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Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resorts Vacation

Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resort Vacation

People loves to say that vacation is the time for let go. It’s easy to indulge yourself on delicious foods, being lazy, and just drown in leisure. Especially when you are staying at a resort where everything is catered to your needs. However, a vacation in Nusa Dua resorts Bali is different. Not only that you will get plenty of vitamin D—and vitamin Sea—that you need, there are also variety of ways to stay healthy and active you can find in the resort. Here’s what you can do to keep your body at its best at Holiday Inn, one of the best resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts

You will love the pools at this Nusa Dua resorts. They don’t only have one or two, but four pools to choose from! Well, one of them is kid’s pool so you’re left with three other options. There’s the outdoor Jacuzzi, the pool with cool swim-up pool bar lounge, and the oceanfront infinity pools. Go in the morning or in the late afternoon, swimming is great to burn those calories. That double cups of gelato and greasy bacon breakfast need some burn, baby. 

Hit the Gym Every Morning

No excuse to leave your fitness routine. The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts build this fitness centre not for nothing. Equipped with cardio machines, weights, and weights machine, you can always choose the workout that suits you. The gym is open 24/7 so you can always adjust the work out time with your regular. 

Bike Around Nusa Dua 

Bike Around Nusa Dua

Behind the resort, you will find golden strips of sands and beautiful blue water that is the Nusa Dua beach. Along that beach is paved path crossing several resorts—and people love to bike around the path! Rent a bike and explore the beautiful surrounding of this quiet beach. It’s one way to enjoy the tropical breeze while still maintaining your fitness!

Walk Around!

Do you know that the Holiday Inn is located at Nusa Dua resorts complex? The beach of Benoa Bay and Nusa Dua is lined up with five stars establishments and they all make up Bali’s ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation), a gated community with security, wide paved roads, and lush trees around. Go in the morning and you’ll see many people—locals and resort guests—walking, jogging, and running around. If the complex is too big for your morning walk, you can just walk around the resort and explore what’s inside!

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Eat Healthier Options at Nusa Dua Resorts

Like we said earlier, it’s easy to get carried on indulgence when you are on a vacation. However, there are ways to eat healthy while you are staying at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts. Try the vegetarian menu at their Nudi restaurant; their Oriental Quinoa salad and spinach and cheese lasagna are the best! 

Do Yoga!

What’s a better yoga than doing it by the beach—or on the oceanfront studio? Kick start your day with mindful yoga just after the sunrise. Those few minutes when the warm golden light of the sun floods the earth are the most magical!

Feeling In Business and How To Navigate It Properly

Feeling In Business and How To Navigate It Properly

Many people associate feeling with weakness when it comes to business. Feelings are often seen as something that can make you look miserable, emotional, or weak. Many have believed that in order to build successful business, they have to suppress their feelings. Confidence and stiffness are what only consider in business industry. However, how far of it is true?

Navigating your feeling when building business successfully

The truth is, feelings are not by mean something that can make you look emotional or weak. Feelings make you more human. Many business coaches also argue that feelings are not distractions for running a successful business. Feelings can be leveraged to drive meaningful action for your business hence you are motivated to create results.

Let’s take examples of how feelings can be navigated to meaningful action. Courage can spur you to take initiative. You can earn loyalty from your employees through empathy. With confidence, you gain people to trust you. Now, you can think of the opposite and see the negative results coming from feelings. Of course feelings can lead you to take impulsive actions that only serve negative results. That’s why it depends on you how to leverage and navigate your feelings to be the rocket fuel for your business.

The very first thing to navigate your feeling successfully is identifying positive feelings. In fact, you can create them on purpose instead of waiting for them to be triggered. Aside from being able to identify positive feeling and create them, you also need to be aware of the negative ones. They can come uninvited but you cannot let them take over your decision-making ability.

You can use feelings as feedback so you know what to action to take. For example, you are feeling frustrated with at work. Instead of channeling those negative feelings to do something you regret, you can use them as feedback to know what is truly going on with you. It must be a sign that something is going wrong. Try understanding more the root before taking any action because action taken from negative feelings are not resulting in what you want most of the times.

To understand your feeling better, you can practice paying attention more to your worry, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. Use those feeling s as your cue to start thinking. For example, you are planning to expand your product lines but you feel anxious about it. This is a clue to rethink and review everything. What makes you feel anxious about it. Maybe it is your lack of knowledge about the matter or something else.

