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Building Motivation For Learning New Skills

Building Motivation For Learning New Skills

There are many benefits you can get from learning new skill both to your mental and physical well-beings. It helps fight dementia, burn more calories, increase your learning speed, improve sleep quality, keep your brain active, and give you a sense of purpose in life, and many more. Also, learning new skills helps open more doors and opportunities that can be beneficial for your future. The problem is, to stay motivated in the process of learning. So here are some of useful tips for you to build motivation on learning new skills:

Explore your interests

Unlike at school, you are not a student anymore who needs to follow certain rules or guide in learning. Now, you have the ability to make your own decision and choose what new skills you want to learn. You are not subjected to choose certain topics so make sure to choose what you really interested in. It can help a lot to keep you motivated during the learning process. 

Choose learning method that works for you

Every individual may have different learning method that works for them. There is no time limit of when you have to master new skills. Create your own pace in learning while choosing the best learning method for you. If you learn best through audio, listen more to podcasts. If you learn best through audio visual, find interesting video or tutorials.

Find the right motivation

There must be a reason why you choose certain skills to learn. It could be because you think it could help improve your employability. R, it could be because you think it will help you earn more money. When you have the right reason, it will be easier for you to maintain focus and stay motivated during learning process. The right goals could also give you the right reason to keep going. 

Consider group learning

Consider group learning

The learning process can be fun when you do it with a group of people who share similar interests with you. Therefore, it will be beneficial to join a group or build your own community to learn together. There is a sense of togetherness and camaraderie through group learning so make sure to choose the right people to be with you on this journey. 

Build your self-discipline

It is essential to build your self-discipline when learning new skills because it is what help control you from wandering, feeling less-motivated, or being distracted. There will not be a teacher who remind you or punish you if you don’t learn properly. It is you who are responsible for yourself. Hence, build your self-discipline to help execute your tasks optimally. This requires constant practice so it becomes habits. 

Set a routine

To help you avoid a sense of being loss somewhere in the middle of learning new skills, you can create a schedule to help you build a routine. This way, you know what to do without being told to. You know when to dedicate your time for learning. Eventually, it will become a good habit. 

Improving Vacation Rental for 2022: 6 Things to Do Now

Improving Vacation Rental for 2022: 6 Things to Do Now

The year 2020 and 2021 were not the best year for tourism industry, thanks to the global pandemic. Travelling was suspended and many hotels went empty or functioned as quarantine facility. But as vaccination progress and more than half of the world already received their second dose, many people begin to look for opportunities to travel again. The 2022 might be the year where international boundaries get relaxed and travelling get close to normal again. And in the meanwhile, it’s time to bring improvement to your real estate rental in Bali. We’ve put up a list of quick fixes to help you maximise your effort:

Take Management Property for Your Bali Real Estate Rental Seriously

Should you manage your own real estate rental or hire a property manager to do it? Here’s the consideration: 

You’ll be able to save management costs if you manage your own unit, as well as keep a close check on the process, ensure a great customer experience, and maintain control over your rental calendar. Along the process, you’ll gain a lot of essential experience. Managing your own property allows you to maintain track of the process, cut costs, add a personal touch, and have a direct impact on keeping your rental booked all year. However, managing your own properties necessitates doing all of the labor, including establishing an online listing, booking visitors, checking them in, dealing with guest complaints, collecting money, arranging cleaning and maintenance, and managing occupancy taxes.

Hire A Professional Rental Manager

Hiring a professional management business for your real estate rental in the Island of God can assist an owner deal with their initial round of reservations by relieving them of the stress of dealing with visitors, maintenance, and cleaning contractors. You will be relieved from dealing with all of the details of guests, managing booking sites, cleaning services, taxes, and more if you hire a property manager. Hiring a manager is a decent first step for those new to the short-term rental game, and you can always take it on yourself once you’ve learned more about it. A professional manager should be able to provide you with a realistic estimate of nightly rates and predicted bookings for the year soon.

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Advertise Your Bali Vacation Rental by Yourself

Advertise Your Bali Vacation Rental by Yourself

Listing your Bali property in vacation rental listing like VRBO, Traveloka, Booking.com, or HomeAway might be beneficial as they showcase your property to worldwide customers. However, you need to take the advertising to your own hand. If you don’t employ a management business, consider developing your own website. Don’t underestimate the power of “Word of Mouth.” To get the maximum attention from your own sphere of influence, tell your friends and share your property on social media.

