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Building Personal Connection In Leading Your Team To Success

Leadership is easier said than done. There are so many theories about how to be a good leader when running your own company. However, they don’t always fit with your situation or circumstances. Not to mention that you might lead a team consisted of diverse members. Therefore, it is important to learn the principles of leadership and how to practice good leadership. There are many perspectives and approach people use when they lead their team. Some focus on single-oriented leadership and the others focus on collaborative approaches. 

Building Personal Connection In Leading Your Team To Success

How to apply good leadership when running your own business

Running your own business means you are not responsible to the funds only. You are also responsible for everyone working in your team. They are key people to help you reach your business goals. However, making every member united flawlessly is not easy. This is how your leadership is tested.

Difference between a boss and leader

There are many entrepreneurs who lead by acting like a boss when they just direct or give command to their subordinates. Some leaders even take the role as a boss so seriously that they act like a god. Some of them won’t admit when they make mistakes just because they don’t want to show weakness in front of their subordinates. Therefor, this kind of leadership is not always working. In fact, there are other strategies or approaches that more effective.

How to apply good leadership when running your own business

It’s not a military leadership

The way people apply leadership in military is different from business. However, it doesn’t mean there are no things you can learn or adopt from that. Every leadership strategy has its own strength and weakness. Thus, you can take positive approaches that result effectively for leading a team in your business. Instead of just barking commands and shouting your members, it is highly suggested to lead by building emotional connection. It is more effective than a fist pounding. Building emotional connection with the people you work with will result in positive outcomes to your business in general.

Connect personally with your team

Emotional or personal connection can help you lead during the hardest times. Your members will be easier to lead when things are going well. However, your leadership will be tested during the hard times. There are many crisis in the team you should handle. However, emotional connection you have managed to build with your team will ensure their loyalty, perseverance, and cooperation. Thus, the bond is unbreakable even during hard times. 

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Show your care and affection

Another good way to apply good leadership is by not afraid in showing your care and affection to your team. You don’t have to hide your love and devotion for your team. To show them those qualities, allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. Keep in mind that the purpose of building a team is to create successful outcomes. Beyond that, it can be the thing that gives meaning and purpose in your lives. The relationship between you and your team will be more meaningful when it is built from deep, emotional connection. Not to mention that it will last longer.