Benefits Of Having Small Business in Correlation With Millennial’s Tendencies

Every one of your customer is unique. They have their own preference and tendency. However, it will be easier for you to categorize customer in particular group. For example, millennial are a very different group and dominating the market at the same time. Thus, you need particular strategy to appeal them and make them your loyal customers. Millennial have their own preference regarding to their buying patterns and habits. Finding out what are them will be beneficial for your small business because then you will be able to grow it with important factor like millennial consumers. 

Benefits Of Having Small Business in Correlation With Millennial’s Tendencies

Millennials characteristic and buying patterns

The point is, millennials put special attention to small business. They are also the type of consumers who know what they really want. They have their own criteria in choosing particular brand. Understanding this aspect is good for your business. This help your small business to improve. Besides, attracting customers is what you need to do if you want your business to stay in the track in the long run. 

Millennials prefer to shop local

This is because they have stronger sense of community. They also like to feel connected to the brand they choose. They don’t choose products or services randomly. They consider more the brand that can truly convey what they want. That may be why most millennials prefer to stroll the shops down the street instead of spending time in big corporation. In this case, you need to build a brand personality that can connect with them. 

Millennials like things with customization and personalization

It is because even though millennials can be put into one category, every individual is unique. They have different characteristic in some ways. Besides, they embrace the feeling of being unique and different. Thus, they want something customized and personalized to fit their characteristics and unique personality. It because that way, they also will feel different experiences. Make sure you offer products or services that has special, unique point. 

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Millennials are generation who prefer casual things

Casual cultures are what millennials enjoy more. They like the feeling of comfort. For example, they don’t really into formal outfit even when they have to attend business meeting. They prefer to feel at home. They prefer relaxed environment as well. If you create environment when they feel pressured to buy your products or services, you won’t go anywhere. Make sure to provide casual as well as comfortable ambiance if you want to appeal millennials consumers. 

Millennials are also generations who like sharing and giving back

They won’t hesitate to give feedback about their experiences in using your products or services. They also like sharing their stories to the world. With their familiarity with technology, it is easy for them to spread and share. When you attract millennials, the chance to get more customers is high because your brand will get more exposure. When your products or services are being reviewed positively, it brings more response which benefit your attempt to raise brand awareness in wider community. 

Tackling Rainy Days at Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

When we are talking about the remote Komodo National Park of Labuan Bajo, Flores, we are talking about Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo almost by default. These wooden phinisi schooners are the best options to explore Indonesia’s most pristine beaches, virgin islands, and prehistoric wildlife that are finely preserved under the protection of the national park. These luxury boats offer the cream of the top of creature comforts to ensure all sea-hungry travelers get the best experience while sailing on this isolated destinations. Think about soft-cushion sun beds on roof deck where you could lie and watch gorgeous jagged islands pass by, five-star cabins, world-class diving equipments, and satellite internet. Everything on the boat is ready to give you the best pampering while you are not busy wondering the savannah hills or hunting the Komodo Dragon’s nest under the blazing tropical sun. 

Tackling the Rainy Days at Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Talking about tropical weather, there’s a high chance that you might get some wet days during the sailing time. Relax, this won’t be the end of the world. This is the risk you have to take and tackle. Luckily, we have covered some compelling activities to keep you entertained during rainy times in the Flores sea. 

It’s Just A Short Rain 

As long as you are not visiting the Komodo during January to February, everything would be okay. Two first month of the year calls the wet season in this region. It’s when the rain is the heaviest. Light rain might unpredictably come all year long, which is normal in tropical country. Mind you, Indonesian’s easter region like Bali and Flores receive lesser rain than the western region (like Java). If it does rain outside the wet months, be assured that the rain is light and doesn’t last very long. Most of the times, it only last thirty minutes to an hour. 

When It’s Light, You Can Still Go Outside

Because the rain in Flores could be very light when it falls out of its season, many Komodo cruises operator in Labuan Bajo desides to continue the itinerary. We have seen travelers continue their hike to the fabulous Padar Island or the Gili Lawa. Just wear a light raincoat and you’re good to go. You can also dive and snorkel during the rain—you’re going to be wet anyway. Light rain doesn’t really impact the underwater except for reducing a bit of visibility.

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Play Some Games

The rain is less inviting for a casual chill on the open deck. During the rain, most passenger would either gather on the indoor salon or catching some rest on their cabins. This is a great opportunity to have fun with other travelers you’ve been sharing the boat with! The best Komodo Labuan Bajo cruises usually prepare some group games on the table. Pick up UNO, Jenga, card decks, or popular board games to turn the boredom into fun times!

