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Planning Your Business To Be Better In 2021

Planning Your Business To Be Better In 2021

2020 has been a very exceptional year for all of us, included entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is not easy to navigate your business through the crisis especially when the downfall happen globally. However, new year has come and many entrepreneurs and small businesses alike hope for the better year this time. Even though the global pandemic is still going on and no one knows when it ends, be optimistic of the future is a must.

Commit to the resolutions for your business in 2021

Economic strain that has been happening globally these past few months has led to many shifts and business field is not an exception. However, resolution for a better year is still necessary so you have motivation to keep going and growing. Here are few resolutions you can consider for your business this year:

One of the lessons taken from the sudden crisis last year is be flexible and adaptable. The shifts have brought major changes to many industries. Only those who can pivot and adapt are still standing strong till now. Hence, there is no solid way on how to do our business. But the most important point is how to be nimble and ready to change strategies when needed. Always be prepared and be flexible should be your resolutions for your business in 2021.

Next resolution to make your business grows better is to support each other. It is important that you also support local small businesses around you such as buying your morning coffee from small coffee shop in your neighborhood. It may be small, simple thing to do but it means a lot for small business. By supporting each others between entrepreneurs and small businesses, the higher the chance to survive any economic strains in the future.

Self-empowerment is also important matter for your business’s future. It can be in a form of having the right financial solution for your business. There is nothing with taking out a business loan. However, make sure that what you choose is what’s best for you and your business. Therefore, do not get swayed easily by business loan. You have to hold your power to make your own decision.

Another important resolution is to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t you give less attention to your business. It means you find balance between handling your business and maintaining your well-being. Sometimes, it is okay to let yourself relax because stress won’t get you anywhere. There might be various challenges in the future. Have a proper rest and avoid overworking is the best to boost your productivity.

Next resolution you should have to grow your business better this year is to develop your creativity. Do not be afraid to make changes with your own innovations and creativity as long as it is what’s best for your business. Always keep an open mind about the strategies you need to grow your business. Sometimes, you need to be out of the box to standout.

What to Pack for a Yacht Charter Indonesia Holiday

Yacht Charter Indonesia

Congratulations, so you’ve booked your first yacht charter Indonesia holiday! With a limited room on board for luggage, your packing for a yacht holiday isn’t exactly the same as packing for other high-end holidays. To help you master the art of pro packing for your yacht holiday and make sure that you don’t overlook the essentials that you should bring.  So once you’re aboard all you have to worry about is which beach dress to wear. Here is a handy guide to ensure that you have all the essentials things for the holiday!

A guide of what to bring on your yacht charter Indonesia holiday

Sun protection – Although the weather feels good when you’re catching cool ocean breezes onboard, you’re still going to get a lot of sun exposure on a yacht charter Indonesia holiday. Make sure to pack a high SPF to protect your skin. Consider buying protective clothing with UPF for UV protection. Don’t forget to bring some type of SPF lip balm to protect your lips. Maybe it might sound odd, but it is very common and so painful when your lips burn.

Swimmer- Never leave your home without your swimsuits! It is definitely one of the highlight essential things you should be packing if you are on a yacht holiday. Most activities on your holiday have to do with water, so make sure to bring more than one favorite swimsuit! You can go diving, swim in the oceans, or even go kayaking or ride on the jet skis.

Light, comfortable clothing- When it comes to taking a holiday onboard. Make sure you are comfortable, yet fashionable all day. Consider the weather of your chosen destination, if you’re headed for the sea, be sure to bring some clothes to keep you cool. Pack some light trousers and collared shirts too.  Bring the summer sundresses you have because this is the perfect moment to wear them.

Accessories- Hat, sunglasses, and headwear are absolute items when exposed to the sun or just trying to look stylish. A good book and playlist are also necessities!

Yacht Charter Indonesia

Medication – Be sure to pack your medication. Getting your specific medication on yacht holiday might be difficult. Don’t forget about over-the-counter medications like allergy pills, antacids, and pain relievers.

Cash – Make sure to bring plenty of cash in the local currency.

