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Meeting The Expectation Of Customers

To have a successful business, there are many things you should pay attention to. It is not only about creating high quality product or service. It is also about how to deliver customer service that make your customer happy and satisfied. Not to mention that today’s customers set their expectation high. Therefore, there are many areas you have to improve including speed, transparency, efficiency, the availability and reliability of the channels, open communication, reliable service professionals, etc. 

Facing today’s customers’ expectation

The increased of expectation of today’s customers happens for a reason. Over time, we thrown various customer service improvements at them. It has led them to set their expectation higher and higher. In return, you may get overwhelmed with the standard of satisfying customer service today. However, it is not impossible to meet their expectation if you do it right. 

The very first thing you have to improve on your customer service is the speed. In the past, customers will be satisfied to know that they would get response within 24 hours. Today, it is not enough. It is considered too slow for customers. They demand immediate response as soon as possible. They expect to receive feedback at least within less than few hours. Therefore, you need to improve your speed in responding to your customer. 

Next thing you can improve is the method of service that your customer might prefer more. There are times when your customers don’t have really much time to wait for your response or help. They need immediate solution and action for their issue. To deal with this, you can provide more self-service feature on your business such as implementing this feature on your website. Thus, customers who are in a hurry can make their own solution. 

You can also improve the style of your customer service. Every brand or business may have their own style in delivering customer service. You can improve your own. Instead of delivering stiff customer service by too formal language or communication, you can make it more casual and enjoyable. Thus, you can face your customers in a more friendly setting that makes them comfortable interacting with you. 

In delivering customer service, it is better to avoid any insinuation of rejection. Customers today don’t really fancy a ‘no’. they want to hear you saying ‘yes’. Of course, it is not easy to say yes or agree with your customers all the time. However, you can use different approach so they don’t feel any rejection. This is good to soften the blow. You can offer reasonable alternatives instead of saying ‘no’ immediately. 

The next thing you can improve customer service team. Give them learning opportunities to upgrade their skills so they stay up to dated with today’s customers’ expectation. Give them a chance to get a proper training so they can perform better in delivering satisfying customer service while maintaining your brand reputation.