Undergo A Rennovation 

Guests expect a peaceful “resort” experience, and condos that have been improved to this level generate up to 40% more money than those that have not been refurbished. Renovations with granite counters and flat-panel TVs are at the top of renters’ wish lists, and they provide a good return on investment.

Decorate Your Bali Real Estate Rental with Island Style

Visitors should feel as if they are on vacation, but avoid using bright colors or gaudy beach stuff. Be unique without coming out as cliched. Consider a professional opinion to help you set the mood and make the most of your budget by using a uniform color and theme throughout.

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Make A Perfect Online Portrait of Your Rental Property

Make A Perfect Online Portrait of Your Rental Property

Your online aesthetic portrayal can make or break your ability to swiftly rent your apartment. If individuals are left with unanswered questions, they may move on to the next profile if it provides a more full picture. Highlight any luxury inside your Bali real estate, from pools to tennis courts. Fill out all of the fundamental information, such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, and bed sizes. Describe the setting, including nearby places to eat and any distinctive features, such as a hammock under a lemon tree. The most crucial element is to supply high-quality images — films and 360-degree property tours are the latest trend.

Hire A Professional Photographer: 

The number of reservations you receive will be significantly increased if you have excellent images. No one will read about your property or consider it unless they like what they see at first.

Write A Professional Copy (or Hire Copywriter) 

Make your descriptions as vivid as possible. Don’t merely list the dimensions and location of your home. Emphasize what makes your home unique and why it’s the ideal resale property.

Tips To Battle Sun Exposure To Avoid Any Health Damage

Sun exposure has been known to be one of the main causes of many health issues such as skin cancer and premature aging. Of course, there are also benefits from sun exposure. However, it is best to know how to minimize the risk of getting health damages caused by it. It is impossible to fully protected from sun exposure especially for those who work outdoor. However, there are ways we can try to minimize and prevent negative effects of it. And here are some of the tips to consider in battling against sun exposure:

hydration concept. a young woman drinking a bottle of water.

Create a shade for your home

Your home should at least be a safe place to protect you from excessive sun exposure. Hence, make sure to create a shade. You can do it by installing some high-technology shades, or choose more conventional ways. For example, you can plant trees near your home for shade or choose the pre-made version available online with variety of shapes ans sizes to choose. Use blinds and curtains to avoid direct sun exposure to get into your house. Another way is to design shade pergolas int he front of your home. 

Protect your skin

As mentioned that sun exposure can cause serious health damage especially to the skin. Hence, always do your best to protect your skin. Wearing a sunscreen or sunblock is a must even when you are staying in your house. It is because there are UV rays that can penetrate through the gaps in your house such as windows. Choose sunscreen that your skin love with the spf at least 30 and has broad spectrum. Hence, your skin will be more protected from UVA and UVB. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours especially when you are outdoor. 

Choose your clothes wisely

If you don’t want to get any sun damage, pick your clothes carefully when you are planning to go outside especially during summer, or when you plan to be outdoors for longer periods of time. Choose light-colored clothes to help reflect the sunlight. Also, choose loose outfit made from comfortable materials such as linen or cotton. Also, do not forget to protect your head from the sun exposure by wearing a hat or cap. And wear sunglasses if you are outdoor to protect your eyes better. 

Stay hydrated

Being under the sun for a long period can drain out your body. Hence, make sure to stay hydrated no matter where you are. Dehydration is one of the health issues caused by sun exposure as well. Therefore, it is best to carry your own water bottle wherever you go so you always remember to drink plenty of water every day. Also, it is highly recommended to not do your outdoor activities during peak hours if you want to avoid sun damage. The most intense sunlight is around 10 am to 2 pm during summer. At those times, the sun rays are at its strongest even if you see some clouds floating in the sky.

Komodo Adventure Cruise, Embark Your Expedition

A series of truly experiences is to enjoy the scenic beauty and see the rare large reptiles. One of the most popular highlights of cruising Indonesia is a Komodo cruise charter Labuan Bajo. Photographers, scuba divers, and photographers will love this place. Departing from Bali and Flores, the Komodo sailing trip offers an in-depth exploration of the legendary Komodo National Park. 

chess board facility during your komodo adventure cruise

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo National Park rises from the waters of East Indonesia, where two tectonic plates intersect, and is a natural wonder in every manner. With picture-perfect savannah hills, coves, and beaches, ancient volcanic activity has created some of the most magnificent coastal terrains on the planet. Topography The magnificent park is ideal for amazing ocean discoveries at some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

Amazing Komodo Adventure Cruise

The best Komodo adventure cruise deal is visiting Komodo national park without missing out on all the best destinations. Diving lovers have been captivated by the spectacular underwater beauty of Komodo National Park. 

