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How To Organize Productive Online Meetings

One of the most integral parts of organization is business meetings. There are included in daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. Meetings are not just activities where every important heads of departments gather. It is important part of running a business because it can decide what decision to make. One of the most challenging parts of business meetings is the time-consuming tendency. And for today’s remote work implementation, online meetings seem to be delivered less effectively. Is it true?

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Organizing productive online meetings

With the advancements of technology and communication, it is still a challenge to organize online business meetings to be as productive as possible. There are many factors that can potentially distract and disturb the meetings such as connection problems, communication delays, poorly structured manner, etc. Here are ways you can do to organize your productive online business meetings agenda:

Make it fun

Even though you are in professional settings, you can make online meeting to be fun agenda to follow. Liven up the meetings by making introduction, having a team-building exercise as an icebreaker, or play a game. Be creative in making the beginning of the meetings as interesting as possible so you get to have everyone engaged throughout the rest of the meetings. 

Plan a well-defined agenda

Make sure that your meetings have clear purpose to avid any confusion and wasted-time. Make clear agenda prior the meeting so everyone knows what to prepare with as the issues to be discussed later. It is also highly recommended that you specify a role of each participant clearly so every individual knows their own responsibilities. Then, send the agenda you have made at least 24 hours prior the meeting. Make sure everyone receive it then have everyone set a reminder. 

Have moderator to run the meeting

Without moderator, it will be likely that the meetings may go off track. A moderator is someone appointed to control the proceedings of the meeting. They have the authority to run the meeting smoothly. Moderator should be respected and no one is not allowed to speak without moderator’s permission. Online meeting without moderator is like a recipe to disaster because everyone may speak at the same time and the meeting won’t result in anything. 

Prepare the system prior the meetings

Online meetings requires good system to avoid any potential problems with communication, connectivity, etc. Have everyone restarted their computer at least 20 to 30 minutes prior the meeting. Give all participant enough time to check everything including monitor, microphone, camera, etc. It is essential especially when the meetings involve multiple participants. 

Minimize distractions and limit the time

To manage productive online meetings, remove all potential distractions. Encourage participants to have sit in private and well-illuminated room, use collar microphone, use headset, and laptop’s speaker. Also, set specific amount of time. For example, you set the meeting duration 40 minutes. Then, set time limit for every agenda point. If necessary, you may also set time limit for each participant to speak, helping them more efficient with what they want to convey.