Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Opening your own small business can be a good start. However, you need to do it with thorough plan because no matter how small you think your business is, you will still need business plan. One of the most important element is marketing plan. The plan you make should contain all strategies you need to market your products or services. 

How to develop marketing plan for successful small business

Keep in mind that in business, there is no definite ways of how to do it right. What you can aim is to do what’s best for your business to grow. It is also why marketing strategies vary in format. Every business owner may applies strategies that only align with their goals. However, every marketing strategy has the same common goal, which is to attract customers and build good relationships with them in the long run. 

You can choose different style of marketing strategies. However, make sure that they deliver the goals and objective you have. Make sure that your plans are set by realistic and measurable goal. Your marketing goals should fully align with your business plan, the type of products or services you are selling, and how you can sell them. 

Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Figure out your potential customers. You need to define your target audience so your marketing approach will be more targeted. Every customer has unique demographic characteristics from their age, gender, race, education, income level, shopping habits, etc. Collect necessary data to help you define your potential customers more accurately. 

Do not decide marketing tactics and vehicles in a rush. Keep in mind that there are various marketing strategies along with different marketing vehicles. Choosing the best one can be challenging but being in a rush won’t help at all/ hence, it is better to take time and do your own research to find what’s best for your business marketing plan. There are generally traditional and digital marketing vehicles you can use to drive your sales. You may consider using one of them or combine them. 

Marketing plan requires financial support. Therefore, you also need to develop your timeline and budget for better execution. You have to schedule promotions for the entire year. You also need to break down all necessary cost of every marketing plan you have. Sometimes, your ideal marketing plan may clash with your budget plan. Therefore, you need to make sure everything will work flawlessly. Consider various factors in developing timeline and budgeting such as holiday season that always affect your business. 

Deciding on tactics and channels is important when it comes to developing marketing plan. You need to make sure that what you decide can help accomplish your goals. Also, make sure that your effort and chosen channel can reach your target audience. You may have to find out more about your target audience habits. Then, find the point to align it with your sales strategy. Also, monitor your competitor while staying up to date with new tactics or channels your target audience is using. 

5 Health Benefits of Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip

5 Health Benefits of Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip

Stunning natural beauty, tranquil emerald-green waters, and unique culture. These are just a few of the exciting things that will tempt your sense on holiday to Raja Ampat Island. Raja Ampat has so much to offer. Those who experienced it understand, there is simply no better way to recharge and reconnect with your surroundings than charter a Raja Ampat liveaboard. With a liveaboard trip, you get relaxation, adventure, sun, and fresh salty breeze, and the possibility to visit islands that are untouched by most humans. Aside from the obvious escape from the busy daily routine, there are proven health benefits of liveaboard vacation. Let’s break down why a liveaboard vacation is good for you by taking a quick look at some of the essential health benefits that it can bring.

Sea, sun, and a fresh salty breeze

The best thing taking on Raja Ampat liveaboard trip absolutely guarantees is spending time far from your home in the fresh air, surrounded by the stunning sea. Moreover, breathing in fresh sea breezes is good for the respiratory system. Apart from enjoying the fresh air, you will also have the chance to spend a lot of time in the sea and the healthy sunshine will touch your skin. In short, a sailing holiday allows you to enjoy the perfect combination of all these natural riches on this planet.

5 Health Benefits of Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trip

Raja Ampat Liveaboard trip help you to burn calories

Getting regular exercise is good for your body as well as your mind. However, no one really wants to work out on holiday days. Fortunately, a sailing holiday gives you easy access to a number of exciting physical activities that don’t feel like exercises. For instance, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, yoga, and hiking onshore. Plenty of fun activities implied by sailing trips will improve your hand-eye coordination and agility. It also enhances your concentration.

Reduced stress

Another benefit you get when you are on a sailing holiday is lowering your stress level. It is almost common knowledge that time spent by sea is its role in improving mental health and in promoting relaxation. The sound of the waves that carry the liveaboard along with the sound of the wind can be soothing. It also helps with better, more restful sleep, as well as decreased muscle and lowered blood pressure.

Raja Ampat liveaboard trip makes you feel free

Perhaps one of the most benefits of the sailing vacation is letting you be free as a bird. The blue sea is probably the biggest and the most incredible playground! Enjoy your time and swim to different islands every day!

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Romantic Things to Do in Wayag Island

Strengthen relationship

Whether you’re on a family holiday for a romantic getaway, a sailing trip provides the perfect opportunity for building a stronger relationship. It is a good time to talk, share, bond, and make new memorable memories together.