There are 385 species of coral reefs, 70 types of sponges, a variety of seaweeds, and thousands of fish species in Labuan Bajo’s underwater tourism. This is the spot to go if you want to swim with sharks and rays. Labuan Bajo is the best location for individuals who enjoy diving with whales. Whales of six different species can be spotted here. Green turtles and ten different varieties of dolphins are not included.

Aside from that, the diving area on Komodo Island has a depth of up to 150 meters. The temperature is between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius, with a salinity of 34 parts per thousand. It’s perfect for scuba diving. Most notably, Komodo Island is located in the Wallace Line’s transition zone. This zone is home to a diverse range of tropical flora and fauna that are indicative of the Southeast Asian-Australian mix. 

The best diving spots in Komodo?

The Samsia Stone is the first. This is one of the most popular tourist diving destinations. You can swim with turtles, sharks, and other cute little fish that roam the canals.

underwater diving spot komodo national park

Toko Toko is one of the diving point and known as the stone palace in the water. Its depth reaches 7 meters below sea level. The coral reefs are colorful and lots of fish swim in this area.

Crystal Rock, located at a depth of 5 meters, travelers can find Barramundi Cod, frogfish, parrotfish, and several types of fish typical of the waters of Komodo Island. Manta Point is the most representative manta monitoring location. At Manta Point, travelers can see mantas in March – April and September – November. A group of mantas numbering dozens or even tens are often seen playing in the underwater garden.

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Taking Break From Your Business Chaos Can Benefit You

Taking Break From Your Business Chaos Can Benefit You

Lots of people say that you should work hard to reach success. They also say that the ore hours you work the better the outcome is. However, it is not rue at all. It will end up you being overworked instead because your body has its limit. Not to mention that there is more than just work hard to achieve success you aim for your business. 

Nonstop hustle of running a business

Running your own business, you are required to do more because of more load work you need to handle. There are things you need to put in order so that your business will run smoothly. However, overworking and refusing to take breaks is not the best thing to do. In fact, you can take advantage of breaks and boost your productivity even more. So what kind of benefits you get from having breaks from non-stop hustle business?

Help improve your physical and mental health

Growing a business of your own requires you to focus on your goals. However, you may forget that your physical and mental health is more important than your business goals. You won’t be able to achieve those goals if your are not well both mentally and physically. Taking breaks is necessary so you have time to pause, rest, and evaluate. Overworking will only lead to high level of stress which can be harder to overcome the more you pile it up. Also, your body is not meant to work 24 hours. 

Enjoy your life more

Help improve your physical and mental health

Running a business based on your passion or desire is beneficial because it makes you less prone to feeling bored or tired easily. However, there is a risk for you to overdo everything because you think it will fulfill your passion. Or, there is a risk that you hide inside stressful project. And it is not how you enjoy your life. Running business may need some sacrifices one in a while. However, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your whole life. 

Improve your productivity

You can see the productivity of entrepreneurs who don’t have to sleep at all and those who still able to find time to take breaks properly. You can see that the second ones are more productive because they use breaks to recharge themselves with new energy. Meanwhile, the first ones don’t take advantage of breaks. Do not underestimate the power of short nap or stretching during your hectic day because those will make difference at how you function. 

How to commit to those break times?

I can be challenging to commit to break times especially if you are used to overworking. However, it can happen with strong mind and consistency. The first thing you need to do is to make plan of when you can take break. Take control of your schedule and do not let it rule you. Choose the right activities to fill in during those breaks that will bring highest benefits for you. And do not forget to leave all the guild behind. 

Before You Put Your Bali Houses for Sale: Keep It or Sell It?

Before You Put Your Bali Houses for Sale- Keep It or Sell It?

A popular strategy to generate passive income in Bali is to own a vacation rental property. Of course, this means that you should only keep the property if your investment is paying off. It’s not a good idea to keep it for too long. Something new comes along every now and again, and you simply feel it’s time to move on. Maybe you no longer get any profit from the villas and the expenses is slowly eating up your budget. Especially in times of pandemic like this, when worldwide travel restriction take place. You might feel the need to put your Bali houses for sale and move on to other investment. However, should you sell the property right here and right now or keep it and hope to rake in future market? 

