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How To Pick The Best Komodo Island Boat Tour

Perfect for all travelers, the flora and fauna are Indonesia’s finest, and as popularity increases for this coveted destination. There is a paramount need for more information about planning a Komodo Island boat trip to this island. Komodo tours have become a bucket-list-worthy experience. The most incredible destination is tour Komodo is travel by boat! Komodo island boat tour makes for a lovely isolating adventure of seclusion, distance, and an ocean dip whenever you please. 

A wooden yacht with three masts is anchored in the waters of the famous archipelago of Komodo in Indonesia. The National Park of Komodo attracts numerous diving expeditions as it is considered one of the best diving destination in the World. - komodo island boat tour

What to Look for When Selecting a Komodo Island Boat Tour

If you research the Komodo island boat tour, you will find lots of offerings but they don’t always specify which type of boat. It is critical to understand the type of boat being used because it will give you an idea of the amenities and number of people, type of cabins, and size of the boat on which you will travel and sleep

Let’s check the types of boats!

A standard boat is a smaller vessel with no air conditioning, basic amenities (no hot water), and no private cabins. This can be used for both public and private transportation.

Standard boat with air conditioning: A smaller boat with basic amenities (no hot water) and only shared cabins. This can be used for either a public or private trip.

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Traditional phinisi boat: Private and shared cabins are available. The cabins are all air-conditioned. It typically seats a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 22 people.

Luxury yachts: These are frequently used for private tours of small groups and will have every amenity imaginable, as well as stunning decor. There are websites that have a lot of information about what is available with this Komodo tour package.

Cabins: Private/shared/no cabin

This is especially important when visiting the Komodo Dragon Islands because, unlike a hotel, there are a limited number of rooms and you can’t just move to another if you’re unhappy. If you need something urgently, there is no front desk or concierge to call. Before you board the boat to Komodo Island, you should be aware of what you’re getting.

Power and Plug Points

Most people in this digital age cannot go a day without electricity. We require electricity to power the lights, and charge our phones, cameras, and power banks, among other things.

Because the boat is powered by a generator, most boats will turn off the electricity during the day. The electricity is usually turned on in the evenings so you can charge your devices, use the A/C or fans to sleep, and turn on the cabin lights, among other things.

Komodo island tour activities

Another reason to think about the number of guests onboard is when you’re out on activities. When you’re not on a private tour, you must be considerate of your fellow travelers when going out for activities.

You frequently have to wait for the group before proceeding, or for everyone to be ready before proceeding. Please note, that not everyone is interested in the same things.

The trip is fairly diverse in that there is some hiking, beach lounging, snorkeling, and swimming, which not everyone enjoys. So you might get lucky if some people choose to stay on board for some activities while the other group gets a little more attention.

Komodo island tour destination

The following are the must-see attractions on your Komodo island boat tour. Check them out on the Komodo Island map to ensure they are included in your Komodo island trip!

Komodo Habitat at Rinca Island

Rinca Island, also known as Komodo Dragon Island, is home to a conservation area where Komodo island dragons roam freely! As much as this is the main attraction of your Komodo dragon trip, not everyone does it for the day Komodo dragon tour, as you’ll see below; there are many other beautiful destinations on the trip.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach on Komodo Island is a real thing! This is not a Photoshopped image! The Pink Beach sand on Komodo Island is colored by thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by foraminifera.

Padar Island

This is your reward for a relatively steep walk, but it’s well worth it. The walk usually begins at sunrise, and reaching the top rewards you with stunning panoramic views of this Jurassic Park-like landscape’s unique rock formations!

Diving & Snorkeling Spot

Manta Rays, not to be confused with Sting Rays, are gentle, docile, and harmless floating creatures of the sea. Swimming with manta rays was a dream come true for me. How many you can see will depend on the season and time of day you visit.