Align your feelings and thoughts with what you want to achieve. Avoid suppressing your feelings next time you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Use them as signal to tell you if there is something going wrong. Also, it is often that negative feelings re preceded by negative thoughts. You can see the connection if you pause and try to find the link. Use what you find to drive actions to reach what you aim.

Planning Your Business To Be Better In 2021

Planning Your Business To Be Better In 2021

2020 has been a very exceptional year for all of us, included entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is not easy to navigate your business through the crisis especially when the downfall happen globally. However, new year has come and many entrepreneurs and small businesses alike hope for the better year this time. Even though the global pandemic is still going on and no one knows when it ends, be optimistic of the future is a must.

Commit to the resolutions for your business in 2021

Economic strain that has been happening globally these past few months has led to many shifts and business field is not an exception. However, resolution for a better year is still necessary so you have motivation to keep going and growing. Here are few resolutions you can consider for your business this year:

One of the lessons taken from the sudden crisis last year is be flexible and adaptable. The shifts have brought major changes to many industries. Only those who can pivot and adapt are still standing strong till now. Hence, there is no solid way on how to do our business. But the most important point is how to be nimble and ready to change strategies when needed. Always be prepared and be flexible should be your resolutions for your business in 2021.

Next resolution to make your business grows better is to support each other. It is important that you also support local small businesses around you such as buying your morning coffee from small coffee shop in your neighborhood. It may be small, simple thing to do but it means a lot for small business. By supporting each others between entrepreneurs and small businesses, the higher the chance to survive any economic strains in the future.

Self-empowerment is also important matter for your business’s future. It can be in a form of having the right financial solution for your business. There is nothing with taking out a business loan. However, make sure that what you choose is what’s best for you and your business. Therefore, do not get swayed easily by business loan. You have to hold your power to make your own decision.

Another important resolution is to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t you give less attention to your business. It means you find balance between handling your business and maintaining your well-being. Sometimes, it is okay to let yourself relax because stress won’t get you anywhere. There might be various challenges in the future. Have a proper rest and avoid overworking is the best to boost your productivity.

Next resolution you should have to grow your business better this year is to develop your creativity. Do not be afraid to make changes with your own innovations and creativity as long as it is what’s best for your business. Always keep an open mind about the strategies you need to grow your business. Sometimes, you need to be out of the box to standout.

Implementing Omnichannel Marketing For Your Business

Digital technology plays huge role in shifting shopping habits. It results in blurred lines between real-world and virtual experiences. Today’s customers often search up information online before making decision with what they are going to buy. Thus, it is time for you to implement the best strategies to reach out more customers and offer them excellent personalized experience at the same time. Omnichannel marketing strategy is considered effective approach for these purpose. 

What is omnichannel marketing and how to implement it?

Omnichannel marketing is made to create seamless brand experience regardless what buying method customers choose. It is often that omnichannel marketing is mistaken as multi-channel marketing. However, both are different entities. In multi-channel marketing, brands use multiple channels to promote their brand and reach out customers. However, those channels are not necessarily knitted together. Each channel might use different strategy or approach without connecting to each other. 

Meanwhile, omnichannel marketing uses multiple marketing channels to offer seamless customer experience using the same strategy in one connection. For example, a brand runs award program through mobile order app but the customer can also access this information via multiple channels such as the brand’s website, in-store locations, and other channels since every channel is connected to one another anyway. 

Using omnichannel marketing open more opportunities to success because it help increase customer engagement and retention. Also, it helps increase in purchase frequency as well as average order value. Even the surveys showed how brands with omnichannel marketing strategies have achieve significant benefit to their year-on-year customer retention. 

To implement omnichannel marketing, you need to collect more data about your customers. This way, you will be able to understand your customers deeply. Find out who they are, where they are from, their interests, needs, problems, devices they use the most, channels they visit the most, etc. You can use analytic tools and customer feedback to collect this information. Also, you can gather data from the insights of your employees who interact with customers daily. 

Upgrade your tech so you can have better system to manage all your channels at once. This is also to provide easier access of information for customers. Hence, they can easily get information of your products, service, special offers and everything in both online and in-store. The information they access will be the same regardless of the channel they visit. Use software or any tech that can help you track your customers from different touchpoints. So you can provide them more convenience such as providing relevant products, remembering their passwords, etc.

Create content that can provide what your customers need. It is best to create personalized contents that is optimized for the channel and device when the content is delivered. Also, engage more with your customers by using useful software that can help you automate marketing and email campaigns. Hence, specific contents will be sent to the customers when certain triggers are activated. To start with omnichannel marketing, choose up to three channels with specific campaign. Then measure your feedback to scale and grow your strategy. 