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

You must have heard about unboxing video. It is a kind of video that has been trend and gone viral. People take video where they open what they have bought and share them on social media platforms. Unboxing video has been surprisingly gained attention from few years back until now. You can use it as your marketing strategy to make your product go viral. Hence, you need to do something to level up your shipping box game.

Upgrade your shopping box to boost your marketing

Unboxing is often viewed as part of purchasing journey by many consumers. They share the video of themselves unboxing products they bought in hope that other people find it entertaining or useful as reference. In fact, survey showed that unboxing videos are helpful for consumers to decide which specific brand or products to buy. 

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

it is understandable why many consumers find unboxing video entertaining and useful as reference. In high-production video or ads made by the company, only good things being showcased. Hence, consumers are only presented with positive aspects. Meanwhile, unboxing video the product is stripped down to deliver real-time experience for consumers. Even though the video they can get a real sense the product. It is almost similar to product review. Consumers find it useful for reference because they see it from the perspective of fellow consumers. 

To create interesting unboxing video, you need to level up your shipping box. Of course, you need to do it with well preparation and consider many factors first such as budget. Also, you need to make sure that your shipping box still serve its purpose which is to protect the product inside. Make sure that the safety of the product is still the top priority. There is no point for your shipping box to look interesting for unboxing video when the product inside is damaged. The unboxing video will be your free ticket to a downfall. 

After making sure the safety of your products, only then you can find another way to take it to another level. You need to think of things that can make your shipping box ‘cool’. There must be things you can do to deliver ‘wow’ moments for your customers during their unboxing experience. Make sure that your shipping box has your company logo or your brand’s trademarks on it. You need to showcase your brand as good as possible. Make sure that the logo is placed in the right place that is easy to look at and recognize. 

As mentioned that you may have to consider budget as well. Find most-effective strategies to upgrade your shipping box so your finance won’t be too affected. If you are very tight on budget, be creative and add more human touch. You can write message on the shipping to your customers personally. Or, draw simple smiley face to deliver more impactful experience for your customers. Make sure that your customers has story to tell when they do the unboxing.

The Benefits of Weddings on An Aqua Blu Liveaboard

Aqua Blu liveaboard

A wedding day is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. That’s why it’s so important to really make the most of the wedding day. If you are looking for a different wedding venue, then you should consider a wedding on the water. A wedding on the blue ocean is one extraordinary experience. Getting married on an Aqua Blu liveaboard with gorgeous backdrops is the ideal way to create a memorable wedding day, not only for the bride and groom but also for all the guests. Here are just some of the advantages of married on a Aqua Blu yacht.

A wedding on an Aqua Blu liveaboard is the perfect way to celebrate a special day!

Renting a liveaboard is always a good idea. But renting a boat for a wedding is even better! By booking Aqua Blu Liveaboard for your special day, you’re granted wouldn’t end up with a run-of-the-mill sort of wedding. Taking to the crystal water is exciting for all, and wedding days are equally as jubilant. Combining the two makes for a memorable celebration filled with happiness. Aqua blue comes with a spacious lounge bar, it is the perfect place for an intimate wedding. Between the adventure, a world-class liveaboard, the view, and the party, your special day aboard will truly be a night to remember.

Aqua Blu liveaboard

Aqua Blu liveaboard offers a breathtaking view

The stunning views that accompany weddings on boats are one of the main reasons why so many couples choose the sea as their wedding venue. Married at sea offers the possibility to modify the view to suit your needs and taste. The breathtaking views give a striking background for taking awe-inspiring photos from various angles which makes the reminiscence everlasting.

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The best part about a wedding on the boat is that you wouldn’t be stuck in one location. You have the chance to visit a different remote area for your wedding day. Furthermore, you could also visit multiple picturesque destinations along the route and have plenty of wedding photos taken in a beautiful location. That’s why boat weddings give you a chance to fuel your romance in unprecedented ways. Besides mobility, a wedding at sea is a cost-effective way to tie the knot. Since lots of them are all-inclusive, from the rooms, foods, and the attractions.

Ultimate privacy

Many weddings are hosted in halls, hotels, and venue settings that are easily accessible to the public area. If you want to have an intimate wedding then a boat is a perfect option. It gives you and your guests privacy and also ensures you experience a fabulous wedding. Furthermore, you’ll only have to cater to those on the wedding invitation list. Weddings on the boat creates a very private event that you and your guests can enjoy without being interrupted.

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

For entrepreneurs, workload is not something steady to deal with. It can also become the biggest setback when it comes to productivity for entrepreneurs. It is said that productivity is largely a psychological state. On the other side, entrepreneurs don’t have something set in stone when to comes to works. They have freedom to choose which work to boost efficiency and productivity. In fact, they have too much choices which put them in hindrance.