6 Best Watersport in Nusa Dua You Need to Try!

6 Best Watersport in Nusa Dua You Need to Try!

For many of us, summer is all about enjoying the sun and taking a plunge into the water! Summer is much associated to swimming in town’s pool, going to the beach, or fishing in the river. Especially in Bali, when year-long summer and water plays essentially coexist with one another! You can expect pool in every resort, every hotel, and nearly every villa. One of the easiest method to remain cool while also having fun is trying the famous watersports in Nusa Dua, the southern part of Bali! Nothing completes a relaxing stay in Nusa Dua beach resorts with some adventurous thrills of watersports!

All Kinds of Watersports to Try During Your Stay at Nusa Dua Beach Resorts

The water sports centres in Bali are pretty much localised around Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua. While you can surf in Canggu and Kuta or dive in Tulamben, it’s almost impossible to find other watersport centre outside Nusa Dua! That is why, if you plan to have couple of days enjoying these watersport, it’s best to stay at one of the many beautiful beach resorts around Benoa or Nusa Dua.  There are just too many watersports to try—and all of them are so exciting! It also make a great fun family time together, so one day might not be enough. Whether it’s parasailing, waterskiing, or kiteboarding, you’re likely to find something new to try. Here are a few watersports in Nusa Dua that you should try this summer.

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Try Out Banana Boat

The Banana Boat is a banana-shaped rubber boat. The boat is pulled by a speed boat to run it. The sensation of riding a banana boat is similar to that of riding a horse. A guide will overturn the banana boat at the end of the game to give you a wet sensation. A 15-minute game of Banana Boat costs IDR 70,000 per person.



Flying at a greater height while being pulled around by a speed boat is a fantastic experience with a view that no one would swap for! One of the most enjoyable water sports in Bali is parasailing, which gives you a bird’s eye perspective of the ocean.

You’ll take off around 80 meters behind a speedboat, somewhere distant from the coast. The beauty of this enjoyable sport is that it does not necessitate any talent, including swimming, and can be enjoyed by anyone.


Take a stand. Paddleboarding, often known as ‘SUP,’ is a fun and unique method to ride the waves. Due to their bigger size, specially constructed boards allow you to stand firmly upright, while a long paddle allows you to cruise along at your own pace.

Although you can ride over larger swells just like a traditional surfboard, this pastime is best done in calmer conditions. Most surf schools in Bali can teach you how to paddle board, and most claim it’s easier than it seems, so you’ll be hooked in no time! In principle, it should be simple. It’s a challenging core workout in practice. It’s also a fun opportunity to observe Bali’s stunning coastlines from a different perspective.

Water Jetpacks 

Water Jetpacks

Want to feel like Tony Stark levitating in his Ironman suit? Try water jetpacks, one of Nusa Dua’s watersport signature. On a jet of water, you can levitate up to 10 meters high with these carefully built kits. 

Following a training on the controls and operation of the craft, you strap into the jetpack or straddle the ‘bike’ version and begin flying about the coast for roughly 15-20 minutes. These high-density propulsion devices can elevate you to a standing position or move you in any direction.

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Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and wakeboarding. It’s one of the most intense water sports you’ll find on the island of Bali. Although it is not as popular as normal surfing in Bali, it will undoubtedly increase your wave riding enjoyment. The sport necessitates a high level of physical strength as well as a solid sense of balance.

Sanur is a hub of kitesurfers in Bali, as it is the island’s leading surfing destination. The location is perfect for both novice and experienced surfers. If you’ve never tried kitesurfing before, now is the time to do so! You can glide across the water with ease if you have the correct training.

See the Underwater with Sea Walking

See the Underwater with Sea Walking

Want to explore Bali’s mindblowing underwater, but you cannot swim? Diving and snorkeling is not the only way—you can try the Sea Walking! Unique sea walking tours are available for anyone who want to explore Bali’s underwater beauty without having to be a certified diver. With a specially developed underwater helmet, this activity allows you to walk on the seafloor.

