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Staying Innovative After The Crisis

During these uncertain times, many people lost their hope because the crisis is not easy to handle. The pandemic has brought misery to all aspects of our life. It gives such a huge effect on our life that most of us only think of how to survive than innovate. The crisis is almost over and it is time to get back up. Even during the pandemic, many small businesses showed how capable they were to handle it and get themselves adapted rather quickly. Thus, they could serve their customer without endangering themselves or their business. This is because of innovation. 

Staying Innovative After The Crisis

Building innovation after the crisis

There have been many stories of innovation resulted from the pandemic. Many small business have done their best to stay strong. However, there are also those who didn’t even realize that they are innovating throughout the crisis. Many only think that they are only reacting to the given situation. However, even the process of reacting or responding to the current events is the start of innovation itself. 

Building your innovation in response to the crisis is essential. Innovation is needed in making decisions during a crisis. Instead of taking definite decisions, you can layout plan for the next 2 or 4 weeks. In this plan, you decide what to do following the situation. The thing is, you may not know everything during a crisis so there is always space for uncertainty. However, communicating with empathy and vulnerability will help a lot. This type of communication should still be implemented even after the crisis to continue innovating. 

To continue innovating even after the crisis, you have to organize around parts. It also means that you have to adapt in making operations that meet the need. Also, experimenting should not be perceived as taboo. During the pandemic itself, many businesses experimented ‘work from home’ or ‘remote work’. many business have never truly experimented it before the pandemic. However, it somehow works even if it can be considered as an accidental experiment. Thus, experiment and innovation can come hand-in-hand. Experiments can help to build creativity and innovation even after the crisis.

To continue innovating, it is important as well for the leaders to highlight what they have done in response to the pandemic. Also, they can spotlight the people who contributed a lot during the crisis, acknowledging their roles and celebrating the results together. It shows that you and your team have been able to pass through the crisis by taking risks and even trying new things. 

Making decision to create new policy following the changes due to the pandemic should arise curiosity in your organization. This way, every one understand the reason behind every decision made. This will also help to make your team innovate in searching more possibilities and opportunities for better business future and operation. This will result in more potential your business might have. Always listen to every one in your team and offer help. Reaching out first may also pull out hidden innovation you never knew about.