Benefits Of Providing Health Initiatives For Your Business Team

Productivity is often viewed as vital element in business. Entrepreneurs and business leaders often see productivity as one of the most critical quality to possess. They hire people who can provide great productivity to help their business grow positively. Most of employees also view hard work as important quality to make them more valuable for their employer or leader. The productivity plays significant role for increasing business outputs. However, there are more to productivity. It is more than just about forcing your employees or team members to work hard and forget about taking care of their own health. 

Health initiatives and successful business

Keep in mind that when you burden your team members with various tasks without paying attention to their own health can lead to more serious problems. Too much multitasking can lead to fatigue and procrastination which hold your team members from being productive at all. 

Therefore, it is highly suggested for business leaders to start paying more attention to their employee’s physical and mental well-being. You can do it by providing health initiative through various programs. The greatest benefit you can get from providing health initiative is the increasing productivity of your employees or team members. When the body is given proper input, it will be able to produce maximum outputs. 

The main goals for the health initiative are to encourage your employees and team members to have proper diet, develop daily routines and electronics, as well as taking necessary supplements. Today, there has been popular health initiative called biohacking. It is a program to encourage small diet or lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being. Biohacking aims for better performance from body and mind. Lots of business leaders apply this culture to their workplace to encourage their employees and team members. There has been reports showing significant improvement of productivity and performance after applying this program. You can also make this program into your company culture and see what happens later. 

Another health initiative you can provide for your team members or employees is sleeping. You can imagine how much sleep your employees or team members have on daily basis. Sleep-deprived is one of the most common cause for cognitive decline as well as poor performance. Lack of sleep can make you lose focus easily. Do not encourage your employees to have little to no sleep. Instead, encourage your team members and employees to make quality sleep as their priority as well. You can try implementing flexible schedule that allows them to have power naps at work. Making power napping as part of your company’s daily routine will help boost their energy. 

You can also provide health initiative by giving them training or education about the importance of healthy and well-balanced diet. An optimal diet will help gain mental clarity as well as boost productivity at work. You can invite professional nutritionists to come to your office and let him/her talk to your employees or team members about how to implement better dietary habits and make it into their daily routines. 

What To Do Around Villa Nusa Dua Bali?

Who doesn’t know the Nusa Dua Bali area? A prestigious location where many important events are held. As a high-class district in Bali, don’t be surprised if it’s easy to find international standard hotels, resorts, and villas. There are many well-maintained and managed by resorts, hotels or villa Nusa Dua Bali. In fact, the Nusa Dua area is a different world from most of Bali.

cozy nusa dua villa with a private swimming pool to enjoy a quiet holiday

Villa Nusa Dua Bali, Prestigious and Relaxing Vacation Accommodation

This is a fact, many travelers stay at Nusa Dua for a relaxing vacation, spend time to swim, enjoy the beautiful beaches with white sand. There are many unique Nusa Dua cultural activities for you to enjoy. But it’s not uncommon for travelers to avoid it and stay in the accommodation area.

The best thing to do around Villa Nusa Dua Bali :

Camel Ride

You will usually find camels in the Middle East area. This is why the Nusa Dua area is a prestigious area for the upper classes. You can find camel riding and walk along the beach. To be able to enjoy it, you must go to the beach area behind the Nikko hotel and enjoy the view on the water, while the camels walk together. Don’t worry, you can go to the beach area behind the hotel freely without paying an entrance ticket. Don’t forget, keep the beach clean!

Camel rider around villa nusa dua Bali

Water Sport Activity

If you are a lover of water sports, then you should try it while staying at villa Nusa Dua Bali. The sport that is currently in great demand is skateboards, where you have to tie a pair of boots that are attached to a skateboard. It also has a motor with a water pump attached. When the water pressure is high enough, then you will be pushed high enough into the air as if you are flying over water. Don’t worry, this extreme activity has guidance from an instructor who makes sure you go around safely to enjoy the sea while staying in the Nusa Dua area. If you want other water activities you can make a reservation to try to enjoy diving.

The Surf & Turf Surf Rider

The Surf & Turf Surf Rider while you stay in villa nusa dua bali

You will find Camel in Nusa Dua, and you can find surf & turf surf rider. Artificial streams that emit bursts of water form artificial waves for visitors using surfboards or boards to try to drive a current. You are a beginner surfer? Don’t worry, there will be an instructor’s guidance to train you to beat the tide.