4 Tips for Finding Bali Real Estate Cheap

Are you considering putting money into luxury real estate? If you do right, luxury real estate can be one of the best investments you can make with your money. Bali luxury real estate is currently booming with a very high demand compared to other places in Indonesia. Bali is not only the perfect holiday destination for all ages. But an increasing number of foreigners are also investing by buying a property in Bali. Looking for affordable Bali real estate and have it no longer just a dream. Bali real estate cheap is easy you can get; you have to be more creative and do some research to find an excellent deal. Consider these tips for finding incredible Real Estate Deals in Bali.

bali real estate cheap with a private pool

Four secrets to getting a good deal on Bali real estate cheap!

Consider buying a bank-foreclosed property

When someone fails to pay a mortgage with a certain amount on time, the lender will ultimately repossess the property . Once the property is empty, the lender generally lists the property for sale on the market. Some foreclosed properties sell for less than what they are worth. If you can buy a Bali real estate cheap, you will pull in a massive return on your investment. However, many factors determine the price of real estate in Bali.

Research using online real estate platform 

With the advancement of the internet and technology, buying real estate has become a lot easier. This means that you can find out about properties for sales around the world through digital platforms. The digital platform makes it easy for you to have qualitative information on several other properties . The online real estate platform will have a detailed description. It is including each room’s dimensions, a floorplan, and high-quality photographs. It is very possible for you to get special offers with online platforms.

Get help from a trusted real agent

In recent times, some people wonder whether or not real estate agents will remain relevant to the increasing technology. Let’s face it, good communication is essential in the real estate industry especially between clients and realtors. With the help of the right agent, most of the weight of the search for Bali real estate cheap is off your shoulder. Your agent is likely to have a good gut sense of whether the property is priced appropriately or not.

Look in other neighborhoods. 

In some areas of Bali, you can save tens of thousands of money by looking half an hour outside Bali’s prime location. But, when it comes to investing outside Bali’s prime spots, there are many things you should consider about. To pick a great place where to invest, you should think about the access and view.

Maintaining Excellent And Authentic Customer Service

Customer service in business industry is essential because customers are the key stakeholders important to sustain the business itself. Delivering excellent and authentic customer service today is not difficult if you set up the right standards. It is important to you maintain easy and open access for customers to reach you through various digital communication such as email, live chat, social posting and replies, in-person interaction, AI interaction, as well as phone calls. 

Maintaining Excellent And Authentic Customer Service

Deliver excellent and authentic customer service

One of the most important keys for delivering exceptional customer service is the use of language. Language is one of the tools for communication that can express many things including authenticity. What kind of language does your customer service team need in order to chose to show authenticity?

Use Less Formal Language

It is recommended for customer service team to use less formal language but still in a line of politeness. Informal language is more encouraged today to be able to relate more with customers. The majority of customers are not from business industry who have been used to formal language. With informal language, you can create more comfortable environment so customers feel safer to share tell their issues related to your product or service. 

Use Encouraging and Important Rules

The use of informal language in delivering customer service should apply some important rules. For example, the informal language that being used is supposed to be encouraging and elevating the customers not pushing them down. Do not compare the customers you are currently talking to with other customers. Do not insult missteps either because it can make your customers feel smaller and less appreciated. 

Avoid Demanding Tone

Deliver excellent and authentic customer service

You can use your informal language but avoid demanding tone. Always keep in mind that customers are important people whose force is behind your paycheck. It is important to not use words with demanding vibe such as ‘you have to’ or ‘you owe’. make your words more like a suggestion or recommendation so your customers feel more comfortable and not dictated. It will make them feel free to choose their own choice. 

Don’t Make Unecessary Remarks 

The language used by customers service crew should not suggest things that they don’t want to discuss furthermore into the conversation. You or your customer service team can use informal language but make sure that you don’t make unnecessary comments especially the one that makes customers feel offended. Informal and unscripted interactions and conversation should make customers feel more comfortable. 

Never Cross the Line

Encourage your customer service team to be themselves without crossing the lines of course. When they are being themselves, the authenticity is easier to deliver because they act without particular script they need to practice all day and night. Natural warmth from authentic personality can be felt during interaction between your customer service staff and your customers. 

Bring Out the Natural Charms

You already chose special people with warm and cheerful personality to be in your customer service team. Encourage them to show their true selves and remove fake smiles or expression. Encourage them to show genuine care to the customers with their natural charms.

