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Build The Most Successful Brand For Your Business

Brand is that one important element for your business to start growing. A brand is the representation of you and your business. It also should state why your business is different from your competitor. Thus, brand is more than just a name. It is something that helps you connect with your customers especially on emotional level. Through your brand, you can make the impression to help customers decide whether it is worth it or not to do the business with you.

Building a strong brand

Entrepreneurs face many types of challenges and one of them is building a strong and successful brand. In brand-building, many choose storytelling and visuals as the most important aspects to highlight. However, it will be more powerful if your brand is the extension of your personalized goals and outcomes you want to achieve. It makes your brand more meaningful as well. 

business brand
Photo by STIL

Of course, colors and fonts need to be chosen carefully. However, it is not more important than picturing your big-goals. Your own goal is what makes you different from your competitors. Remember that money is not the ultimate goal in entrepreneurship. There must be unique reasons that makes you decide specific business to build. It can help you create and shape your brand. You may have your own service and benefits to offers to people as your goal or reasons. And it can be your powerful foundation in building your brand. 

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In branding, keep in mind that first impression is something big. We often see people on how they dress when meeting for the first time. It is also important for brand to have strong powerful first impression. However, it is deeper than just the visuals. Branding is also about how you operate your work from day to day basis as well as what goals you are trying to achieve. A brand is meant to guide you make decision to achieve business outcomes as well. 

A meaningful and powerful brand also helps you to stay focus and on track when you need to know how you do your business. Entrepreneurs should aware that sometimes changes are needed. Branding is not supposed to be a thing that holds you down from making good changes for your business. Branding with outcome-oriented approach is important because it can affect how you define success for yourself. Different people may define success differently. 

Doing business is not easy but you can do many things to make it successful. Branding is not a one-time thing to build. It is something you need to keep building as you grow your business. It is more than a name or any visual representation. It is about how you approach your work, how you achieve your business outcomes, and how you make your customers happy. It is essential to know what you really want from your business. With outcome-oriented branding, it will be easier to align your goals with message and positioning as a smart entrepreneur. Thus, you won’t see success as something that is unachievable anymore. 

Private Villa Bali – Know How to Value it

Private villa bali are ranging in various value point. There are numerous indication that makes the valuation either go up and slide down. If you ever in position to sell your current house or villa, you’ll always know how to value it directly. Either way, its important for you to do the same while posing as a buyer.

private villa bali

Every property agent often sell their private villa in its maximum value. Sometimes buyer are overwhelm by the value itself when they negotiating with the agent. If you currently dont comprehend the market value of property, you might spend a costly purchase.

So here are few aspect you should look out to value Private Villa Bali:

Area Price Index

Bali are popular for its tourism and attraction sites, moreover these sites isnt just located in one area. The attraction are widely spread over the corner areas of Bali. This what makes every area in Bali have their own characteristic and unique points. Often these factor is use to indicate the valuation of the Private villa bali in certain area.

private villa bali

Area price index is one of the major factor which can bounce the selling price in which the villa unit is situated in. Usually the price index is dynamically changing in various area, so you need to be keep updated before you need it.

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Local Amenities

Slightly similar with the area price index, local amenities is the factor that could complete the valuation factor. Local amenities mostly cover the aspect in which the villa is close to nearby facility. This local amenities could affect the final selling price by a mile. Some of the local amenities are shopping malls, school, hospitals, entertainment park, etc.

Private Villa Bali which accessible to these facility will have a great valuation in the market. Furthermore, it is without a doubt that property in crowded place will be more pricey than the ones in secluded area. Its important for you to observe the nearest local amenities or facility of the property to help you decide its valuation.

Exterior & Interior Design

One thing that mostly get our attention while observing a private villa bali are the exterior and interior design. People tend to value the well-maintained, tidy and clean interior rather than the abstract and messy ones. You might negotiate the villa price based on any exterior and interior that doesnt seems normal to you.

private villa bali

Furthermore, you might find an undervalued villa which have a unique character in its exterior and interior. This could be an opportunity for you to purchase it with the best deal.


An extra space in private villa might be a potential for future plan. This might suit your long term plan if you seek for future renovation or any particular space can be extended. Moreover, these space can be upgrade with other facility and eventually rose the value. Often this factor is also used to determine the price value of a villa. As a buyer, usually they are willing to spend more to get this benefit and utilize it based on their demand

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Running business requires you to make decision of everything. It is not easy even for those seasoned entrepreneurs. In fact, entrepreneurs are prone to decision fatigue due to the endless amount of decision to make. Leading the direction of the business can be overwhelming and taxing. It is not something bad because it is normal to experience it sometimes. However, you need to make sure that your decision fatigue doesn’t reach the point of freeze decision-making.

