How To Organize Productive Online Meetings

How To Organize Productive Online Meetings

One of the most integral parts of organization is business meetings. There are included in daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. Meetings are not just activities where every important heads of departments gather. It is important part of running a business because it can decide what decision to make. One of the most challenging parts of business meetings is the time-consuming tendency. And for today’s remote work implementation, online meetings seem to be delivered less effectively. Is it true?

Organizing productive online meetings

With the advancements of technology and communication, it is still a challenge to organize online business meetings to be as productive as possible. There are many factors that can potentially distract and disturb the meetings such as connection problems, communication delays, poorly structured manner, etc. Here are ways you can do to organize your productive online business meetings agenda:

Make it fun

Even though you are in professional settings, you can make online meeting to be fun agenda to follow. Liven up the meetings by making introduction, having a team-building exercise as an icebreaker, or play a game. Be creative in making the beginning of the meetings as interesting as possible so you get to have everyone engaged throughout the rest of the meetings. 

Plan a well-defined agenda

Plan a well-defined agenda

Make sure that your meetings have clear purpose to avid any confusion and wasted-time. Make clear agenda prior the meeting so everyone knows what to prepare with as the issues to be discussed later. It is also highly recommended that you specify a role of each participant clearly so every individual knows their own responsibilities. Then, send the agenda you have made at least 24 hours prior the meeting. Make sure everyone receive it then have everyone set a reminder. 

Have moderator to run the meeting

Without moderator, it will be likely that the meetings may go off track. A moderator is someone appointed to control the proceedings of the meeting. They have the authority to run the meeting smoothly. Moderator should be respected and no one is not allowed to speak without moderator’s permission. Online meeting without moderator is like a recipe to disaster because everyone may speak at the same time and the meeting won’t result in anything. 

Prepare the system prior the meetings

Online meetings requires good system to avoid any potential problems with communication, connectivity, etc. Have everyone restarted their computer at least 20 to 30 minutes prior the meeting. Give all participant enough time to check everything including monitor, microphone, camera, etc. It is essential especially when the meetings involve multiple participants. 

Minimize distractions and limit the time

To manage productive online meetings, remove all potential distractions. Encourage participants to have sit in private and well-illuminated room, use collar microphone, use headset, and laptop’s speaker. Also, set specific amount of time. For example, you set the meeting duration 40 minutes. Then, set time limit for every agenda point. If necessary, you may also set time limit for each participant to speak, helping them more efficient with what they want to convey. 

Automating Rentals System for Your Villa in Canggu Bali

Automating Rentals System for Your Villa in Canggu Bali

It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a period of unprecedented technology advancement and expansion in the vacation rental sector. Property management firms have a plethora of options, especially with the rise of smart devices and software that specialises in automation. In the other side, Canggu is now thriving as one of the busiest and trendiest tourist hub in Bali. This charming seaside town is bustling with Instagrammable cafes and pretty Canggu Bali villa rentals in various astonishing design. Competition for lodging is a bit tight and automation system can help your villa in many ways. 

The short-term rental sector is being transformed by automation, which allows hosts to do more with less and develop their businesses faster than ever before. The best news is that these automation solutions aren’t just for big businesses; they’re also for short-term rental hosts who don’t have numerous residences to rent out. As a result, you can apply automation technologies at any level of your company’s development.

Tasks You Can Automate for Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

If you want to save time, decrease human error, and develop your business efficiently, automating your Canggu rental property management systems is a must. Let’s look at five distinct property management duties you can automate right now.

Taking care of reservations

Taking care of reservations

If you run villa rentals in Canggu Bali, you’re probably advertising your rentals through a variety of online travel agencies and direct booking websites. You can perform everything from a single platform using property management software. Calendars and inquiries from various sources may be updated and synchronized in real time, allowing you to spot vacancies and avoid double reservations. You’ll be more likely to respond to potential tenants in a timely manner if you set up notifications.

Management of revenue

Revenue management is one of the most crucial areas to automate. It’s always safer to work with complex algorithms that ensure favorable results when working with a huge amount of data or patterns. You’ll not only save a lot of time, but you’ll also make better judgments based on facts rather than emotions.

