Best Feeling You Would Have on Komodo Liveaboard Trip!

You have been seeing that post-card perfect Komodo National Park landscape across many social medias. Those crooked shores with multicoloured sands on each beach. The bright blue green sea. Majestic schooners with fully expanding sails. Beastly looking Komodo Dragons with their strong limbs, gigantic body, and killer saliva. You have watched a bunch of Youtube Komodo sailing videos and pin every pictures of this Jurassic-looking destination to your Pinterest. Dreaming about sailing to Komodo is totally legit—cause the far flung frontier gonna give you an amazing experience you won’t soon forget. Here’s some of the best thing you can have during your trip with Komodo liveaboard. 

Best Feeling You Would Have on Komodo Liveaboard Trip!

A Great Way to Have Natural Detox—Both Body and Mind 

The Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, is a true definition of isolated holiday. It’s not a ‘remote’ resort nor a ‘hidden’ paradise. Due to the reservation policy, this destination has completely minimal modern infrastructure—except the Labuan Bajo—and is located entirely secluded from the rest of the world. But that doesn’t mean limitation on the trip. On the contrary, the lack of tall buildings, buzzing nightlife, and internet signals give you a chance to enjoy slow living far from the nauseating worldly business. It’s time to indulge on natural detox. Let your problems vaporize to the vast ocean. Let your worries be swept away by the salty wind. Rest your mind to Komodo’s astonishing, calming scenery. Also, you will have the best, healthiest meal on the Komodo liveaboard. Gone by days of fast foods. Welcome to nutritious meals three times a day, fresh fruits snacks, and fulfilling oat bowl for breakfast. 

The Best Thing that Happen Everyday: No Lack of Variety on Komodo Liveaboard

As the nature of sailing goes, you will always on the move. You won’t get stuck in one place—a total contrasts if you choose to stay, let’s say, on seaside resort. Nothing is monotonous on sailing. Everyday, you will wake up on different place—and that’s probably the best Komodo liveaboard experience thing to happen in. Thing morning, you might be docking to the marvellous Padar Island to enjoy magnificent sunrise, while the afternoon is spent gazing on passing islands as the liveaboard bring you to the next adventure; a walk to dragon nests in Komodo Island. Yesterday you had your dinner on the liveaboard, but today the crews have arranged a beach barbecue for the dins-dins. Almost everything happen during the sailing trip result in pleasant surprises. 

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A New Way to Appreciate Littlest Details on Life

Sometimes, the smallest details on our life that we often ignores are the best thing to feel, and that happens on Komodo liveaboard sailing. You might not been paying much attention to the weather, that when you spent it on the indoor lounge, gives you light winds and pleasant warmth. The glistening sun is calmly reflected by the ripples of the ocean. And up in the sky, the clouds are forming massive picturesque formations that will invite your imagination to play on. On Komodo sailing trip you will see how an island could be entirely different from one another. How beneath a seemingly barren landscape, hides a brimming marine ecosystem bustling with life. And how the rise and the set of the sun in this frontier destination could be another magic entirely. 

Special Traits To Be Successful Leader in Business

Deciding to be involved in a business industry can be daunting. However, business world is not for the weak. It is for those who have strong mind and passion to success. It is not easy as it sounds because hardworking is not the only quality an entrepreneur must have. There are also other qualities and traits you should possess in order to not only become the participant but the leader in the business. Running your own business means you are the leader of your business. However, it doesn’t guarantee your success in the future. 

Special traits to lead your business

Running your own business can be exhausting because it is not something when you can succeed in a day. The success you gain is earned through hard work, strategic plans, quality resources, and many more factors. As for leading your own business, you have to possess special traits of a successful leader, such as:


Visioning is one of important traits you should have to be a great leader for your business. Visioning will help you find ideas and solutions of issues or problems. Therefore, you will be able to create the right products that people need. You have to learn how to look ahead. You can imagine where your business will be in five years. You can also vision the problems people are struggled with in five years and what solution you can come up with.

business ideas
Asian Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom Table


The next trait is making sense. Well, business relies more on logic than feeling so you have to be able to make sense of the situation. Making sense will help you to stay on the lane because you know what the meaning based on the context. This way, you will be able to make the right decision that is not led by emotional burst. 