Dealing with anxiety in decision-making

If you keep anxious every time you have to make decision, you have to start reevaluate yourself. Being anxious is normal but when it becomes severe and affect your decision making ability then you have to find the solution to deal with it. Here are some tips from professionals and business leaders to overcome anxiety in decision-making:

Relax for a bit

Stop yourself from being too analytical, cynical, and detailed oriented. People who tend to be like this are usually those clever, structured thinkers. They are driven by perfectionism whenever they make decision. It is not bad to be perfectionist but it can do more harm than good when it is too much. This can slow you down in decision making process and lose the real focus.

Seek other perspective

Overcoming Anxiety When Making Hard Decision

Do not limit yourself as the only resource you can go to whenever you make decision. Open your mind to see perspective from different angles. Gain some input and experiences from others to help you make the best decision. Being independent in running business doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Thus, building your own advisory council will help a lot to make decision-making process goes smoothly. You can do it by mingling with people who have different perspectives and experience.

What’s the root of your decision-making problems?

When you experience anxiety or difficulty in making decision, you have to look back the reason or the problem of it. It can be because you are micromanaging too much by empowering others who should be the one making decision. Or, it can be because you make decision that your team members should make together. Your habits in making decision can become the cause of your anxiety. Fix or change it is what needs to be done.

Prevent the analysis paralysis

It is easy to succumb to analysis paralysis when it comes to decision-making. To prevent you from decision fatigue, you can consider the pros and cons. It is considered the most simple method if it is too difficult to decide something. You can weigh down the advantage and disadvantages into a chart then get clearer picture of what you are facing.

Go back to simplicity for a moment

Back to simplicity when decision-making has caused you severe anxiety or stress. Sometimes, a decision is too difficult to make because you add any unnecessary element into the picture. When you add too much information or put immeasurable projects, it can result in chaos. Therefore, it is important to stay focus on what’s matter. Focus on the value, bottom line, and strategic vision so you can have clear picture of what to make.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

When you are involved in business leadership world, your act and words are a very great influence to others. Being a great leader is not easy and it is a lifelong lesson to learn eve for those who have achieve success. During your time running a business, you must interact and meet people. Sometimes, you pay attention to the way people talk or you are very conscious of your talks yourself. Well, words are powerful tool of communication. The words you choose can make differences. As a leader choosing the right words is essential. 

The consciousness to choose the right words

Sometimes, the words just flow out naturally without us realizing it. What we say can affect how people perceive our ideas or opinions. Some people might find some words or phrases inconvenient or unfit. It is hard to choose the right word especially when we know that people always have their own perception. However, there are some phrases and words that’s better be avoided if you are a leader or working in professional environment, such as.

Do not say “I Think…”

The phrase ‘I think’ is very common. It is not only uttered by leaders in business world or employees but also almost everyone. However, it doesn’t sound good especially for leaders who have to show their authority. When you start your opinion with the phrase ‘I Think’ it shows you uncertainty and it’s also less powerful than when you remove the phrase. The sound of the phrase tend to discredit your opinion.

Do not claim all the success to your own 

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Words For Leaders

When talking about your work or your achievement, it is better to avoid a term or word that describe it as a self-made. Remember that even if you are the leader, you have your team in your back that support and help you handle the business. Any achievement is resulted from teamwork. Thus, don’t forget to mention the achievement or works as teamwork’s because it is also a way for you to appreciate people around you. 

Words conveys expression

Choosing the words carefully is essential to maintain healthy relationships with your clients, team members, customers, etc. Dismissing others just because they ask something you are uncomfortable with is not a wise thing to do. Instead of saying it is none of their business, you can explain why you can disclose or answer the matter. It results in mutual understanding. 

Words that doesn’t diminish creativity

Try to avoid negative words that can be discouraging yourself and your team. For example, saying ‘I cannot’’ or we ‘cannot’. Remember that you lead a team and that there is always room for creativity to bloom wonderfully. You don’t really know if you can or can’t until you try. Thus, think of what you can do to make the ‘cannot more impossible to do. You can also choose more discouraging word such as “lets’ do X’ instead of ‘I think we should X’. 