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Communication with your guests

Preparing local insights and tips would undoubtedly improve your guests’ vacation experience in your Canggu Bali villa rentals. You may utilize professional templates and arrange a realistic local area guide using automation tools, which will wow your guests. You can even build on your house rules by creating a guidebook that explains how to use the property’s many facilities.

Check-in over the internet

Touchless and online check-ins continue to prevail over traditional techniques as the travel sector rebounds from the pandemic. Having a seamless online check-in is also a way to win competition among villas in Canggu Bali!

Both sides benefit from online check-in: property managers don’t have to drive to and from rentals for each booking, and visitors don’t have to deal with awkward small conversation after a long day of travel. You can protect your buildings from damage and theft with automation technologies and tenant screening.

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Payment tracking and bookkeeping

This one is for you if you’re always tracking internet payments from portals or renters. You may arrange rent payments and keep track of what’s paid, due, or overdue with automated property management systems.

Maintaining Peaceful Relation With Family Who are A Business Partner

Maintaining Peaceful Relation With Your Family Members Being Your Business Partner

Working with family is not something uncommon in business industry. In fact, many businesses are run for generations with family members as the main holders. Hiring family member when starting your business is possible. However, you may want to take some precautions to maintain peaceful relation with them. Your family are important for you and so is your business. You need to find balance to stay professional without feelings getting in the way. 

How to maintain peace when family members hired to help you run your business

There are many things you need to consider when deciding to work with relatives. There are many business issues you need to deal with. And with your relatives being your business partners or employees, the issues will be like twofold. You need to find ways to keep balance between professional and personal relationships. And here are some tips you can consider to do so:

Lay everything out in advance

Before you are proceeding to hire your relatives, make sure to discuss the details of it first. You may need to discuss some of the most vital details such as shareholder rights, stock value, voting powers, etc. Extensive communication is key for successful partnering between relatives. Creating clear agreement from the start will help avoid unnecessary fights that potentially happen later. Do not assume family members will always look out for one another. Signing documents is the right thing to do even if you work with close family members. 

Set clear boundaries

To maintain professionalism, it is important to set clear boundaries. Merging family with work, there are several issues potentially ruin everything such as family politics, nepotism, unjust favoritism, etc. Bringing family conflict to business can harm the business. Hence, setting clear boundaries will help separate personal issues from professional ones. 

Equal treatment

Unfair treatment is one of the most common practice happened when working with family members, be it positive or negative. It is possible that you set higher expectations and be more critical of your family members when working. The opposite might happen as well. To prevent this type of unfairness, it is best to give everyone equal treatment family or not. 

Maintain balance

When working with family, it seems to be more challenging to follow a saying ’leave work at work’. one of the most challenging things about maintaining work-life balance with a family members who are also your work associates is to spend non-work time with them. Meanwhile, it is vital to keep the family members in the family category first before business category. 

Pros and cons of working with family members

There are pros and cons of working with family members. For example, you get a sense of familiarity and comfort when working with the people you have known well. You already know their beliefs, values, and skills. However, the downside is that it can be challenging for you to correct behavior of them that might not meet your business values and cultures while you don’t want to have a conflict.

6 Best Watersport in Nusa Dua You Need to Try!

6 Best Watersport in Nusa Dua You Need to Try!

For many of us, summer is all about enjoying the sun and taking a plunge into the water! Summer is much associated to swimming in town’s pool, going to the beach, or fishing in the river. Especially in Bali, when year-long summer and water plays essentially coexist with one another! You can expect pool in every resort, every hotel, and nearly every villa. One of the easiest method to remain cool while also having fun is trying the famous watersports in Nusa Dua, the southern part of Bali! Nothing completes a relaxing stay in Nusa Dua beach resorts with some adventurous thrills of watersports!

All Kinds of Watersports to Try During Your Stay at Nusa Dua Beach Resorts

The water sports centres in Bali are pretty much localised around Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua. While you can surf in Canggu and Kuta or dive in Tulamben, it’s almost impossible to find other watersport centre outside Nusa Dua! That is why, if you plan to have couple of days enjoying these watersport, it’s best to stay at one of the many beautiful beach resorts around Benoa or Nusa Dua.  There are just too many watersports to try—and all of them are so exciting! It also make a great fun family time together, so one day might not be enough. Whether it’s parasailing, waterskiing, or kiteboarding, you’re likely to find something new to try. Here are a few watersports in Nusa Dua that you should try this summer.

