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Tips To Battle Sun Exposure To Avoid Any Health Damage

Sun exposure has been known to be one of the main causes of many health issues such as skin cancer and premature aging. Of course, there are also benefits from sun exposure. However, it is best to know how to minimize the risk of getting health damages caused by it. It is impossible to fully protected from sun exposure especially for those who work outdoor. However, there are ways we can try to minimize and prevent negative effects of it. And here are some of the tips to consider in battling against sun exposure:

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Create a shade for your home

Your home should at least be a safe place to protect you from excessive sun exposure. Hence, make sure to create a shade. You can do it by installing some high-technology shades, or choose more conventional ways. For example, you can plant trees near your home for shade or choose the pre-made version available online with variety of shapes ans sizes to choose. Use blinds and curtains to avoid direct sun exposure to get into your house. Another way is to design shade pergolas int he front of your home. 

Protect your skin

As mentioned that sun exposure can cause serious health damage especially to the skin. Hence, always do your best to protect your skin. Wearing a sunscreen or sunblock is a must even when you are staying in your house. It is because there are UV rays that can penetrate through the gaps in your house such as windows. Choose sunscreen that your skin love with the spf at least 30 and has broad spectrum. Hence, your skin will be more protected from UVA and UVB. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours especially when you are outdoor. 

Choose your clothes wisely

If you don’t want to get any sun damage, pick your clothes carefully when you are planning to go outside especially during summer, or when you plan to be outdoors for longer periods of time. Choose light-colored clothes to help reflect the sunlight. Also, choose loose outfit made from comfortable materials such as linen or cotton. Also, do not forget to protect your head from the sun exposure by wearing a hat or cap. And wear sunglasses if you are outdoor to protect your eyes better. 

Stay hydrated

Being under the sun for a long period can drain out your body. Hence, make sure to stay hydrated no matter where you are. Dehydration is one of the health issues caused by sun exposure as well. Therefore, it is best to carry your own water bottle wherever you go so you always remember to drink plenty of water every day. Also, it is highly recommended to not do your outdoor activities during peak hours if you want to avoid sun damage. The most intense sunlight is around 10 am to 2 pm during summer. At those times, the sun rays are at its strongest even if you see some clouds floating in the sky.