Indulge in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Onboard Spa

Not having any energy to do anything during the pouring rain? A greyish rainy day could be the perfect excuses to book a pampering onboard spa. Many luxury lines of Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo provides this facility, but only few of passengers relish on the luxury. Most of the times, they are too busy exploring both the islands and the underwater. Rainy days are just perfect to relax and enjoying the deep tissue message while staring at the calming rainy seas.  

gorgeous wedding decoration in bali

Catering Bali Planning a Menu for Your Important Events

Catering menu is often a huge concern for those who have an upcoming company meeting or celebratory occasion in Bali. The difficult part is not determining which menu you should get, but where to start. Before choosing a specific catering Bali, you’re going to need to create an overall planning for your event. Holding an event in Bali, Island of Gods, is a special occasion for many. While the catering menu is merely a fragment of what makes a good event, it’s still an important part that an event planner shouldn’t overlook. How should you approach food planning for your upcoming occasion?

what to do choosing catering in denpasar

Take the time to know the profiles of your attendees

You’re gong to invite all these people over as guests for your events. Chances are, you’ve known some of the people who are going to attend your event. But in many cases such as a general get-together of a big company, it’s normal not to know the majority of guests who are attending. However, you can still gather some information that can prove to be useful for planning your event. These information include: 

  • Previous similar events your guests have attended 
  • Your guests’ professional background 
  • etc. 
gorgeous wedding decoration in bali

Ask your event’s guests in person before deciding on a catering service 

Most of the information on preferences you’ll have in mind about your guests would simply be an assumption at this point. No matter how accurate you think you are according to the general profile you’ve gathered about your guests. If you’re eager to cater to what your guests prefer, then step it up by directly asking them. 

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You may not be able to ask each and every one of your attendees. So start with the people you know. Ask them for several ideas of the food they may like. You can give them several questions to kickstart your search, such as:

  • What kind of entrée do you like? 
  • Any preferences on salad dressing?
  • What main course would you love to eat? 
  • Dessert ideas you’d like to taste? 

You can also ask their preferences from several given options. This is especially true for the types of origins of the food. Ask “Which one(s) do you prefer?”

  • Italian food
  • Japanese food 
  • Southeast Asian food 
  • etc. 

Catering in Bali is quite diverse; there are various caterers that specialize in different things. So you won’t have t o worry that you’ll run out of choices to spoil your guests. This does not have to be the full-theme of your entire event. For instance, you can opt for Japanese food for appetizers, then have Mediterranean cuisine as an entrée. Let your creative juices flow and adapt according to what the event calls for.

catering bali for all events

Catering Bali: Always consult with your catering company 

Regardless of what you want, your Bali catering company are the ones who have the experience in event services. Ask them for advices on what works and what doesn’t. Any catering company would have a certain specialty in their event services. Choose a catering Bali that meets your needs. But whether you choose a plated meal format or a buffet catering Bali the best approach is still to communicate your ideas clearly and aim to work with them. 

What Can Appeal Your Products or Services to Younger Audience?

Every business goes use different approaches to target their audience. Besides, there are various groups of audiences in the market. Making your products or services appealing in the eyes of audiences is important. There is marketing rule adopted by many business owners. It is to brand your audience while they are young. Because then they will be your clients forever. When you can attract young audience, it is such an invaluable asset to have them loyal to your brand in the long run. Thus, targeting younger audience is a good strategy to improve your business. 

What to do to appeal younger audiences 

Here are what you can try to appeal younger audiences more and make them loyal to your brand:

Unlike older customers or parents who focus more on quality and performance, younger audience tend to focus more on brand personality. Most millennials tend to be like this. It doesn’t mean you should focus more on one side. You can apply both approaches which is focusing on both quality and performance and brand personality. Make sure that you create a brand with authenticity. Create brand that can communicate with younger audience to appeal them because millennials have tendency to have their string emotions evoked. 

Younger audiences also tend to pay more attention on design and visual attraction. They are used to advanced culture. Thus, it is not surprising if they choose a brand that appreciate visual appeal as well. Millennials are used to be surrounded by great visuals in their life. Thus, they have higher standard of brand’s visual representation. Therefore, you should put more effort in creating attractive visual appeal. 

Instead of simple advertisement, why not appeal young audience through PR campaign? Create a campaign when you can encourage younger audience to engage more with your brand. You can use campaign in social media to appeal younger audience more. You can create a campaign with special challenge where younger audience can participate actively. This type of fun challenge is good way to appeal your brand. However, don’t forget to demonstrate the efficiency of your products or services as well. 