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Try Out Banana Boat

The Banana Boat is a banana-shaped rubber boat. The boat is pulled by a speed boat to run it. The sensation of riding a banana boat is similar to that of riding a horse. A guide will overturn the banana boat at the end of the game to give you a wet sensation. A 15-minute game of Banana Boat costs IDR 70,000 per person.



Flying at a greater height while being pulled around by a speed boat is a fantastic experience with a view that no one would swap for! One of the most enjoyable water sports in Bali is parasailing, which gives you a bird’s eye perspective of the ocean.

You’ll take off around 80 meters behind a speedboat, somewhere distant from the coast. The beauty of this enjoyable sport is that it does not necessitate any talent, including swimming, and can be enjoyed by anyone.


Take a stand. Paddleboarding, often known as ‘SUP,’ is a fun and unique method to ride the waves. Due to their bigger size, specially constructed boards allow you to stand firmly upright, while a long paddle allows you to cruise along at your own pace.

Although you can ride over larger swells just like a traditional surfboard, this pastime is best done in calmer conditions. Most surf schools in Bali can teach you how to paddle board, and most claim it’s easier than it seems, so you’ll be hooked in no time! In principle, it should be simple. It’s a challenging core workout in practice. It’s also a fun opportunity to observe Bali’s stunning coastlines from a different perspective.

Water Jetpacks 

Water Jetpacks

Want to feel like Tony Stark levitating in his Ironman suit? Try water jetpacks, one of Nusa Dua’s watersport signature. On a jet of water, you can levitate up to 10 meters high with these carefully built kits. 

Following a training on the controls and operation of the craft, you strap into the jetpack or straddle the ‘bike’ version and begin flying about the coast for roughly 15-20 minutes. These high-density propulsion devices can elevate you to a standing position or move you in any direction.

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Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is a water sport that combines surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and wakeboarding. It’s one of the most intense water sports you’ll find on the island of Bali. Although it is not as popular as normal surfing in Bali, it will undoubtedly increase your wave riding enjoyment. The sport necessitates a high level of physical strength as well as a solid sense of balance.

Sanur is a hub of kitesurfers in Bali, as it is the island’s leading surfing destination. The location is perfect for both novice and experienced surfers. If you’ve never tried kitesurfing before, now is the time to do so! You can glide across the water with ease if you have the correct training.

See the Underwater with Sea Walking

See the Underwater with Sea Walking

Want to explore Bali’s mindblowing underwater, but you cannot swim? Diving and snorkeling is not the only way—you can try the Sea Walking! Unique sea walking tours are available for anyone who want to explore Bali’s underwater beauty without having to be a certified diver. With a specially developed underwater helmet, this activity allows you to walk on the seafloor.

Participants don reef shoes and these helmets, which are fed by oxygen tanks aboard the boat and provide them with a continual flow of air to breathe underwater, after taking a boat journey out to the reef site. You can freely engage with the fish seven metres down, while scuba guides keep an eye on you and hand you fish feed to attract schools of triggerfish, angelfish, regal tangs, and other species.

Driving Instagram Marketing Strategy for Better Engagement

Driving Instagram Marketing Strategy for Better Engagement

Social plays important role in business. It can used as one of the most effective tools to increase your sales. Of course, it is not as simple as it seems because you need the right strategy in order to boost the sales. The most important point of using social media is to create engagement with your target audience. Instagram is one of the most promising social media platform you can use to boost your marketing strategy. Through Instagram marketing strategy, you can generate better engagement since it is where modern people spend their hours every day. 

How to create more engagement with Instagram marketing strategy

If you are not used to handling social media account, it might be a bit difficult to navigate your ways.  However, social media is made to be user-friendly so it is highly likely that you are able to use it relatively fast. And here are some tips to create better engagement with Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Open your Instagram account

It is highly recommended that you create separate account from your personal handle. When making your business profile, make sure to set the page as business account. Then, select relevant categories with your business so you can reach your target customer base. Then, you may also add some details to your business account by sharing contact information, business address, email, phone number, etc. Choose your business logo for the photo profile. 

3. Know your target audience

Know your target audience

Pinpoint your target audience by creating buyer personas that are manageable for you. You can choose the personas based on certain characteristics such as age range, job title, gender, specific area, motivation, main problems, and any additional information you can get to create more accurate buyer personas. The more specific they are, the better your content will be because you know what to deliver. 