Participants don reef shoes and these helmets, which are fed by oxygen tanks aboard the boat and provide them with a continual flow of air to breathe underwater, after taking a boat journey out to the reef site. You can freely engage with the fish seven metres down, while scuba guides keep an eye on you and hand you fish feed to attract schools of triggerfish, angelfish, regal tangs, and other species.

Bali Family Resorts with kids, Where To Stay & Best Things To do

Not all island destinations are as appealing to families as they are to backpackers and honeymooners. However, Bali is the ultimate all-arounder. The island of Indonesia offers an exciting escape with child-friendly Bali family resorts and beaches, affordable food, and adventure-loving landscapes. Why? Because you can bet your kids will make you promise to take them back.

Bali Family Resorts with kids, Where To Stay & Best Things To do

Bali Family Resorts, Surviving with Kids

When Mum is happy, Dad is happy, and the kids are happy. You understand why Bali is a top family vacation destination. 

Kid-Friendly Food

If you have to give up your hopes of seeing your children devour Bebek Betutu the same way they devour a McHappy meal. Don’t worry, most restaurants in Bali offer kids’ menus with familiar options like nuggets and spaghetti. 

Many of the more upscale places for kids are ideal for adults looking for something a little fancier. Indonesian staples for children include nasi goreng or campour and satay. They’ll be fine if they like fish and prawns. 

Nasi Goreng with fried egg, chicken and shrimp as closeup on a plate

in Seminyak, drinks are served in blood bags. The menu consists of burgers and fries, and the actors ham it up

The real surprise in Bali’s food is what’s available for sweet tooths. There are more eccentric bakeries and dessert salons than you can poke a macaron.

The best area for kids

Some Bali neighborhoods cater to families more than others, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Before making a reservation, consider how much you’ll be doing and whether you’d prefer to travel by foot or car. Depending on traffic, most areas are within an hour to two hours of each other.

Nusa Dua

Nusa dua beach resorts with everything from kids’ clubs to waterslides ensure that you’ll never want to leave this upscale beachside area in Bali’s south. If pool time, room service, and waterfront sunsets are on your agenda, tucking your family into bed here will leave you with no regrets.

Bali family resorts in Nusa Dua offer comfort and luxury for you and your family. Complete facilities and various activities for children at Nusa Dua family resorts ensure that they feel at home during their vacation. 

bali family resorts in Nusa Dua


Aside from being Bali’s cultural and creative heart, Ubud is a natural wonderland, with activities ranging from whitewater rafting to quad-biking and rice paddie treks for active families. Water temples and galleries will appeal to more sophisticated children, while the Sacred Monkey Forest is universally adored.


With beach play, surfing, a waterpark, markets, and plenty of kid-friendly cafes, this hip surfing community beyond Seminyak appeals to both teens and small children. It’s difficult to get around on foot, and taxis are scarce, so budget for a private driver.

Best activities for young kids

Waterbom Bali, voted the best waterpark in Asia for 2018 by TripAdvisor users, has spills and thrills for all types of families. The 3.8ha park has something for everyone, from a relaxing lazy river and a kids’ fun park to adrenaline-pumping slides like the Pipeline and Twin Racer. A family of four with children under the age of 11 will pay around $150 to enter.

Splash Waterpark Bali at Finns Recreation Club in Canggu has six different waterslides and Super Fun Day passes for a family of four starts at around $176. This includes one-hour access to the on-site Bounce Bali trampoline park and Strike Ten Pin Bowling, as well as admission to Finn’s Beach Club.

Best activities for teens

Active teens will have plenty to do in Bali. From whitewater rafting on Bali’s sacred Ayung River to horseback riding on the black-sand Echo Beach. Kuda P Stables provides peaceful rice paddy, beach, and village horseback rides for children of all skill levels.

Beach summer vacation with child

Rip Curl School of Surf in Legian and Sanur offers surfing and stand-up paddleboard lessons to teens. They also have little ripper programs for children under the age of 13.

