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Improving Your Content Management For More Efficient Business

Improving Your Content Management For More Efficient Business

Efficiency in business is crucial because all business regardless of the type strives for it. When things done efficiently it means doing more with fewer resources and less friction which results in higher profitability and productivity. However, creating efficient environment or setting within your organization is not that simple because there are many factors to consider. In business, many people too focus on the high-level system and neglect the low-level details. And it won’t do if you want efficient business operation. 

Content management to improve

Content management system is crucial for your business operation o run smoothly and efficiently. Content itself is the core of your business operations because everyone in your company relies on those contents in some to be able to do their job more efficiently and effectively. With improved content management, the higher the productivity. 

Everyone in your company can create and edit new content easier. They can even share it with others without having so much hassles. Collaboration will be more possible and smoother. Also, better content management means you can create a single source of truth. It will greatly reduce the chance of errors and ambiguities. So how to improve content management then?

Pick the right platform

It is essential to pick the right platform. Choose platform or software that can make everyone in your company easy to upload, share, and find contents. Choose platforms using some factors to consider including intuitive, security, reliance, and access. 

Formalize your expectations

Formalize your expectations

Organizing content more efficiently means you need to formalize your expectations. You can create specific storage level  and hierarchies that your employees should follow if needed. You can also give particular name for the conventions. 

Trust someone to lead

Content management should be accessible for everyone but you may still need someone in charge to lead. You can appoint designated leader who can oversee the operation better. You can put them in charge to set the rules, monitor the system, as well as educate or train employees. 

Training the employees

The process of educating o training employees is important if you want to create better content management system. Trained employees will give good impact to the overall of your business operation. Let your employees familiar with your content management strategy. Educate them the best practices of how to create contents and manage them. 

Ask employees’ feedback

Collect feedback from your employees so you know if it truly improves. From their feedback, you will know what aspects to improve even more. It is better to collect feedback anonymously so your employees can give their honest answer without being afraid of being judged later. Feedback helps  a lot for you to improve your content management strategy in the future. 

Increasing efficiency within your organization takes time and hardwork. Also, teamwork is just as essential because if not everyone is willing to participate to make it better then the longer the goal to achieve. Higher productivity requires some initial frictions especially in the process of establishing and reinforcing your new parameters with your content management. However, the result will be very rewarding not only for you with how efficient your business operation runs. 

Disadvantages When Investors Don’t Hire Buyer’s Agent

Disadvantages When Investors Don’t Hire Buyer’s Agent

Investing in property means there are many challenges you need to deal with. You also need proper information of everything related to your investing. However, it is impossible to rely on yourself especially in buying property for investment. Thus, most experienced investors trust buyer’s agent to work with. They have essential information you need to consider your decision making. Of course, being independent is beneficial as well. However, not in this matter. To be successful in property investing means you need to work with other people and trust their skills to help you reach your goal. 

Possible bad things happen when you don’t hire buyer’s agent

There are many advantages when you work with skillful and trusted people especially in property investing. Contractors, attorneys, seller/buyer’s agents, and others are necessary for your property investing as they are valuable source of information you can get. As an investor, hiring professional buyer’s agent is beneficial as you will gain valuable information for your investing and decision making. Here are bad things possible happen when you don’t hire them.

Lack of confidence

When you don’t hire buyer’s agent, it is easier for you to lack confidence. First reason is because you are lack of information you need to make decision and negotiation. Since you don’t really know the market, you don’t really know what to do to make the best deal. In the other hand, buyer’s agent is professional and independent negotiator that knows basic information about the local market. Thus, they can work on behalf on you.

Making bad decision

Making bad decision

Another bad thing can happen is you make bad decision because you rely on your emotion. Property investing is about logic. If you make decision from personal feeling, the possibility of making it bad is very high. Meanwhile, buyer’s agent will start their work not from their felling but from goal and long term plan. They will make unbiased opinion and input. Thus, you will be able to gather more information to make the right decision. 

Wasting your time

Next bad thing that possibly happen when you don’t hire buyer’s agent is wasting your time. You can work alone in property investing. However, for how long you are going to waste your time doing research, investigation, inspection, and every due diligence alone? It is highly possible that you miss great chance while wasting time working all alone. Meanwhile, you will do everything efficiently if you rely on buyer’s agent since they already know the information and everything related to the local market.