Always eager to innovation is what appeal to younger audience. Thus, you need to keep up with finding and creating innovation that can attract them. Choose products and services with boost of innovation. Don’t forget to use innovative marketing strategies and tools as well to optimize the impact. Choose the right platform and create marketing with relevant niche. There are various social media you can choose as the place for marketing since younger audience basically spend their time in those platforms. 

Another strategy to appeal younger audience is to hire millennials. Many companies now hire millennials because they have potential as well as direct engagement to the global environment and market. Their relevancy can be used to appeal younger audience as well because they understand more what they like, their interest, and their tendency. Working with millennials also a great way to boost your business because they are full of passion and motivation to success. 

5 Reasons Why Seminyak Villas Are the Best Accommodation

Who does not know Seminyak? Millions of tourists have chosen Seminyak as one of the favorite areas to enjoy a vacation. Seminyak is better known as a luxury area and has many international standard bars, clubs or restaurants. There are many reasons why Seminyak is the favorite area for most tourists. One of them is the availability of accommodation with comfortable, complete and luxurious facilities. Seminyak villas become the target accommodation and a favorite of foreign tourists. When there are many choices of 5-star hotel and resort accommodations, villas still have their own charm and feel that neither of them has.

Seminyak Villas

Easy To Reach Amazing Beaches Around Seminyak Villas

Bored with Kuta beach? If you have decided to stay in Seminyak villas, then there are many choices of beach areas around the villa. After a tiring day of touring Bali, Seminyak has a beach for you to enjoy the perfect sunset. Some of the beaches of Seminyak are relatively calm, clean and beautiful. For a more pleasant experience, you can go along the beach on a horse.

Bar with Spectacular Views

The bar is one of the most sought after tourists to unwind or just enjoy a bottle of cold beer. The bars in the Seminyak area are designed to be very attractive starting from the rooftop, to the views of the rice fields that are soothing to the eye. Bars are usually very close to Seminyak villas area and it is quite easy to reach just by walking.

Cheap and Luxury Shopping Paradise

Along the streets of Seminyak, you will find dozens of shops both selling local products or leading fashion boutiques. Don’t forget to visit the Seminyak art market which sells Balinese clothes. You can find information on the standard price of typical Balinese clothes. If you use a guide, this will really help you get the best deal.

Perfect spot for taking pictures

Wherever in Seminyak, always has the perfect spot to take pictures. Many tourists find the best spots to take pictures in the Seminyak area. Even when you are in the rice field area, it is perfect as a photo spot. Seminyak villas always offer something amazing. You can find the perfect spot to take pictures with family anywhere.

Culinary from Various Countries

Rows of international standard restaurants from various countries can be found in the Seminyak area. Many investors from various countries bring their chefs’ expertise to present the specialties of each country with a special touch. Starting from the taste until the presentation will make you feel worth leaving Seminyak villas to satisfy your tongue.

Pros of Running A Family Business

You can start a business based on what passion you are into. You can also choose to do it alone or join forces with friends or family members. The choice is in your hand but you need to consider the pros and cons by doing what you choose. Running a business along with your family members may seems a good idea because you don’t have to think about how to work with strangers. However, you need to think carefully before taking any decision because running a business, with family members or not is something you need to take seriously. It is not a child play because you need to commit to what you decide.

Benefits of running business with family members

You can run a business with whoever you want. You can do it with your spouse, cousin, or parents. However, it is important to weigh down the pros and cons of doing so. As for now, here are the benefits of running a business with family members.

Pros of Running A Family Business

There is no awkward or uncomfortable feeling to build connection and collaboration because they are people you have known. You already have better understanding of their character and interaction style. Thus, you won’t likely to have difficulty to work together as you know how they are likely to be.

Another benefit of running business with family members is that you can build relationship with more empathy. Thus, you and your family members will have better understanding of each other. You understand where you came from as well. You also know that you can always rely and count on them anytime beyond business relationship. Deeper connection can be built effortlessly in return.

Since they are your family members, it is not hard to share common goals. It will take faster to share common goals from the beginning. Meanwhile, this is one of the biggest challenge when running a business with strangers because mutual understanding and sharing the same goals is not as easy as it sounds after all.

You will experience more relaxed mood in the workplace with no awkward air. The mood is more comfortable and because you are with people you are already comfortable with. You don’t have to fill the silence with small talk. You can just focus on your work without the need to break the silence.

