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The Most Common Wood Used in Construction

Wood construction has been used for tens of thousands of years and is one of the most common building materials. It has many benefits over other wood construction materials because it is a resource that is sustainable, recyclable, and renewable. This is inexpensive, strong, elastic, and can be made into any shape or size. It does well as an insulator as well.

In actuality, each variety of wood has characteristics of its own that make it ideal for specific uses. If you’re taking on a wood project, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right type. This will guarantee that you always get the best results.

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These Most Common Wood Used in Construction


Oak is one of the strongest and finest woods known. Because of its durability, it is a favorite among builders and suitable for building structures. High-quality, moisture-resistant, and has a unique look, this wood gives a house personality.

Oak does not need the decay-preventative chemical surface treatment that is suggested for a long wood life because it naturally resists harm from insects and vermin. However, because oak is only found in a few locations, it might be more expensive than other types of wood.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar has one of the lowest shrinkage ratios among softwoods, making it a strong, long-lasting material for construction. This wood is naturally resistant to damage from insects, water, and extreme storms, making it an excellent choice for the framework of a house that is exposed to sun, rain, heat, and cold throughout the year. It is also resistant to decay. It has the special ability to eliminate greenhouse emissions and is sustainable.

Western red cedar is one of the most popular types of wood used to construct homes. Because of its remarkable appearance and dark color. The fact that this specific softwood is renewable and biodegradable adds to its numerous positive traits.


While being a lighter and softer wood, spruce has a great resistance to cracking, making it an excellent choice for building. Spruce is an excellent material for light building and frameworks due to its great durability and low decay resistance. It can keep its uniform white color for a very long period, which keeps it looking classy for years.

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Douglas Fir

Because of its structural integrity, this premium wood is one of the preferred materials for the construction of modest commercial and residential structures. Tight knots and a light yellow to reddish brown color give Douglas fir its ability to adapt to a variety of weather conditions. These common wood species are resistant to degradation and a suitable option for structures in high-wind or earthquake-prone regions. The Douglas fir tree is utilized for flooring, furnishings, bridge construction, cabinets, and furniture due to its strength, durability, and appeal.


Teak is characterized as the “king of hardwoods” because of its strength and durability. This is a popular choice for window frames, outdoor furniture, and seating decks. Because of its natural resistance to humid weather, resistance to water, and resistance to decay.

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Teak is a perfect material for cabinets and furniture because of its light to golden brown color. Which darkens when exposed to sunshine.