Bali Quad Discovery Tours in Ubud offers four-wheeling adventures through five different types of terrain, including jungle, rice paddies, muddy tracks, and villages, and children are welcome to ride as passengers.

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Komodo Adventure Cruise, Embark Your Expedition

A series of truly experiences is to enjoy the scenic beauty and see the rare large reptiles. One of the most popular highlights of cruising Indonesia is a Komodo cruise charter Labuan Bajo. Photographers, scuba divers, and photographers will love this place. Departing from Bali and Flores, the Komodo sailing trip offers an in-depth exploration of the legendary Komodo National Park. 

chess board facility during your komodo adventure cruise

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park rises from the waters of East Indonesia, where two tectonic plates intersect, and is a natural wonder in every manner. With picture-perfect savannah hills, coves, and beaches, ancient volcanic activity has created some of the most magnificent coastal terrains on the planet. Topography The magnificent park is ideal for amazing ocean discoveries at some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

Amazing Komodo Adventure Cruise

The best Komodo adventure cruise deal is visiting Komodo national park without missing out on all the best destinations. Diving lovers have been captivated by the spectacular underwater beauty of Komodo National Park. 

There are 385 species of coral reefs, 70 types of sponges, a variety of seaweeds, and thousands of fish species in Labuan Bajo’s underwater tourism. This is the spot to go if you want to swim with sharks and rays. Labuan Bajo is the best location for individuals who enjoy diving with whales. Whales of six different species can be spotted here. Green turtles and ten different varieties of dolphins are not included.

Aside from that, the diving area on Komodo Island has a depth of up to 150 meters. The temperature is between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius, with a salinity of 34 parts per thousand. It’s perfect for scuba diving. Most notably, Komodo Island is located in the Wallace Line’s transition zone. This zone is home to a diverse range of tropical flora and fauna that are indicative of the Southeast Asian-Australian mix. 

The best diving spots in Komodo?

The Samsia Stone is the first. This is one of the most popular tourist diving destinations. You can swim with turtles, sharks, and other cute little fish that roam the canals.

underwater diving spot komodo national park

Toko Toko is one of the diving point and known as the stone palace in the water. Its depth reaches 7 meters below sea level. The coral reefs are colorful and lots of fish swim in this area.

Crystal Rock, located at a depth of 5 meters, travelers can find Barramundi Cod, frogfish, parrotfish, and several types of fish typical of the waters of Komodo Island. Manta Point is the most representative manta monitoring location. At Manta Point, travelers can see mantas in March – April and September – November. A group of mantas numbering dozens or even tens are often seen playing in the underwater garden.

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Why Couples Love Weddings in Benoa Resort and You Will, Too

Why Couples Love Weddings in Benoa Resort and You Will, Too

Some of the most gorgeous wedding photos are made in the beach. Bali beach, with its strips of pristine white-golden sands and endless blue water in the background give the best backdrop for nuptial ceremony. And what’s better than getting married in a Benoa resort Bali, where it’s secluded location give ultimate privacy and undisturbed beach view?

Getting Married in A Benoa Resort Bali is A Good Idea

Weddings at a destination are quickly becoming a popular trend in the tourism business. Bali, often known as the “Island of the Gods,” is a popular fantasy wedding location in Asia.

The tropical island of Bali was formerly regarded as a romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon. However, during the last two decades, it has developed a reputation as a fantasy wedding destination, attracting a growing number of local and foreign couples.

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Save Time and Avoid the Traffic

With so many automobiles on the highways of a major city, we all squander hours of our time driving and being trapped in traffic. In many cases, our invited guests reconsider attending a wedding owing to the time it takes to get to and from the venue. In such circumstances, the hosts and guests may escape all of the traffic that would otherwise be encountered in a bustling city. Allowing your visitors to remain under one roof simplifies keeping track of the entire event. The guests are aware of whatever function is coming up next, and the hosts are aware of his or her guest’s location.