Pirate Bay

Pirate bay Nusa Dua is one of those that you must visit. A pirate-themed restaurant with lots of trees around it as if you were landing along with a bunch of pirates. You can find pirated huts, and even use pirate costumes to better enjoy the atmosphere. There are many other tourist destinations that you can enjoy when deciding to stay at villa Nusa Dua Bali.

Investment Seeking Tips for Women

Lots of people said that entrepreneurship is for everyone regardless of age and gender. However, the reality is often harsher. Lots of women entrepreneurs experience discrimination or unfair treatments even if it is minor. Female entrepreneurs often experienced judgmental people who seem them as less competent than their male peers. Gender gap still exist even in business industry. Seeking investment is probably one of the toughest things women entrepreneurs should face. Investors see them as unconvincing so they decide to not give them opportunity. 

Investment Seeking Tips for Women

Women entrepreneurs and investment seeking 

Facing investors especially those who are judgemental to women is so challenging. It is required more than courage to face it. Not to mention that most investors are male. There are many factors that can make seeking investment more difficult to do. It is ten times harder when you are faced with investors full of ulterior motives. However, women entrepreneurs still can seek investments successfully to fund their business. 


One of the most important elements you should always have during your investment seeking is clarity. It is wonderful when you can back up your business vision against those who string you. It will make you easier to decide and even say no especially to those you don’t event want to involve. 

Investment pitching

Investment Seeking Tips for Women

Investment pitching needs calculative and strategic plans. During your investment seeking, make sure to guard your time and energy. You have to learn how to set the tone right. You also should know how to establish clear timeline. Remember that people will string you with so many distractions that you forget your due diligence. Thus, make sure to not waste your time and stick to your established timeline. 

Data and metrics

Always be ready to back up yourself with data and metrics. Gather them as much as possible so you have facts that support you. Sometimes investors are there to find the gaps you have and make it your weakness to show your points. Therefore, having data and metrics as your backup will help you close any possible gaps. You will be able to show your points supported by relatable and reliable data. 

Preparation for Pitching

Pitching for investment cannot be done spontaneously without any preparation. Just imagine it as a long battle. You need to have long and thorough preparation to win. You should dig more information about the potential investors. Who they are and what risks they carry. You should find reasons why they would be interested to invest in your business. Find out more what can make them believe in your business vision. 

Network and connections

Network and connections are also important elements you should have as your weapon to pitch for successful investment. You need referrals as much as you can before facing the battle of seeking investment. If you feel like lost and don’t know what to do, do not hesitate to seek help from the expert. This way, you will be able to refine your pitch and presentation. Instead of doing everything on your own, you can pitch for successful investment together with your team. 

How to Give Feedback To Your Team Not Criticism

Running your own business doesn’t mean you do everything on your own. To reach the success you have been dreamed of, you have to work together with trusted, solid team. They are the ones who can help you achieve your goals. It is challenging to build a team you can rely on anytime. Building a successful team to run your business together is not impossible to reach. It takes time but not impossible to do. One of the most important aspects in building a great team is open communication. Within, you should know how to give feedback for your team members so you can encourage them to grow and become better. 

How to Give Feedback To Your Team Not Criticism

Giving feedback not criticism for your team members

Your team members are important people in your business. They have skills and knowledge you need to keep your business running. However, they are also human who still have feelings. Negative working environment can affect their productivity and work ethic. Giving feedback is one of the many traits you should have as a leader. However, sometimes feedback is often mistaken as criticism. 

Rarely lead to positive view

Why criticism is not good for your team? Criticism rarely end up in positive view. It is rarely productive and often resulted in negative feelings. Meanwhile, feedback is more appreciated, objective, and heard. Feedback often end up in encouraging the others to become better without offending them. Therefore, you should start a habit of giving feedback in your working environment. Your team members will appreciate them more.

Criticism often focus on what we don’t want

How to Give Feedback To Your Team Not Criticism

The characteristic of feedback is to focus on what we do want. Meanwhile, criticism often focus on what we don’t want. You can state what you really want objectively and clearly instead of saying what you don’t want from your team members. By stating what you want clearly, they know what they have to fix or improve. This is more encouraging because they won’t feel like you are judging them. 

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Feedback is more focused on the future

The difference between feedback and criticism is that feedback is more focused on the future. Meanwhile, criticism is often too focused on the past. You don’t have to keep reminding your team members of their mistakes. Instead, you can tell them things they can do next time to be better. Your team members already know they make mistakes when you point them out. However, you should move forward and give suggestion of what they can do next time to avoid the same mistakes. 