Not knowing what comes next

Next disadvantage you possibly get when you, as an investor, don’t hire buyer’s agent in buying property is that you don’t know what comes next. Of course, nobody knows what comes next in their life. However, with professional and experienced buyer’s agent you will be able to ask for recommendation of the right contacts for your investing. Thus, you know what to do or where to go after buying the property. However, make sure to choose professional, independent, and reliable buyer’s agent because not all of them are equal. 

Trends Of Workplace To Expect In 2021

The pandemic has brought various changes in various aspects including workplace. And remote work is just one of the major shifts in business industry. The major cause is the global pandemic last year even though it is not actually a new trend. It still continues to be the trend of how business operates today since the pandemic is still going on as well. Technology has played huge role to the seamless shift caused by the global pandemic in business industry. Without it, there would be chaos in communication during remote work and how business operates in general. 

Trends Of Workplace To Expect In 2021

The trends to expect for workplace in 2021

In 2021, some trends of workplace are worth expecting for. Here are few of them:

Workplace safety will be one of the core element in 2021 and in the future. It is important for employers to have procedures and policies that can ensure the safety of the workplace. Hence, every employees will feel safer while optimizing their role and fulfill their responsibilities. Important aspects that will be the main priority of workplace safety include cleaning procedures, health surveys, temperature checks, sick time policies, etc. All need to be documented well to be then communicated to the people work in your organization. 

Flexible work schedule is also predicted to become a big trend of workplace in 2021. in fact, it is already on a rise. Before the pandemic, flexibility is often considered as a perk. Now, it has become necessity. Employers can offer flexible work schedule resulting in increased productivity and morale in return. Also, flexibility can help reduce the stress. Flexible scheduling can be plan with creative approach you need to work with your HR team. 

Virtual company culture is already on trend because it is the only way to maintain corporate culture during these difficult times. A virtual setting is necessary and will continue to be used in the future. Hence, you need to develop a plan that can help boost your employees engagement and increase engaged workplace. You can also find a way to conduct normal employees engagement activities but done in virtual settings. 

Health care benefits and wellness initiatives will be added to the focus of workplace in 2021. employees will opt for better offer of those aspects when they see prospective employers. Those factors will be one of the top priority that can change their decision making process. If you want to retain your talented workforce, make sure you are paying extra attention to those elements. 

Digital presence will continue to be the trend in 2021. It is in fact seen more important than ever from now on. You may have to start navigating your budget toward innovative, efficient technology as well as digital events. Digital presence holds significant value to the flow of your workforce. Along with this, cyber security needs to be put at the front row of your priority as well. With the raise of digital presence, cyber crime will also keep finding their way to invade. Provide your employees who work remotely with proper resources and support from your reliable IT to ensure their safety. 

Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Opening your own small business can be a good start. However, you need to do it with thorough plan because no matter how small you think your business is, you will still need business plan. One of the most important element is marketing plan. The plan you make should contain all strategies you need to market your products or services. 

How to develop marketing plan for successful small business

Keep in mind that in business, there is no definite ways of how to do it right. What you can aim is to do what’s best for your business to grow. It is also why marketing strategies vary in format. Every business owner may applies strategies that only align with their goals. However, every marketing strategy has the same common goal, which is to attract customers and build good relationships with them in the long run. 

You can choose different style of marketing strategies. However, make sure that they deliver the goals and objective you have. Make sure that your plans are set by realistic and measurable goal. Your marketing goals should fully align with your business plan, the type of products or services you are selling, and how you can sell them. 

Developing Marketing Plan For Small Business

Figure out your potential customers. You need to define your target audience so your marketing approach will be more targeted. Every customer has unique demographic characteristics from their age, gender, race, education, income level, shopping habits, etc. Collect necessary data to help you define your potential customers more accurately. 

Do not decide marketing tactics and vehicles in a rush. Keep in mind that there are various marketing strategies along with different marketing vehicles. Choosing the best one can be challenging but being in a rush won’t help at all/ hence, it is better to take time and do your own research to find what’s best for your business marketing plan. There are generally traditional and digital marketing vehicles you can use to drive your sales. You may consider using one of them or combine them. 

Marketing plan requires financial support. Therefore, you also need to develop your timeline and budget for better execution. You have to schedule promotions for the entire year. You also need to break down all necessary cost of every marketing plan you have. Sometimes, your ideal marketing plan may clash with your budget plan. Therefore, you need to make sure everything will work flawlessly. Consider various factors in developing timeline and budgeting such as holiday season that always affect your business. 

Deciding on tactics and channels is important when it comes to developing marketing plan. You need to make sure that what you decide can help accomplish your goals. Also, make sure that your effort and chosen channel can reach your target audience. You may have to find out more about your target audience habits. Then, find the point to align it with your sales strategy. Also, monitor your competitor while staying up to date with new tactics or channels your target audience is using. 

