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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

When you are involved in business leadership world, your act and words are a very great influence to others. Being a great leader is not easy and it is a lifelong lesson to learn eve for those who have achieve success. During your time running a business, you must interact and meet people. Sometimes, you pay attention to the way people talk or you are very conscious of your talks yourself. Well, words are powerful tool of communication. The words you choose can make differences. As a leader choosing the right words is essential. 

The consciousness to choose the right words

Sometimes, the words just flow out naturally without us realizing it. What we say can affect how people perceive our ideas or opinions. Some people might find some words or phrases inconvenient or unfit. It is hard to choose the right word especially when we know that people always have their own perception. However, there are some phrases and words that’s better be avoided if you are a leader or working in professional environment, such as.

Do not say “I Think…”

The phrase ‘I think’ is very common. It is not only uttered by leaders in business world or employees but also almost everyone. However, it doesn’t sound good especially for leaders who have to show their authority. When you start your opinion with the phrase ‘I Think’ it shows you uncertainty and it’s also less powerful than when you remove the phrase. The sound of the phrase tend to discredit your opinion.

Do not claim all the success to your own 

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

When talking about your work or your achievement, it is better to avoid a term or word that describe it as a self-made. Remember that even if you are the leader, you have your team in your back that support and help you handle the business. Any achievement is resulted from teamwork. Thus, don’t forget to mention the achievement or works as teamwork’s because it is also a way for you to appreciate people around you. 

Words conveys expression

Choosing the words carefully is essential to maintain healthy relationships with your clients, team members, customers, etc. Dismissing others just because they ask something you are uncomfortable with is not a wise thing to do. Instead of saying it is none of their business, you can explain why you can disclose or answer the matter. It results in mutual understanding. 

Words that doesn’t diminish creativity

Try to avoid negative words that can be discouraging yourself and your team. For example, saying ‘I cannot’’ or we ‘cannot’. Remember that you lead a team and that there is always room for creativity to bloom wonderfully. You don’t really know if you can or can’t until you try. Thus, think of what you can do to make the ‘cannot more impossible to do. You can also choose more discouraging word such as “lets’ do X’ instead of ‘I think we should X’.