Staying Innovative After The Crisis

During these uncertain times, many people lost their hope because the crisis is not easy to handle. The pandemic has brought misery to all aspects of our life. It gives such a huge effect on our life that most of us only think of how to survive than innovate. The crisis is almost over and it is time to get back up. Even during the pandemic, many small businesses showed how capable they were to handle it and get themselves adapted rather quickly. Thus, they could serve their customer without endangering themselves or their business. This is because of innovation. 

Staying Innovative After The Crisis

Building innovation after the crisis

There have been many stories of innovation resulted from the pandemic. Many small business have done their best to stay strong. However, there are also those who didn’t even realize that they are innovating throughout the crisis. Many only think that they are only reacting to the given situation. However, even the process of reacting or responding to the current events is the start of innovation itself. 

Building your innovation in response to the crisis is essential. Innovation is needed in making decisions during a crisis. Instead of taking definite decisions, you can layout plan for the next 2 or 4 weeks. In this plan, you decide what to do following the situation. The thing is, you may not know everything during a crisis so there is always space for uncertainty. However, communicating with empathy and vulnerability will help a lot. This type of communication should still be implemented even after the crisis to continue innovating. 

To continue innovating even after the crisis, you have to organize around parts. It also means that you have to adapt in making operations that meet the need. Also, experimenting should not be perceived as taboo. During the pandemic itself, many businesses experimented ‘work from home’ or ‘remote work’. many business have never truly experimented it before the pandemic. However, it somehow works even if it can be considered as an accidental experiment. Thus, experiment and innovation can come hand-in-hand. Experiments can help to build creativity and innovation even after the crisis.

To continue innovating, it is important as well for the leaders to highlight what they have done in response to the pandemic. Also, they can spotlight the people who contributed a lot during the crisis, acknowledging their roles and celebrating the results together. It shows that you and your team have been able to pass through the crisis by taking risks and even trying new things. 

Making decision to create new policy following the changes due to the pandemic should arise curiosity in your organization. This way, every one understand the reason behind every decision made. This will also help to make your team innovate in searching more possibilities and opportunities for better business future and operation. This will result in more potential your business might have. Always listen to every one in your team and offer help. Reaching out first may also pull out hidden innovation you never knew about.

Is it possible for foreigners to rent and invest in Bali villas?

For those who want to invest or stay for a long time in Bali, of course, a little confused about where to stay. Do you have to rent housing? Apartment? Rent a hotel room or rent Bali villas. The development of property in Bali has increased significantly. Property investment is getting crazy and results in a sharp increase. In fact, investors are also from various countries, including Indonesians. Is it possible for foreigners to invest or rent Bali villas legally?

management company help foreigners to rent or invest Bali villas | Villa Bali Sale

Rent Bali Villas through A Competent Management

The presence of foreigners in Bali is increasing. Each has a different purpose, whether as a foreign worker, retiree, or on vacation for a long period of time. Legally, foreigners can certainly rent Bali villas if they build a company and become a taxpayer in Indonesia. Automatically, foreigners have the right to rent rights formally in Indonesia.

In fact, many foreigners become “brokers” whose activities are indirectly illegal because they do not pay taxes according to the provisions. As a result? Harm the country and adversely affect its buyers. Bali has its own character territory so there is a competition between illegal and legal brokers.

A competent management company in Bali offers convenience for foreigners to rent a villa legally. Don’t choose the wrong management company! Some trusted management companies like Kibarer already have a good reputation in Bali. They offer convenience for foreigners who want to rent or invest in Bali villas. Usually, management companies like Kibarer have a trusted notary who can help take care of all the documents that you have to prepare.

management property help to avoid rent and investing Bali villas illegally

How to invest through a competent management property?

Investment is always an interesting discussion. Regulations and policies for foreigners can invest in Indonesia, especially in Bali, which is very strict. Many property developers build properties and offer diverse investments. But Bali is a dream destination where travelers expect a different vacation. Bali villas are one of the dream dwellings for foreigners and certainly a very profitable investment.

If you are a foreigner, you can certainly invest in a partnership with property management. How to find a property management that is trusted and has years of experience. What is the partnership system with property management? They will take care of all matters relating to your villa in Bali, ranging from maintenance, staff, to the villa manager.

