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Important Tips Nobody Told You Before Booking Villas in Canggu for Bali Vacation!

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Important Tips Nobody Told You Before Booking Villas in Canggu for Bali Vacation!

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meta desc: Some essential tips you need to know when you search for villas in Canggu for your upcoming Bali holiday. 

When you come to Canggu Bali, you have two options; stay in a hotel (or a resort or a backpacker lodging, depending on your budget), or rent a villa. Your trip might be elevated by staying in a vacation rental, which will provide you the chance to discover off-the-beaten-path areas and mingle with the people while giving you a temporary residence. When traveling with friends, vacation rentals can frequently be more economical than other types of lodging. However, if you’ve never looked for or reserved a vacation rental before, there are some subtleties that might make or break your trip—nuances you probably don’t want to discover the hard way. 

There is a wide choice of Bali villa rentals in Canggu; from the two-bedroom villa in rustic beach decor to opulent villas with hot tubs and wide yards.

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These eight suggestions will make renting a vacation home (and staying there) simple.

Go Check if the Canggu Villas are Managed Properly

If the listing indicates that a particular firm manages the property, take a look at their rates and promotions first. Vrbo or Airbnb frequently acts as an additional barrier between you and the property owner. Why not invest the extra time to find out whether you can obtain a better deal by dealing directly with the owner or a higher level of management?

Don’t Be Shy to Ask About Specials & Discounts, If Available!

The majority of property management companies mention their discounts and incentives on their websites, but it never hurts to inquire. Longer stays occasionally qualify for additional discounts. To check if you can combine some more savings, you can also ask about discounts for teachers, members of the military, first responders, etc. Consider discounts for recurring customers as well.

Always, Always Read the Reviews

Check out the feedback from previous visitors. Read the reviews, even if the listing has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. A guest may provide feedback that will enhance your experience even if their review is positive. Whether it’s about the lack of toiletries or a mention of a hidden gem around the property, it’s always nice to know every little thing that could make your trip better. 

Pay extra attention to the negative review. What are the things mentioned in the negative reviews? Is it something minor or something that raises a red flag? We’re not suggesting that you base your choice on one lone, unrepresentative bad review, but pay attention to what they have to say. Maybe it’s something that won’t bother you so much, but will help you to be extra careful during your stay. 

Always Read the Description of the Canggu Villas Extra Carefully

This is the most crucial advice we can offer when you search for villas in Canggu. It’s simple to get seduced by appealing images and excellent deals, but don’t stop there. Most vacation rentals have quite comprehensive descriptions with key details, and they probably won’t start with “No television” or “No private pool.” If there’s no mention of “television” it’s best to think that there will be any TV in the villa. Don’t assume that there will be anything that is not listed in the description. Since you are in Bali, you might want to spend the sunny days lounging in the pool—so make sure to search for Canggu villas with a private pool. Though the majority of villas in Bali have their own pool, however small, some rentals do not. Indeed, a detailed reading of the property descriptions is necessary. 

Check Every Single Thing When You Do the First Walkthrough

Check the appliances, check the faucets and toilets, and turn on all the lights. If linens were offered with your vacation rental, ensure sure they are clean and dry. Make sure all gadgets and other promised facilities are in good working order. Make sure any amenities, such as a sauna, game room, pool, or spa, are operational as soon as you take possession of the rental. Break out your phone and videotape your initial walkthrough if you feel uncomfortable or worried that you might be held responsible for damage you didn’t cause.

Inform Your Group of the Rules for the Rental

It’s important that everyone staying at the vacation rental reads the rules and regulations as well. You, as the trip organizer, may have done so before making the reservation. Ensure that everyone in the group is aware of all the rules, including those pertaining to pets, parties, check-out processes, and other issues.