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Is it possible for foreigners to rent and invest in Bali villas?

For those who want to invest or stay for a long time in Bali, of course, a little confused about where to stay. Do you have to rent housing? Apartment? Rent a hotel room or rent Bali villas. The development of property in Bali has increased significantly. Property investment is getting crazy and results in a sharp increase. In fact, investors are also from various countries, including Indonesians. Is it possible for foreigners to invest or rent Bali villas legally?

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Rent Bali Villas through A Competent Management

The presence of foreigners in Bali is increasing. Each has a different purpose, whether as a foreign worker, retiree, or on vacation for a long period of time. Legally, foreigners can certainly rent Bali villas if they build a company and become a taxpayer in Indonesia. Automatically, foreigners have the right to rent rights formally in Indonesia.

In fact, many foreigners become “brokers” whose activities are indirectly illegal because they do not pay taxes according to the provisions. As a result? Harm the country and adversely affect its buyers. Bali has its own character territory so there is a competition between illegal and legal brokers.

A competent management company in Bali offers convenience for foreigners to rent a villa legally. Don’t choose the wrong management company! Some trusted management companies like Kibarer already have a good reputation in Bali. They offer convenience for foreigners who want to rent or invest in Bali villas. Usually, management companies like Kibarer have a trusted notary who can help take care of all the documents that you have to prepare.

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How to invest through a competent management property?

Investment is always an interesting discussion. Regulations and policies for foreigners can invest in Indonesia, especially in Bali, which is very strict. Many property developers build properties and offer diverse investments. But Bali is a dream destination where travelers expect a different vacation. Bali villas are one of the dream dwellings for foreigners and certainly a very profitable investment.

If you are a foreigner, you can certainly invest in a partnership with property management. How to find a property management that is trusted and has years of experience. What is the partnership system with property management? They will take care of all matters relating to your villa in Bali, ranging from maintenance, staff, to the villa manager.

The management company takes care of everything until negotiating with your tenant. They will give you a return or profit without you having to be in Bali all day and do all the dizzying work associated with the villa. Finding competent management will greatly help foreigners who want to rent or invest. At least they will avoid irresponsible “brokers” and will certainly harm you.