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

You must have heard about unboxing video. It is a kind of video that has been trend and gone viral. People take video where they open what they have bought and share them on social media platforms. Unboxing video has been surprisingly gained attention from few years back until now. You can use it as your marketing strategy to make your product go viral. Hence, you need to do something to level up your shipping box game.

Upgrade your shopping box to boost your marketing

Unboxing is often viewed as part of purchasing journey by many consumers. They share the video of themselves unboxing products they bought in hope that other people find it entertaining or useful as reference. In fact, survey showed that unboxing videos are helpful for consumers to decide which specific brand or products to buy. 

Using Shipping Box To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

it is understandable why many consumers find unboxing video entertaining and useful as reference. In high-production video or ads made by the company, only good things being showcased. Hence, consumers are only presented with positive aspects. Meanwhile, unboxing video the product is stripped down to deliver real-time experience for consumers. Even though the video they can get a real sense the product. It is almost similar to product review. Consumers find it useful for reference because they see it from the perspective of fellow consumers. 

To create interesting unboxing video, you need to level up your shipping box. Of course, you need to do it with well preparation and consider many factors first such as budget. Also, you need to make sure that your shipping box still serve its purpose which is to protect the product inside. Make sure that the safety of the product is still the top priority. There is no point for your shipping box to look interesting for unboxing video when the product inside is damaged. The unboxing video will be your free ticket to a downfall. 

After making sure the safety of your products, only then you can find another way to take it to another level. You need to think of things that can make your shipping box ‘cool’. There must be things you can do to deliver ‘wow’ moments for your customers during their unboxing experience. Make sure that your shipping box has your company logo or your brand’s trademarks on it. You need to showcase your brand as good as possible. Make sure that the logo is placed in the right place that is easy to look at and recognize. 

As mentioned that you may have to consider budget as well. Find most-effective strategies to upgrade your shipping box so your finance won’t be too affected. If you are very tight on budget, be creative and add more human touch. You can write message on the shipping to your customers personally. Or, draw simple smiley face to deliver more impactful experience for your customers. Make sure that your customers has story to tell when they do the unboxing.

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

For entrepreneurs, workload is not something steady to deal with. It can also become the biggest setback when it comes to productivity for entrepreneurs. It is said that productivity is largely a psychological state. On the other side, entrepreneurs don’t have something set in stone when to comes to works. They have freedom to choose which work to boost efficiency and productivity. In fact, they have too much choices which put them in hindrance.

How to set boundaries for more productive performance for entrepreneurs

Too much choices is said to cause paralysis instead of liberation. And this is why I is challenging for entrepreneurs to be set in stone with their workload resulting in more challenging effort to boost productivity. Therefore, it is more effective to set boundaries to the workload. The boundaries can be in many forms such as planning, deadlines, delegation, etc. 

Some people may say that too boundaries will only suppress creativity but it is not the case in business. It is found that creativity was higher in individuals who work under structured condition. Perhaps, it makes them more goal-oriented, which is why it becomes more productive for them to work with more clear boundaries. It makes them know what to do to reach the goals, make them know what to prioritize. 

Setting Boundaries In Your Workload to Boost Productivity

Plan your to-do-list. Being entrepreneurs, you feel like you have too many works to do and 24 hours a day is not enough. However, it is best to stick to three tasks on your to-do-list for a day. Also, make sure that the tasks you write on your to-do-list are your priorities. Make sure they are all accounted for so you get the true sense of productivity levels and work flow. 

Use the right tool to help you with organizing your tasks and to-do-list. You can use calendar app for example. Since it’s easy to use and available for free. However, it is very useful to use for daily basis. You can also get creative with organizing your tasks in the calendar. It can also be a revealing exercise to use your calendar as your daily planner. It makes you feel easier to see your daily tasks and how to execute them. You know when to automate or delegate tasks efficiently. 

It is also important to respect the value of time. Every minute is accounted for because time is one of the most valuable asset. You cannot just waste it to do something irrelevant to what you are trying to achieve through your business. To manage your time, you can also use variety of tool or software so you can keep track of your daily schedule. This is a way you can get the maximum amount of value from every minute or hour you have. However, do not be a slave to time. Make sure that you are the one in control not vice versa. Thus, always know when to rest and take a break. This is important to maintain your well-being physically, cognitively, and mentally. 