Next is the traits to relate. Relating is important not only for business but also life in general. It can help develop your understanding of others. In the business, you are interacting and connecting with many different people. If you cannot related of your customers (for example), you won’t know what they truly need or what kind of solution you can give for their problems. By relating, you can imagine yourself in other people’s shoes. This is how you can see the world from the other people’s perspective so you have better understanding. 


Next trait is credibility. It is already known that a business can last longer if they are credible where they act with integrity and honesty. You have to build your business with trust. This way, you can show how your way of leadership is much more purposeful and focused. You have to know how to build trust between your customers and employees, as well as partners. This way, you build your credibility with the right recipe. You invent a product or service with particular purpose such as to help your customers get the right solutions or provide what they need. Credibility will benefit your business in the long run. 

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Bali Catering Menu Ideas for Outdoor Events

With gorgeous natural landscape and plenty of stunning beaches, it’s always an exciting occasion to host an outdoor event in Bali. However with any outdoor events, there’s always the issue of food and beverage serving and how to best preserve them. What should you know before you get in contact with a Bali catering to help out with your celebrations? 

buffet catering menu

Having a “summer-friendly” menu and catering equipment is important 

Although weather is often unpredictable in the tropics, it’s well-known that Bali has an “all-year summer” climate. So make sure that you take this into consideration. It’s also a good idea to browse and ask references for Bali catering company that has plenty of experience handling events located outdoor; most often are clifftop weddings, beach weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Bali also has plenty of restaurants with gorgeous outdoor view—ones that are available for event renting. It’s another way of solving the issues for caterers for your outdoor event. Have a restaurant handle all of your food and beverage needs. 

bali catering company

Outdoor menu ideas for your Bali catering 

While menu options are virtually endless and there are certainly ways to preserve the food, keeping the nature of the food and dishes themselves in mind is extremely crucial when holding an event on the outdoor. The freshness of the food itself are second to none. 

Some Indonesian dishes has natural anti-bacterial properties thanks to the variety spices it uses. Take Rendang, for example. This cuisine from Sumatra’s Minangkabau people is known to be able to have a month’s shelf life without any refrigerating if cooked the right way. Some of the spices used in the dish is known to have effective antimicrobial properties and helps preserve the meat for an impressive amount of time. With that said, consult experienced caterers in Bali on creating suitable menu for your outdoor event.

bali catering outdoor

Some other things to note:

  • Prepare plenty of refreshing and hydrating beverages. We’ll talk about some of the favorite examples at a later point.
  • If you’re having a wedding reception, then be sensible and don’t ask your wedding catering Bali to have your cake out during the whole event. Heat, especially since you’re having outdoor event, would make your cake spoil at a faster rate. Have your cake out nearing the end instead.  

Healthy beverages ideas to consult your chosen catering Bali 

wedding catering bali

Here are some of the freshest and delicious drinks that you can serve all day long:

  • Fruit juices. You can easily find a wide variety of tropical fruits in Bali; ones that would cost a fortune if you purchase it at home. Some of the favorites of the Balinese and Indonesian locals in general are: banana, mango, guava, pineapple, papaya. All of these fruits can be obtained with a reasonable price anywhere in Bali, so your caterer shouldn’t have any issues obtaining them. Take note that some fruits are seasonal, like mango and durian. 
  • Imported fruit juices: Bali is not known as producers of apples, they’re mostly grown in the mountainous areas of Bogor and other places. But if you particularly love the fruit and would love to feature it among your fruits or juices, then the Fuji apple is particularly popular here. 
  • Mix and vegetable juice. Get creative and mix spinach with oranges or carrots with guava—not only they’re notably nutritious, these types of menu taste so goo as well. They’d also make your guests feel like VIP getting served detox beverages in a spa. 