Get the Luxury of Beach Wedding at A Fraction of the Cost at Benoa Resort

Get the Luxury of Beach Wedding at A Fraction of the Cost at Benoa Resort

While you may believe that traveling to Bali will cost you more money (or rupiah), you will be amazed at how much you can receive for less money, especially if you are coming from western nations. Even the neighbouring Singaporean find luxury wedding in a beach resort Bali much more affordable. 

Of course, this is dependent on your preferences and expectations. A wedding at this Nusa Dua resorts, for example, will provide you with a variety of discounts and freebies based on the type of event you want to throw and the amount of people attending. However, if you are coming from a nation where the cost of living is greater, you will most likely discover that the expense of hosting a “luxurious” wedding celebration is less expensive.

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No Need to Travel More for Honeymoon Destination

What most people don’t tell you about weddings is that if you intend on leaving on your honeymoon shortly after, it may be extremely stressful. The week before your wedding will be a flurry of rearranging seating charts, hunting down outstanding RSVPs, and ensuring that you and your fiancée’s parents are still talking to each other. You can’t wait to go on your honeymoon, but first you have to pack and get yourself organized.

If you are in Bali, you may wake up the day after your wedding and begin your honeymoon. There’s no need to add to the logistical hardship. You can also get relaxed and enjoy a pampering massage at the spa Nusa Dua Bali of the resort!

Give A Valid Reason to Minimise the Guest Lists

After selecting your wedding venue, the next most difficult process is deciding on your guest list. No other occasion is more loaded with emotional politics as weddings, especially when it comes to invites.

If you’re going to Bali for your wedding, the people who will make it are likely to be those who are most important to you (and who consider you a significant part of their lives). If you want to keep your guest list small, a destination wedding in Benoa resort is one of the finest ways to accomplish it. Of course, if you want a huge and lavish party, Bali can provide that as well. After all, this is Indonesia, the country of weddings with 1000+ guests.

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners to Help First-Timer Anxiety

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners to Help First-Timer Anxiety

The world beneath the water is fascinating. The underwater is home to marvellous and mind-blowing creatures. From the majestic blue whale to color-changing octopus, one can find hours admiring the sheer wonder of the ocean. But to wander in the underwater, you need to get certified as scuba diver—and being one is not exactly easy for everyone. Jumping to bottomless ocean for the first time can be intimidating for beginner. Maintaining the right breathing technique and putting dozens of dive theories into real practice are quite overwhelming. But don’t worry too much. These scuba diving tips are curated for anxious beginners who want to explore the underwater at ease!

Get Your Feet Wet Before Entering the Water

Not literally. If you just get your certification, your first dive would be a lot easier. Every techniques and theories are still fresh in the memory. But if there’s some time gap between your certification and the first scuba trip, we recommend you to take a refresher dive class. We usually recommend practicing in a pool or a calm body of water before a vacation to ensure you’re tuned in before you jump into the great big blue. It’s an excellent method to maintain your diving abilities till your next dive trip.

In Scuba Diving for Beginners Course, Every Question is Valid

In Scuba Diving for Beginners Course, Every Question is Valid

Most divers enjoy assisting one another and are eager to guide newcomers through the procedure. If you tell the other divers you’re new to diving, they’ll understand completely, especially the dive crew. We’ve all been in that situation. Don’t be scared to speak up and seek for advice if you’re unsure about something. It’s far better to inquire early and receive assistance while you’re out of the water than to have a problem below the surface with limited communication.

Take Your Time

You’re undoubtedly experiencing a mix of adrenaline and anxiety when you first jump to the underwater. So, once you’ve got your feet wet, don’t forget to take your time and take it slow! Take a moment to focus on your breathing and get it calm and under control because this is a gentle and relaxing sport. It will considerably improve your buoyancy and allow you to dive for longer periods of time by conserving air.