Tips For Small Retailers To Attract Shoppers This Holiday

Tips For Small Retailers To Attract Shoppers This Holiday

This global pandemic has altered consumers shopping habits. Today, consumers choose to shop online since it is safer and more efficient to do. in addition, they also tend to choose a brand with more trusted and reliable reputation even if it is a small brand. They prefer small retailers who can provide them quality products during this difficult times while still delivering good service. Hence, small retailers have a great chance this holiday to attract more customers using the right strategies. 

Attracting customers for small retailers

Attracting customers for small retailers

According to various surveys, there is a prediction for small retailers to have their sales decreased compared to last year. However, it is different in online market. Small retailers still have chance to increase their sales by attracting more online shoppers. This holiday can be the right time. Online sales this year has significantly increased and small retailers can take advantage of this. 

Be more proactive

Small retailers should be more proactive instead of just wait and see. They have to find the best technology to innovate their strategies. By using the right tech, it is easier for small retailers to reach our more customers online. Using online platforms can help a lot in expanding where small retailers sell. Digital marketplaces offers more opportunities to sell better. Besides, digital marketplaces are connected to social media platforms which can make it easier to handle. 

Providing digital payments

Consider providing digital payments for customers. Small retailers can do this to ensure the safety of their customers. Many shoppers are worried about exchanging cash or credit card with store personnel. Hence, providing cashless payment method can be a good alternative. It allows customers to feel safer and more flexible with their buying experience even if they do it in-store because they can limit physical interaction. 

Online presence

Online presence

This year, less consumers shop in-store and the main concern is safety. They are worried about going out and risk themselves to the virus. Hence, online shopping is preferred as safer option. Small retailers can still provide in-store shopping experience for their customers. However, it is important to follow the health and safety guidelines to ensure that every customers will be able to shop safely. Small retailers may also use pickup service. Even if the pandemic ends, this service can still be used to maximise the customer buying experience. 

Explore digital strategies

Even though the global pandemic has caused some shifts in various areas, not all of them are bad for business. Small retailers may be impacted a lot by this situation. However, there are still strategies to be used to maximize sales and revenue especially this holiday. Online shopping has increased since pandemic so small retailers can pivot to provide excellent online shopping experience for every customer. 

Maximise digital platform

It is highly recommended to maximize digital platform for small retailers because it can be used even after the pandemic ends and people start to shop in-store again. Online shopping with efficient method has made consumers feel safer and this method is predicted to be a permanent change because of many benefits it offers to both buyers and sellers. 

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Building Personal Brand

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Building Personal Brand

Building personal brand is important part of building your business. It is an effort to get you noticed by the right people be it customers, business partners, investors, etc. By building personal brand, you are exposing your business to more opportunities to grow. However, building personal brand is no easy task either. Many entrepreneurs do it carelessly without any plan or strategy ended up with failure.

Mistakes to avoid when building personal brand

Different information on the internet may put you in more confusion about what to do to build personal brand the right way. Basically, there is no really wrong or right because different business may apply different strategies. However, you need to avoid these mistakes commonly done by entrepreneurs and business owners alike when building personal brand:

Diluting the audience by targeting too wide net. By being more general about your personal brand doesn’t mean you will get to attract more audience. In fact, it can create confusion and ignorance because they don’t really know what you possibly try to offer. Hence, it is always better to be specific with your audience net. Choose narrower net instead of the wider one so you can focus on your expertise. Focusing in one thing is better rather than wandering around trying to reach everything at once.

Focusing on credentials too much. It is not wrong to show your audience what you are good at with your expertise. However, the most important thing is not that you are being recognized by your expertise only but also by what you can offer to help. Hence, focus on how you can be more relatable to your audience. Create more helpful content in more simple fashion so it becomes more understandable. Avoid using technical jargon your audience won’t understand.

Taking jabs at your competitors to look like you are better than them in audience’s eyes. This is absolute mistakes. Competition can be done in a healthy way without putting each others down. You don’t have to bring people down tot take yourself up. Focus more on genuine value you can offer to your audience through high-quality contents. Make yourself standout by showing your own quality.

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Building Personal Brand

Neglecting your story. This is also common mistake in building personal brand. Keep in mind that your story is what makes audience more interested in your brand. They want to know how you build it, your passion that drives you, your ups and downs, etc. You can post about your story and let people get inspired from that.

Speaking to speak is also common mistake when building personal brand. If you want to post, make sure that it adds value, tells story, and teach something instead of doing it just for the sake of it. Also, do not be afraid to be who you really are. It won’t make you less professionals to just post story of your experience that include your silliness or fun sides. It makes your audience even more interesting to know about you.

