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Tips For Working Parents To Stay Focus During Remote Work

Tips For Working Parents To Stay Focus During Remote Work

Working from home is not as pleasant as it seems. In fact, lots of people find it more stressful to work from remotely because it is difficult to adjust to new environment. Home is like a safe place for everyone when they can feel relaxed after work. With the situation following the pandemic, people are required to work from home. For some people, it can be more challenging because they have to set the boundaries between personal and professional matter. For working parents, it is even more challenging.

Giving your works and kids the attention they need

Giving attention to your kids and work at the same time is not so easy. Both deserve attention because they are important. In addition, there are more distractions at home, different from when you work at the office. It is easier to lose your focus. Here are some tips to stay focus for working parents during remote work.

Remove unnecessary external distraction

Running business while taking care of family in this situation can be tough because many things to be kept on track. Therefore, removing unnecessary external distractions can help a lot to maintain your focus. External distractions are many such as phone calls, text messages, group chat, social media, etc. 

Leave phone off

It is highly recommended to leave your phone off during your work hours at home. This way, your mind won’t be scattered here and there. If you worry that your team members or clients will need you, make sure to let them know beforehand where and when you can be available in the day. Or, open emergency line in which people can reach you out for urgent matters. Hence, they won’t just spam you with unimportant matters. 

Designated workspace

Designated workspace

Create workspace to keep you on track doing your responsibilities. If you have spare room, you can turn it into a workspace so your mind will be able to more focus while working. If you don’t really have any spare room, create a space that can make your mind think it is a place to finish your work. If you work in random places such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, it will be harder to stay focus. 

Scheduling with partner

If you have partner, you can set a schedule that work for both of you. So you can take turn taking care of your kids. If your kids are old enough, you can give them some tasks to finish. For example, ask them to finish their homework or attend their online study, and so on. Just make sure that you check on them from time to time to ensure they are fine on their own. 

Establish good communication with your family

If you have family who can understand and support you, discuss the matter properly. Find the best solution for everyone so you can stay focus with your work without neglecting your family. This can be very challenging especially in the beginning of the transition of working at office building to remote work from home.

Advantages of Joining the Real Estate Investment Club

Investing in real estate is a way that people do to earn a lot of money, the investment is made for the future so that we have the right plan in the future. When you run a real estate business, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. It is even better that you seek them out so that you can make significant progress for your business.

Real Estate Investment

There are many ways to optimize your real estate business. One of the most basic strategies is to join a local real estate investment club. This type of club provides networking and educational opportunities. Even if you are not a big proponent of socializing, this is a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of your business.

Helps You to Have a New Concept

Joining the club means that you must devote your time to attending the meeting. This may be one or more monthly meetings. It’s common to wonder if this commitment is worthwhile for your business. 

Networking is Deep!

The first advantage is of course networking. It is one of the most important growth factors for businesses, including real estate. Without networking, you are less likely to gain leads. When you attend the monthly meeting of the local real estate club, you have the opportunity to meet important people for your networking, such as lawyers, local investors, entrepreneurs, a real estate broker, etc. This type of opportunity is not found by chance.

The Education Sector is Touching

As mentioned earlier, this type of club offers you an educational opportunity. In most meetings, educational speakers will likely share information that will be useful in growing your business. There will be an important topic to discuss throughout the meeting that you may not find elsewhere. This is an opportunity for you to have a better discussion with others. Having a conversation in this type of club will make sense because you can learn a thing or two. Each time you attend the meeting, you will have new knowledge to learn.

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In a More Practical Way

The local real estate investment club is the ideal place to learn how to apply in a practical rather than theoretical way. There will be information shared here and there while making conversation. This can be good news or bad news. Either way, it will be useful to you because you will then know what the real world of real estate is like. You will hear stories from fellow investors and gather valuable information. Learning from experience will help you grow your business. Remember that you will meet important people at a local real estate investment club meeting. It opens up more opportunities to get leads for potential offers. This may not happen at a meeting.

Planning The Way You Spend Hours To Work

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t make you sit all day long and receive money like you grow the tree. In fact, it is often that entrepreneurs feel like they need the 25th hour in a day so they get to finish more of their work. They feel like they don’t even have time to eat and sleep properly. So many things to handle when it comes to running a business regardless its size. However, there is always a solution for every problem. Time management can help a lot in organizing and planning the way you spend your time for working. 