The pressure to have excellent financial performance will be less burdensome when you run a business with family members. There is more flexibility when it comes to it because they are your family after all. You have more lenience to meet the time of returning the on your investment.

The operation of running business with family member is more efficient because you don’t have to go through long-process of recruitment. You don’t have to check the qualification or backgrounds because you are going to work with people you already knew. You can skip this steps and proceed to the next steps. Thus, you can start running your business a little faster than the average.

Tricky Packing Tips for Your Komodo Boat Trip

The almost whimsical Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, invites you to watch spectacular display of the mother nature. This isolated destination in the edge of Indonesia seems like it’s been blessed with heavenly properties. Aside from the Jurassic-esque Komodo Dragon, the blue to green waters, deserted beaches, lush hills, lively corals, and clear blue sky are the main element of this national park. Of course, sailing in Komodo boat trip would be the only option to have the most of Komodo. But it come with a new travel challenge that you might never face before. It’s the packing, and packing for a sailing trip would never be the same with your usual land trip. 

Tricky Packing Tips for Your Komodo Boat Trip

Simplicity is the Key 

You may have heard it before. And we are going to say it again. Simple packing is everything when you are boarding the Komodo boat trip. No matter whether you are boarding the most luxurious cruise line in Komodo, always pack as light as possible. Think that you are going to carry and drag all your luggage to and across the deck. Pack the essential beauty care that you really need. Only take outfits that you can wear multiple times and could be combined with other pieces to create a new look. Which brings us to the next point…

Smart Outfit Packing to Komodo Boat Trip

Clothes packing should have the destination’s weather as one of the major consideration. You don’t want to pack heavy clothes that would take too long to dry. Bring the quickest-to-dry shirts and t-shirt you have. Bring extra bathing suits. You might think you can hung it to dry in the deck for just couple of hours, only to find that they are still damp. Remember: Komodo sits in the heart of a tropical country, and it’s totally humid. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket as the night could be chill and windy. You don’t want to skip the next adventure just because the wind makes you feeling under the weather.

Think About the Wind and the Water

Contrary to the popular belief, flip flops might not be the best thing to wear on a Komodo sailing trip. It’s light, it’s quick to dry, it’s easy to clean from grainy sands, but it could quickly bid you feet goodbye when you hit the waves. And you will hit the waves pretty often—think about all the beach galore you’re going to have on the Komodo trip. Ankle-wraps sandals are the best. They are stylish and they stick to your feet, no matter what. Also, think twice about the hat you want to bring. Hat is a necessity here in Komodo, but you need to make sure that they either fit perfectly or have a adjustable string to keep them stay put. No one wants their hat lost to the wind. 

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Always Refill Your Bottles and bring Snacks Around

Crossing the blue ocean in Komodo boat trip under the bright blue sky might sounds like a summer dream, but it could drive you dehydrated quicker than you think. On the other side, the day trip itself is packed with savannah hiking, saltwater snorkelling, diving, and beach sunbathing. Remember to always refill your bottle with drinkable water from the boat. Always drink whenever you have the chance on the boat. Bring a protein-packed snack bars to island excursion, cause hiking all those hills could leave you starving before the meal times. 

How to Become An Effective Leader for Your Team in Business

Running your own empire in business no matter how small it is, is a challenge you can conquer. However, it is a team that will help you to achieve your objectives. That’s why it is important to learn how to be a great leader for your team. Even if you don’t have experience to lead before, this is the time for you to take the challenge. To be a great leader for your team, you will need to possess certain qualities such as patience, self-control, communicative, and many more. However, you don’t have to be worried because it is something you can learn while running your business.

Become an effective leader for team to improve business

Managing people is not easy because you have to manage different people to reach the same goals. That’s why you need to start learning how to be an effective leader for your team so you can reach the same objectives. Here are some things you can do to be an effective leader:

You have to delegate responsibility to every member in your team wisely. Just because you are the leader and the owner of the business, you can control everything including how your team get their things done. It will only lead to disaster. Thus, it is much better to delegate work to your teammates. Aside from boosting your teammate’s confidence, the amount of work you can accomplish will multiply as well. Thus, it is a win-win for your teammates and your business performance. 

To lead your team effectively, you need to set goals. This is what your teammate need to strive. Goals are also their direction and purpose. To make the performance more effective, you need to set the goals to be more specific and measurable. You can regularly monitor their progress so you if it works. 

You also need to communicate well if you want to be an effective leader for your team. Communication is one of the most important elements to reach success in business. You need to make effort to communicate effectively with your team so there is no chance for misunderstanding. In communicating with your team, make sure to use words that they can understand easily. Then, you also need to make time to listen to your team. 

