How Positivity Can Help Enhance Customer Experience

It is common for you as the business owner to feel stressed and panic when there are customers call you to complain about your product, service, etc. While it is not such a pleasant experience, it is something that needs to be handled considerably. Customer experience does matter for your business because according to survey, customers are ready to choose another brand or company once they have one bad experience. 

Using positivity to boost customer experience

The main factor to consider when trying to elevate your customer experience is by using positive, be it in the words ou pick or the gestures you show to your customers. By showcasing positivity, your customers will see you as an ally they can rely on. Therefore, it is best to teach your representatives and yourself about critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence to know how to use positivity. 

Positivity to show support to your customers

When you showcase negativity to your customers, they will feel like they are not appreciated or supported. Hence, they are not ready to be loyal to your brand. Even negativity can be shown through words. Hence, the choice of words you use when talking with customers should be full of positive messages that make your customers feel supported. 

Critical thinking to deliver positivity

To be able to show positivity to your customers, you need to learn how to develop your critical thinking. It is also something important your representatives need to learn. Critical thinking skill can be earned by practicing how to respond to top pain points of customers. Then, practice problem-solving that will become reasonable solutions for customers. Sharpening critical thinking will help you know what to say when interacting with customer. 

Promote customer experience using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence comes hand in hand with critical thinking skill. You and your team members need to learn both. The purpose of developing and implementing emotional intelligence is to make you able to respond to customers without having any negative emotional reaction. With excellent emotional intelligence, you know what to say and do to make your customers feel heard and understood. 

Formulating the best responses

It is important to do your best in finding solution for your customers. However, it is also just as important to learn how to present it in a way that will resonate with your customers. Do not brush off or invalidate your customer’s feeling just because you think you know what’s best for them. Make sure to let your customers know that they are heard and understood, and that you are willing to work with them in finding the best solution. 

More than finding a solution

Through critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence, you and your representative will become better at formulating the best responses to your customers, in a way that come across as empathetic. This way, you will be able to see things more objectively. It also allows you to put yourself in your customer’s shoe so you can work toward solution that will build real connection with them.

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Whale sharks are large ocean animals that can weigh up to 11 tons and measure up to 12 meters in length. These creatures attain maturity around the age of 30 and can live to be between 60 and 100 years old! Whale sharks, although being the largest shark species, graze on plankton and are friendly creatures. They can be found in tropical oceans all around the world. Indonesia is one of the best places to see whale sharks. If you want to see whale shark Indonesia for yourself, we’ve put together a list of sites you should go:

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara

Sumbawa provides a peek of incredible marine life as well as snorkeling opportunities. It’s also a fantastic place to see whale sharks in Indonesia. Whale shark conservation tourism is available at Labuan Jambu, a town near the bay. To get to this location, fly to Sumbawa Besar’s Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport and then drive about 100 kilometers to Labuan Jambu.

There are plenty of must-see attractions in the area as well! Island-hop to Lipan Island, where you can see coastal cliffs, or Dangar Ode, where the sand is pearlescent. Gili Mariam, on the other hand, is a suggested site to visit if you wish to explore a secluded natural spot. Take a walk along their beautiful sand beaches or climb the tiny hill. You can even pitch your tents here for some camping fun in the great outdoors. When it gets dark, you can gaze dreamily at the beautiful night sky.

Derawan, East Kalimantan

Imagine a paradise where you can swim and dive alongside aquatic creatures in wide stretches of clean water. Talisayan Derawan in East Kalimantan is a renowned tourist attraction. Whale sharks can be seen as fishermen starting their day fishing, according to residents, because many of them throw their catches into the sea.

It is best to plan your diving trip to Talisayan during the summer months, when the south winds are blowing, which is from mid-June to mid-September.

To get to Talisayan, travel to Berau’s Kalimarau Airport and then continue by land for a 4-hour drive. To go to the center of the water, you’ll need to take a boat from Talisayan Pier. Keep in mind that whale sharks only come out once the sun has risen. So make it a point to get up early in the morning!