4. Consider incorporating relevant hashtags

Hashtags are important elements in social media platform. They are used for various purpose but mainly to specify the search or trend something. Find hashtags that are relevant to your business, on point, and have good following. Then, make sure to incorporate the hashtags you have chose to your posts. 

5. Create engagement by interacting with your target audience

Your social media account won’t grow if you stay silent. Hence, be as active as you can by interacting with your target audience. Build healthy, positive relationships with them because it is what lead to trust and long lasting partnering. Follow people in your target audience, like and comment their posts, and share some of their posts in your stories every once in a while. 

6. Set clear goals

You need to set clear goals to know the progress of your Instagram marketing strategy. Make sure the goals are not only clear but also narrow, specific, measurable, and actionable. Focus on your business when setting the goals. This way, you will be able to monitor the performance of your Instagram marketing strategy and find out what to change or fix to make a better performance.

8 Must-Do List to Maintain Your Beach Villa Bali!

8 Must-Do List to Maintain Your Beach Villa Bali!

Beach vacation rentals appear to be the epitome of luxury. What could be better than sunset views, sandy beaches, and mornings spent on the cafes around the coastal roads? Having a beach villa in Bali means running the ideal summer vacation destination for any guest. 

Beach vacation rentals, on the other hand, necessitate more maintenance than standard rental properties. The same sand, water, and sun that your guests enjoy might hasten the deterioration of your property. You can be stuck with a property that’s burning a hole in your wallet while it collects bookings if you don’t have suitable maintenance and cleaning ideas. Having a villa in Berawa beach Canggu, for example, is highly different with owning one in Ubud. 

Don’t panic. This is what this guide is for. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your oceanfront villa in Bali.

Regularly Repaint the Exterior of Your Bali Beach Villa

Under direct sunlight (particularly on south-facing walls) and constant exposure to salty sea air and sand, any paint, no matter how good, will ultimately fade. Coastal house paint will fade, blister, or chalk if left unattended. However, you can put off the inevitable. Expect to prime and paint your home every few years to keep it looking new. Consider examining your paint for cracks or other issues once a year to avoid pricey repairs.

Regularly Touch Up the Varnish of the Wood

Regularly Touch Up the Varnish of the Wood

Unprotected wood, such as that used to construct your siding or outdoor decks, is particularly prone to damp seaside climates. It is easily and quickly susceptible to decay and mold. You could see traces of swelling and warping over time. Even if your villa doesn’t sit right in the side of any beaches in Bali, the harsh sun will make the wood’s colour fade sooner than you think. 

Re-apply the varnish every season to create a protective layer to counteract the impacts of high humidity and moisture. Furthermore, varnish can enhance the natural beauty of wood.

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Prep the Surface Before Any Touch-Up

It’s critical to prepare the surface you’re painting or staining appropriately in a coastal setting. To ensure total removal of flaking paint, sand it off then sand it again. Examine the wood for signs of warping or rot, and replace it if required.

Protect the Furnitures in Your Patio

Protect the Furnitures in Your Patio

The outdoor area of a beach villa in Bali always bring certain charm to the guests—whether it’s pool, garden, or backyard lounge. However, If not protected from the sun, sand, and moisture, patio furniture, umbrellas, and your outdoor furnitures will deteriorate and rust. When you don’t have guests or during the off-season, one solution is to store these products. Cover them and leave them out, as moisture can be trapped underneath, creating an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. When it comes to designing your beach house, an even better option is to invest in furniture constructed of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials.

Prevent the Growth of Mold in Your Villa

Mildew and mold are common in moist areas, and they can grow on almost any surface, both inside and outside your beach house. Homes that have been closed up for an extended period of time or bathrooms that lack adequate ventilation (hello, steamy showers) are likely breeding grounds for both. Allow your vacation home to breathe and air out on a regular basis. Most importantly, keep your home clean by wiping down all surfaces with a cleaning or anti-fungal solution on a regular basis.

Decks and roofs are another source of mildew and mold. The combination of humidity and sunlight can lead to the growth of algae or mold. So have them cleaned professionally—and on a regular basis.