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Try to Not be Photographer in Your First Dive

Try to Not be Photographer in Your First Dive

Now, this is not something you usually heard on scuba diving lessons for beginners in class. All of us can get caught up in the want to capture these rare moments. However, if you haven’t learned buoyancy control, we recommend leaving the camera to the professional. It’s important for beginners to not get distracted at their first scuba diving trips. You can also clipping the camera to your BCD so you can drop it at any time. You don’t want to be the diver who breaks coral or kicks up dirt while concentrating on getting an award-winning shot. Some dive center have professional cameraman who took picture of divers and objects, so use their service instead!

Don’t Compare Yourself with Other Beginners in Scuba Diving Class

It’s fine to be a beginner; everyone has to start somewhere. Make sure you concentrate on yourself and what you require in order to have the best experience possible. Don’t be embarrassed or humiliated if you haven’t mastered everything yet. I’ll let you in on a little secret: even the seasonal divers are all still learning and making mistakes. So, don’t be too hard on yourself and take your time to master the techniques, one at a time!

Eat, Dive, Sleep, Repeat on Liveaboard Indonesia

Eat, Dive, Sleep, Repeat on Liveaboard Indonesia

Eat, sleep, relax, and dive. Those are the basic things that you will be doing on Liveaboard Indonesia for a few days. So you don’t need to be confused to question it again, or don’t need to be afraid of being bored. You will circle the spot points to dive. The scenery you enjoy is very different from in the city. The natural colors of Flores island make you not want to close your eyes. Fun and very comfortable lazing on the boat.

During your week on the Komodo Sailing Trip, the feeling that arises, makes you not want to get off the ship to go home. If you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, for a moment you can be like Jack and Rose at the end of the ship’s deck. Or you can be a diver in luxury style at Best Komodo Liveaboard. Who doesn’t want to get on the boat to be greeted with a delicious meal in a deluxe dinner? 

Newbie Sailer With Liveaboard Indonesia

Give and get is a simple human concept. Happiness is not alone, but when shared. Just like every chance we get in this world. And there are some important things you need to know for the first time in Liveaboard Indonesia. 

Footwear is unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it with you or throw it away. It’s just that once you go up the first time you should save it until you get back to land. To maintain a comfortable place, bring enough necessities. In a sense, bring a bag that is light and too big, because the ship’s cabin is not as wide as your hotel room. 

  • Pack your diving equipment in a separate bag, keep your diving equipment safe. Do not let anything be forgotten, because borrowing will make it difficult for others, and no one rents or sells the diving equipment on the ship. 
  • Prepare cash to give tips to guides and boat crews. They serve you 24 hours non-stop, from the water to the ship splitting the sea. At least ten to twenty percent of the cost of your Komodo Sailing Trip order. 
  • Maybe you will be other tourists and will share space. To make the trip more enjoyable you can get to know each other and exchange stories. Together, like going back to a happy childhood at the playground. And the most important thing is to maintain good manners in religion, both to other tourists or to Liveaboard Indonesia ship crews.
  • Stay alert to surroundings, especially regarding ship safety. Wet floors and water from your equipment can be dangerous. Get used to walking barefoot too. Existing regulations need to be respected. 
  • Keep the toilet clean, and use environmentally friendly toiletries. Even though you’re having fun, that doesn’t mean you can pollute the sea. Throw garbage in its place. 
  • All activities will be coordinated by the crew, so it all depends on his cues. For example, when it’s time to dive, you will follow the briefing first. Don’t be late for it. Until the eating schedule has been arranged as well as possible. 
  • Every morning you will get time to dive. And that’s amazing, you should try it. Don’t forget your camera to capture the contents of the Flores sea. However, diving or not you still have to tell your dive guide. 
  • You must also prepare physically and mentally for health. Don’t forget your meds if you have anything. 
  • Things that you don’t need are better left at the hotel or other place before sailing.
  • Enjoy your day on Liveaboard Indonesia.