Cendrawasih National park, West Papua

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park in West Papua is home to a vast protected marine reserve with a diverse range of flora and animals. In one of Southeast Asia’s largest national parks, you’ll see plenty of wildlife, including the gorgeous exotic Cendrawasih bird. Whale shark Indonesia in Cendrawasih National Park can be seen in its waters all year. The best place to see them is Kwatisore Bay, near Nabire. It’s also a good idea to dive early in the morning, as they’re more likely to be observed then.

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Is It Okay To Talk About Failure In Your Company?

It is not a secret that people tend to be afraid of failure. In some professional settings, the word failure sometimes is viewed as forbidden topic to discuss. The reality is, mistakes and failures can be the catalyst for learning and growth. When you failed at something, you are driven to try something new and take the risk until you reach your own success. So is it really forbidden to talk about failure in professional setting? Can you talk about it in your company?

Is It Okay To Talk About Failure In Your Company?

Talking about failure 

When you are too afraid of making mistake or failing, you will be less productive and creative. Instead of avoiding the word failure, it is more encouraging if you can talk about it with your employees openly. There are positive impacts you and your employees can take such as the passion to keep growing through constant learning, broaden horizon of creativity, and many more. But how can you encourage the talk about failure in your company with your employees for it to have positive impact? 

Start with celebrate the failure

Failure is not always a form of sadness or grieve. If you view failure as something to be sad about, it is harder for you to develop passion to take risks. Hence, encourage celebrate failure with your team members. Do not make it a taboo topic to discuss. It deserves celebration and cheers. You can even laugh it off as long as you take notes what mistakes you made and find out what to improve for the next steps. 

Focus on things that matter

As mentioned, failure is not always bringing sadness. It can be something valuable you can learn to improve yourself. When discussing failures with your team, do not focus on blaming each other. Instead, focus on the lessons everyone can learn together. Treat failures as trial and error that is normalized within your company. Discuss failure with no judgment. Instead, use empathy and positive energy to encourage everyone to recover from it. 

Lead your team with vulnerability and openness

Be open when talking about failure. Do not be afraid to talk about your own failures during your leadership. You might be a leader but you are still human who make mistakes sometimes. And there is no shame in showing this side of you to your team. Lead your team with vulnerability because it is not weakness. It can make your team feel safe talking about their failures so they become better at sharing and being open to others. 

Aim for learning and growing

The objective of talking about failure is not to put certain person on the spot or point out your finger to the ones you consider responsible for making the mistake. Instead, make this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn from the failures. Focus more on the lessons instead of the person. Also, talking about failure is all about growing not judging or criticizing. It is an opportunity to find the lessons to grow and recover. 

Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love

Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love
Image Source: Instagram/@ambergriscaytci

A tropical vacation cannot be imagined without the vivid vision of a beautiful beach. The pleasure of a private beachfront is always on guests’ dream when they are looking for Bali luxury villas. For many travelers and guests alike, nothing beats waking up to the sound of the waves lapping up on the coastline. While beachfront is the epitome of prime location for villa rentals and vacation home in Bali, it would go into waste if you cannot optimise the location properly. Here are some ideas before you build your beachfront property in Bali.

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali
Check out archdigest for more beachfront design inspirations

Securing a beachfront lot is expensive; so don’t waste it on some cookie-cutter house. Pick up those architecture magazine and take inspiration from gorgeous, one-of-a-kind beach houses from all around the world as inspiration for your beachfront villa Bali. 

Study the Flood Zones in Your Beachfront Area

Many seaside houses are located in flood zones, and beaches in Bali are not the exception for seawater floods. This isn’t necessarily negative news for the most part. After all, getting near to a body of water is a big part of what makes coastal life so appealing. You must, however, be aware of how this may influence the cost of your construction project. Building in a V Zone is often the most costly. The V Zone homes are generally ocean front or near-ocean front, so study your location accordingly.

Think About What to Do After the Dark

Although sunsets over Bali’s beaches are spectacular, it is pitch black over the ocean once the sun goes down. If you do nothing about it, life can be a bit boring at night in your beachfront house Bali. Spice up the nightlife a bit with these ideas:

A Swim Up Bar in Infinity Pools at Beachfront Villa Bali

If you’re planning to build a true luxurious, fully serviced beachfront villa vacation in Bali, think about adding a swim up bar in your pool area. Let guests soak in the upscale delight of enjoying a nice cocktail in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. 

