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Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Creating Rooms with Garden View in Your Seminyak Villa Bali

Travelers who come to Bali want the sun and all the tropical seaside fun. When they look for a place to stay, they would really value a room with a view. This is why hotels in Bali charge higher for their oceanfront rooms—because waking up to breathtaking ocean vista is an amazing experience! However, not many villas can provide the view, unless you have billion dollars to buy an oceanfront lot in Bali. The Seminyak, on another hand, is one of the most popular area in Bali for traveler, and having a villa there could be a lucrative business. However, there might not many opportunity to display a gorgeous view at your Seminyak villas in Bali.

One of the alternative is creating a beautiful garden view that guests would love to enjoy from the living room or the bedroom. Wonder what it’s all about?

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

How to Create A Garden View for Your Seminyak Villas, Bali

A beautiful view from within can completely alter how a space feels. While you want the guest to be able to stare out to a vast landscape or a sprawling garden, the majority of us are actually working within the limitations of our own property in Seminyak. Consider the following nine design decisions that aim to maximize views from inside the house if you’re planning a garden layout from scratch or working to improve current vistas.

Take A Look at the Existing View at Your Villa and Ways to Improve It

Start by noting the views or sight-lines that are now available from windows and glass doors. What can you see from the rooms in your Seminyak villas that guests use the most? Do any spots need greater privacy, or are any views obstructed by overgrown vegetation that needs to be pruned? Could any windows be made larger (if your budget allows) to provide better views?

Maximise the Windows to Frame the View

What would you like to see inside each frame versus what you currently see? Look out one of your home’s windows and take note of where your eye falls. Does it land on something that you find attractive, like a well-placed pot or an eye-catching plant, or does it go straight to a garbage bin that could use some screening? Note which views could be improved in your Bali Seminyak villas.

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Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think of the Composition of Your Window View

Think about the overall composition of your window view in the same way an artist might consider the composition of a painting. Distinguish elements that are near the viewer from those that are farther away in the area. Details are crucial for close aspects. Just outside a window, you could arrange a collection of miniature pots or a fountain, or you could use a blooming vine to frame the foreground of a garden view.

As swimming pools is very popular in Bali, you can arrange a landscape view surrounding the pool. You can have a limited lot but still have the best villas in Seminyak Bali with private pool and lush surrounding garden that would please the eye of your guests.

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden

Think About the Viewing Angle to the Garden II

It’s not the same to view a garden from an upper window as it is from a ground floor window. For instance, you might find it easier to appreciate the design of the beds and walkways from above than you would from the ground when in the garden.

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Have A Seminyak Villa Near Busy Streets? Create Garden for Privacy

You probably have windows that provide less-than-ideal views of things like a bustling roadway. This is actually a problem shared by many private villas in Seminyak, Bali. One of the solution is by cutting a garden wall to buffer the road view and noise. Try a patio might surrounded by potted plants or a hedge to help block views. Hedge height variations could be used to open or block particular viewpoints.

Create A Focal Point to Your Garden View

A focal point gives your eye a place to rest when viewing the scene outside a window. Anything from a striking plant to a birdbath, fire pit, or seating space can serve as a focal point. There are two ways to ensure that a feature is a focal point rather than just another garden component.

Decide where to put something. Align the focal point with a line of sight that runs through the garden or, in this case, with a window’s view.
Make sure the component is noticeable. Typically, this entails using various shapes or colors to contrast the feature with its surroundings.