Regularly Clean the Salt on Your Beachfront Villa’s Window

Regularly Clean the Salt on Your Beachfront Bali Villa

What can be better than having a beachfront villa in Bali with direct view to the ocean? Aside from being close to the beach, the view is the most appealing feature of a beach house. This is the million-dollar view that makes your villa so valuable, and thus the high renting price! However, such high-valued window is prone to salt stain if you are not careful. Don’t let foggy or humid windows, caused by salt accumulating on the glass, impair your customers’ experience. Window washing on a regular basis will keep them clean and free of corrosive salt particles.

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Do Regular Pest Control

Your guests are not the only ones who love to enjoy a stay near the ocean. Roaches, termites, and rodents, on the other hand, do. These pests are drawn to dark, warm, and damp environments, and they commonly build their nests in difficult-to-reach spots. The best approach to be sure they’re not making your house their home is to have professional inspections done on a regular basis.

Avoid Metals Whenever You Can

Avoid having metal features on the exterior of your property, such as stair railings, outdoor lights, and window frames, if at all possible. Metal rusts as a result of the combination of salt and sea air. Look for alternate materials for your windows and doors, such as fiberglass frames. Alternatively, stainless steel, aluminum, or powder-coated metal can be used. They won’t be impenetrable to rust, but they’ll last a lot longer. If you already have non-weatherproof metal parts, paint them over to add another layer of protection.

Generating Successful Transactions Through Online Sales

Online businesses are already booming now but one thing for sure is that successful transactions still happen away from computer. However, it is very possible for you to also generate successful online transactions even if your business is predominantly offline. In fact, having both offline and online transactions successfully generated is possible and will surely benefit your business. 

Generating Successful Transactions Through Online Sales

Increasing online sales and boost your business

it is such a waste to use internet because your business can actually benefit from it. Even if your business is not online-oriented, you can still take advantage of it and generate more successful transactions. And here are some useful tips for you to consider in increasing online sales:

Create preference to your brand

Internet is such a large space that makes users jump from one place to another pretty easily. To make sure you are going to be the one chose, create a preference to your brand. It means you need to build your credibility and authority. Create preference that is reliable, credible, useful, and authoritative to draw in more internet users. 

Focus on sale process

Sale process is vital in an attempt to expanding sales online. You need to define the process of how prospect become customer. Create smooth sale process that help navigate your customers easily. For example, make video tutorials, live chats or webinars to educate and inform your customers on how to buy from you. Guide them through every purchasing steps. Make sure that your customers get positive buying experience after having a transaction with you. 

Use social media accounts

Optimize your brand’s online presence by using social media. By creating your own account on social media platform, you will be able to create more engagement with your audience. You can post regularly to attract more people. However, make sure that what you post on social media is authentic, relevant, and informative, and interesting. Don’t spam your follower’s timeline with only promotions of your products or services. Go beyond promotion when using social media. 

Collect useful data

It is important that every strategy you make to increase online sales is based on the right findings on what your target audience needs and wants. Find out more about what your customers like from offline buying and incorporate it to generate your online sales. This is a great secret recipe you can get to create more effective and engaging content through your online platform. It may take time to find the accurate data and findings but they are worthy. 

Build reliable team

Managing online platform to boost your online sales can be overwhelming especially if you are not really familiar on navigating your business online. Hence, it is recommended to have your own team to handle online transactions. It is more efficient because the team can focus more on it without being distracted with other responsibilities. Make sure to choose highly trained and motivated team to work with you. Hence, they are definitely skillful in handling website, answering problems and concerns, and optimizing their human sales skills.

Bali Family Resorts with kids, Where To Stay & Best Things To do

Not all island destinations are as appealing to families as they are to backpackers and honeymooners. However, Bali is the ultimate all-arounder. The island of Indonesia offers an exciting escape with child-friendly Bali family resorts and beaches, affordable food, and adventure-loving landscapes. Why? Because you can bet your kids will make you promise to take them back.

Bali Family Resorts with kids, Where To Stay & Best Things To do

Bali Family Resorts, Surviving with Kids

When Mum is happy, Dad is happy, and the kids are happy. You understand why Bali is a top family vacation destination. 

Kid-Friendly Food

If you have to give up your hopes of seeing your children devour Bebek Betutu the same way they devour a McHappy meal. Don’t worry, most restaurants in Bali offer kids’ menus with familiar options like nuggets and spaghetti. 