A Backyard Garden with Lamps

Remember that because they are on vacation, short-term tenants tend to spend more time outside, particularly later in the evening. This emphasizes the importance of well-placed outdoor lighting. Consider installing string lights in outdoor living spaces in addition to path lights, uplights, downlights, and task lighting. This is a simple, low-cost approach to create a welcoming, joyful environment that will appear fantastic in marketing photographs.

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Build the Epitome Outdoor Living

Guests love to spend time outdoors when they are on vacation; something they mostly can’t do in their own home. An oceanfront villa in Bali makes outdoor living feels different and expensive. Here’s some ideas to include in your villa:

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean
Image Source: Instagram/

Infinity pool is a must when you have an oceanfront property in Bali. Guests discovered that staying at hotels with an infinity pool is the next best thing. The boundary-less look of infinity pool fools the eye, producing an optical illusion that makes it difficult to tell where the water ends and the distant landscape begins.

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A Patio Kitchen 

Being outside is one of the benefits of living on the coast (whether it’s a lake, ocean, or river). Hundreds of fantastic products have been introduced in the last five years that make creating your own outdoor kitchen simple and inexpensive. Why not make the great outdoors a part of your useable living space?

Plan the Landscaping 

Start by enhancing your home with landscaping, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You deserve this after enduring 6 – 18 months of dirt during the construction of your home. Adding landscaping, whether formal or casual in style, will quickly transform your house into a home.

Creating Personal Brand That Draws In Audience Effectively

Creating Personal Brand That Draws In Audience Effectively

One of the most valuable aspects for your business is your personal brand. It is not only there to catch audience’s eyes. Your personal brand is what can solidify your position in the market as well as build consistency and credibility of your business. However, creating a brand is not as simple as we thought. It is challenging to create a personal brand that is authentic while still engaging and relatable. Hence, it can draw in more audience. 

Cultivating your own personal brand

The very first thing you need to do to create great personal brand is to know the core of your personal branding, which is self-awareness. Find out what makes your audience love being in a business with you. What attributes that your audience love form your brand that the other brands don’t have. To know all of these, talk to your best customers and ask them specifically on why they like doing business with you. At least, find five attributes from them so you can work on them even better. 

Cultivating your own personal brand

The next thing you can do is by solidifying your online presence. There is a magnificent power when it comes to online presence. By optimizing online platform, you can reach more audience. Hence, building your online presence can help a lot in creating great personal brand that draws in more audience. Through your online platform, you can build your online presence by projecting your online persona, sharing stories and moments, as well as offering your perspectives on current events. This way, people will also see your brand as something relatable to their lives. 

Networking is also one of great ingredients for building personal brand. Even if you aim for raw and success, you still need networking to make it work. Keep in mind that networking is not a result but a process. You need to build it constantly and let it develop using your interpersonal skills. Also, do not settle for less when it comes to networking because it comes in different sizes and shapes. Nurture relationships you have and always be aware of mutual benefits. While networking, always show your authentic self. 

Connection is another essential when it comes to creating great personal brand. Find ways for you to connect more with your audience. Sometimes, you focus too much on delivering great product or service without really knowing if it truly what your audience need. Sometimes, you need o shift a little to connect more with your audience. Keep in mind that even though your purpose and authenticity remain the same, the world keeps changing. Your business must always be ready to adapt, check in with your audience, navigate, and reconnect.

While working on your personal brand, remember to always be patient with the result. Keep in mind that there is nothing instant when it comes to success. Besides, don’t aim for instant and temporary success. By building great personal brand, you are investing in long-term success. Hence, always stay authentic, strategic, and resilient in building your own success.

Why Couples Love Weddings in Benoa Resort and You Will, Too

Why Couples Love Weddings in Benoa Resort and You Will, Too

Some of the most gorgeous wedding photos are made in the beach. Bali beach, with its strips of pristine white-golden sands and endless blue water in the background give the best backdrop for nuptial ceremony. And what’s better than getting married in a Benoa resort Bali, where it’s secluded location give ultimate privacy and undisturbed beach view?

Getting Married in A Benoa Resort Bali is A Good Idea

Weddings at a destination are quickly becoming a popular trend in the tourism business. Bali, often known as the “Island of the Gods,” is a popular fantasy wedding location in Asia.

