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Sustainable construction of wooden house in Bali

Wooden houses are a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional brick and concrete homes. Wood is not only a natural product, but its use is also environmentally friendly. These homes are constructed from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, as well as ‘ecological.’ The wooden structure used in sustainable construction is certified and comes from responsible logging, in which manufacturers plant new trees for every tree felled. Maintaining this balance is critical for them. Furthermore, building with wood uses less energy, has a lower environmental impact, and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional building methods because wood absorbs CO2.

Wooden design. villa with wooden floors, ceilings and furniture. Modern interior.

Wooden house in sustainable construction

Log construction: Built or assembled directly on the plot, with trunks providing a distinctive final appearance. The thickness of the wood acts as an excellent interior humidity and temperature regulator, which is an advantage of this system. Square logs, which fit better together, can be used.

These structures are a little more complicated; wooden beams are latched together to house large glass window surfaces.

Light wooden framework: This is the most common option and is used in most Canadian homes. A large number of small components are used to facilitate module construction, interchangeability, and pre-manufacturing.

Mobile homes are built in factories and transported in large sections to their final destination. Depending on the final size, houses can be built in a single piece or in several sections. The walls can be finished with wood or other materials.

False myths about a wooden house in sustainable construction

Durability: While certain highly admired, solid concrete houses are ready to be demolished after 40 years

Fires: Fires are most commonly started in homes by items inside the home: a cigarette that wasn’t properly extinguished, a short-circuit, and so on, and what catches fire is the furniture inside, so the risk of fire is the same. If the fire is not extinguished quickly, the wood catches fire but burns slowly. If the fire is not extinguished quickly, the house will be reduced to ashes. However, high temperatures in a concrete house can cause cracks, which may necessitate the demolition of the house.

Wood type for your villa

Wood is one of the most commonly used natural materials when building houses. The reason, wood is a material that is easy to shape and suitable for many things. Moreover, wood can create a natural and natural impression that is in great demand by many people.

Teak hardwood

Among the various types of wood, teak is the most well-known. This wood has a beautiful and strong texture in addition to being classified as a type of wood that is not eaten by termites. Teak wood has a brown color, is easy to process and cut, and has a high quality. When compared to other woods, teak wood is extremely affordable. As a result, teak is not recommended for use in the construction of a low-cost minimalist home.

Camphor wood

Camphor wood or borneo wood, has a beautiful fiber and texture when processed for building. There are various uses, ranging from door frames, windows, interior furniture, and so on. In the market, camphor wood is divided into three categories: kruing camphor from Sumatra, Samarinda, and Surabaya.

Bengkirai wood

Utilization of bengkirai wood in the manufacture of a building, can be applied to making list signs, decking, wooden roofs, and so on. You see, bengkiri wood is strong enough so that it can be used for a long time, and has weather resistance. The hallmark of this wood is to have a yellow color and sometimes a bit brownish.