The Importance Of Building Teamwork For Business

A solid team is essential for a business to grow. It is what every business strives for. A team that can function with high morale together is a great asset for powerful business. Not to mention that working together in a very long time can create strong bonds. Emotional well-being and social bonds will be boosted as well. A great teamwork will result in great productivity. It will also what can make significant change the most because when everyone is in synced energy, everything is more reachable. 

Teamwork for successful business

As a leader of your team, you will also learn so many things to help you develop yourself in many areas including leadership. Running an organization is not easy even if it small business. However, working together with your team who share the same vision and energy will make it easier and more bearable even if the challenges are hard. How to build teamwork even better?

There are many ways in which you can solidify your teamwork even without doing something related to work at all. For example, you can plan a get-together in your city. Choose something that will raise your team’s competitiveness such as holding a sport event. To make it more interesting, make sure to include prizes. Planning this kind of event should be thorough. Make sure to set a date where everyone is likely able to participate. 

Conducting a survey

Getting to know more your team through simple survey. Of course, you can also get to know more about your team by casual conversation during lunch break or stuffs. However, it is less efficient especially if you have large numbers in team. Through survey, you can make the process more efficient. Through survey, you will know the opinion of every member of our team. You can ask questions related to the team as well. Thus, you have insight how to improve the teamwork as a leader. 

Open communication culture

Be more open in communication. It is hard for every team member to feel included in the team. Sometimes, there are members who feel left out because they don’t talk as much. Therefore, make sure that you give equal opportunity even to the more silent members. Encourage them to talk more or share their opinions regarding to the topic you are currently discussing. Make sure to give them time in arranging their mind so they feel more confident to speak more.

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Regular get-together

Do regular get-together where you and your team members can truly relax. It is even better if you can hold special get-together in somewhere special. it doesn’t have to be in an expensive place. You can plan a camping together somewhere out of the town every once in a year. It is such a great plan to hep your team relieve their stress due to work and all. If it’s possible, you can ask them to bring their friends or families. About the cost, you can discuss it more with your finance team to make the best decision for everyone.

Interior Style Furniture in Yogyakarta Furnishing the Scandinavian Way

Consistently going with a theme or a style is certainly a great way to create stunning interior for your living space. Finding the suitable interior furniture Yogyakarta for stylish pieces shouldn’t be a challenge; but it’s certainly one if you don’t have a good grasp of the concept. Scandinavian interior is a charming blend of minimalistic lifestyle, functionality, and elegance; it has a solid place in the interior and architectural industries. 

Interior furniture Yogyakarta: be bold 

Amidst the rustic wooden interior this historic city is known for, why not take it a different step and color your home differently from the rest? Doing scandiavian interior style amidst Indonesia’s obsession towards keeping things traditional may feel like a challenge sometimes, but it’s more achievable than you think. 

Getting to know what consists of scandinavian interior aesthetics 

It’s so easy to confuse one style to another and therefore hinder your understanding of the look you’re going to create for your home. Scandinavian style can be such a broad term that it’s easy to get lost when deciding whether a particular look matches the style or not. So let’s get to know what do interior designers mean when they say scandinavian? 

A lot of whites that surrounds you 

White walls can be one of the easiest defining traits when interior furniture Yogyakarta is concerned. It’s certainly one of the things you’d be able to notice when looking up the interior style. Scandinavia itself is a cluster of countries that refer to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Naturally, they share similarities as well as differences, but rather than focusing on which country an aesthetic originated from, interior designers love to focus on mixing and blending the various elements each of them offer. 

So much whites in your space should mean minimum clutter. This is why Scandinavian style is often pegged as one of the most popular styles when it comes to minimalistic looks. Aside from looking for furniture that fits the style, minimizing your clutter is the next best thing you can do to your space. 

Simplicity and functionality 

furniture in yogyakarta indonesia

The Nordic climates are harsh. You eliminate things you don’t use; make things as simple, creating an intuitive space that both serves you and looks good. This style emphasizes functionality over decor and the interior furniture Yogyakarta of your choice must reflect this too. 

Appreciate the rough edges 

Bare woods, cement ceilings, white-painted brick walls are often seen in interiors designed to be of Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s one of the bold charms this style proudly showcases. When it comes to furniture, the largest big-box name, Ikea, in fact, originated from modern Scandinavian styles. Remember that functionality is key and furniture choices ideally reflect this. This is also why rustic wood tables and reclaimed wood look perfect to boost the look you’re aiming to complete. 