The tropical island of Bali was formerly regarded as a romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon. However, during the last two decades, it has developed a reputation as a fantasy wedding destination, attracting a growing number of local and foreign couples.

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Save Time and Avoid the Traffic

With so many automobiles on the highways of a major city, we all squander hours of our time driving and being trapped in traffic. In many cases, our invited guests reconsider attending a wedding owing to the time it takes to get to and from the venue. In such circumstances, the hosts and guests may escape all of the traffic that would otherwise be encountered in a bustling city. Allowing your visitors to remain under one roof simplifies keeping track of the entire event. The guests are aware of whatever function is coming up next, and the hosts are aware of his or her guest’s location.

Get the Luxury of Beach Wedding at A Fraction of the Cost at Benoa Resort

Get the Luxury of Beach Wedding at A Fraction of the Cost at Benoa Resort

While you may believe that traveling to Bali will cost you more money (or rupiah), you will be amazed at how much you can receive for less money, especially if you are coming from western nations. Even the neighbouring Singaporean find luxury wedding in a beach resort Bali much more affordable. 

Of course, this is dependent on your preferences and expectations. A wedding at this Nusa Dua resorts, for example, will provide you with a variety of discounts and freebies based on the type of event you want to throw and the amount of people attending. However, if you are coming from a nation where the cost of living is greater, you will most likely discover that the expense of hosting a “luxurious” wedding celebration is less expensive.

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No Need to Travel More for Honeymoon Destination

What most people don’t tell you about weddings is that if you intend on leaving on your honeymoon shortly after, it may be extremely stressful. The week before your wedding will be a flurry of rearranging seating charts, hunting down outstanding RSVPs, and ensuring that you and your fiancée’s parents are still talking to each other. You can’t wait to go on your honeymoon, but first you have to pack and get yourself organized.

If you are in Bali, you may wake up the day after your wedding and begin your honeymoon. There’s no need to add to the logistical hardship. You can also get relaxed and enjoy a pampering massage at the spa Nusa Dua Bali of the resort!

Give A Valid Reason to Minimise the Guest Lists

After selecting your wedding venue, the next most difficult process is deciding on your guest list. No other occasion is more loaded with emotional politics as weddings, especially when it comes to invites.

If you’re going to Bali for your wedding, the people who will make it are likely to be those who are most important to you (and who consider you a significant part of their lives). If you want to keep your guest list small, a destination wedding in Benoa resort is one of the finest ways to accomplish it. Of course, if you want a huge and lavish party, Bali can provide that as well. After all, this is Indonesia, the country of weddings with 1000+ guests.

What To Do To Understand Your Clients Need Better

Investing in the customer’s end goal

In business and life in general, the right outcome happens from doing the right thing. for example, you are trying to cut down the cost severely causing inferior products that makes your clients upset. It will be easier for them to find a reason to move to another product or service that can meet their needs better. In order to do well with your business, you have to go the extra miles to invest in your customers and clients. 

How to understand your clients need better

Investing in your business is not as easy as it sounds. There are times when profits are tight, making you unable to make any investments in fear of failure to pan out. Sometimes, you may be tempted to cheat a bit by paring back some of your service in hope no one will notice. What you need to do to increase profits is not to cheat or make a shortcut but offer better service to your customers. In addition, it is also essential that you find the right tools to provide better service. And here are things you can do it properly:

Investing in the customer’s end goal

What To Do To Understand Your Clients Need Better

There must be a reason why customers are interested to try your product and service. To understand their needs better, you need to know what their end goals are. The key is that you provide the best service to your customers in many ways. For example, your clients need service that can help make accurate diagnose effectively for their health problems. So what you have to do as the service provider is to invest in the latest technology and greatest techniques. 

Improve what you already do

If what you currently do is providing good health care, find ways to do it even better. You can try to make improvement in many aspects of your product or service delivery. The point is to provide improved version that can make your customers want to stay, and attract new customers to try. Sometimes, launching new product or finding new kind of service is not a guarantee of successful outcome. However, investing in new equipment so your business operates more efficiently does wonder to the outcome. Take a pause and reevaluate what you already do. See if you have already implemented the best practices or find a way to improve it. 