A good camera- Smartphone cameras just keep getting better nowadays, but if you really want to capture the gorgeousness of being at sea and the magical sunset — then we’d still recommend you bring a good camera. An underwater camera is a good idea too. It provides some of the best shots of your holiday as you swim with plenty of beautiful fish.

So are you ready for a yacht charter Indonesia Holiday?

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How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

How To Build Purpose-Driven Business

Building a business mean you also need to have a mission statement. It is what defines your business is planning to achieve through its efforts. Most businesses set up their mission statement in the very beginning. However, it is pretty often that most of businesses don’t follow through to make their mission reality. Hence, their mission statements have become nothing. 

Building purpose-driven business

Building a purpose-driven business means that you take your mission statement and turn in into more than just empty words or motto. Use your mission statements to guide you through decision making process, as well as direct your business to what it looks for. So how can you build purpose-driven business nowadays?

Know what you want

Always have clarity in the missions you want your business to achieve. When everything is vague, it will be harder to know what you really want. Hence, putting more clarity to your mission statement will make it easier for your business to flow. Clarity is like the light you need to bring your mission statement into the tunnel of reality, making your business grow significantly with every achievement it makes. 

A relatable mission

A relatable mission

Make your mission relatable for everyone in your business. Keep in mind that even though it is your business, you still need other people to work with you to achieve your goals. Hence, you need to break down your mission into key values framework that work for everyone. Creating relatable mission or vision can be challenging but worth it once you make it because everyone in your company understand what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. 

Start from the problem

Start from personal pain point when creating a mission statement. This is how a leader can lead a purpose-driven business. Something personal can bring something that is passionate and fulfilling. Personal pain point can be the key factor to build authenticity of business as well. That is why it is important for you as a leader to lead a purpose-driven life based on your own personal pain points. 

Bring everyone to operate together

Bring yourself and your team to operate with the same purpose and goal in mind. It might not be easy because your team consists of different individuals. However, you can create mission statement that unite with a common purpose. Make sure to also create supportive, open, and focused attitude when working with your team. 

Believe in your mission 

Believe in your mission genuinely so it become embedded in everything and everyone in your business. While believing in your mission, focus on your customers since they are also key factor in your business. Creating a value for your customers is a must and every mission you build should have something to do with your customers. 

The mission statement

Try to create mission statement that can fill the void in the marketplace so your business has something different to offer that nobody has. Customers usually are more appreciate when the product or service they need are just as meaningful to the ones who made it. While offering something different, make sure to stay paying attention on the quality itself as well. 

A Scuba Diving for Beginners Must-Know: Taking Care of Our Oceans

Taking Care of Our Oceans: A Scuba Diving for Beginners Must-Know
Sources image: instagram/@turtleslovers_ig

Earning your first scuba diving certification is always exciting! Now that you are qualified for scuba diving, suddenly half of the world that previously lies hidden is opened up for you. Amazing things exits beneath the veil of the water. No matter whether it’s your first or hundredth time, going down there will always give the excitement of discovering a mesmerising, totally different life and creatures than we have in the world above. Arrays of colourful sponges and corals, schools of tropical fishes, pelagic patrolling the sea, to the weird little critters of all shapes and colours crawling between the sands—everything is so fascinating to watch. All of these are the treasures of the ocean we must protect. Unfortunately though, taking care of the ocean might not be taught in your scuba diving for beginners courses.

Scuba diving for beginners guide on respecting the ocean:

It takes our awareness to keep the ocean and its creatures healthy, really. Now is the time to take a step for being a responsible diver. This is how you could improve as a diver and be a good friend for our dearest ocean.

Be aware of your fins

Be aware of your fins
Sources image: instagram/@dive_down_under

It’s easy for scuba diving beginners to get carried away especially during their first dives. If you are not careful with your fins, however, you could harm the marine life. Soma corals are fragile and a careless swept of a fin could break the corals. This could cause injury and the death of the coral, even if you don’t intend to. 