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Simple Tips For Senior Citizens To Enjoy Their Trip

When you have become a senior citizen, you may experience some limitation to your own body. It makes you slower to move or suffer particular illness. Some senior citizens also have disabilities and special needs which often prevent them from enjoying their days. However, being a senior citizen doesn’t necessarily prevent you from having your own adventure. You can still have your memorable trip even if you are not that young anymore. 

Tips for senior citizens to enjoy the trip

Taking precautions is important for senior citizens. It is a must to prevent from any possible injury, illness, and other travel hassles. However, it is also important to just enjoy the trip because it can be an eye-opening experience for you in your senior years. So here are some tips to help you more relax and enjoy your senior trip:

Prepare well

Be safe but don’t be paranoid over your safety. It matters indeed but it should not prevent you from truly enjoying the trip. As mentioned earlier that you can take precaution and preventive measure. Those are to ensure your safety and minimize the risks. Make sure that your family know where you are going to and what your itinerary looks like. Copy necessary documents and share them with your immediate family and emergency contacts. 


Travelling can be stressful even for youngster. Thus, it is important to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t fret on complicated accommodations. When looking for a hotel for example, choose a location within safe neighborhood. Make sure that the hotels provide everything you need for your stay to be comfortable. Also, you can choose a hotel in strategic locations that can be reached easily. 


Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t strain your body. Travelling can be exhausting and it can be worse for senior citizens. It is recommended to plan flexible itinerary. Create a schedule where you don’t have to rush in spending your day. It is recommended to set slow pace. Take a rest from time to time so you won’t force your body too much. Stay hydrated and have some snacks. 

Keep in touch

Stay in contact with your family at home from time to time. They must be worried of you especially when you don’t bring any companion to your trip. You can share amazing pictures you take. Update them regularly to ensure them that you are safe. This way, your family will notice if something is off. 

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If you don’t want to wander around the place alone, you can look for some special senior- centric tours. This kind of tour is specialized to accommodate senior travelers to enjoy various tourist sites and attractions. They have slower pace to make sure senior travelers stay comfortable throughout the tour. Make sure to do your research beforehand if you plan to take part in special senior tour. Then, you can book the tour in advance. It can save you from unnecessary hassle later.

How To Be Efficiently Creative In Running Your Own Business

Creativity and efficiency are important factors when running a business. There are many kinds of problems that need to be solved efficiently. However, innovation is something that can be sparked through creativity. It seems hard to make efficiency and creativity get along well. More often than not, business owners tend to seek efficient ways in running their business which kill creativity in the end. Business industry has tough competition so being fast and focus is often considered as the main goal. However, they forget that creativity and innovation should stay ignited to keep business alive.

Efficiently creative to run a business

It can be hard to choose between being more efficient or more creative. It is highly suggested that you focus more on creativity rather than efficiency. Of course, efficiency is still needed because your business cannot just lag behind. However, your focus on efficiency can be a little less. Therefore, you can lit up your creativity to spark innovation. 

Creativity is seen as the fuel for innovation. It is the rawest form of ideas that can turn into brilliant innovation. Something like this is important for your business growth because it means you have more opportunities to gain market values. It is true that you should spend your time efficiently when running a business. However, it doesn’t mean you can just chill and relax every once in a while to stimulate your creativity. More often than not, brilliant ideas come from relaxing activities rather than a group meeting. Thus, spending time to reflect and be quiet doesn’t make you less efficient. 

Creativity rules

As mentioned earlier that creativity is one of the most important keys for the success of business. It needs to be nurtured and developed constantly. However, it is important to know that creativity is not something you can rush either. No matter how high you value efficiency, you cannot just planned it through tight schedule of meetings. More often than not, creativity is unplanned. Forcing efficiency in finding ideas or creating innovation is not a good idea. Too much focus on efficiency may kill the sparks of your creativity instead. Focusing more on developing your creativity than efficiency gives you time to truly reflect and brainstorm.

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Finding solutions

Problems in business need to be addressed as efficient as possible because they may get bigger if you keep ignoring them. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick on one solution. Using creativity, it is possible for you to find out more solutions and alternative. Therefore, you can decide which solution is the best to solve the current problems in the long run. 

Encourage diversity of minds

It is also often considered that working with similar people with similar minds is said to be more efficient to run a business successfully. However, it is not always the case. In fact, diversity can bring you more benefit. By working and connecting with people unlike you, there is more possibility to spur new ideas and innovation since there are variety of perspectives involved.