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Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love

Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love
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A tropical vacation cannot be imagined without the vivid vision of a beautiful beach. The pleasure of a private beachfront is always on guests’ dream when they are looking for Bali luxury villas. For many travelers and guests alike, nothing beats waking up to the sound of the waves lapping up on the coastline. While beachfront is the epitome of prime location for villa rentals and vacation home in Bali, it would go into waste if you cannot optimise the location properly. Here are some ideas before you build your beachfront property in Bali.

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali
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Securing a beachfront lot is expensive; so don’t waste it on some cookie-cutter house. Pick up those architecture magazine and take inspiration from gorgeous, one-of-a-kind beach houses from all around the world as inspiration for your beachfront villa Bali. 

Study the Flood Zones in Your Beachfront Area

Many seaside houses are located in flood zones, and beaches in Bali are not the exception for seawater floods. This isn’t necessarily negative news for the most part. After all, getting near to a body of water is a big part of what makes coastal life so appealing. You must, however, be aware of how this may influence the cost of your construction project. Building in a V Zone is often the most costly. The V Zone homes are generally ocean front or near-ocean front, so study your location accordingly.

Think About What to Do After the Dark

Although sunsets over Bali’s beaches are spectacular, it is pitch black over the ocean once the sun goes down. If you do nothing about it, life can be a bit boring at night in your beachfront house Bali. Spice up the nightlife a bit with these ideas:

A Swim Up Bar in Infinity Pools at Beachfront Villa Bali

If you’re planning to build a true luxurious, fully serviced beachfront villa vacation in Bali, think about adding a swim up bar in your pool area. Let guests soak in the upscale delight of enjoying a nice cocktail in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. 

A Backyard Garden with Lamps

Remember that because they are on vacation, short-term tenants tend to spend more time outside, particularly later in the evening. This emphasizes the importance of well-placed outdoor lighting. Consider installing string lights in outdoor living spaces in addition to path lights, uplights, downlights, and task lighting. This is a simple, low-cost approach to create a welcoming, joyful environment that will appear fantastic in marketing photographs.

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Build the Epitome Outdoor Living

Guests love to spend time outdoors when they are on vacation; something they mostly can’t do in their own home. An oceanfront villa in Bali makes outdoor living feels different and expensive. Here’s some ideas to include in your villa:

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean
Image Source: Instagram/@elitehavens.ru

Infinity pool is a must when you have an oceanfront property in Bali. Guests discovered that staying at hotels with an infinity pool is the next best thing. The boundary-less look of infinity pool fools the eye, producing an optical illusion that makes it difficult to tell where the water ends and the distant landscape begins.

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A Patio Kitchen 

Being outside is one of the benefits of living on the coast (whether it’s a lake, ocean, or river). Hundreds of fantastic products have been introduced in the last five years that make creating your own outdoor kitchen simple and inexpensive. Why not make the great outdoors a part of your useable living space?

Plan the Landscaping 

Start by enhancing your home with landscaping, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You deserve this after enduring 6 – 18 months of dirt during the construction of your home. Adding landscaping, whether formal or casual in style, will quickly transform your house into a home.