How to set boundaries for more productive performance for entrepreneurs

Too much choices is said to cause paralysis instead of liberation. And this is why I is challenging for entrepreneurs to be set in stone with their workload resulting in more challenging effort to boost productivity. Therefore, it is more effective to set boundaries to the workload. The boundaries can be in many forms such as planning, deadlines, delegation, etc. 

Some people may say that too boundaries will only suppress creativity but it is not the case in business. It is found that creativity was higher in individuals who work under structured condition. Perhaps, it makes them more goal-oriented, which is why it becomes more productive for them to work with more clear boundaries. It makes them know what to do to reach the goals, make them know what to prioritize. 

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

Plan your to-do-list. Being entrepreneurs, you feel like you have too many works to do and 24 hours a day is not enough. However, it is best to stick to three tasks on your to-do-list for a day. Also, make sure that the tasks you write on your to-do-list are your priorities. Make sure they are all accounted for so you get the true sense of productivity levels and work flow. 

Use the right tool to help you with organizing your tasks and to-do-list. You can use calendar app for example. Since it’s easy to use and available for free. However, it is very useful to use for daily basis. You can also get creative with organizing your tasks in the calendar. It can also be a revealing exercise to use your calendar as your daily planner. It makes you feel easier to see your daily tasks and how to execute them. You know when to automate or delegate tasks efficiently. 

It is also important to respect the value of time. Every minute is accounted for because time is one of the most valuable asset. You cannot just waste it to do something irrelevant to what you are trying to achieve through your business. To manage your time, you can also use variety of tool or software so you can keep track of your daily schedule. This is a way you can get the maximum amount of value from every minute or hour you have. However, do not be a slave to time. Make sure that you are the one in control not vice versa. Thus, always know when to rest and take a break. This is important to maintain your well-being physically, cognitively, and mentally. 

Romantic Things to Do in Wayag Island

Wayag Island

When it comes to romantic destinations, Raja Ampat is definitely one of the prime destinations in the world. Among Raja Ampat’s endless vistas of islets shooting up from the sea, Wayag Island is one of the most beautiful to behold. This stunning island has everything that couples need for a romance-filled getaway. From strolling along the beautiful beaches, watching the magical sunset, and swimming with unique marine life, there are many romantic things to do in Wayag. If you are looking for a place to romantic retreat for two, you can be sure that Wayag will not disappoint!

Enjoy a romantic walk on the stunning beaches

In Wayag Island, you can find a lot of stunning pristine beaches. This island is practically surrounded by stunning beaches and a wonderful panorama. When it comes to sweet things to do, strolling on a pristine beach is a must on the bucket list. Wayag offers white sandy beaches, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view that surrounds the beach. When the sky is clear, you can lay down while spending quiet, private time together.

Sightseeing around Wayag Island

This island is much more than gorgeous beaches. There are many beautiful bays and wonderful diving spots. Here, you also can spot a lot of small cone-shaped islands protruding in a bay. The small cone-shaped island creates a magnificent view. One of the best ways to enjoy this magical view is by climbing the nearby hills. With its magical and breathtaking view and tranquil atmosphere, it is the best place for couples to spend a romantic day.

Go diving with your couple

Going on a water adventure is a memorable way to spend time on your couple’s retreat.  Diving is the most famous activity on the island. This place is known for its many amazing diving spots. The diving spot is fantastic with considerable current and frequent sightings of sharks, barracudas, manta rays, and reef sharks.  So what could be more special than going on scuba diving to spot the beautiful marine life with the loved one?

Have a sunset beach picnic

If you are looking for romantic experiences that will make a holiday in Wayag become a memorable experience then having a beach picnic with your special someone is the best way to do it.  A beach picnic gives you the opportunity to spend quality time on the beautiful island. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture your beautiful memories.

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Liveaboard trip to Wayag Island

The liveaboard trip is the best choice for travelers with a love for adventure and romantic escape. Therefore, this is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Wayag. You will never forget waking up on a luxury yacht with the majestic blue ocean view around you.

Best Lessons Business Leaders Can Take Into 2021

The way we work since last year has significantly shifted into remote environment. Even though remote work is not essentially new, the global pandemic has brought it to another level. However, 2020 has also brought so many lessons to take especially for business leaders. There are many aspects to focus on to boost remote workforce. 

Best Lessons Business Leaders Can Take Into 2021

What business leaders can do to achieve success this year

2020 has caused variety of challenges that many business leaders may not feel prepared for. Only those who can adapt to the situation can survive. Even then, the challenges this year will continue. Business leaders have such major roles in navigating their business because they are like the core energy of the overall organization. Hence, it is important for business leaders to take lesson from the situation happened 2020 and make 2021 a brighter year. 