Scuba diving beginners frequent mistake: touching the marine life

The marine animals is not your pet dog or cat. They are essentially wild animal, no matter how cute. Touching can lead to stress and scare the animals away, leaving nothing to see to other divers. Most marine animals also have slimy films on their skin that mainly protects them from infections. Touching the animals could remove this layer of film which could lead them to infection. We still see so many scuba divers get attempted to touch underwater animals especially exotic creatures like Manta Ray, dolphins, blue shark and many other. This ethos might not be something you learnt during your scuba diving for beginners lessons, but this is something you should be aware of for the rest of your scuba days.

No human food allowed for the marine animals 

Don’t leave anything on the ocean
Sources image: instagram/@sdc.watches

Leave your burgers on the land. No fish wants to eat what you eat, human. Just, what’s wrong with you? Giving human food to the marine animals also create unhealthy dependency for them. Keep them wild and keep the food for yourself. 

Don’t leave anything on the ocean

You are the guests of the marine life. And good guests will never leave anything in their host’ home. Respect the animals by not throwing plastic bottles, straw, and anything, really. No excuse for trashing the home of the fishes that we love so much. 

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Scuba diving beginners, watch on your sunscreen 

This is something that not many scuba diving beginners is aware of. Your sunscreen might contain some chemical components that are damaging to the coral reefs. If your sunscreen still contains Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3), it’s time to switch to a coral-friendly sunscreen. 

Never, ever take anything from the ocean

You should not call yourself a scuba diver if you still get attempted to take any “souvenir” from the ocean. Dead or alive, anything from the sea belongs to the sea. 

Having Positive Attitudes In Business Field

Having Positive Attitudes In Business Field

It is not easy to be constantly in positive state of mind especially when you are dealing with business matter on daily basis. Business field is not so easy to deal with. With tight competition and various challenges, maintaining healthy and positive mind can be even more challenging. However, having positive attitudes can help a lot to achieve success. In fact, positive attitudes can help a lot in reaching life goals in general if you can harness it. 

Implementing positive attitudes to achieve success

Thoughts are tend to be negative especially when you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Our mind often think of the worst scenarios instead of possible positive results. Hence, having positive mind is not as easy at it seems. Applying positive mind into positive attitudes can be more challenging indeed. However, it can help you create your own success. 

Redirect negativity to positivity

The best thing to implement positive attitudes is to redirect negativity in your mind into positivity. For a business leader, positivity is very crucial because even though they have to think rationally, they still have to be able to see potential and opportunity to success. If they keep thinking on bad things then only bad things will happen. 

Spread positivity around your business

Spread positivity around your business

If you are in business field, you understand the obstacles and challenges of being positive. However, when you have positive attitude, it will affect your employees and people around you positively as well. Maintaining positive attitude is not easy but not impossible either. The first thing you have to do as entrepreneurs is to believe in it more than anybody else. Then have the attitude to direct what you believe into real success. 

Set a positive mindset

Mindset is really affect how you see things. It doesn’t mean that positive thinkers won’t experience bad things. However, positive thinkers react to bad things differently from bad thinkers. If you have positive mind, it puts you in advantage because when you think with positive mind, you will focus on what matters and what’s best to fix the problems. You won’t have time to blame others or succumb in your sorrow because 

Focus on what you can do

Stop thinking of what “cannot”. instead, focus more on what you can to chase your dream. After believing on positive result, you still have to work for it and don’t just leave it to luck. You have to put your effort to make what you believe become real. This way, you won’t have negative thoughts because your focus is solely on what you can do. 

Reinforce the positive thinking

Shifting your negative thought into positive thought is not the end of having positive attitudes. You also have to reinforce positive thoughts. You can try practicing self-talk. It might be weird to do if you are not used to it. However, it can help a lot in clearing negative thoughts. Talk to yourself something good and hopeful so your mind will be full of positivity your mood improve as well. Start practicing it in the morning before you go to work or anytime you have negative thoughts. 

Surviving Quarantine at Nusa Dua Family Resorts with Kids

Ever since the break of the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine become a mandatory for almost everyone on earth. Especially high-risks people who just come abroad, travelling within countries, or having exposed on someone who was coronavirus-positive. However, family quarantine doesn’t have to be boring or exhausting because now you can self-isolating at villa and hotel. Like here in Bali, you can always get your family to have a semi-holiday quarantine at Nusa Dua family resorts and keep the isolation exciting. Though it doesn’t guarantee that the kids won’t present another quarantine challenges. Here’s how you can survive being locked with the kiddos in a hotel room. 

