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Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resorts Vacation

Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resort Vacation

People loves to say that vacation is the time for let go. It’s easy to indulge yourself on delicious foods, being lazy, and just drown in leisure. Especially when you are staying at a resort where everything is catered to your needs. However, a vacation in Nusa Dua resorts Bali is different. Not only that you will get plenty of vitamin D—and vitamin Sea—that you need, there are also variety of ways to stay healthy and active you can find in the resort. Here’s what you can do to keep your body at its best at Holiday Inn, one of the best resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts

You will love the pools at this Nusa Dua resorts. They don’t only have one or two, but four pools to choose from! Well, one of them is kid’s pool so you’re left with three other options. There’s the outdoor Jacuzzi, the pool with cool swim-up pool bar lounge, and the oceanfront infinity pools. Go in the morning or in the late afternoon, swimming is great to burn those calories. That double cups of gelato and greasy bacon breakfast need some burn, baby. 

Hit the Gym Every Morning

No excuse to leave your fitness routine. The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts build this fitness centre not for nothing. Equipped with cardio machines, weights, and weights machine, you can always choose the workout that suits you. The gym is open 24/7 so you can always adjust the work out time with your regular. 

Bike Around Nusa Dua 

Bike Around Nusa Dua

Behind the resort, you will find golden strips of sands and beautiful blue water that is the Nusa Dua beach. Along that beach is paved path crossing several resorts—and people love to bike around the path! Rent a bike and explore the beautiful surrounding of this quiet beach. It’s one way to enjoy the tropical breeze while still maintaining your fitness!

Walk Around!

Do you know that the Holiday Inn is located at Nusa Dua resorts complex? The beach of Benoa Bay and Nusa Dua is lined up with five stars establishments and they all make up Bali’s ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation), a gated community with security, wide paved roads, and lush trees around. Go in the morning and you’ll see many people—locals and resort guests—walking, jogging, and running around. If the complex is too big for your morning walk, you can just walk around the resort and explore what’s inside!

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Eat Healthier Options at Nusa Dua Resorts

Like we said earlier, it’s easy to get carried on indulgence when you are on a vacation. However, there are ways to eat healthy while you are staying at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts. Try the vegetarian menu at their Nudi restaurant; their Oriental Quinoa salad and spinach and cheese lasagna are the best! 

Do Yoga!

What’s a better yoga than doing it by the beach—or on the oceanfront studio? Kick start your day with mindful yoga just after the sunrise. Those few minutes when the warm golden light of the sun floods the earth are the most magical!