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Improving Vacation Rental for 2022: 6 Things to Do Now

Improving Vacation Rental for 2022: 6 Things to Do Now

The year 2020 and 2021 were not the best year for tourism industry, thanks to the global pandemic. Travelling was suspended and many hotels went empty or functioned as quarantine facility. But as vaccination progress and more than half of the world already received their second dose, many people begin to look for opportunities to travel again. The 2022 might be the year where international boundaries get relaxed and travelling get close to normal again. And in the meanwhile, it’s time to bring improvement to your real estate rental in Bali. We’ve put up a list of quick fixes to help you maximise your effort:

Take Management Property for Your Bali Real Estate Rental Seriously

Should you manage your own real estate rental or hire a property manager to do it? Here’s the consideration: 

You’ll be able to save management costs if you manage your own unit, as well as keep a close check on the process, ensure a great customer experience, and maintain control over your rental calendar. Along the process, you’ll gain a lot of essential experience. Managing your own property allows you to maintain track of the process, cut costs, add a personal touch, and have a direct impact on keeping your rental booked all year. However, managing your own properties necessitates doing all of the labor, including establishing an online listing, booking visitors, checking them in, dealing with guest complaints, collecting money, arranging cleaning and maintenance, and managing occupancy taxes.

Hire A Professional Rental Manager

Hiring a professional management business for your real estate rental in the Island of God can assist an owner deal with their initial round of reservations by relieving them of the stress of dealing with visitors, maintenance, and cleaning contractors. You will be relieved from dealing with all of the details of guests, managing booking sites, cleaning services, taxes, and more if you hire a property manager. Hiring a manager is a decent first step for those new to the short-term rental game, and you can always take it on yourself once you’ve learned more about it. A professional manager should be able to provide you with a realistic estimate of nightly rates and predicted bookings for the year soon.

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Advertise Your Bali Vacation Rental by Yourself

Advertise Your Bali Vacation Rental by Yourself

Listing your Bali property in vacation rental listing like VRBO, Traveloka, Booking.com, or HomeAway might be beneficial as they showcase your property to worldwide customers. However, you need to take the advertising to your own hand. If you don’t employ a management business, consider developing your own website. Don’t underestimate the power of “Word of Mouth.” To get the maximum attention from your own sphere of influence, tell your friends and share your property on social media.

Undergo A Rennovation 

Guests expect a peaceful “resort” experience, and condos that have been improved to this level generate up to 40% more money than those that have not been refurbished. Renovations with granite counters and flat-panel TVs are at the top of renters’ wish lists, and they provide a good return on investment.

Decorate Your Bali Real Estate Rental with Island Style

Visitors should feel as if they are on vacation, but avoid using bright colors or gaudy beach stuff. Be unique without coming out as cliched. Consider a professional opinion to help you set the mood and make the most of your budget by using a uniform color and theme throughout.

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Make A Perfect Online Portrait of Your Rental Property

Make A Perfect Online Portrait of Your Rental Property

Your online aesthetic portrayal can make or break your ability to swiftly rent your apartment. If individuals are left with unanswered questions, they may move on to the next profile if it provides a more full picture. Highlight any luxury inside your Bali real estate, from pools to tennis courts. Fill out all of the fundamental information, such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, and bed sizes. Describe the setting, including nearby places to eat and any distinctive features, such as a hammock under a lemon tree. The most crucial element is to supply high-quality images — films and 360-degree property tours are the latest trend.

Hire A Professional Photographer: 

The number of reservations you receive will be significantly increased if you have excellent images. No one will read about your property or consider it unless they like what they see at first.

Write A Professional Copy (or Hire Copywriter) 

Make your descriptions as vivid as possible. Don’t merely list the dimensions and location of your home. Emphasize what makes your home unique and why it’s the ideal resale property.