Surviving Quarantine at Nusa Dua Family Resort with Kids

Get Plenty of Sun in that Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Now that if you think about it, being confined into a room at a resort is actually not a bad idea. Especially as here in Bali the sun is plenty and you can get the kids recharged their vitamin D! Get out to your balcony or walk around the Nusa Dua family resorts (with mask on and sanitisers handy) to get enough vitamin D. 

Ask if you can leave the hotel room

Let the kids know that they cannot go outside the Nusa Dua family resort

If a hotel is assigned by the government as isolation facility, commonly guests are not allowed to get out of the room. But if you choose to self-isolating at a hotel who independently offer quarantine campaign, the rules might not be as strict. Ask the resort if you can leave the room during the isolation and enjoy other facilities. Chances are you probably would still be allowed to use the restaurants, gym, and restaurants with extra cautions. 

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Let the kids know that they cannot go outside the Nusa Dua family resorts

The environment of a resort is specially designed to evoke the mood  of holiday. While this is usually soothing when you are actually on vacation, it can be quite difficult if you are set for quarantine. Talk to the kids and give them understandings that despite the vacation vibes, they cannot go out and explore Bali. They cannot go visiting temples, shopping, or playing at attractions. Luckily, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua family resorts has its own private beach where the kids could play while maintaining a maximum space. 

Pack as many entertainment as possible

There will be a peak where everything gets boring, even when your room are facing the beautiful beachfront. At times like this, you and the kids will need all sort of entertainment to keep the mind occupied and enriched. Get a bag full of craft materials, stickers, paint, crayons, puzzles, lego—anything fun you can pack. The adults can have their own set of puzzles, too! Physical entertainment could be a great way for kids to get a break from the adults and keep their creativity going. 

Tips For Working Parents To Stay Focus During Remote Work

Tips For Working Parents To Stay Focus During Remote Work

Working from home is not as pleasant as it seems. In fact, lots of people find it more stressful to work from remotely because it is difficult to adjust to new environment. Home is like a safe place for everyone when they can feel relaxed after work. With the situation following the pandemic, people are required to work from home. For some people, it can be more challenging because they have to set the boundaries between personal and professional matter. For working parents, it is even more challenging.

Giving your works and kids the attention they need

Giving attention to your kids and work at the same time is not so easy. Both deserve attention because they are important. In addition, there are more distractions at home, different from when you work at the office. It is easier to lose your focus. Here are some tips to stay focus for working parents during remote work.

Remove unnecessary external distraction

Running business while taking care of family in this situation can be tough because many things to be kept on track. Therefore, removing unnecessary external distractions can help a lot to maintain your focus. External distractions are many such as phone calls, text messages, group chat, social media, etc. 

Leave phone off

It is highly recommended to leave your phone off during your work hours at home. This way, your mind won’t be scattered here and there. If you worry that your team members or clients will need you, make sure to let them know beforehand where and when you can be available in the day. Or, open emergency line in which people can reach you out for urgent matters. Hence, they won’t just spam you with unimportant matters. 

Designated workspace

Designated workspace

Create workspace to keep you on track doing your responsibilities. If you have spare room, you can turn it into a workspace so your mind will be able to more focus while working. If you don’t really have any spare room, create a space that can make your mind think it is a place to finish your work. If you work in random places such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, it will be harder to stay focus. 

Scheduling with partner

If you have partner, you can set a schedule that work for both of you. So you can take turn taking care of your kids. If your kids are old enough, you can give them some tasks to finish. For example, ask them to finish their homework or attend their online study, and so on. Just make sure that you check on them from time to time to ensure they are fine on their own. 

Establish good communication with your family

If you have family who can understand and support you, discuss the matter properly. Find the best solution for everyone so you can stay focus with your work without neglecting your family. This can be very challenging especially in the beginning of the transition of working at office building to remote work from home.