Reconsidering the Pandemic Situation Before Putting Your Bali Houses for Sale

While it would be incorrect to state that the coronavirus pandemic is over, great progress has been made in that area. Even if the new Delta variety has caused case numbers to rise recently. In fact, despite the coronavirus crisis, many individuals are getting out and visiting this summer.

However, many vacationers prefer private vacation houses to hotels, which is unsurprising. These homes not only provide greater space and privacy. They can also be a safer option for families with unvaccinated children.

Predicting the Vacation Season for Your Bali Villas Next Year

If you keep your vacation property, on the other hand, you’ll be able to take advantage of the vacation boom once the pandemic is gone. That alone is plenty of a reason not to sell.

Will You See Vacationers Again in Your Area?

No one can foresee how the epidemic will progress. Or what effect it will have on certain locations in the long run. All kinds of unanticipated occurrences have influenced — and will continue to impact — tourist destinations: sickness, natural catastrophes, terrorism, and political upheaval, to name a few. The ability of sites to attract tourists after these catastrophes is largely determined by whether they have the support of the tourism sector.

Considerations Related to the Future of Tourism Potentials

Here are a few things to think about: 

  • Is your property located in or near a popular tourist destination? 
  • Does your house located in area with natural beauty—like beach, desert, lake, mountains, etc—which will always attract visitors? 
  • Is it in an area where there hasn’t been a major outbreak of COVID-19? Do the local authorities and residents work to properly reopen businesses and attractions to avoid further outbreaks? 

If your property is in a location where you don’t live, conduct some research about the town and local companies. To get a sense of how optimistic real estate experts and local company owners are about the area’s ability to recover, talk to them.

Reconsidering the Current Shortages of Homes in the Market

Reconsidering the Current Shortages of Homes in the Market

There is a general shortage of available homes on the market right now, and this includes vacation residences. Many investors are yearning to add short-term rental space to their portfolios because mortgage rates are near historic lows. As a result, if you sell today, you’re sure to receive a slew of substantial offers especially when your house is appraised as a good property in Bali to invest in. A lot of investors are now looking for Bali houses on the beach for sale. So if you think you have an asset in prime location and ready to make profit now, it’s time to put it in the market. 

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Would You Want to Turn the House into A Long-Term Rental?

If there is a demand for long-term rental homes in your area, this option could provide you with a more consistent stream of income than selling your property. If you’re thinking about it, make sure you’re up to date on state and local laws governing tenants’ and landlords’ rights and obligations.

Reconsider the Reason You Bought the Property

Was your property simply intended to be used as a short-term holiday rental, or did you have additional plans? Have you thought about utilizing it as a vacation house for yourself, family, and friends? Was it your intention to make it your primary residence after you retired? If you bought the home for more than just a source of vacation rental income, those extra perks may be enough to convince you to keep it.

How Positivity Can Help Enhance Customer Experience

It is common for you as the business owner to feel stressed and panic when there are customers call you to complain about your product, service, etc. While it is not such a pleasant experience, it is something that needs to be handled considerably. Customer experience does matter for your business because according to survey, customers are ready to choose another brand or company once they have one bad experience. 

Using positivity to boost customer experience

The main factor to consider when trying to elevate your customer experience is by using positive, be it in the words ou pick or the gestures you show to your customers. By showcasing positivity, your customers will see you as an ally they can rely on. Therefore, it is best to teach your representatives and yourself about critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence to know how to use positivity. 

Positivity to show support to your customers

When you showcase negativity to your customers, they will feel like they are not appreciated or supported. Hence, they are not ready to be loyal to your brand. Even negativity can be shown through words. Hence, the choice of words you use when talking with customers should be full of positive messages that make your customers feel supported. 

Critical thinking to deliver positivity

To be able to show positivity to your customers, you need to learn how to develop your critical thinking. It is also something important your representatives need to learn. Critical thinking skill can be earned by practicing how to respond to top pain points of customers. Then, practice problem-solving that will become reasonable solutions for customers. Sharpening critical thinking will help you know what to say when interacting with customer. 