Tired Working

Prioritizing the way you spend the hours

With so many tasks at hand, it seems impossible to finish them all in one go. Also, you still need to do other things outside of your business world such as socializing, taking care of your family, and more. Therefore, the best way to do is to prioritize what matters the most and remove unnecessary tasks that distract you from working productively instead. Choose the tasks that help you to reach your business goals. 

The process of prioritizing or choosing the ones that matters can be daunting and challenging at first. Identify then remove low-value operations. It can be hard to identify and admit the tasks categorized int low-value operations. Sometimes, those low-value tasks are the ones that comforting to do for you. However, you have to be more honest with yourself. If the operations don’t give any return on your investment then reconsider them. 

One of the most common examples of low-value operations is spending your time on social media where you don’t even have followers or prospective customers and no engagement with your post. Therefore, it is time for you to take a step back and start reconsidering everything you do in a day. Choose operations that deliver value to your entrepreneurial efforts. 

After identifying low-value operations, you can start making decision whether to drop, delegate, or redesign. If the task never truly helps your business to grow, you can simply drop it. If the task still drives value to your business but you don’t really have the skills or time to make it happen then delegate it. Choose somebody else you can trust to handle the tasks. 

You can also opt to redesign the task by finding more effective and efficient way to accomplish it. You may consider using a more advanced tools so it can be automated and you have more time to do other things that matter more. By focusing on tasks that truly matters, you are in more control over how to run your business. 

Prioritizing what matters will also help you to develop your decisiveness. You won’t feel like you run out of time. You will able to get your projects done even with more satisfying results. It can help you to value yourself and your efforts as well. You know how to accomplish the task without jeopardizing your own well-being.

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Improving Virtual Interactions To Improve Customer Experiences

Improving Virtual Interactions To Improve Customer Experiences

Virtual interactions have been increased significantly after the global pandemic hit this year. Everyone is forced to work from home, hold online conference, study online, and more. Virtual interaction in business industry is no exception. It is not only interaction between leaders and team members but also between brands and customers. Virtual customer service or self-serve customer service is getting increased now since it is considered the most available and safest way to keep the connection. However, virtual interaction is not always smooth in providing excellent customer service. Hence, it is essential to make some improvements. 

How to improve customer service through virtual interactions

Using technology to automate elements of customer service and experience is actually not something new in business industry. There have been some businesses that have been doing so even before the pandemic broke. Today, many brands have started to adapt to the situation so they implement virtual customer service. 

Keeping up the integrity of your business

How to improve customer service through virtual interactions

The implementations of virtual customer service has shown success in different industries. It is how technology is supposed to do. It is created to innovate and revolutionize. Hence, it is such a great idea to use technology t o automate and improve customer experience. It can helps to keep your brand’s integrity in the eyes of your customers. 

Remember that not everything can be automated

However, there are also things you can do to improve your virtual interactions to improve customer experience. First thing first, it is important to keep in mind that not everything can be automated. Even if you used the most advanced technology as a way to serve your customer, you still need human touch to implement it successfully. Automation won’t be able to deliver genuine empathy the way your staffs do. Therefore, it is a must to remind your team members that the use of automation is not to replace them but to help improve their performances. 

Train the staffs 

Train the staffs

Then, it is also important to train your staffs and team members how to interpret the output of virtual interactions. Therefore, it will be easier for them to understand the situation. It allows them to take necessary actions and know when to do the intervention and follow-up. 

Listen to inputs from the staffs

It is not only the staffs that need to be aware that the virtual interactions are only extensions of the real-world relationship with customers, but the leaders should know it as well. Therefore, it is important for leaders to listen to the input given by their staffs. Therefore, it can help the process of decision making. If the recommendations from the staffs are not to be implemented, leaders should give proper and reasonable explanation by making such decision. 

Gain data for customer’s personalisation

To improve customer experience through virtual interactions, make sure you gain data to help you personalize customer communication and content. You can personalize your customers shopping experience for example by giving them relevant recommendations to their unique needs. Then, make sure to provide multiple ways for your customers to reach and interact with you. So you won’t ghost your customers and maintain the virtual interactions just fine. 

Making Permanent Decision For Your Business During Pandemic

The year of 2020 has been one of the most challenging times ever. It has brought the strangest situation that we have never experienced before. It is set to continue because it is still going on even though some places have shown progress. Due to the pandemic, we are forced to work and study from home, cancel travel plan and close business. For those who are running business, making big life decision during this tough time is challenging. 