Komodo Liveaboard Adventure: Why Everyone Need to Experience It

Advantages of Komodo Liveaboard for Adventure Seekers

One thing in life that you should attempt at any rate once is cruising with Komodo liveaboard in Komodo, Flores, Indonesia. Liveaboard itself is one method of movement that is very extraordinary with different methods for voyaging. Consider having a dive get-away, journeying investigation, dive administrator, inn, eatery, and parlor all consolidated in one boat. Presently envision that past those solaces, lies unending glimmering ocean water with many turbulent little islands, covered by brilliant savannah, rise high from the waterline. This is how cruising in Komodo feels like.

Advantages of Komodo Liveaboard for Adventure Seekers

Reaching Remote Dive Sites 

Liveaboard cruising in Komodo carries numerous preferences to adventurers. One of the best delight of cruising with liveaboard is the accessibility to reach dive alternatives in further distance that in any case will far taking additional time if it’s finished with land-based diving administrators. At the point when you consider an objective like Komodo that essentially comprise of untamed sea interspersed with 20 islands, in excess of twelve of dive locales, rich water, and diverse natural life. Going with liveaboard permits you to secure the boat in less-visited dive spots, dive directly to vertical drop off, investigating flawless reefs, and encountering an uncommon possibility of diving between slender section of twin islands. 

Various Activities in Komodo Liveaboard 

In addition, trip with Komodo Liveaboard frequently includes engaging schedules, for example, relaxation swimming, walking void sea shores, and traveling to Komodo’s most all encompassing peaks like the one in Padar, Gili Lawa, and Kelor Island. What’s more, between those trip, you’ll have fabulous experience with the ancient Komodo dragons, the main dragon left on mother earth. 

Finding New Likeminded Friends Onboard

Finding New Likeminded Friends Onboard

Komodo liveaboard infrequently sail with enormous gathering of individuals. They will in general convey more modest gatherings locally available, which for the most part make an incredible excursion! It gives divers a feeling of extravagance trip where they can investigate the seabed with only barely any others inside the region. More modest individual from explorers likewise make a snappier holding; everybody has decently a similar opportunity to converse with one another and develop new kinship. 

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Adaptability of Diving with Komodo Liveaboard 

The dive excursion with Komodo liveaboard gets significantly more ideal for divers as it implies you can visit different diving objections with just once unloading. No compelling reason to consistently pack and unload all the diving gears or those convoluted submerged photography supplies. Being in liveaboard implies all your diving gears are impeccably positioned and prepared whenever you need to dive in. Diving with liveaboard trips additionally accompanies incredible adaptability. At the point when the conditions turns terrible on the diving objective, you can basically pick another objective. The outing will continue going on. 

In this way, if you love diving, investigating immaculate islands, and are up for an astounding involvement with the ocean, it’s an ideal opportunity to pursue a liveaboard trip in the delightful Komodo!

Maintaining Excellent And Authentic Customer Service

Customer service in business industry is essential because customers are the key stakeholders important to sustain the business itself. Delivering excellent and authentic customer service today is not difficult if you set up the right standards. It is important to you maintain easy and open access for customers to reach you through various digital communication such as email, live chat, social posting and replies, in-person interaction, AI interaction, as well as phone calls. 

Maintaining Excellent And Authentic Customer Service

Deliver excellent and authentic customer service

One of the most important keys for delivering exceptional customer service is the use of language. Language is one of the tools for communication that can express many things including authenticity. What kind of language does your customer service team need in order to chose to show authenticity?

Use Less Formal Language

It is recommended for customer service team to use less formal language but still in a line of politeness. Informal language is more encouraged today to be able to relate more with customers. The majority of customers are not from business industry who have been used to formal language. With informal language, you can create more comfortable environment so customers feel safer to share tell their issues related to your product or service. 

Use Encouraging and Important Rules

The use of informal language in delivering customer service should apply some important rules. For example, the informal language that being used is supposed to be encouraging and elevating the customers not pushing them down. Do not compare the customers you are currently talking to with other customers. Do not insult missteps either because it can make your customers feel smaller and less appreciated. 