Promote customer experience using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence comes hand in hand with critical thinking skill. You and your team members need to learn both. The purpose of developing and implementing emotional intelligence is to make you able to respond to customers without having any negative emotional reaction. With excellent emotional intelligence, you know what to say and do to make your customers feel heard and understood. 

Formulating the best responses

It is important to do your best in finding solution for your customers. However, it is also just as important to learn how to present it in a way that will resonate with your customers. Do not brush off or invalidate your customer’s feeling just because you think you know what’s best for them. Make sure to let your customers know that they are heard and understood, and that you are willing to work with them in finding the best solution. 

More than finding a solution

Through critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence, you and your representative will become better at formulating the best responses to your customers, in a way that come across as empathetic. This way, you will be able to see things more objectively. It also allows you to put yourself in your customer’s shoe so you can work toward solution that will build real connection with them.

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Whale sharks are large ocean animals that can weigh up to 11 tons and measure up to 12 meters in length. These creatures attain maturity around the age of 30 and can live to be between 60 and 100 years old! Whale sharks, although being the largest shark species, graze on plankton and are friendly creatures. They can be found in tropical oceans all around the world. Indonesia is one of the best places to see whale sharks. If you want to see whale shark Indonesia for yourself, we’ve put together a list of sites you should go:

Whale Shark Indonesia: Best places to swim or dive

Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara

Sumbawa provides a peek of incredible marine life as well as snorkeling opportunities. It’s also a fantastic place to see whale sharks in Indonesia. Whale shark conservation tourism is available at Labuan Jambu, a town near the bay. To get to this location, fly to Sumbawa Besar’s Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport and then drive about 100 kilometers to Labuan Jambu.

There are plenty of must-see attractions in the area as well! Island-hop to Lipan Island, where you can see coastal cliffs, or Dangar Ode, where the sand is pearlescent. Gili Mariam, on the other hand, is a suggested site to visit if you wish to explore a secluded natural spot. Take a walk along their beautiful sand beaches or climb the tiny hill. You can even pitch your tents here for some camping fun in the great outdoors. When it gets dark, you can gaze dreamily at the beautiful night sky.

Derawan, East Kalimantan

Imagine a paradise where you can swim and dive alongside aquatic creatures in wide stretches of clean water. Talisayan Derawan in East Kalimantan is a renowned tourist attraction. Whale sharks can be seen as fishermen starting their day fishing, according to residents, because many of them throw their catches into the sea.

It is best to plan your diving trip to Talisayan during the summer months, when the south winds are blowing, which is from mid-June to mid-September.

To get to Talisayan, travel to Berau’s Kalimarau Airport and then continue by land for a 4-hour drive. To go to the center of the water, you’ll need to take a boat from Talisayan Pier. Keep in mind that whale sharks only come out once the sun has risen. So make it a point to get up early in the morning!

Cendrawasih National park, West Papua

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park in West Papua is home to a vast protected marine reserve with a diverse range of flora and animals. In one of Southeast Asia’s largest national parks, you’ll see plenty of wildlife, including the gorgeous exotic Cendrawasih bird. Whale shark Indonesia in Cendrawasih National Park can be seen in its waters all year. The best place to see them is Kwatisore Bay, near Nabire. It’s also a good idea to dive early in the morning, as they’re more likely to be observed then.

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Is It Okay To Talk About Failure In Your Company?

It is not a secret that people tend to be afraid of failure. In some professional settings, the word failure sometimes is viewed as forbidden topic to discuss. The reality is, mistakes and failures can be the catalyst for learning and growth. When you failed at something, you are driven to try something new and take the risk until you reach your own success. So is it really forbidden to talk about failure in professional setting? Can you talk about it in your company?

Is It Okay To Talk About Failure In Your Company?

Talking about failure 

When you are too afraid of making mistake or failing, you will be less productive and creative. Instead of avoiding the word failure, it is more encouraging if you can talk about it with your employees openly. There are positive impacts you and your employees can take such as the passion to keep growing through constant learning, broaden horizon of creativity, and many more. But how can you encourage the talk about failure in your company with your employees for it to have positive impact? 

Start with celebrate the failure

Failure is not always a form of sadness or grieve. If you view failure as something to be sad about, it is harder for you to develop passion to take risks. Hence, encourage celebrate failure with your team members. Do not make it a taboo topic to discuss. It deserves celebration and cheers. You can even laugh it off as long as you take notes what mistakes you made and find out what to improve for the next steps. 