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Vacation to Nusa Dua Family Resorts After the Pandemic

Vacation to Nusa Dua Family Resort After the Pandemic

Summer vacation has been ruined by the coronavirus pandemic. No one can travel across countries, and many people miss out on the opportunity to sunbathe on exotic beaches. However, things are gradually improving, and we will soon be able to resume our vacation. But, after the coronavirus pandemic, how will holidays at Nusa Dua beach resort look?

The Nusa Dua Family Resorts’ entire staff adheres to the Health Protocols

The property will be filled with guests soon after the Bali resorts reopen their gates to tourists. They are the people who have waited far too long inside their homes and long for a tropical escape. All staff at the Nusa Dua family resorts will wear masks and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Some resorts even hire extra cleaning crews to ensure that no spot goes unclean.

It’s possible that the resort won’t be as crowded

It's possible that the resort won't be as crowded

Following the social distancing orders, you may discover that the Nusa Dua family resorts is not operating at full capacity. Some rooms will be purposefully left empty. This allows guests to enjoy more privacy while still paying the same rate at the resort. We like to think that this is the advantage you will have as a post-pandemic traveler. The occupancy restriction simply allows you to have more room in the resort’s restaurants and other public areas. It reduces the usual competition for beach chairs at the resort, and you’ll share the pool with even fewer people.

Find a Low-Cost Deals

Hoteliers will take advantage of the times when the travel ban is lifted to increase their occupancy. You may be able to find special deals as resorts and hotels compete for the hearts of travelers. Take advantage of special rates and offers! Some resorts may offer a discounted rate for a longer stay, a free night with a minimum booking, or special all-inclusive packages that are simply too good to pass up.

Bring Your Own Supplies

Bring Your Own Supplies

We all know what to expect when we go on a resort vacation. You can simply pack your clothes and go, knowing that the resort will provide high-quality soap, shampoo, conditioners, lotions, toothbrushes, and towels. However, you should avoid using the last item. While towels will still be provided, it is probably best to bring your own. You don’t want to use a towel that was used by someone you don’t know in a post-pandemic situation.

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Bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray with you to Nusa Dua Family Resorts

The Nusa Dua family resorts will undoubtedly have hand sanitizer on hand. However, you should bring your own hand sanitizer and disinfectant just in case. You know, for when you want to lie down on one of the beach chairs but aren’t sure if someone else has already sat on it.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Health on a Regular Basis

It is best to keep your health in mind at all times while staying at the Nusa Dua resorts. Do you notice an increase in your body temperature? Is there anything unusual that happened to your body during the holiday? Do you wake up with a sore throat? If you believe your health has deteriorated during your vacation, please notify the resort. Get tested at your local health center and, in the meantime, take your vitamins.

3 Challenging Bali Diving Spots for Advanced Diving!

When you have been long exploring the deep, you’ll love every opportunity to discover deeper layer of the earth and find exciting marine life lies on dozens kilometres below. For advanced divers who are looking for more challenging yet rewarding diving spots in Bali, you definitely need to check these out. 

Bali Diving Spots with Drifts: The Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Bali Diving Spots with Drifts: The Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

The Crystal Bay of Nusa Penida is famous for its elusive resident, the Mola Mola sunfish who just appear to the surface at certain times of the year. Mola-Mola goes from the twilight zone to the “surface” which is about 30 meters deep during August to September to get their body cleaned by reef fishes. The depth and strong currents of Crystal Bay that bring rich nutrients water allow this to happen. However, it’s also the very reason why diving in Crystal Bay is reserved only for the advanced and professional. Divers without adequate experience in handling raging currents should look for another Bali diving spots. The currents in Crystal Bay can be quite unpredictable and inexperienced divers might get surprised. This might result on dropping beyond the recreational limit or finding themselves failing to ascend to shallower depth. 