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Main Ingredient for Building New Business

Starting a new business is said to be simple because growing it is the hardest part. It may be true but not really because it is considered as hard for some people. The problem of building a new business is that the rapid speed of how the world change every day. When you spend a day to think of what kind of product that will attract people, there is change of interest of people the very next day. The ability to keep up with the world’s fast pace is necessary when it comes to building new business. However, there is also important ingredient you need to build a new business successfully, which is relationship. 

The key in building new business

Relationship is considered the main ingredient for building a new business because it can help you with almost everything, especially the matter that involve confidence and trust. In business itself, trust is a great weapon you can use in the long run. As much as it’s effective for building new business, trust is is easily crumbled. Building trust takes time and breaking it only needs a second. Business is about building a solid foundation of relationship. That’s why building trust is just as important. 

Main Ingredient for Building New Business

See Everyone with Prospects

Building relationship can start with setting up list of contacts with all prospects. It is important for a business to have prospect database even from the beginning. You can’t build relationship if you don’t have people to contact with. That’s why adding and building contact is the first start in building new business. 

Nurture Your Relationship

Aside from adding new contacts, it is also important to nurture the relationship actively. Don’t wait the others to reach out. Instead, try to reach them out on your own. Being proactive in building contacts will benefit you. You can use various ways to outreach such as using social media, direct mails, industry conference, or speaking engagements.

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Approach Everyone Personally

Personal approach is also important in building relationship in your attempt to build a new business. You have to follow up your contact with personal approach such as making telephone call and deliver a warm personal note to double the impact. 

Stay in Contact with Business Relations

It is important to nurture your business relationships with your contacts. You have to do it constantly and frequently. Staying in contact is what you have to do. It is just like what you do with your friends. You can nudge them with small gestures such as giving them informative articles, etc. Frequency is important point in nurturing relationship even in business. 

Be Attentive

Always be attentive to your contacts and prospects. You can give them help they need. To be able to know what they need, you should listen to them attentively. Always ready to ask question they can make them spill information of what they need. Seeking to be their assistance will allow you to have deeper business relationship with your prospects. 

Relationship is main ingredient in building new business and trust is the key. Only then, you will learn to figure out when to snatch the opportunities to result in more business wins. 

What You Will Want in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

After discovering the wonderful world of underwater, the next thing you want is hopping in a diving liveaboard and embark on full-fledged diving trip. You might have heard of Komodo National Park, home of the teen foot long, deadly dangerous Komodo Dragons. The last colony of its species, living in the wilderness under the protection of the park. But for those who able to breathe underwater, the Komodo offer much more than the prehistoric lizards. Under the bright turquoise sea, lie astoundingly rich marine biodiversity that would make any diver gasp in awe. The national park sits snuggly right in the heart of world’s coral triangle, which encompass Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Papua, and Thailand. The marine park is haven for over a thousand of fish species—including the giant reef Manta Ray, dugongs, turtles, sharks and pelagic, to the rare pigmy pink seahorses. Its landscape is bursting with more than 300 species of corals competing for spaces, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests. It’s no wonder then that Komodo diving liveaboard trip become very popular in this far flung destination. Embarking on liveaboard in Komodo would be a trip full of awe, and here’s the things you would want onboard. 

What You Will Want in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Enough Experiences to Dive in Komodo

Let’s say it upfront. Diving in Komodo is challenging. While Komodo diving liveaboard could make your dive trip a lot easier (e.g being transported to the dive site, reaching remote places, getting there at prime time, etc), the dive itself is by no means easy. Aside of being in the coral triangle, the Komodo also sits right between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. This may result in incredibly rich planktons which boost aquatic growth, but also means strong currents. The north area often require you to swim against the currents, which needs exceptional diving skills. 