Business Decision

Making long-term decision during pandemic

Making big life or long-term decision during tough time like now seems impossible because we don’t really know what will happen to the future. Besides, big life decision is not something you can make spontaneously. This situation will surely end but no one knows when. Hence, making long-term decision can be difficult. 

Many experts suggest entrepreneurs to wait before making big life decisions. It is important to make plans where you can get your business settled and aim for security in every aspect. The future is uncertain so going for more settled plan is necessary. Some entrepreneurs have more tendency to explore instead of settle. They tend to change their routine regularly pr search for challenge that can potentially boost their business. They are not afraid of taking risks if they think the reward is worth it. 

With the situation now, exploring is considered too risky because instead of solving problems or boosting your sales, you might end up suffering more severe loss. What we can learn from the situation due to the covid-19 is to not make permanent decision based on temporary situation. This weird year will surely pass. There will come the time when everything gets better. Even if the things we experienced before pandemic will not come back, we have to believe that the situation will get better. 

Making decision is part of running business. Everyday you have to make decision so everything can run smoothly. However, making big life decision with permanent impact is not wise to do during tough time like this. It will only shut off your future freedom. It is important to think fast and respond quickly when situation happens. However, it aims to adapt with the situation so you don’t get affected too badly. Meanwhile, making permanent or long-term decision on a whim means putting your business to be impacted negatively in the future. 

Being able to adapt and staying nimble are critical for dealing with the unexpected. Instead of locking your business down into permanent decision, it is best to mind map possibilities. Thus, you can truly think of the best things you can do for your business in the future after the pandemic ends. Then, you can plan them out. Try to questions as many as possible so you know what to expect of the uncertainty of the situation in the future. You can plan for the short-terms decisions to make the best of the temporary situations without leading to irreversible changes for your business.

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Villa Jimbaran Bali – Ultimate Moving Guide

Shifting and moving abroad to Villa Jimbaran Bali might be some story of our life. Each one of us must be thinking about moving to this unit properly. It usually occurs for various plan and purpose that comes with different reasons.

Villa Jimbaran Bali

Sometimes, it’s because we want to go on a new residence and adventure. At other times, it is due to business and future reasons. Meanwhile, its still necessary a worthy process with long-term effect for our business or family. Even if we arent the ones who moving out, we might find our friends doing it instead.

Let’s go a step forward and cover most of the things on moving to Villa Jimbaran Bali. After all, moving to a brand new region should feel like an exciting and compelling activity. With no further ado, let’s discuss the moving guide on Bali Villas:

Legal Documentation

Paperwork is essential aspect that we forget on the front. But at the back, theres a lot activity is going on legal paperwork. The fact is your moving activity has a relative effect, and most of the items need a legal process. In addition, legal process could be determine as the permit for vehicles and transport.

Villa Jimbaran Bali

The driver know that they need to pass a certain checkpoints and transits. So, they will need to carry any permits related to it. Otherwise, if you select professional company to help you moving out, mostly all the legal have been settled by them. That’s more likely because they aware of protocol and region rules about that.

Planning for Safety 

Safety is an aspect that every Villa Bali Jimbaran realtor deals with ahead their beginning task. With no adherence to safety, no realtors could serve its objectives and mission to you. So beforehand, they will manage and discuss on how to develop ways for the best safety. It also depends on what kind of stuff you are moving to the villa unit. Since moving stuff could be tricky and involve fragile sticker, they need take care properly.

Make sure the services used additional cartons and boxes to deliver your stuff with no damage. A competent services should have taken care their client stuff properly and knows how to deliver the moving out stuff in safe.

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Arrangements in Villa Jimbaran Bali

The company service would not just deliver the stuff and leave the location. Instead, they will wait your instructions and help with arrangements. It usually depends on the moving out agreement, if so they will help and carry the items to the guided place.

Its better to have a well planned map, where you and the service could follow to settle the arrangements. With this, you will not waste a lot of time figuring on how to re-decorate your Villa Jimbaran Bali.

Modern Villa Jimbaran Bali for Moving Out

Whenever you would move to brand new place, you need to make sure the place could fit your previous home furniture and items. For instance, you would consider this exceptional villa in Jimbaran as your solution.

Villa Jimbaran Bali

This gorgeous multi-level real estate is for leasehold located in Bukit region. Greatly featuring 3 en-suite bedrooms with inside bathrooms each. Provide with swimming pool, great living dining area, modest style kitchen, air conditioning and hot water.

