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Feeling In Business and How To Navigate It Properly

Feeling In Business and How To Navigate It Properly

Many people associate feeling with weakness when it comes to business. Feelings are often seen as something that can make you look miserable, emotional, or weak. Many have believed that in order to build successful business, they have to suppress their feelings. Confidence and stiffness are what only consider in business industry. However, how far of it is true?

Navigating your feeling when building business successfully

The truth is, feelings are not by mean something that can make you look emotional or weak. Feelings make you more human. Many business coaches also argue that feelings are not distractions for running a successful business. Feelings can be leveraged to drive meaningful action for your business hence you are motivated to create results.

Let’s take examples of how feelings can be navigated to meaningful action. Courage can spur you to take initiative. You can earn loyalty from your employees through empathy. With confidence, you gain people to trust you. Now, you can think of the opposite and see the negative results coming from feelings. Of course feelings can lead you to take impulsive actions that only serve negative results. That’s why it depends on you how to leverage and navigate your feelings to be the rocket fuel for your business.

The very first thing to navigate your feeling successfully is identifying positive feelings. In fact, you can create them on purpose instead of waiting for them to be triggered. Aside from being able to identify positive feeling and create them, you also need to be aware of the negative ones. They can come uninvited but you cannot let them take over your decision-making ability.

You can use feelings as feedback so you know what to action to take. For example, you are feeling frustrated with at work. Instead of channeling those negative feelings to do something you regret, you can use them as feedback to know what is truly going on with you. It must be a sign that something is going wrong. Try understanding more the root before taking any action because action taken from negative feelings are not resulting in what you want most of the times.

To understand your feeling better, you can practice paying attention more to your worry, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. Use those feeling s as your cue to start thinking. For example, you are planning to expand your product lines but you feel anxious about it. This is a clue to rethink and review everything. What makes you feel anxious about it. Maybe it is your lack of knowledge about the matter or something else.

Align your feelings and thoughts with what you want to achieve. Avoid suppressing your feelings next time you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Use them as signal to tell you if there is something going wrong. Also, it is often that negative feelings re preceded by negative thoughts. You can see the connection if you pause and try to find the link. Use what you find to drive actions to reach what you aim.