Know how your customers think

When you know how your customers think, you can have better understanding of what they need. Hence, it is essential to get to know your customers in a deeper level. You can collect information directly and indirectly from your customers such as through direct conversation, emails, surveys, or analyzing their spending patterns. Everything will help if you put an effort to it. Sometimes, what your customers need is not new product or service but more parking space or lobby. Always open your mind to get better understanding of your customers need not only from one aspect but as a whole. Only then you will get to reach the real point. 

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners to Help First-Timer Anxiety

Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners to Help First-Timer Anxiety

The world beneath the water is fascinating. The underwater is home to marvellous and mind-blowing creatures. From the majestic blue whale to color-changing octopus, one can find hours admiring the sheer wonder of the ocean. But to wander in the underwater, you need to get certified as scuba diver—and being one is not exactly easy for everyone. Jumping to bottomless ocean for the first time can be intimidating for beginner. Maintaining the right breathing technique and putting dozens of dive theories into real practice are quite overwhelming. But don’t worry too much. These scuba diving tips are curated for anxious beginners who want to explore the underwater at ease!

Get Your Feet Wet Before Entering the Water

Not literally. If you just get your certification, your first dive would be a lot easier. Every techniques and theories are still fresh in the memory. But if there’s some time gap between your certification and the first scuba trip, we recommend you to take a refresher dive class. We usually recommend practicing in a pool or a calm body of water before a vacation to ensure you’re tuned in before you jump into the great big blue. It’s an excellent method to maintain your diving abilities till your next dive trip.

In Scuba Diving for Beginners Course, Every Question is Valid

In Scuba Diving for Beginners Course, Every Question is Valid

Most divers enjoy assisting one another and are eager to guide newcomers through the procedure. If you tell the other divers you’re new to diving, they’ll understand completely, especially the dive crew. We’ve all been in that situation. Don’t be scared to speak up and seek for advice if you’re unsure about something. It’s far better to inquire early and receive assistance while you’re out of the water than to have a problem below the surface with limited communication.

Take Your Time

You’re undoubtedly experiencing a mix of adrenaline and anxiety when you first jump to the underwater. So, once you’ve got your feet wet, don’t forget to take your time and take it slow! Take a moment to focus on your breathing and get it calm and under control because this is a gentle and relaxing sport. It will considerably improve your buoyancy and allow you to dive for longer periods of time by conserving air.

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Try to Not be Photographer in Your First Dive

Try to Not be Photographer in Your First Dive

Now, this is not something you usually heard on scuba diving lessons for beginners in class. All of us can get caught up in the want to capture these rare moments. However, if you haven’t learned buoyancy control, we recommend leaving the camera to the professional. It’s important for beginners to not get distracted at their first scuba diving trips. You can also clipping the camera to your BCD so you can drop it at any time. You don’t want to be the diver who breaks coral or kicks up dirt while concentrating on getting an award-winning shot. Some dive center have professional cameraman who took picture of divers and objects, so use their service instead!

Don’t Compare Yourself with Other Beginners in Scuba Diving Class

It’s fine to be a beginner; everyone has to start somewhere. Make sure you concentrate on yourself and what you require in order to have the best experience possible. Don’t be embarrassed or humiliated if you haven’t mastered everything yet. I’ll let you in on a little secret: even the seasonal divers are all still learning and making mistakes. So, don’t be too hard on yourself and take your time to master the techniques, one at a time!

Reducing The Stress Experienced By Your Customer Support Team

Your customer support team has one of the most important roles for your business to reach its goals. They are the one who act as a bridge between you and your customers. They are the ones who customers go to when they need help throughout their purchase. They help in managing relation between the brand and customers. They are the ones who respond to customers’ messages, phone calls, emails, etc. They deal with various customers on daily basis. 

Reducing The Stress Experienced By Your Customer Support Team

Supporting your customer support team

With how crucial the role of customer support team is, it is a must to give them the right support as well. The people working in customer support team are those who are exposed to the risks of burnout. They deal with customers who call the company to seek help or find solution. Not to mention that not all customer is polite. Therefore, it is important to help them reduce the level of stress they often experience due to dealing with customers and the monotony of the typical job. 