This villa is a unique kind in this area with its original concept and interior. It is un-furnished and provide with spacious room which gives the opportunity to re-decorate and moving out the item easily. Enquire this Villa Jimbaran Bali with maximum luxury and comfort in each of its corner.

Improve Your Business By Improving Yourself

Many people dream to be rich and successful but they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. If you are on of those type of people then you can say bye to success. There are many successful entrepreneurs out there you see as a person to look up to. However, it is best to not only see the superficial aspects such as how much money they have or how many assets they own. Instead, you can see them as your motivation to be just as if not more successful. By doing so, you have to be eager to improve yourself even if you have to be out of your comfort zone. 

Improve Business

Investing in yourself to build profitable business

Money is important thing you need to run a business. However, it is not only about how much you have but also about where to spend it. The key to improving business is to improving yourself. You can invest in time and money into growing yourself. This way, you have more opportunities to make a profit of your business. 

Your ability to make more money from your business is often influenced by your own mindset of pricing and value. Having beliefs about what people are willing to pay that you are not aware of is often what limits you from success. Overcoming this mindset is a must to reach the profit you aim. To know the perspective of the customers, you should put yourself in their shoes. It is important to create the point where price and value meet.

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To grow your business you have to try growing yourself. However, what kind of growing does that even mean? In this context, growing means outgrowing your own comfort zone. You may have receive or read various business hacks, tips, or tricks to boost your business. You can actually make it work if you implement them correctly. The problem is, you don’t feel comfortable to implement them because it is not your comfort zone. If it is like that, then you will stay stagnant. 

When growing yourself, remember that nobody can stop you. Only you can do so. Hence, limiting yourself into some beliefs that won’t make you even feel or do better will only make success far from your reach. Growing yourself is the main key to grow business successfully. It is indeed not easy to feel brave or confident enough to try new things outside your comfort zone. However, even if you make mistakes by doing so, there are things you can learn from to improve yourself. Hence, you can always do better in the future. 

Running a business to be successful and profitable doesn’t happen overnight. If you are willing to grow, more opportunities will come to grow your business. Therefore, it is time to redefine your understanding of growing business and yourself. It is a good starter to reevaluate your value and objectives by building the business. Therefore, you can make plans to achieve goals and objectives successfully. 

Private Villa Bali – A Necessity For Invest and Vacation

Private Villa Bali is an extraordinary Island cover in luxurious villas and property in every corner. Its tropical weather experience all year long with minimum conditions of 25c in each sunny days. This tropical vibes gives a great sense and place to own the unit in any occasion and planning.

Private Villa Bali

In fact Bali often referred as the last paradise island, as its weather and vibes are enormous for daily holiday. Probably this caused on why theres many stakeholder enter the market and buying private villa bali. Whether mostly they are settling to live in the unit or retire by the paradise vibes in Bali.

Therefore if you interested in the notion of going for a vacation, staying in bali villas might be the necessity to your plan.

Private Villa Bali In A Glance

The bali territory has been popular since and it affect the cost and value of its villa or property. It is believe that the number are keep rising year on year. Thus, align with the uprising of tourism and hospitality rate. This support the issue that several property players in bali decide to enter the market now before they miss the opportunity.

Private Villa Bali

Regardless of this quick increasement in sales, the private villa bali prices still shows a good value of price rather than other unit. In fact rates of villa and property in bali have recently trend upwards quicker. This trends are quicker than other comparable areas in Indonesia, especially the type of bali real estate.

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What Customer Seek in The Industry

Various potential private villa customers are benefit by Bali’s identity as the one of favourite tourism in the world. The get thrilled by how the market is shifting upwards in fact theres still a lot of space for development. Especially in property industry, in which they can explore, buy or rent and add it to their investment portfolio.

Other than that, owning a luxury and amazing villa will be an amazing life experience for the customer. This adds the image of glamour to the customer daily life, social status and further the sustainable business in the future.

Exotic Private Villa Bali For Your Desire

Private villa might be the best option to gateway from your real life and enjoy the bit of your vacation. So while picking a unit, make sure you find the very suitable option to match your desire. For instance like this decent private villa which located inside a resort in Ubud.

Private Villa Bali | Bathroom

Several units are available with 2 lux bedroom equipped with finest quality. Moreover, this villa is enclosed in a resort which comes with lots of benefit and perks. These benefit include swimming pool, living room, mini bar, dining room, bon fire facility, spacious garden, gazebo, jacuzzi, restaurant and spa. Theres a lot of perks provided in this private villa bali specially for you. Enquire this unit now with under price value and a maximum benefit.

