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Christmas in Komodo Liveaboard!

Christmas in Komodo Liveaboard!
Image credits: instagram @samara.liveaboard

What’s your ideal picture of Christmas? A tall Christmas tree in the living room, festive decoration, or some snowy road? Perhaps with some hot chocolate with marshmallow in the Christmas eve. A white Christmas is usually the perfect setting for this jolly season, and the longstanding tradition is to spend it with families and friends at home. However, you could also go out and soak up in Christmas sunshine than curling up in layered sweaters. Escape the winter and get adventurous! This Christmas, embark on Komodo liveaboard for some epic journey to the land of the dragons!

Holy Jolly Holiday Onboard Komodo Liveaboard

Spending Christmas in a big wooden Phinisi ship that looks like just popping up from pirate books is magical. For people from colder northern climates, this could by a sunny alternatives to escape from the ice and snow. It’s a chance to spend few days on the holiday basking on warm tropical sun and build sand-man at exotic beaches. Swap the snowflakes for some ocean breeze. A lot of Komodo liveaboard also put up decorations during this jolly season; a christmas tree, a “post-turned-into-tree”, and lights all the way in. It’s going to be a merry journey. 

Christmas Eve at the Sea

Christmas Eve at the Sea
Image credits: instagram @pranabyatzaro

A Christmas eve afloat is no less magical than you would feel back home. The serenity of the ocean and the clarity of the skies where you can see all the stars shines and sparks in the darkness of the night. It’s hard to beat a quiet Christmas eve in the perfect stillness of the remote Komodo. No traffic or human made noises to be heard, except for the sound of the ship. And what’s better than having absolute peace to commemorate the birth of the Saviour?

Dinners are not less awesome. You could choose to savour the Christmas special feast in the al-fresco deck of the Komodo liveaboard or having a small banquet in a secluded white-sand beach.

Celebrating Christmas Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

Celebrating Christmas Morning in Komodo Liveaboard
Image credits: instagram @splendourcharters

It’s time to fill in the holiday with real joy and laughter. Wake up early to breathe in the freshness of morning breeze. It’s Christmas morning and soon you will be visiting enchanting destinations! Walk with the fabled Komodo Dragons, who have been out venturing Flores archipelago for millennia. Admire the captivating panoramic landscape of Komodo from the top of Padar Island. Spend the rest of the day marvelling in Pink Beach, where strips of rosy-sands meet bright turquoise water. Having a Christmas holiday sailing to fascinating remote islands may not be your typical Christmas, but the change of scenery is definitely worth a try!

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Share the Joy with Mother Nature 

It’s time to forget the worldly parties and get reconnected back to nature. Before Christmas, we usually get busier than before for late gift shopping, preparing perfect setting, cooking perfect food, and everything. Nature, on the other hand, is just as calm as ever. Here in Komodo, nature is truly at still and peace. The islands are devoid of human mass civilisation. The savannah grassland grows and sways as the wind goes. The sun and the moon ride across the sky, painting the sky with beautiful hues of blue, purple, red, and everything in between. All we could do in this Christmas is just to stop a moment and truly lives in that moment.