The management company takes care of everything until negotiating with your tenant. They will give you a return or profit without you having to be in Bali all day and do all the dizzying work associated with the villa. Finding competent management will greatly help foreigners who want to rent or invest. At least they will avoid irresponsible “brokers” and will certainly harm you.

Being More Honest And Logical When Running A Business

Running a business involves decision making in every situation. There are many choices to make along with their risks and potentials. It is not easy to run a successful business even if you are already experienced in the industry. There are always chances for you to mess up just because you make wrong calculation. Thus, entrepreneurship is not for the weak. It is for those who are willing to build mental strength so their business thrives successfully. Obstacles should be viewed as stepping stones not problems. 

Why you have to know when to quit?

Before making decision, it is a must that you make calculative analysis from various sides to see the potential, the risks, the consequences, and all. Together with your knowledge and expertise, you make decision expecting the result to be precisely as you have predicted. However, the outcomes turns out different from what you expected. It means you make wrong decision or calculation. In handling this situation, every entrepreneur may have different approach. Some of them admit it quickly that they made mistake. On the other hand, there are those who keep on insisting that they made the right decision regardless of the results and facts. 

Being More Honest And Logical When Running A Business

Know when to quit

Therefore, it is important to know when to quit when it comes ti running a business. It is easy to let your ego overtake your mind in making decision or finding solution. However, running a business should involve your logic instead of pride. When you are too afraid to admit your mistake, it will be herder for you to accept the reality. The worst is, you will keep making wrong decision. Your ego won’t let you admit the errors you have made because you don’t want to show failure to your team.

Admit mistakes and reality of the situation

Meanwhile, entrepreneur who know when to quit will not be ashamed to admit their mistakes and accept the reality of the situation. Their ego won’t get in the way. This kind of quality of entrepreneurs will bring more opportunities to thrive. It is because this type of entrepreneur see everything objectively. They use their logic more instead of pride. They know the priority of the business and when they make mistakes, they are acknowledge it and do something to fix it before it goes further. This is a great way to prevent from further problems that can cause unsolved situation to the business. 

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Keep your emotion in check

Getting emotionally invested can give negative impact to your business especially when it comes to making decision. Therefore, emotion should not play a big role. What you can rely on when it comes to decision making for your business is facts data. They are not always right but they are more reliable. They can help you make the right decision objectively without any emotional feeling involved. This can help you and your business move forward. Failures are painful but what’s even worse is make the same mistake just because you are not too prideful to accept the reality and move on. 

Meeting The Expectation Of Customers

To have a successful business, there are many things you should pay attention to. It is not only about creating high quality product or service. It is also about how to deliver customer service that make your customer happy and satisfied. Not to mention that today’s customers set their expectation high. Therefore, there are many areas you have to improve including speed, transparency, efficiency, the availability and reliability of the channels, open communication, reliable service professionals, etc. 

Facing today’s customers’ expectation

The increased of expectation of today’s customers happens for a reason. Over time, we thrown various customer service improvements at them. It has led them to set their expectation higher and higher. In return, you may get overwhelmed with the standard of satisfying customer service today. However, it is not impossible to meet their expectation if you do it right. 

The very first thing you have to improve on your customer service is the speed. In the past, customers will be satisfied to know that they would get response within 24 hours. Today, it is not enough. It is considered too slow for customers. They demand immediate response as soon as possible. They expect to receive feedback at least within less than few hours. Therefore, you need to improve your speed in responding to your customer. 

Next thing you can improve is the method of service that your customer might prefer more. There are times when your customers don’t have really much time to wait for your response or help. They need immediate solution and action for their issue. To deal with this, you can provide more self-service feature on your business such as implementing this feature on your website. Thus, customers who are in a hurry can make their own solution. 

You can also improve the style of your customer service. Every brand or business may have their own style in delivering customer service. You can improve your own. Instead of delivering stiff customer service by too formal language or communication, you can make it more casual and enjoyable. Thus, you can face your customers in a more friendly setting that makes them comfortable interacting with you. 

In delivering customer service, it is better to avoid any insinuation of rejection. Customers today don’t really fancy a ‘no’. they want to hear you saying ‘yes’. Of course, it is not easy to say yes or agree with your customers all the time. However, you can use different approach so they don’t feel any rejection. This is good to soften the blow. You can offer reasonable alternatives instead of saying ‘no’ immediately. 

The next thing you can improve customer service team. Give them learning opportunities to upgrade their skills so they stay up to dated with today’s customers’ expectation. Give them a chance to get a proper training so they can perform better in delivering satisfying customer service while maintaining your brand reputation. 

