tenanted property. To avoid problems in the future, make sure to be attentive about the documentation.

Make sure to review them thoroughly and weigh any possible option. If you have difficulty to review or analyze documentation, you can always as your property manager to help you handle this matter.

They have knowledge and proper skills to know if the property is clear from possible problems in the future.

Ideas for Small Bedroom Makeover: Make the Best Out of Your Space

Small bedroom space is getting more common. This is particularly apparent in metropolitan cities where the square foot gets more and more expensive and showing no signs of decrease. So it’s time to get creative for your bedroom rental arrangement.

Ideas for small bedroom makeover

Whether you’re renting your property for a shorter term rent such as Airbnb, or whether you’re renting a monthly apartment, getting the bedroom space a makeover would pay off handsomely.

Employ floating shelves to optimize your vertical spaces

Upper walls to ceilings are often largely unused. These spaces simply exist. But this is where these vertical spaces shine. They are great for storage spaces. Use floating shelves or even the surround shelves in the bedroom.

The space on top of your bed is especially going to leave more of dead spaces, as you won’t be able to put desks or shelves on top of the bed. This is where floating shelves and surround-shelves come very much in handy. The surround shelves would especially create a cozy look for the bed.

Choose the style and colours of the shelves that complement your bed or the overall look of the bedroom.

The popular usage of platform storage

If you’re an avid user of social media, you’ve probably seen a relative of yours or an acquaintance of your distant relative sharing some renovating ideas. And much of this is the idea of getting the best out of the available space.

Clever use of loft is among the favorites of the internet folks. Lofts are another part of social media-viral ways of maximizing the use of space As for the platform storage, they made a frequent appearance in these small room ideas posts.

And they are popular and went viral for a reason; they convey a clever use of space in such a way that you go “Oh!”. Get the bed on top of the platform storage. This method uses both elevations as the saving-space technique as well as maximizing the room for good storage space.

The platform storage can also be replaced by a walk-in wardrobe. Who says you can’t have a large wardrobe if you have limited bedroom space?

Keep your colors bright

A property designer’s rule; bright colors that are consistent throughout the room
Keep the wall colors consistent with the furniture, especially the ones that take up the most space; the nightstands, the desk, the wardrobe.

It does not mean that everything has to be the exact same shade. In fact, a variation of shades would add more depth to the overall design of your property’s bedroom.

A mezzanine style bedroom with those who have high ceilings

If the height of your bedroom can afford you to get a mezzanine design onboard, then get on with it. Make use of the space below the stairs well, otherwise, it would just turn into dead space. Bad news for an already-small bedroom.

The space below the stairs can often be effectively used for storage. Fit a vertical shoe rack below your stairs.