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How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

Building a business mean you also need to have a mission statement. It is what defines your business is planning to achieve through its efforts. Most businesses set up their mission statement in the very beginning. However, it is pretty often that most of businesses don’t follow through to make their mission reality. Hence, their mission statements have become nothing. 

Building purpose-driven business

Building a purpose-driven business means that you take your mission statement and turn in into more than just empty words or motto. Use your mission statements to guide you through decision making process, as well as direct your business to what it looks for. So how can you build purpose-driven business nowadays?

Know what you want

Always have clarity in the missions you want your business to achieve. When everything is vague, it will be harder to know what you really want. Hence, putting more clarity to your mission statement will make it easier for your business to flow. Clarity is like the light you need to bring your mission statement into the tunnel of reality, making your business grow significantly with every achievement it makes. 

A relatable mission

A relatable mission

Make your mission relatable for everyone in your business. Keep in mind that even though it is your business, you still need other people to work with you to achieve your goals. Hence, you need to break down your mission into key values framework that work for everyone. Creating relatable mission or vision can be challenging but worth it once you make it because everyone in your company understand what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. 

Start from the problem

Start from personal pain point when creating a mission statement. This is how a leader can lead a purpose-driven business. Something personal can bring something that is passionate and fulfilling. Personal pain point can be the key factor to build authenticity of business as well. That is why it is important for you as a leader to lead a purpose-driven life based on your own personal pain points. 

Bring everyone to operate together

Bring yourself and your team to operate with the same purpose and goal in mind. It might not be easy because your team consists of different individuals. However, you can create mission statement that unite with a common purpose. Make sure to also create supportive, open, and focused attitude when working with your team. 

Believe in your mission 

Believe in your mission genuinely so it become embedded in everything and everyone in your business. While believing in your mission, focus on your customers since they are also key factor in your business. Creating a value for your customers is a must and every mission you build should have something to do with your customers. 

The mission statement

Try to create mission statement that can fill the void in the marketplace so your business has something different to offer that nobody has. Customers usually are more appreciate when the product or service they need are just as meaningful to the ones who made it. While offering something different, make sure to stay paying attention on the quality itself as well.