Bali Villas for Rent Tips: Proper Ways to Handle the Landlord

Renting a villa becomes more popular than buying it not only for the locals but also for foreigners. The reason is that the process is easier and less complicated since you do not fully own the property. But not every villa is easy to rent, sometimes the landlord can give you a hard time and be difficult. So try to be careful before deciding which Bali villas for rent is best for you.

Bali villas for rent is the best accommodation for short and long stay

The Landlord in Bali Villas for Rent

The landlord of the property holds the authority when it comes to anything that will happen to it. They can decide what to do with the tenant’s misbehavior, whether it’s accidental or on purpose. Most of the landlords will treat you nicely as long as you are following the rules. But there are some who just wanted to make their tenant’s life more difficult.

Don’t break the rules. This would be the basic idea of not getting into your landlord’s nerve. The agreement that you made before you rent the villas is there to accept. Try to be a good-natured tenant by not doing anything that may damage the property or tainting both you and your landlord’s reputation.

Maintain a good relationship. The landlord might have authority over you, but that doesn’t mean that you should distance yourself from them. Every time you submit your payment try to engage in a nice conversation or occasionally pay them a visit. This gesture sure can make your landlord’s perception of you to be positive and can break the tension between you two.

Share your problems honestly. Sometimes you will find a problem regarding your villa rental, it can be a delayed payment or just simply want to make a change in the property. In this case, you should be perfectly honest about it and consult your landlord. A reasonable landlord should understand your situation and both of you can find a solution together.

Send a gift. Besides being communicative with your landlord to maintain a relationship, you can also send a small gift like a cake or trinkets when you are back from a vacation or hometown. Some of the nice landlords also occasionally share their extra food to the tenant, so consider it as a nice payback.

Make a documentation. This means you should try to get a picture when something happened in the property or remember the details of the discussion with your landlord previously so you can bring it as proof for complaint purposes. Not saying every landlord is going to go that far, but some might be a little difficult to handle so it’s better to take a precaution.

A relationship between the landlord and the tenant can be complicated. A healthy relationship can lead to a good outcome and create a mutual understanding of both parties. But an unhealthy relationship will make a toxic outcome which usually makes the landlord evicting you before the leasing ends. Make sure you keep this in mind before looking for Bali villas for rent.

The Benefits of Mentors for Your Business

Running your own business allows you to build your own empire in your own way. However, obstacle and challenges are o be expected. In fact, they also play significant role to the growth of your business. You might see them as obstacles but you will see how your business survive through all of them and grow wonderfully. Thus, challenges and obstacles are your stepping stones to reach success. There are many ways in which you can achieve success in business. One of them is having a mentor beside you.

Mentors for your business growth

There are many types of mentorship you can pursuit. You can have a traditional mentor. It is someone who has more experiences than you. You also seek them for insights. They don’t usually older than you but their experiences speak show. They are full of knowledge and experiences which can make them give you helpful insights. 

There are also peer mentors. They are those who are grinding their way alongside within your industry. They are not your enemy or competitors. They are valuable people you should cherish. They are going through various obstacles just like you do. You can share various thoughts and opinions. Not to mention you can share each other knowledge. Lots of businesses and entrepreneurs alike find benefits from having peer mentorship. Thus, you might need it as well to help grow your business even better.

Business can be a tough world where you are constantly on your guard. However, you should also remember that it is fine to receive help. You don’t have to build everything with your own hands. You can seek for help when necessary. Running business requires logic and strategic thinking not a prideful ego. When you need support, ask for it. However, don’t forget to also open to support. 

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It is understandable for those who are in business industry feel a bit hesitant to ask for help even if it is from professional mentorship. Aside from the pride, the worry of being judged by others is one of the problems. It is easy to feel like others are waiting for you to make mistakes. However, remember that it is all in your head. Even if it is true that you have people waiting for your downfall, you can focus on something else instead. This way, you won’t get drowned in self-doubt and misery. You will focus more on how to thrive your business. 

Mentorship can help you overcome self-doubt because you can talk to someone who has experienced it before. They know how to overcome it by giving you some insight. There are many things you will learn from mentorship and maybe more than what you get from reading books. It is because receiving help from mentors give you a feeling of realness. You believe them because they had gone through so many things in the industry or currently are. Your senior mentors or peer mentors are valuable assets for you to grow your business smoothly.