Build The Most Successful Brand For Your Business

Brand is that one important element for your business to start growing. A brand is the representation of you and your business. It also should state why your business is different from your competitor. Thus, brand is more than just a name. It is something that helps you connect with your customers especially on emotional level. Through your brand, you can make the impression to help customers decide whether it is worth it or not to do the business with you.

Building a strong brand

Entrepreneurs face many types of challenges and one of them is building a strong and successful brand. In brand-building, many choose storytelling and visuals as the most important aspects to highlight. However, it will be more powerful if your brand is the extension of your personalized goals and outcomes you want to achieve. It makes your brand more meaningful as well. 

business brand
Photo by STIL

Of course, colors and fonts need to be chosen carefully. However, it is not more important than picturing your big-goals. Your own goal is what makes you different from your competitors. Remember that money is not the ultimate goal in entrepreneurship. There must be unique reasons that makes you decide specific business to build. It can help you create and shape your brand. You may have your own service and benefits to offers to people as your goal or reasons. And it can be your powerful foundation in building your brand. 

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In branding, keep in mind that first impression is something big. We often see people on how they dress when meeting for the first time. It is also important for brand to have strong powerful first impression. However, it is deeper than just the visuals. Branding is also about how you operate your work from day to day basis as well as what goals you are trying to achieve. A brand is meant to guide you make decision to achieve business outcomes as well. 

A meaningful and powerful brand also helps you to stay focus and on track when you need to know how you do your business. Entrepreneurs should aware that sometimes changes are needed. Branding is not supposed to be a thing that holds you down from making good changes for your business. Branding with outcome-oriented approach is important because it can affect how you define success for yourself. Different people may define success differently. 

Doing business is not easy but you can do many things to make it successful. Branding is not a one-time thing to build. It is something you need to keep building as you grow your business. It is more than a name or any visual representation. It is about how you approach your work, how you achieve your business outcomes, and how you make your customers happy. It is essential to know what you really want from your business. With outcome-oriented branding, it will be easier to align your goals with message and positioning as a smart entrepreneur. Thus, you won’t see success as something that is unachievable anymore. 

Private Villa Bali – Know How to Value it

Private villa bali are ranging in various value point. There are numerous indication that makes the valuation either go up and slide down. If you ever in position to sell your current house or villa, you’ll always know how to value it directly. Either way, its important for you to do the same while posing as a buyer.

private villa bali

Every property agent often sell their private villa in its maximum value. Sometimes buyer are overwhelm by the value itself when they negotiating with the agent. If you currently dont comprehend the market value of property, you might spend a costly purchase.

So here are few aspect you should look out to value Private Villa Bali:

Area Price Index

Bali are popular for its tourism and attraction sites, moreover these sites isnt just located in one area. The attraction are widely spread over the corner areas of Bali. This what makes every area in Bali have their own characteristic and unique points. Often these factor is use to indicate the valuation of the Private villa bali in certain area.

private villa bali

Area price index is one of the major factor which can bounce the selling price in which the villa unit is situated in. Usually the price index is dynamically changing in various area, so you need to be keep updated before you need it.

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Local Amenities

Slightly similar with the area price index, local amenities is the factor that could complete the valuation factor. Local amenities mostly cover the aspect in which the villa is close to nearby facility. This local amenities could affect the final selling price by a mile. Some of the local amenities are shopping malls, school, hospitals, entertainment park, etc.

Private Villa Bali which accessible to these facility will have a great valuation in the market. Furthermore, it is without a doubt that property in crowded place will be more pricey than the ones in secluded area. Its important for you to observe the nearest local amenities or facility of the property to help you decide its valuation.

Exterior & Interior Design

One thing that mostly get our attention while observing a private villa bali are the exterior and interior design. People tend to value the well-maintained, tidy and clean interior rather than the abstract and messy ones. You might negotiate the villa price based on any exterior and interior that doesnt seems normal to you.

private villa bali

Furthermore, you might find an undervalued villa which have a unique character in its exterior and interior. This could be an opportunity for you to purchase it with the best deal.


An extra space in private villa might be a potential for future plan. This might suit your long term plan if you seek for future renovation or any particular space can be extended. Moreover, these space can be upgrade with other facility and eventually rose the value. Often this factor is also used to determine the price value of a villa. As a buyer, usually they are willing to spend more to get this benefit and utilize it based on their demand