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Improve Your Brand Storytelling And Boost Your Business  Growth

Improve Your Brand Storytelling And Boost Your Business  Growth
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Storytelling is one of the most important element in marketing. It is what can grab customers’ attention and make them emotional. A good story also leads to a change of mind so that is why a good story can influence customer’s decision. Selling your product or marketing your service  means you need to be a good storyteller to gain effective result. 

How to improve your storytelling

Brand storytelling is crucial for company, especially startups. With a good storytelling you will be able to create advocates who share or love your ideology genuinely. You need your story to have a clear mission of who to reach and what goals to achieve. And here are some tips to help you improve your brand storytelling and automatically boost your business:

Stay authentic

Always be true to yourself if you want to gain your customer’s trust. Also, consumers today are very smart that they can see right through lies easily. In your story, do not be afraid to tell your audience about your struggles or failures. Hence, don’t only talk about your triumphs. It is how you promote transparency that your customer will appreciate. Talking about your vulnerability will make your audience relate to you. 

Convince your claims with real testimonials

Use testimonials from your previous customers to convince your audience that the claim you make is real. Instead of just telling this and that, you have to show them about how awesome you are with authentic proofs. It is also more proofing and less bragging if you have something to back up your claims. Show real-life instances of how people have benefited from your products or services. 

Have your story solve what customer needs

Customers fell connected to a story because it resolves something. Therefore, it is important that you identify what your customers really need and figure out how to fulfill them. Create stories around your findings and think about how your products or services can make their lives better before they decide to make a purchase. Make them aware of your resolutions through your story. 

Remove fluff and focus on important details

Create story that won’t bore your audience. It is best to remove any unneeded details. Instead, stay focus to only what’s important by getting to the point. Don’t drag your story out because it will only make your audience lose attention. Put only relevant information in your story and consider starting your story in the middle since it is usually where the most exciting stuffs happen. 

Be mindful with your word choices

The way you tell your stories and the type of words you use should spark emotion from your audience. It is the purpose of the story to evoke emotion from audience so if you just tell play-by-play account of events, your story won’t be meaningful. Form strong connections to the choice of words you use. Include information and details that will only make your audience immerse in your story and let them feel inspired, empowered, or empathetic.