Feedback help build up strength

Giving feedback means you help build up strength of your team members. If you give them criticism, you will only focus on their weaknesses. Your feedback will help your team members to connect with their capacities, potential, and strength. Therefore, they can improve for the future. Instead of pointing out of your team member’s weakness, focus on encouraging them to do what they are best at. This can help them reach full potential of themselves. When you give feedback instead of criticism, it will inspire your team member instead of deflate their spirit.

Building Personal Connection In Leading Your Team To Success

Leadership is easier said than done. There are so many theories about how to be a good leader when running your own company. However, they don’t always fit with your situation or circumstances. Not to mention that you might lead a team consisted of diverse members. Therefore, it is important to learn the principles of leadership and how to practice good leadership. There are many perspectives and approach people use when they lead their team. Some focus on single-oriented leadership and the others focus on collaborative approaches. 

Building Personal Connection In Leading Your Team To Success

How to apply good leadership when running your own business

Running your own business means you are not responsible to the funds only. You are also responsible for everyone working in your team. They are key people to help you reach your business goals. However, making every member united flawlessly is not easy. This is how your leadership is tested.

Difference between a boss and leader

There are many entrepreneurs who lead by acting like a boss when they just direct or give command to their subordinates. Some leaders even take the role as a boss so seriously that they act like a god. Some of them won’t admit when they make mistakes just because they don’t want to show weakness in front of their subordinates. Therefor, this kind of leadership is not always working. In fact, there are other strategies or approaches that more effective.

How to apply good leadership when running your own business

It’s not a military leadership

The way people apply leadership in military is different from business. However, it doesn’t mean there are no things you can learn or adopt from that. Every leadership strategy has its own strength and weakness. Thus, you can take positive approaches that result effectively for leading a team in your business. Instead of just barking commands and shouting your members, it is highly suggested to lead by building emotional connection. It is more effective than a fist pounding. Building emotional connection with the people you work with will result in positive outcomes to your business in general.

Connect personally with your team

Emotional or personal connection can help you lead during the hardest times. Your members will be easier to lead when things are going well. However, your leadership will be tested during the hard times. There are many crisis in the team you should handle. However, emotional connection you have managed to build with your team will ensure their loyalty, perseverance, and cooperation. Thus, the bond is unbreakable even during hard times. 

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Show your care and affection

Another good way to apply good leadership is by not afraid in showing your care and affection to your team. You don’t have to hide your love and devotion for your team. To show them those qualities, allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. Keep in mind that the purpose of building a team is to create successful outcomes. Beyond that, it can be the thing that gives meaning and purpose in your lives. The relationship between you and your team will be more meaningful when it is built from deep, emotional connection. Not to mention that it will last longer. 

Special Traits To Be Successful Leader in Business

Deciding to be involved in a business industry can be daunting. However, business world is not for the weak. It is for those who have strong mind and passion to success. It is not easy as it sounds because hardworking is not the only quality an entrepreneur must have. There are also other qualities and traits you should possess in order to not only become the participant but the leader in the business. Running your own business means you are the leader of your business. However, it doesn’t guarantee your success in the future. 

Special traits to lead your business

Running your own business can be exhausting because it is not something when you can succeed in a day. The success you gain is earned through hard work, strategic plans, quality resources, and many more factors. As for leading your own business, you have to possess special traits of a successful leader, such as:


Visioning is one of important traits you should have to be a great leader for your business. Visioning will help you find ideas and solutions of issues or problems. Therefore, you will be able to create the right products that people need. You have to learn how to look ahead. You can imagine where your business will be in five years. You can also vision the problems people are struggled with in five years and what solution you can come up with.

business ideas
Asian Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom Table


The next trait is making sense. Well, business relies more on logic than feeling so you have to be able to make sense of the situation. Making sense will help you to stay on the lane because you know what the meaning based on the context. This way, you will be able to make the right decision that is not led by emotional burst. 


Next is the traits to relate. Relating is important not only for business but also life in general. It can help develop your understanding of others. In the business, you are interacting and connecting with many different people. If you cannot related of your customers (for example), you won’t know what they truly need or what kind of solution you can give for their problems. By relating, you can imagine yourself in other people’s shoes. This is how you can see the world from the other people’s perspective so you have better understanding. 


Next trait is credibility. It is already known that a business can last longer if they are credible where they act with integrity and honesty. You have to build your business with trust. This way, you can show how your way of leadership is much more purposeful and focused. You have to know how to build trust between your customers and employees, as well as partners. This way, you build your credibility with the right recipe. You invent a product or service with particular purpose such as to help your customers get the right solutions or provide what they need. Credibility will benefit your business in the long run. 