Automating redundancy

Your customers support team are there to help customers but that doesn’t mean they have to keep repeating the same replies to the same questions asked by hundred different customers. Hence, you can make it simple by automating redundancy by automating replies to the FAQs. Hence, customers can find the solutions themselves by looking to the FAQs section on your official website. 

Facilitate training programs for your customer support team

Instead of tasking them with replying similar emails that the bot can do, why not offering them training programs that can help them improve their skills. The monotony of their work as a customer support team is often the cause of them experiencing burnout, which is a roadblock to be resilient. This way, they can better themselves while contributing more value to the company. 

Choose a supportive supervisor to assist

To minimize the stress of customer support team, you can hire a supportive supervisor. This way, the team can go to the supervisor when they struggle with a problem such as when dealing with difficult customers. Complex situation often appear in customer support team but the right support and advice can help them a lot in reducing the level of stress.

Provide the right tools and resources

Your customer support team need the right tools and resources so they can deal with a lot of data easily. If they are provided with outdated software for example, it will only bring them another difficulty to deal with. By providing the right tools and resources, they can work more efficiently and save the business more time and money in the long run. 

Give something to motivate your customer support team

You can provide welfare package for your customer support team to make them more motivated when working, reducing their level of stress. It doesn’t have to be something grand if you cannot afford it yet. You can give them something simple such as free lunches or health insurance. 

How to Be the Best Owner of Seminyak Private Villa in Bali

How to Be the Best Owner of Seminyak Private Villa in Bali

There are more than 200 villas in Seminyak, Bali, but not every guest is satisfied with their vacation rental. Here’s some simple things you can do to be a good host and make your Seminyak private villa Bali way better than the others.

Make sure your visitors are aware of what to expect

Renting a house without seeing it beforehand is always a risk. It’s all part of the enjoyment. However, a vacation might get off to a bumpy start if there is too much activity. Make sure your visitors have a positive impression of your home. Make sure your short-term rental listing offers high-quality images of your house and its characteristics, in addition to the description in the listing. Inform them of the peculiar arrangement, the creaky floor, the hidden lamp switch, or the cat that come each morning asking for food!

Provide precise instructions to your Seminyak private villa Bali for visitors

Provide precise instructions to your Seminyak private villa Bali for visitors

Remember this. Bali’s road is a bit tricky and one can get lost for hours just trying to find a villa. It’s possible that your street address and a link to a Google map will suffice. However, if your villa is difficult to find or your visitors are unfamiliar with the area and language, they will require precise instructions. Inquire about their trip plans. Then provide detailed directions from the highway, airport, railway station, or bus station to your home. Warn them about any obstacles to finding it, such as missing street signs or sporadic cell phone reception. Send information on bus, metro, shuttle, or taxi service if they won’t have a car.

Show Guests the Key

You want to make sure your guests can get in. Especially when your Seminyak private villa Bali is equipped with high-tech smart lock. You’ll really need to teach the guests how to unlock.

A Clutter-free and Spotless House

A welcome home is well-kept and tidy. Short-term rental guests don’t expect your home to be as spotless as a hotel room. They do, however, expect it to be a pleasant place to live in. Clear out any unnecessary clutter, make place in closets and drawers for guests’ belongings, and go through everything!

A Basket of Welcoming Gifts in Your Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Basket of Welcoming Gifts

How many villas in Bali provide a welcoming gift for the guest? In our experience, not much. That’s why a small gesture like welcoming gift can result in higher guests’ satisfaction. This, in return, will give you better review and put your Seminyak private villa Bali in better position within villa competition. A welcome present expresses your desire for your visitors to have a good time while they are with you. Guests enjoy hosts who leave a small amount of food and drink for them. A welcoming gift doesn’t have to be expensive. A local wine, local Balinese Pie Susu (milk tart), or some bread and jam is not expensive—but goes in long way!

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Give A Guide for Smooth Stay in the Villa Seminyak

Every villa has their own uniqueness. Predict what puzzles your visitors will encounter in your home and provide them with clear, precise instructions. For example, a guide of how to turn on the heat or air conditioner, where to place the rubbish, how to use the coffee machine or toaster. They might seems simple for you, but probably not for guests who are not accustomed with them. A “user guide” will not only assist guests enjoy their stay, but it will also reduce the number of frantic emails and phone calls you receive from guests who can’t figure something out.