That is to say, a lot of Komodo’s water might be more suitable for those who feel very confident under the water. However, beginners could also have a safe dive holiday in Komodo as long as they choose the right sites. Choose shallow sites with not-too-strong currents and easy accessibility. We recommend the Manta Point, Sebayur Kecil, Castle Rocks, Crystal Bay, China Shop, Sebolong Kecil, and Turtle City. 

A Dive Buddy Provided by Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Dive buddy onboard

It’s easy for couples and best friends to partner up on a dive trip. But if you are going single, you would want to have a dive buddy onboard. Luckily, most diving liveaboard operators in Komodo includes dive buddy in their all-inclusive package. Solo diving is not advisable in Komodo—especially if you dive in challenging sites. In the meantime, you can always find a new friend in the liveaboard and partnering up with them as dive buddies! 

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A Good and Actually Proper Cabin

Typical cabin in luxury Komodo diving liveaboard

If enjoying the crazy rich marine biodiversity of Komodo is your sole purpose, you might have no problem sailing at shared cabins with bunkbeds. But if you want to truly take pleasure in sailing the Komodo, you might want to upgrade to higher standard liveaboard. Mid range Komodo diving liveaboard usually has complete enough facilities. You will find shared cabins, shared bathrooms, air conditioned cabins and loungers, and one ensuite cabin, if you want to. Luxury liveaboard usually resembles three to five starred hotels. Expect to see king beds, wrapped windows, televisions, library, and even a private balcony. Whatever you choose, however, you deserve a Komodo diving liveaboard with actual cabins to sleep on. Because having quality rest is essential when you are on energy-draining dive trip. Low budget liveaboard with sleeping arrangements on mats at open deck is, while cost-saving, not recommended.

Unthinkable Challenges Your Small Business Face

Running your own business is surely challenging and it is not a secret anymore. Starting from a small business is a great idea. However, it doesn’t mean you will face less challenge just because you start it small. In fact, there is always risk and challenge in every type of business. Some of them are predicted so you can make thorough plan in advance. Some others are unpredictable or situational. That’s why you always have to spare for flexibility so that you can always adapt to the circumstance while the problems occurs. There are even unthinkable or underrated challenges or problems you should actually be prepared for. 

Challenges small business might face

There are many types of challenges and problems you will face when you decide to run your own business even if you start it small. However, there are also your opportunities to grow your business bigger and better. Here are underrated challenges small business face you should not ignore in reality:

Dependency on a client – It is possible for your small business to be too dependent on your clients. It is not a good thing because then it only makes you an independent contractor instead of a business owner. You should not let a single client make up half of your business income. You should build a customer base with diversity so that your business will grow successfully. This can benefit you if your clients have their own dependence on your products or services which stay consistently. If not, you’d better diversify your customer base. 

Money crisis and management – Financial crisis should be a predicted challenge you have to prepare for in advance. There is no one can predict when a financial crisis will occur. Therefore, you should always be ready with your financial buffer. It is also better if you manage to gain extra income. Then, management is also another issue when it comes to your finance. Managing money is not easy both for professional or personal purpose. Gaining income from different sources can help you build finance’s stability for your business in the long run. If it’s necessary, you can also invest in bookkeeping assistance to make sure your finance is well-managed. 

Founder dependence – Aside from client dependence, there is also underrated, unexpected challenges small business face, founder dependence. You might not predict this situation when you stared your business. However, what would happen to your business if you got into car accident which makes you unable you to operate your business properly? One of the best solutions is to give over more control to your partners or employees. 

Constant pressure – Many of small business owners didn’t think they would experience constant suffer when they started because they thought small business meant less work and challenges. Fatigue is common thing most business owner suffer. However, dealing with constant fatigue and stress can take a toll on you. Not only can it wear you down physically, but mentally as well. Thus, it is important to find your own pace where you can stay passionate doing your work without crushing you down.

5 Reasons Bali Villas For Sale Always In Demand

The business has always been the foremost for profit. Business that is currently very promising is property. Some in tourist destination areas, the property has high business prospects. In Bali, houses, apartments, shop houses and even villas are perfect for investment. Did you know that at this time, the villa is one of the alternative accommodations that are popular? No wonder there are many Bali villas for sale for individual investment. There are many advantages of villa investment because it is very suitable to be a place to relax and have fun.

