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Catering Bali Planning a Menu for Your Important Events

Catering menu is often a huge concern for those who have an upcoming company meeting or celebratory occasion in Bali. The difficult part is not determining which menu you should get, but where to start. Before choosing a specific catering Bali, you’re going to need to create an overall planning for your event. Holding an event in Bali, Island of Gods, is a special occasion for many. While the catering menu is merely a fragment of what makes a good event, it’s still an important part that an event planner shouldn’t overlook. How should you approach food planning for your upcoming occasion?

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Take the time to know the profiles of your attendees

You’re gong to invite all these people over as guests for your events. Chances are, you’ve known some of the people who are going to attend your event. But in many cases such as a general get-together of a big company, it’s normal not to know the majority of guests who are attending. However, you can still gather some information that can prove to be useful for planning your event. These information include: 

  • Previous similar events your guests have attended 
  • Your guests’ professional background 
  • etc. 
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Ask your event’s guests in person before deciding on a catering service 

Most of the information on preferences you’ll have in mind about your guests would simply be an assumption at this point. No matter how accurate you think you are according to the general profile you’ve gathered about your guests. If you’re eager to cater to what your guests prefer, then step it up by directly asking them. 

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You may not be able to ask each and every one of your attendees. So start with the people you know. Ask them for several ideas of the food they may like. You can give them several questions to kickstart your search, such as:

  • What kind of entrée do you like? 
  • Any preferences on salad dressing?
  • What main course would you love to eat? 
  • Dessert ideas you’d like to taste? 

You can also ask their preferences from several given options. This is especially true for the types of origins of the food. Ask “Which one(s) do you prefer?”

  • Italian food
  • Japanese food 
  • Southeast Asian food 
  • etc. 

Catering in Bali is quite diverse; there are various caterers that specialize in different things. So you won’t have t o worry that you’ll run out of choices to spoil your guests. This does not have to be the full-theme of your entire event. For instance, you can opt for Japanese food for appetizers, then have Mediterranean cuisine as an entrée. Let your creative juices flow and adapt according to what the event calls for.

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Catering Bali: Always consult with your catering company 

Regardless of what you want, your Bali catering company are the ones who have the experience in event services. Ask them for advices on what works and what doesn’t. Any catering company would have a certain specialty in their event services. Choose a catering Bali that meets your needs. But whether you choose a plated meal format or a buffet catering Bali the best approach is still to communicate your ideas clearly and aim to work with them.