Avoid Demanding Tone

Deliver excellent and authentic customer service

You can use your informal language but avoid demanding tone. Always keep in mind that customers are important people whose force is behind your paycheck. It is important to not use words with demanding vibe such as ‘you have to’ or ‘you owe’. make your words more like a suggestion or recommendation so your customers feel more comfortable and not dictated. It will make them feel free to choose their own choice. 

Don’t Make Unecessary Remarks 

The language used by customers service crew should not suggest things that they don’t want to discuss furthermore into the conversation. You or your customer service team can use informal language but make sure that you don’t make unnecessary comments especially the one that makes customers feel offended. Informal and unscripted interactions and conversation should make customers feel more comfortable. 

Never Cross the Line

Encourage your customer service team to be themselves without crossing the lines of course. When they are being themselves, the authenticity is easier to deliver because they act without particular script they need to practice all day and night. Natural warmth from authentic personality can be felt during interaction between your customer service staff and your customers. 

Bring Out the Natural Charms

You already chose special people with warm and cheerful personality to be in your customer service team. Encourage them to show their true selves and remove fake smiles or expression. Encourage them to show genuine care to the customers with their natural charms.

The New Normal of Scuba Diving in Bali

The New Normal of Scuba Diving in Bali

Life is different after the pandemic hit. We protected ourself and those we love by locking ourself down on home. Movements are limited. We dare not to get out unless for it’s urgent or necessary. Travelling, during the mandatory quarantine, was out of question. However, today most governments has lifted travel bans and soon, we will be out exploring the beautiful world once again. Bali, as one of prominent holiday destination in the world, is now preparing itself for the new normal for travelers post the covid. Travelling and scuba diving in Bali will not be entirely the same again. Here’s how travelers and divers alike should prepare themselves on the new normal.

Is scuba diving in Bali really safe? 

The New Normal of Scuba Diving in Bali

This is probably the most frequently asked questions for everyone. Can you contract coronavirus from the water? Research based on other coronavirus strains like SARS can survive for 12 days in room temperature tap water and more in sewage. However, experts agree that infectious droplets would be so diluted when it goes into large bodies of water. It means the concentration of coronavirus in lake, rivers, and ocean would be very low. Therefore, contracting the coronavirus on the ocean will be quite hard. In addition for that, fishes and marine species are not known to transmit the coronavirus. The virus can only infect certain species of hosts on selected temperature range. The perfect candidates for it are warm blooded mammals, which is favourable for the virus to flourish and multiply. Marine animals mostly can’t survive with such temperature. 

Health check before going for scuba diving in Bali 

Before you go, make sure you comply all the health standards imposed on the region. Bali, for example, follows general Indonesia’s rules on which all travelers fill COVID-19 Health Declaration and Liability Release Form. You should send these forms to the dive centre prior to the departure. Every divers should also prove their dive liability by attaching COVID-negative test result from rapid/ swab test. 

Do your own scuba gears 

Scuba diving in Bali during the new normal demand you to be totally independent. No more relying on the diving operator to do your suits. Minimise direct contact by learning how to do your own gears properly.  

Whenever possible, wear your own regulators and suits

The New Normal of Scuba Diving in Bali

The new normal is the right time to start investing on your basic personal scuba gears. Go scuba diving in Bali feeling safer and more protected by wearing very personal gears like regulators, mask, and suits of your own.  

Cover your nose and mouth before going underwater

The underwater is the safest zone for any divers. Keep your face mask intact in all public place and that includes during the boat. Change your mask once it wet and every time after diving. Bring extra spare mask in a water-resistant pouch. 

Go scuba diving in Bali with small, trusted groups 

Gone were the days when you can join strange random people in large group for scuba diving in Bali. It were fun, but now it could be dangerous for everyone’s health. Go diving with small group or better, only with people you trust. 

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Practice social distancing 

Everywhere you go, social/ physical distancing is the mandatory. This is the new normal and you should never forget it—especially in confined space like dive boat.  

Disinfect everything by yourself

Diving and overall travelling on the new normal requires us to be squeaky clean. Bring sanitiser in your dive bag. Wash hands using the 20 seconds rule with soap and possibly, hot water. Discards your tissue properly and sanitise your hands immediately. Wipe everything down with disinfectants between dives and trips. Never think what you do with the cleanliness is enough.