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Benefits of Limiting Screen Time For Your Life

Smartphones and gadgets are now is like a key to function in everyday life. It is not strange anymore to see a group of people whoa re hanging out and sitting together around the same table yet their focus is on their each phone. Have you ever considered how much time you spend on a screen in a day? You might be surprising if you really count it. 

Benefits of Limiting Screen Time For Your Life

Cutting down your screen time and see the benefits

When using a device, it is often that we are neglecting our surroundings such as child, chores, hobbies, partners, tasks, etc. While device is helpful and entertaining, spending too much time on a screen can make you feel like you are missing something. It can also increase the level of stress and anxiety. Hence, cutting down your screen time does have benefits. And here are some of them:

Improve physical health

Exercising is not the only thing that can help boost your physical health. Cutting down your screen time can actually help improve your physical health too. When you spend too much time on a gadget, you are getting lazy to move around. Hence, cutting down your screen time can help you feel more motivated to move more. By being more physically active, you can get enough sleep, prevent obesity, reduce body aches, etc. 

Have more time to play and explore more things in life

Your life is much larger than the tiny screen of your smartphone. Hence, don’t spend your life staring at it. There are many things in life you can actually enjoy and have fun with. You can explore and learn more about the world around you. By cutting down screen time, you can build your curiosity to explore more. Instead of playing games all day long, why not free up some time to bike, hang out with friends, visit a park, or simply just eat out with family in your favorite restaurant. 

Build social connection

By cutting down your screen time, you free up time to build social connection with real people.  Connecting with real people is important to build a sense of belonging, and healthy relationships. When you are a parent and spend your time on your phone all day long, your kids might feel neglected and have the need to compete for attention. It is not a healthy way to raise kids, so set your own device and build stronger family bond and make yourself emotionally available as well for your kids.

Improve your mood

Limiting your screen time can also help improve your mood swings. Instead of staring at your screen and watching random videos for hours, put it down and go outside. Try doing activities you used to enjoyed the most. Or, you can also start making a journal and write down simple goals you want to achieve each day. This can help engage more in social activities, making you feel more accomplished in life. It will help improve your mood, depression, and anxiety significantly.