Many of the more upscale places for kids are ideal for adults looking for something a little fancier. Indonesian staples for children include nasi goreng or campour and satay. They’ll be fine if they like fish and prawns. 

Nasi Goreng with fried egg, chicken and shrimp as closeup on a plate

in Seminyak, drinks are served in blood bags. The menu consists of burgers and fries, and the actors ham it up

The real surprise in Bali’s food is what’s available for sweet tooths. There are more eccentric bakeries and dessert salons than you can poke a macaron.

The best area for kids

Some Bali neighborhoods cater to families more than others, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Before making a reservation, consider how much you’ll be doing and whether you’d prefer to travel by foot or car. Depending on traffic, most areas are within an hour to two hours of each other.

Nusa Dua

Nusa dua beach resorts with everything from kids’ clubs to waterslides ensure that you’ll never want to leave this upscale beachside area in Bali’s south. If pool time, room service, and waterfront sunsets are on your agenda, tucking your family into bed here will leave you with no regrets.

Bali family resorts in Nusa Dua offer comfort and luxury for you and your family. Complete facilities and various activities for children at Nusa Dua family resorts ensure that they feel at home during their vacation. 

bali family resorts in Nusa Dua


Aside from being Bali’s cultural and creative heart, Ubud is a natural wonderland, with activities ranging from whitewater rafting to quad-biking and rice paddie treks for active families. Water temples and galleries will appeal to more sophisticated children, while the Sacred Monkey Forest is universally adored.


With beach play, surfing, a waterpark, markets, and plenty of kid-friendly cafes, this hip surfing community beyond Seminyak appeals to both teens and small children. It’s difficult to get around on foot, and taxis are scarce, so budget for a private driver.

Best activities for young kids

Waterbom Bali, voted the best waterpark in Asia for 2018 by TripAdvisor users, has spills and thrills for all types of families. The 3.8ha park has something for everyone, from a relaxing lazy river and a kids’ fun park to adrenaline-pumping slides like the Pipeline and Twin Racer. A family of four with children under the age of 11 will pay around $150 to enter.

Splash Waterpark Bali at Finns Recreation Club in Canggu has six different waterslides and Super Fun Day passes for a family of four starts at around $176. This includes one-hour access to the on-site Bounce Bali trampoline park and Strike Ten Pin Bowling, as well as admission to Finn’s Beach Club.

Best activities for teens

Active teens will have plenty to do in Bali. From whitewater rafting on Bali’s sacred Ayung River to horseback riding on the black-sand Echo Beach. Kuda P Stables provides peaceful rice paddy, beach, and village horseback rides for children of all skill levels.

Beach summer vacation with child

Rip Curl School of Surf in Legian and Sanur offers surfing and stand-up paddleboard lessons to teens. They also have little ripper programs for children under the age of 13.

Bali Quad Discovery Tours in Ubud offers four-wheeling adventures through five different types of terrain, including jungle, rice paddies, muddy tracks, and villages, and children are welcome to ride as passengers.

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Promoting Properties to Prospective Buyers

Promoting Properties to Prospective Buyers

Listing and promoting properties are part of your business that need to be done properly. There are many challenges in today’s housing market so finding the best ways to promote your properties is a must. Capturing buyer’s attention is very challenging especially with the situation today where many people focus more on recovery after the pandemic that is still ongoing. It is even more challenging if the properties you offer are located in an up-and-coming neighborhoods. You need to find effective strategies to encourage people to buy or rent. And here are things you can do to do it effectively:

Incorporate modern tech

Today’s people are more attracted to smart homes that are fully equipped with modern tech. They are interested to invest in a place where they can live with ease. They like to invest in a welcoming and ready to live in place. You can always incorporate modern tech to the properties you offer such as having the doors ready with the electronic locks or curtains that can be control with a remote. The concept of smart home is interested because it provides efficiency especially for first-time homeowners. 

Highlight the positive points

If you are worried that prospective buyers or renters are not interested in buying or renting your properties in the up-and-coming neighborhood, highlight the best and positive points. Every neighborhood has positive points you can show to prospective clients. Even if your current neighborhood doesn’t have any, you can promote and reward the good people currently living there. To be then featuring them in local papers or media channels. You can also show positive point by highlighting the rent growth of the neighborhood. 