In business, decision making is part of daily life. However, the crisis of 2020 has taught us all lessons that making the right decision is not enough, you need to do what’s best due to the situation. Also, you need to do what you think is best boldly. You have to trust that what you decide will work out. You need to learn that sometimes you cannot rely on data or any typical business case process to make decision. You need to instead reflect on your values. 

The top priority should lie on the safety of your people. Safety first, safety second, and safety third. The past year has tested your people-oriented company. The past year has reminded us all that health and safety are the most fundamental priorities for your company. Hence, you need to make more actionable approaches and policies to ensure the safety and health of your employees. You need to make policies that can both avoid harms and support health and well being at the same time. Those policies should be past of your ongoing programming even after the pandemic is over. 

It is best to not put culture on hole. Company culture that has brought your business and team going so far should not be put on hold regardless of the situation with the global pandemic. It is best to implement the same activities that you usually do when working at the office. This way, you and your employees will keep functioning well. Of course, some things may need some adjustment due to limitation of physical-interaction. However, keep those traditional work activities alive to help your employees keep a sense of connection and community during remote work. 

The year of 2021 is when you have to talk less and do more. Statements are no longer enough. Instead, you need to do more actions and accountability. Showing your care to your employees and customers should be more than just words. You need to show it through actionable supports. To do this, you may need to make some changes or adjustment to your corporate budgets and priorities. To do well in 2021, you have to do your best until you know better. 

Villa Ubud Bali, A Perfect Choice for Your Honeymoon Escape

Are you looking for a romantic or relaxing escape during your post-wedding? Ubud is one of the most romantic getaways on the earth, especially if you plan for a honeymoon escape. The town is located in Bali’s uplands, and it’s an entirely different atmosphere to busy areas like Seminyak or Kuta. Steeped in artistic culture and enhanced by magnificent vistas, Ubud offers a respite from the humdrum of your busy day. With scenic landscape, rich cultural atmosphere, and the famously friendly Balinese, there are no limits to romantic things to do in Ubud. However, there is no better feeling than staying in Villa around Ubud for a perfect honeymoon. A honeymoon in Villa Ubud Bali is all about unabashed romance and relaxation.

A honeymoon in Villa Ubud Bali is all about unabashed romance and relaxation

Villa Ubud Bali for a romantic experience

For many, there is nothing more romantic than a serene paradise.  The whole place feels like an unspoiled hidden paradise, and many Villa offers a whole host of romantic experiences. When it comes to fine dining, think cocktails, and sunset-gazing with your loved one are extraordinary experiences. Swimming under the hidden waterfalls will soothe your body, soul, and mind. You can also rent a scooter ride around waterfalls, rice paddies, and other picturesque landscapes. If you want to add some thrill to your honeymoon trip, then couple cooking classes, couple’s yoga, and enjoy Balinese cuisine are for you. This town is a place of the spiritual side, buoyant mood, and romance.

Plenty of privacy

Hidden away in these magical tropical surroundings, many outstanding accommodations lie between the gorgeous forest, mountains, and waterfall. When it comes to spending a quality trip with the one you loved, the Villa Ubud Bali provides the perfect setting. One of the best reasons to stay in Villa Ubud is that you will have privacy. Free from the disturbance, you can be your authentic self and pay full attention to the one you loved. Imagine that every morning that you enjoy with your partner will be filled with full-on romance once you step your feet onto your private swimming pool. Living in a peaceful place without anyone else disturbing you to ensure the utmost privacy. Spending lovey-dovey time at Villa Ubud is undoubtedly going to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

a touch of luxury villa ubud bali

A touch of Luxury

Staying in a villa while honeymoon in Ubud provides security, a romantic atmosphere, and luxury. You can look for one romantic bedroom villa with quite luxurious facilities. With direct access to the private pool, kitchen set, and spacious romantic set up bathroom with deluxe amenities, this Ubud villa would be your love nest during your honeymoon escape. With a romantic ambiance, Villa Ubud Bali is definitely suitable for honeymooners who would spend their intimate time during a trip to Bali.

Tips For Small Retailers To Attract Shoppers This Holiday

Tips For Small Retailers To Attract Shoppers This Holiday

This global pandemic has altered consumers shopping habits. Today, consumers choose to shop online since it is safer and more efficient to do. in addition, they also tend to choose a brand with more trusted and reliable reputation even if it is a small brand. They prefer small retailers who can provide them quality products during this difficult times while still delivering good service. Hence, small retailers have a great chance this holiday to attract more customers using the right strategies. 