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Main Ingredient for Building New Business

Starting a new business is said to be simple because growing it is the hardest part. It may be true but not really because it is considered as hard for some people. The problem of building a new business is that the rapid speed of how the world change every day. When you spend a day to think of what kind of product that will attract people, there is change of interest of people the very next day. The ability to keep up with the world’s fast pace is necessary when it comes to building new business. However, there is also important ingredient you need to build a new business successfully, which is relationship. 

The key in building new business

Relationship is considered the main ingredient for building a new business because it can help you with almost everything, especially the matter that involve confidence and trust. In business itself, trust is a great weapon you can use in the long run. As much as it’s effective for building new business, trust is is easily crumbled. Building trust takes time and breaking it only needs a second. Business is about building a solid foundation of relationship. That’s why building trust is just as important. 

Main Ingredient for Building New Business

See Everyone with Prospects

Building relationship can start with setting up list of contacts with all prospects. It is important for a business to have prospect database even from the beginning. You can’t build relationship if you don’t have people to contact with. That’s why adding and building contact is the first start in building new business. 

Nurture Your Relationship

Aside from adding new contacts, it is also important to nurture the relationship actively. Don’t wait the others to reach out. Instead, try to reach them out on your own. Being proactive in building contacts will benefit you. You can use various ways to outreach such as using social media, direct mails, industry conference, or speaking engagements.

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Approach Everyone Personally

Personal approach is also important in building relationship in your attempt to build a new business. You have to follow up your contact with personal approach such as making telephone call and deliver a warm personal note to double the impact. 

Stay in Contact with Business Relations

It is important to nurture your business relationships with your contacts. You have to do it constantly and frequently. Staying in contact is what you have to do. It is just like what you do with your friends. You can nudge them with small gestures such as giving them informative articles, etc. Frequency is important point in nurturing relationship even in business. 

Be Attentive

Always be attentive to your contacts and prospects. You can give them help they need. To be able to know what they need, you should listen to them attentively. Always ready to ask question they can make them spill information of what they need. Seeking to be their assistance will allow you to have deeper business relationship with your prospects. 

Relationship is main ingredient in building new business and trust is the key. Only then, you will learn to figure out when to snatch the opportunities to result in more business wins. 

Unthinkable Challenges Your Small Business Face

Running your own business is surely challenging and it is not a secret anymore. Starting from a small business is a great idea. However, it doesn’t mean you will face less challenge just because you start it small. In fact, there is always risk and challenge in every type of business. Some of them are predicted so you can make thorough plan in advance. Some others are unpredictable or situational. That’s why you always have to spare for flexibility so that you can always adapt to the circumstance while the problems occurs. There are even unthinkable or underrated challenges or problems you should actually be prepared for. 

Challenges small business might face

There are many types of challenges and problems you will face when you decide to run your own business even if you start it small. However, there are also your opportunities to grow your business bigger and better. Here are underrated challenges small business face you should not ignore in reality:

Dependency on a client – It is possible for your small business to be too dependent on your clients. It is not a good thing because then it only makes you an independent contractor instead of a business owner. You should not let a single client make up half of your business income. You should build a customer base with diversity so that your business will grow successfully. This can benefit you if your clients have their own dependence on your products or services which stay consistently. If not, you’d better diversify your customer base. 

Money crisis and management – Financial crisis should be a predicted challenge you have to prepare for in advance. There is no one can predict when a financial crisis will occur. Therefore, you should always be ready with your financial buffer. It is also better if you manage to gain extra income. Then, management is also another issue when it comes to your finance. Managing money is not easy both for professional or personal purpose. Gaining income from different sources can help you build finance’s stability for your business in the long run. If it’s necessary, you can also invest in bookkeeping assistance to make sure your finance is well-managed. 

Founder dependence – Aside from client dependence, there is also underrated, unexpected challenges small business face, founder dependence. You might not predict this situation when you stared your business. However, what would happen to your business if you got into car accident which makes you unable you to operate your business properly? One of the best solutions is to give over more control to your partners or employees. 

Constant pressure – Many of small business owners didn’t think they would experience constant suffer when they started because they thought small business meant less work and challenges. Fatigue is common thing most business owner suffer. However, dealing with constant fatigue and stress can take a toll on you. Not only can it wear you down physically, but mentally as well. Thus, it is important to find your own pace where you can stay passionate doing your work without crushing you down.