Do not hesitate to give recognition when your teammate makes achievements. Recognition from a leader in a team is valuable for the members. It is how you appreciate their hard work. Not many bosses recognize their employee’s achievement and that will only make them feel less motivated. You can reward your team if they can achieve the goal with amazing result. So they will motivated to do better next time. 

When difficult problems arise within your team, you have bigger responsibility to find solution. There is always quick solution you can find. However, it is also important to think of lasting solution. In addition, don’t take everything too seriously when leading a team while running business because it will only add your burden.

Buying property in Bali, A Lasting Investment

Bali, one of the exotic islands in Indonesia which is no longer denied its popularity. The seaside runaway island is perfect as an investment for tranquility seekers with a magnificent environment with amazing backgrounds. Mount Agung is towering at an altitude of 3,124 meters, while villas offer luxurious facilities that support tranquility and spectacular views. While Balinese cows are graceful living quietly in the wild. Buying property in Bali offers the perfect investment for everyone.

Buying Property In Bali

Even though villas are located between residential areas, they have a perfect short path to boutiques, international restaurants, bars, clubs or other nightlife. While in its own villa, the most complete and privacy facilities compared to other accommodations such as swimming pools, kitchens and equipment, family rooms and semi-open dining rooms. The concept of most elite property Bali is to enjoy nature. Do you know how difficult it is to get accommodation during high season? Isn’t buying property in Bali a very profitable investment?

Why Should Buying Property in Bali?

Based on surveys, property and real estate transactions in Bali showed a sharp increase, whether land or buildings. Bali, known as the Island of the Gods, has attracted many investors from all corners of the world. In fact, Bali is indeed the center of attention of tourists and villas are the most preferred by travelers. No wonder that many investors invest in villas, whether they buy used villas or build new villas.

Buying property in Bali as an investment is very promising considering that in the 3-5 year period there has been an increase in the number of tourist arrivals both domestically and internationally. Whereas from the other side, property investment is the safest in political years. Bali has its own investment value without having to promote it.

The return on investment when you decide to buy property in Bali is at 6-10%. But of course, it depends on where your property is located. In general, wherever your property is located, investing in buying property in Bali will continue to increase.

The Best Time Buying Property in Bali?

It takes the right time to invest so that at least you get a slightly lower price. The price of a property in popular tourist destinations such as in Bali tends to be stable or increase. But there are moments when property prices tend to boom. When the property market is sluggish, property prices in Bali never fall dramatically. For that, choose a time when the property market price is flat.

The Skills You Need to Run Business Properly

Starting and running a business even the small one cannot be done carelessly because every step you take has its consequences. Every decision you make for your business to grow has risks as well as potential rewards. Knowing the weigh and the risk of every decision will help you to grow your business. However, you need the right skills to do it. You need to identify what skills that will be help improving your ability to grow your business. Being able to operate day-to-day operation is what you need to achieve so the distance to reach success can get closer as well.

Business skills to possess

Keep in mind that skills can be learnt. Thus, even if you lack of business sills right now, you can always start learning and drive yourself to improve further. Here are some basic skills you need to run your business properly:

The Skills You Need to Run Business Properly

Leadership is important skill you need when you are planning on running your own business. You may do everything by yourself in the beginning. However, it cannot be denied that the bigger your business grow, the more people you need to manage it. You need to build your own team and you will need to lead them to do their task so your business will run smoothly under the right hands.

Communication skill is also important to run a business no matter what type of business is in your plan. Running business will involve some interaction and transaction. It means, you need to be able to deliver your message and listen to the others as well. Communication skills also include negotiation skill. Negotiation is a key in running business so you can get the best deal. In addition, it communication skill is related to networking because building relationship in professional sense can help growing your business.

Financial management for business is very crucial. Business involves money no matter how significant the amount is. Money is the support. Having financial management doesn’t only mean you need to create huge profit in short time. It is more how you manage your financial setting to find balance. You should learn this skill from the beginning so you know what to do with the money you have to fund your business.

Marketing skill is also essential for running a business whether you offer products or service through your business. You need to promote them effectively and attract clients as many as possible. You need to be able to identify what they really want from your products and services. By having marketing skill, you will also know what strategy to generate sales effectively.

Problem solving skill is not less important than other skills to run business properly. Running business means you will encounter obstacles and challenges. You need to have rationale thinking so you will be able to find the right solution for every problem arise during your journey in running your business. In running business, working hard is not the only key to achieve success because you also need to work smart and be creative in finding solution.