How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

Building a business mean you also need to have a mission statement. It is what defines your business is planning to achieve through its efforts. Most businesses set up their mission statement in the very beginning. However, it is pretty often that most of businesses don’t follow through to make their mission reality. Hence, their mission statements have become nothing. 

Building purpose-driven business

Building a purpose-driven business means that you take your mission statement and turn in into more than just empty words or motto. Use your mission statements to guide you through decision making process, as well as direct your business to what it looks for. So how can you build purpose-driven business nowadays?

Know what you want

Always have clarity in the missions you want your business to achieve. When everything is vague, it will be harder to know what you really want. Hence, putting more clarity to your mission statement will make it easier for your business to flow. Clarity is like the light you need to bring your mission statement into the tunnel of reality, making your business grow significantly with every achievement it makes. 

A relatable mission

A relatable mission

Make your mission relatable for everyone in your business. Keep in mind that even though it is your business, you still need other people to work with you to achieve your goals. Hence, you need to break down your mission into key values framework that work for everyone. Creating relatable mission or vision can be challenging but worth it once you make it because everyone in your company understand what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. 

Start from the problem

Start from personal pain point when creating a mission statement. This is how a leader can lead a purpose-driven business. Something personal can bring something that is passionate and fulfilling. Personal pain point can be the key factor to build authenticity of business as well. That is why it is important for you as a leader to lead a purpose-driven life based on your own personal pain points. 

Bring everyone to operate together

Bring yourself and your team to operate with the same purpose and goal in mind. It might not be easy because your team consists of different individuals. However, you can create mission statement that unite with a common purpose. Make sure to also create supportive, open, and focused attitude when working with your team. 

Believe in your mission 

Believe in your mission genuinely so it become embedded in everything and everyone in your business. While believing in your mission, focus on your customers since they are also key factor in your business. Creating a value for your customers is a must and every mission you build should have something to do with your customers. 

The mission statement

Try to create mission statement that can fill the void in the marketplace so your business has something different to offer that nobody has. Customers usually are more appreciate when the product or service they need are just as meaningful to the ones who made it. While offering something different, make sure to stay paying attention on the quality itself as well. 

Having Positive Attitudes In Business Field

Having Positive Attitudes In Business Field

It is not easy to be constantly in positive state of mind especially when you are dealing with business matter on daily basis. Business field is not so easy to deal with. With tight competition and various challenges, maintaining healthy and positive mind can be even more challenging. However, having positive attitudes can help a lot to achieve success. In fact, positive attitudes can help a lot in reaching life goals in general if you can harness it. 

Implementing positive attitudes to achieve success

Thoughts are tend to be negative especially when you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Our mind often think of the worst scenarios instead of possible positive results. Hence, having positive mind is not as easy at it seems. Applying positive mind into positive attitudes can be more challenging indeed. However, it can help you create your own success. 

Redirect negativity to positivity

The best thing to implement positive attitudes is to redirect negativity in your mind into positivity. For a business leader, positivity is very crucial because even though they have to think rationally, they still have to be able to see potential and opportunity to success. If they keep thinking on bad things then only bad things will happen. 

Spread positivity around your business

Spread positivity around your business

If you are in business field, you understand the obstacles and challenges of being positive. However, when you have positive attitude, it will affect your employees and people around you positively as well. Maintaining positive attitude is not easy but not impossible either. The first thing you have to do as entrepreneurs is to believe in it more than anybody else. Then have the attitude to direct what you believe into real success. 

Set a positive mindset

Mindset is really affect how you see things. It doesn’t mean that positive thinkers won’t experience bad things. However, positive thinkers react to bad things differently from bad thinkers. If you have positive mind, it puts you in advantage because when you think with positive mind, you will focus on what matters and what’s best to fix the problems. You won’t have time to blame others or succumb in your sorrow because 

Focus on what you can do

Stop thinking of what “cannot”. instead, focus more on what you can to chase your dream. After believing on positive result, you still have to work for it and don’t just leave it to luck. You have to put your effort to make what you believe become real. This way, you won’t have negative thoughts because your focus is solely on what you can do. 

Reinforce the positive thinking

Shifting your negative thought into positive thought is not the end of having positive attitudes. You also have to reinforce positive thoughts. You can try practicing self-talk. It might be weird to do if you are not used to it. However, it can help a lot in clearing negative thoughts. Talk to yourself something good and hopeful so your mind will be full of positivity your mood improve as well. Start practicing it in the morning before you go to work or anytime you have negative thoughts.