Create an event

You cam create interesting events or collaborate with the businesses around the neighborhood to attract potential clients. For example, you can collaborate with the cafe, restaurant, or shop to create an event. Then, invite potential home buyers or renters to the event. Make sure that you line the walls of the venue with property posters. You can also go further by projecting a video of virtual tour or a slide deck of properties on a wall where every guest can watch. 

Take advantage of social media 

Social media plays such huge role to promote any kind of business. It is where people spend most of their times to find information, entertainment, or to socialize with their communities. Hence, it is such a great place to target potential clients who are interested in your properties. Use social media to post interesting content regarding to your properties. You will also gain real-time data of people shopping which can lead to higher conversion rates with lower marketing cost. 

Showcase the property in the best light

Customize marketing materials by showcasing the property in the best light. You can do it by informing your potential clients about the locations, so they have a visual and imagination of what kind of living arrangement they will have. Inform them about school district, interesting landmarks, or attractions within close distance with the location. 

Attract More Visitors to Your Villa Rentals in Bali This Year

Attract More Visitors to Your Villa Rentals in Bali This Year

The travel industry have been put into a dormant sleep for the last two years thanks to the global pandemic, but now people are beginning to travel again. At least domestically. Event planning also makes a comeback! Larger weddings, conferences, and festivals are all on the rise, though busiest Bali districts like Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu is still far from what it used to be. This indicates that you have the potential to generate revenue and reservations from a local event! But how can this benefit your villas rental in Seminyak, Bali? Here are some recommendations on how to attract more event visitors to your Bali vacation tental this year and help you optimize event revenue.

Snatch the Opportunity and Plan Far Ahead

You’ve missed the window to attract event travelers if you wait until a few weeks before the event to develop your marketing approach. This is due to the fact that most event attendees purchase tickets, lodging, and activities weeks or months in advance. As a result, it’s critical to understand the event booking cycle in your area. For example, weddings are frequently planned 10-12 months in advance, while accommodation blocks are typically reserved 3-4 months in advance. Business travel, on the other hand, is normally booked 1-2 months in advance, so if you know a conference coming around Seminyak, you need start marketing your Bali villas far ahead of time so that it can acquire traction.

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Formulate Irresistible Offers to Your Customers

Before we get started on this topic, keep in mind that making a good offer does not always imply cutting your fees. It is, nevertheless, critical to be aware of what your competitors are doing. If a large festival is coming to town, you must be aware of your competitors’ marketing strategy, including their rates and value proposition, ahead of time. That said, you don’t want to copy your competitors; instead, research what they’re doing and add your own creative twist.

You might offer group discounts or unique packages for customers who reserve numerous real estate rental in Bali, depending on your availability and market. The idea is to put the deals publicly so that people are aware of them.

Engage with Your Guests

Formulate Irresistible Offers of Bali Villas Seminyak to Your Customers

People want to know that their encounters with you will live up to their expectations. To do so, you should emphasize the unique experience that your Seminyak vacation rental offers. For example, perhaps you have a beautiful bridal suite that’s set up properly for everyone to get ready in, or perhaps you can team up with a local SUP or kayak tour to take your guests on a wildlife tour. Whatever features set you apart from the competition should be highlighted in your marketing, including email marketing, social media, and, of course, your website. If you utilize all of these resources, you will undoubtedly draw more event guests this year.

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Know the Customer Journey and Make Your Strong Digital Presence

Now we’ll delve a little deeper into the customer journey’s touchpoints. Having multiple touchpoints on your customer journey is essential if you want your Bali villas Seminyak to be remembered and eventually ended up in purchase.

SEO for Your Bali Villas Seminyak

The first touchpoint you should work on is SEO material; SEO content takes 6-9 months to rank, so planning ahead of time is essential. If you produce a blog a few weeks before an event, it will not rank for the relevant keywords in time to attract event attendees.

Write Email Marketing

Consider your email marketing approach as well; this is a terrific way to re-engage prior visitors and urge them to book again. Email marketing can also assist spread the news about an event that your audience may not be aware of, but which they may book and stay at because you told them about it!

Social Media

Make sure you have captivating visuals and CTAs throughout your social media platforms because social media is a wonderful touchpoint for guests in the dreaming and planning stages.