Nevertheless, Crystal Bay gives fantastic diving experience. Its crystal clear water, which inspire its name, is quite free from debris and have brilliant visibility. The bay is packed with large bommies and soft corals, making up a stunning coral landscape. Divers could also spots reef sharks, leopard  sharks, dolphins, and great macro critters aside of the famous Mola!

The Mesmerising Eel Garden, Menjangan Island

The Mesmerising Eel Garden, Menjangan Island

If Nusa Penida is mostly reserved for pro divers, Menjangan Island provides both ways. This little island in the north tip of Bali is great for both beginner and advanced divers. For advanced divers, the eel garden in the west side offers incredible experience. Going down, you will see deep wall drops covered with gorgonian fans and diverse corals before stopping in 25 meters below, where an open plain fields spread, inhabited by garden eels who sticks their head out of the seabed. It’s truly mesmerising to watch dozens of eels moving in harmony, trying to catch planktons in the currents.

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The Deep Wall: POS 2 Menjangan Island

The Deep Wall: POS 2 Menjangan Island

Explore the deepest part of Menjangan Island in POS 2. Following a big wall that goes down to 40 meters, the POS 2 is one of the best diving spots in Bali for wall diving and seeing big pelagic fishes! The dramatic walls have some small caves which is a heaven for micro enthusiast! Among the collection of healthy hard and soft corals that adorn the wall, you can also spit interesting species such as crocodile fish and frogfish. You can also see schools of great barracuda, reef sharks, and even Manta patrolling around the wall! The site also have some currents so while you were here, definitely enjoy the ride. 

3 Things Not to Miss on Your Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Trip

3 Things Not to Miss on Your Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Trip

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo is the kind of holiday that daydreams are made of. Because Komodo Island is blessed with so many hidden treasures and unique culture. Sailing on Komodo Island is a unique way to discover the magical island while exploring remote dive destinations, hidden coves, and pristine white sandy beaches.  Komodo liveaboard gives you the chance to actually experience what you have been picturing. Diving off your boat into the clear waters of Komodo Island, unwinding on the upper deck enjoying the beautiful sunset, and hearing the waves splashing against the boat’s keel. But, to ensure you have the best sailing holiday possible, there are a few select spots you’ll want to be certain to include on your Komodo itinerary. Don’t miss these 5 outstanding places during your Komodo liveaboard trip.

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo to Manta Point

For those who love adventure and nature, Manta Point is a perfect destination to explore. Located near Komodo National Park, you’ll find a pristine dive site in an idyllic location within these magnificent islands. Manta Point is the most famous dive site to witness Manta Rays. Due to these reasons, many travelers come here for either diving and snorkeling. Here, you’ll find some of the best diving in the region. Manta Rays on this island can be found all-year-round. Swimming with Manta is truly a life-changing experience!  To provide a more memorable experience, you can bring your underwater camera to capture the beautiful Manta.

3 Things Not to Miss on Your Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Trip

Pink Beach

It’s true that you can’t travel to Komodo Island without experiencing the stunning Pink beach. Located in Komodo National Park, Pink Beach is a must for any travelers on luxury liveaboard Komodo holiday. With clear crystal water and soft pink sand, you will never forget your time here. Indulge yourself in doing nothing on this beautiful beach. Take your time to enjoy the panoramic views of turquoise seas, blue skies, and green rolling hills. In addition to the beautiful sea situations, underwater life in this stunning beach also saves the gorgeous and richness of interest to dive. Jump to the crystal water for a leisurely snorkel deeper to enjoy the underwater with a variety of fishes and corals.

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The brilliant Komodo Island night sky

With the beautiful moon and following wind, night sailing can be one of the best pleasures to have when sailing. There’s no better place to see the breathtaking night sky then on your own luxury liveaboard Komodo . With a Komodo boat, you’ll have the ultimate privacy as you reflect on the endless stars and the magical sky. Don’t forget to listen to some soft music on the upper deck and whet your appetite with a favorite snack while watching the night sky on the boat.