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Bali Catering Menu Ideas for Outdoor Events

With gorgeous natural landscape and plenty of stunning beaches, it’s always an exciting occasion to host an outdoor event in Bali. However with any outdoor events, there’s always the issue of food and beverage serving and how to best preserve them. What should you know before you get in contact with a Bali catering to help out with your celebrations? 

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Having a “summer-friendly” menu and catering equipment is important 

Although weather is often unpredictable in the tropics, it’s well-known that Bali has an “all-year summer” climate. So make sure that you take this into consideration. It’s also a good idea to browse and ask references for Bali catering company that has plenty of experience handling events located outdoor; most often are clifftop weddings, beach weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Bali also has plenty of restaurants with gorgeous outdoor view—ones that are available for event renting. It’s another way of solving the issues for caterers for your outdoor event. Have a restaurant handle all of your food and beverage needs. 

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Outdoor menu ideas for your Bali catering 

While menu options are virtually endless and there are certainly ways to preserve the food, keeping the nature of the food and dishes themselves in mind is extremely crucial when holding an event on the outdoor. The freshness of the food itself are second to none. 

Some Indonesian dishes has natural anti-bacterial properties thanks to the variety spices it uses. Take Rendang, for example. This cuisine from Sumatra’s Minangkabau people is known to be able to have a month’s shelf life without any refrigerating if cooked the right way. Some of the spices used in the dish is known to have effective antimicrobial properties and helps preserve the meat for an impressive amount of time. With that said, consult experienced caterers in Bali on creating suitable menu for your outdoor event.

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Some other things to note:

  • Prepare plenty of refreshing and hydrating beverages. We’ll talk about some of the favorite examples at a later point.
  • If you’re having a wedding reception, then be sensible and don’t ask your wedding catering Bali to have your cake out during the whole event. Heat, especially since you’re having outdoor event, would make your cake spoil at a faster rate. Have your cake out nearing the end instead.  

Healthy beverages ideas to consult your chosen catering Bali 

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Here are some of the freshest and delicious drinks that you can serve all day long:

  • Fruit juices. You can easily find a wide variety of tropical fruits in Bali; ones that would cost a fortune if you purchase it at home. Some of the favorites of the Balinese and Indonesian locals in general are: banana, mango, guava, pineapple, papaya. All of these fruits can be obtained with a reasonable price anywhere in Bali, so your caterer shouldn’t have any issues obtaining them. Take note that some fruits are seasonal, like mango and durian. 
  • Imported fruit juices: Bali is not known as producers of apples, they’re mostly grown in the mountainous areas of Bogor and other places. But if you particularly love the fruit and would love to feature it among your fruits or juices, then the Fuji apple is particularly popular here. 
  • Mix and vegetable juice. Get creative and mix spinach with oranges or carrots with guava—not only they’re notably nutritious, these types of menu taste so goo as well. They’d also make your guests feel like VIP getting served detox beverages in a spa. 

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