Attracting customers for small retailers

Attracting customers for small retailers

According to various surveys, there is a prediction for small retailers to have their sales decreased compared to last year. However, it is different in online market. Small retailers still have chance to increase their sales by attracting more online shoppers. This holiday can be the right time. Online sales this year has significantly increased and small retailers can take advantage of this. 

Be more proactive

Small retailers should be more proactive instead of just wait and see. They have to find the best technology to innovate their strategies. By using the right tech, it is easier for small retailers to reach our more customers online. Using online platforms can help a lot in expanding where small retailers sell. Digital marketplaces offers more opportunities to sell better. Besides, digital marketplaces are connected to social media platforms which can make it easier to handle. 

Providing digital payments

Consider providing digital payments for customers. Small retailers can do this to ensure the safety of their customers. Many shoppers are worried about exchanging cash or credit card with store personnel. Hence, providing cashless payment method can be a good alternative. It allows customers to feel safer and more flexible with their buying experience even if they do it in-store because they can limit physical interaction. 

Online presence

Online presence

This year, less consumers shop in-store and the main concern is safety. They are worried about going out and risk themselves to the virus. Hence, online shopping is preferred as safer option. Small retailers can still provide in-store shopping experience for their customers. However, it is important to follow the health and safety guidelines to ensure that every customers will be able to shop safely. Small retailers may also use pickup service. Even if the pandemic ends, this service can still be used to maximise the customer buying experience. 

Explore digital strategies

Even though the global pandemic has caused some shifts in various areas, not all of them are bad for business. Small retailers may be impacted a lot by this situation. However, there are still strategies to be used to maximize sales and revenue especially this holiday. Online shopping has increased since pandemic so small retailers can pivot to provide excellent online shopping experience for every customer. 

Maximise digital platform

It is highly recommended to maximize digital platform for small retailers because it can be used even after the pandemic ends and people start to shop in-store again. Online shopping with efficient method has made consumers feel safer and this method is predicted to be a permanent change because of many benefits it offers to both buyers and sellers. 

Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resorts Vacation

Six Ways to Stay Fit During Your Nusa Dua Resort Vacation

People loves to say that vacation is the time for let go. It’s easy to indulge yourself on delicious foods, being lazy, and just drown in leisure. Especially when you are staying at a resort where everything is catered to your needs. However, a vacation in Nusa Dua resorts Bali is different. Not only that you will get plenty of vitamin D—and vitamin Sea—that you need, there are also variety of ways to stay healthy and active you can find in the resort. Here’s what you can do to keep your body at its best at Holiday Inn, one of the best resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts!

Swim at One of Four Pools at the Nusa Dua Resorts

You will love the pools at this Nusa Dua resorts. They don’t only have one or two, but four pools to choose from! Well, one of them is kid’s pool so you’re left with three other options. There’s the outdoor Jacuzzi, the pool with cool swim-up pool bar lounge, and the oceanfront infinity pools. Go in the morning or in the late afternoon, swimming is great to burn those calories. That double cups of gelato and greasy bacon breakfast need some burn, baby. 

Hit the Gym Every Morning

No excuse to leave your fitness routine. The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts build this fitness centre not for nothing. Equipped with cardio machines, weights, and weights machine, you can always choose the workout that suits you. The gym is open 24/7 so you can always adjust the work out time with your regular. 

Bike Around Nusa Dua 

Bike Around Nusa Dua

Behind the resort, you will find golden strips of sands and beautiful blue water that is the Nusa Dua beach. Along that beach is paved path crossing several resorts—and people love to bike around the path! Rent a bike and explore the beautiful surrounding of this quiet beach. It’s one way to enjoy the tropical breeze while still maintaining your fitness!

Walk Around!

Do you know that the Holiday Inn is located at Nusa Dua resorts complex? The beach of Benoa Bay and Nusa Dua is lined up with five stars establishments and they all make up Bali’s ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation), a gated community with security, wide paved roads, and lush trees around. Go in the morning and you’ll see many people—locals and resort guests—walking, jogging, and running around. If the complex is too big for your morning walk, you can just walk around the resort and explore what’s inside!

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Eat Healthier Options at Nusa Dua Resorts

Like we said earlier, it’s easy to get carried on indulgence when you are on a vacation. However, there are ways to eat healthy while you are staying at the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts. Try the vegetarian menu at their Nudi restaurant; their Oriental Quinoa salad and spinach and cheese lasagna are the best! 

Do Yoga!

What’s a better yoga than doing it by the beach—or on the oceanfront studio? Kick start your day with mindful yoga just after the sunrise. Those few minutes when the warm golden light of the sun floods the earth are the most magical!