Focus on things that matter

As mentioned, failure is not always bringing sadness. It can be something valuable you can learn to improve yourself. When discussing failures with your team, do not focus on blaming each other. Instead, focus on the lessons everyone can learn together. Treat failures as trial and error that is normalized within your company. Discuss failure with no judgment. Instead, use empathy and positive energy to encourage everyone to recover from it. 

Lead your team with vulnerability and openness

Be open when talking about failure. Do not be afraid to talk about your own failures during your leadership. You might be a leader but you are still human who make mistakes sometimes. And there is no shame in showing this side of you to your team. Lead your team with vulnerability because it is not weakness. It can make your team feel safe talking about their failures so they become better at sharing and being open to others. 

Aim for learning and growing

The objective of talking about failure is not to put certain person on the spot or point out your finger to the ones you consider responsible for making the mistake. Instead, make this opportunity to encourage everyone to learn from the failures. Focus more on the lessons instead of the person. Also, talking about failure is all about growing not judging or criticizing. It is an opportunity to find the lessons to grow and recover. 

Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love

Building Beachfront Villa Bali: Design Something Guests Love
Image Source: Instagram/@ambergriscaytci

A tropical vacation cannot be imagined without the vivid vision of a beautiful beach. The pleasure of a private beachfront is always on guests’ dream when they are looking for Bali luxury villas. For many travelers and guests alike, nothing beats waking up to the sound of the waves lapping up on the coastline. While beachfront is the epitome of prime location for villa rentals and vacation home in Bali, it would go into waste if you cannot optimise the location properly. Here are some ideas before you build your beachfront property in Bali.

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Choose A Unique and Gorgeous Design for Your Beachfront Villa Bali
Check out archdigest for more beachfront design inspirations

Securing a beachfront lot is expensive; so don’t waste it on some cookie-cutter house. Pick up those architecture magazine and take inspiration from gorgeous, one-of-a-kind beach houses from all around the world as inspiration for your beachfront villa Bali. 

Study the Flood Zones in Your Beachfront Area

Many seaside houses are located in flood zones, and beaches in Bali are not the exception for seawater floods. This isn’t necessarily negative news for the most part. After all, getting near to a body of water is a big part of what makes coastal life so appealing. You must, however, be aware of how this may influence the cost of your construction project. Building in a V Zone is often the most costly. The V Zone homes are generally ocean front or near-ocean front, so study your location accordingly.

Think About What to Do After the Dark

Although sunsets over Bali’s beaches are spectacular, it is pitch black over the ocean once the sun goes down. If you do nothing about it, life can be a bit boring at night in your beachfront house Bali. Spice up the nightlife a bit with these ideas:

A Swim Up Bar in Infinity Pools at Beachfront Villa Bali

If you’re planning to build a true luxurious, fully serviced beachfront villa vacation in Bali, think about adding a swim up bar in your pool area. Let guests soak in the upscale delight of enjoying a nice cocktail in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. 

A Backyard Garden with Lamps

Remember that because they are on vacation, short-term tenants tend to spend more time outside, particularly later in the evening. This emphasizes the importance of well-placed outdoor lighting. Consider installing string lights in outdoor living spaces in addition to path lights, uplights, downlights, and task lighting. This is a simple, low-cost approach to create a welcoming, joyful environment that will appear fantastic in marketing photographs.

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Build the Epitome Outdoor Living

Guests love to spend time outdoors when they are on vacation; something they mostly can’t do in their own home. An oceanfront villa in Bali makes outdoor living feels different and expensive. Here’s some ideas to include in your villa:

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean

Private Plunge Pools Overlooking the Ocean
Image Source: Instagram/@elitehavens.ru

Infinity pool is a must when you have an oceanfront property in Bali. Guests discovered that staying at hotels with an infinity pool is the next best thing. The boundary-less look of infinity pool fools the eye, producing an optical illusion that makes it difficult to tell where the water ends and the distant landscape begins.

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A Patio Kitchen 

Being outside is one of the benefits of living on the coast (whether it’s a lake, ocean, or river). Hundreds of fantastic products have been introduced in the last five years that make creating your own outdoor kitchen simple and inexpensive. Why not make the great outdoors a part of your useable living space?

Plan the Landscaping 

Start by enhancing your home with landscaping, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You deserve this after enduring 6 – 18 months of dirt during the construction of your home. Adding landscaping, whether formal or casual in style, will quickly transform your house into a home.