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5 Tips for Your Raja Ampat Diving Adventure

Raja AmpaT Diving

Offering some of the best diving on the earth, Raja Ampat is a great choice for those looking for a diving trip. For many divers, the island is the holy grail of scuba diving. This stunning island provides excellent diving conditions for exploring its marine life. There isn’t a dive site in Raja Ampat that won’t be full of amazing marine life and activity. The experience level of Raja Ampat diving ranges from beginner to advanced, so this island has something for everyone.

When to go diving in Raja Ampat?

Scuba diving is possible all year round.  The water is warm year-round, ranging between 28°C and 30°C depending on where the spot decides to dive. However, the perfect time to go on a dive holiday should be when the wind is at zero. If you are looking for that condition, then you should consider visiting the island from mid-October to mid-December. You will find less rain, calm seas, and better visibility at dive sites.

What level of diver do you need for Raja Ampat Diving?

Raja Ampat is a great place to take your first journey into the world of underwater. Due to the clear water and great visibility, Raja Ampat is perfect for beginners. For travelers already certified, there are plenty of amazing spots to further your training!

Raja Ampat Diving

5 simple tips for driving safely!

·   Plan! Planning a dive journey is vital when it comes to safety. There are many different factors to consider, including decide when to go, where to go, and choose a partner for this trip.

·     Research, research, and research! Researching your dive site is a must! Almost all information is chronicled online. That means you will get all the information about your dive destination including the pictures, when to go, best places to dive.

·      Become dive certified before diving trip. Before starting your dive journey, it is great to take a diving class. Your instructor will teach the important skill to make you always comfortable in the water.

·     Make sure to check your equipment. Before you leave your home, make sure everything has been maintained properly. When you arrive at the amazing dive site and ready to kit up. Remember to double check that your equipment is working properly.·    Stay fit. In addition to your scuba gear, your mental and body need to be ready for this trip. If you are not feeling well, listen to messages that your body is sending to your mind. It’s better to miss a dive trip because you are not ready than it is to take big risks. Swimming once a week can be great preparation when looking forward to your diving journey. Besides that, taking a yoga exercise will also help stabilize and strengthen your breathing.

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