5 Reasons Bali Villas For Sale Always In Demand

The business has always been the foremost for profit. Business that is currently very promising is property. Some in tourist destination areas, the property has high business prospects. In Bali, houses, apartments, shop houses and even villas are perfect for investment. Did you know that at this time, the villa is one of the alternative accommodations that are popular? No wonder there are many Bali villas for sale for individual investment. There are many advantages of villa investment because it is very suitable to be a place to relax and have fun.

Bali Villas For Sale

Investment Advantages of Buying Bali Villas For Sale

Villa investment capital is not small. The cost of treatment can be quite expensive and sometimes people think twice about buying a villa. But basically every investment always brings benefits that you must understand.

Rent back

What was your previous investment? Gold? Deposit? Villa investment has a long-lasting character. The villa you own can be rented again so that there is income from the profit of the villa rental business. Later, the income you get from the rental price can be used for maintenance costs. Bali villas for sale is a long term investment in the next 3-5 years. After passing through 3-5 years the development of the value is enough to produce the difference between the purchase price and the selling price.

Protection against inflation

This is the logic, many business people who invest property so as not to erode inflation. This means that business people know exactly what property investment will not go down like the value of a currency. Imagine how much an investment return if you have a private villa in a strategic place with land prices and always going up.

Big Profits

Whatever the investment, everything brings benefits to the owner. When traced, the price of the villa is always creeping up. Especially when your investment in the world’s popular tourist destination. when the popularity of the villa as a temporary residence, you can benefit greatly from the cost of the rent.

The Ideal Collateral

Property investment is the most ideal. Your villa can be used as collateral or the most solid collateral. It is possible if banks do not hesitate to provide large loans. If you need other investments, the property is perfect for collateral to banking.

Save on vacation costs

The heaviest cost when on vacation is the cost of accommodation. To stay at a 5-star hotel, you need at least a minimum of $ 150 per day to get the best service. If you are on a long vacation, then certainly the cost of accommodation will be very large compared to other costs. If you want to enjoy a comfortable vacation in a private villa while doing business, then Bali villas for sale is perfect for you.

Buying Bali villas for sale depends on the ability of your budget. The location and design of the villa usually cannot be separated from adjustments to your budget. If possible it’s good if you build your own villa. It should be noted that to build from scratch, you must really prepare a budget. Calculate all development costs that will be used to determine the short-term or long-term rental price.

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Benefits of Thinking Creatively When Running Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur requires lots of skills, qualities, and talents. It is much more than setting financial planning in order to gain profit. You also need to be creative if you want to survive the battle in business because there’s so many thing that can happen both predictable and unpredictably. Creativity will help you adapt any circumstance and survive any obstacles. Running your own business is not only about having control of others. It is about how you navigate your power into the right direction in reaching your goals. 

Benefits of creativity to your business

Running your own business takes a lot of confidence and courage. You have to be brave enough to do so because there’s so many challenges. Even when you already reach your goal, you still need to scale to the next level if you want to outlast your competitors. Besides, business is not for settling. It is something you always need to improve. And to do so, you need to think creatively. 

Benefits of Thinking Creatively When Running Your Own Business

Innovation is unique and useful

Creativity is needed to foster innovation not only invention because innovation is unique as well as it’s useful. Unique idea or what you call invention is not enough. You have to innovate to make it true and you need creativity to innovate. In business, you create ideas of what kind of products or services that will satisfy your customers. However, you have to innovate those ideas into something that will exceeds your customer’s expectation. You have to make sure that your products and services are useful to solve your customer’s problem. 

To think the unthinkable

Lots of people that when you are highly intelligent, you will most likely to be successful in business. However, intelligence is not enough. You need creativity to and it plays important role to bring your success. It is still quite a stigma because majority of people still consider intelligence as everything. The reason maybe because intelligence is more measurable and manageable. Meanwhile, creativity can be quite difficult to spot. But that’s when it’s needed. When you can think creatively, you can survive even the unthinkable and unpredictable. You will be able to outlast others because you have your own way to survive. 

To transcend boundaries

Thinking creatively is needed when running your own business because it can help transcend boundaries. When you are bound to boundaries, your way of thinking will become limited and narrow. However, creativity will transcend all boundaries, allowing you to blur them and gain more perspectives. This way, you can find more solutions to pick. You will be able to find solutions no matter how complicated the problems seem to be because creativity has no limits or boundaries. 

Do more efficiently

Creativity also increase productivity as well as efficiency. Lots of people running their own business take five to ten years to gain success. However, people with creative thinking can find more efficient way to reach their goal faster than others. They have unconventional way of thinking which allow them to think of different path with more efficiency and effectivity. Thus, every process to success will run smoothly.