Bali Villas For Sale

Investment Advantages of Buying Bali Villas For Sale

Villa investment capital is not small. The cost of treatment can be quite expensive and sometimes people think twice about buying a villa. But basically every investment always brings benefits that you must understand.

Rent back

What was your previous investment? Gold? Deposit? Villa investment has a long-lasting character. The villa you own can be rented again so that there is income from the profit of the villa rental business. Later, the income you get from the rental price can be used for maintenance costs. Bali villas for sale is a long term investment in the next 3-5 years. After passing through 3-5 years the development of the value is enough to produce the difference between the purchase price and the selling price.

Protection against inflation

This is the logic, many business people who invest property so as not to erode inflation. This means that business people know exactly what property investment will not go down like the value of a currency. Imagine how much an investment return if you have a private villa in a strategic place with land prices and always going up.

Big Profits

Whatever the investment, everything brings benefits to the owner. When traced, the price of the villa is always creeping up. Especially when your investment in the world’s popular tourist destination. when the popularity of the villa as a temporary residence, you can benefit greatly from the cost of the rent.

The Ideal Collateral

Property investment is the most ideal. Your villa can be used as collateral or the most solid collateral. It is possible if banks do not hesitate to provide large loans. If you need other investments, the property is perfect for collateral to banking.

Save on vacation costs

The heaviest cost when on vacation is the cost of accommodation. To stay at a 5-star hotel, you need at least a minimum of $ 150 per day to get the best service. If you are on a long vacation, then certainly the cost of accommodation will be very large compared to other costs. If you want to enjoy a comfortable vacation in a private villa while doing business, then Bali villas for sale is perfect for you.

Buying Bali villas for sale depends on the ability of your budget. The location and design of the villa usually cannot be separated from adjustments to your budget. If possible it’s good if you build your own villa. It should be noted that to build from scratch, you must really prepare a budget. Calculate all development costs that will be used to determine the short-term or long-term rental price.

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Benefits of Thinking Creatively When Running Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur requires lots of skills, qualities, and talents. It is much more than setting financial planning in order to gain profit. You also need to be creative if you want to survive the battle in business because there’s so many thing that can happen both predictable and unpredictably. Creativity will help you adapt any circumstance and survive any obstacles. Running your own business is not only about having control of others. It is about how you navigate your power into the right direction in reaching your goals. 

Benefits of creativity to your business

Running your own business takes a lot of confidence and courage. You have to be brave enough to do so because there’s so many challenges. Even when you already reach your goal, you still need to scale to the next level if you want to outlast your competitors. Besides, business is not for settling. It is something you always need to improve. And to do so, you need to think creatively. 

Benefits of Thinking Creatively When Running Your Own Business

Innovation is unique and useful

Creativity is needed to foster innovation not only invention because innovation is unique as well as it’s useful. Unique idea or what you call invention is not enough. You have to innovate to make it true and you need creativity to innovate. In business, you create ideas of what kind of products or services that will satisfy your customers. However, you have to innovate those ideas into something that will exceeds your customer’s expectation. You have to make sure that your products and services are useful to solve your customer’s problem. 

To think the unthinkable

Lots of people that when you are highly intelligent, you will most likely to be successful in business. However, intelligence is not enough. You need creativity to and it plays important role to bring your success. It is still quite a stigma because majority of people still consider intelligence as everything. The reason maybe because intelligence is more measurable and manageable. Meanwhile, creativity can be quite difficult to spot. But that’s when it’s needed. When you can think creatively, you can survive even the unthinkable and unpredictable. You will be able to outlast others because you have your own way to survive. 

To transcend boundaries

Thinking creatively is needed when running your own business because it can help transcend boundaries. When you are bound to boundaries, your way of thinking will become limited and narrow. However, creativity will transcend all boundaries, allowing you to blur them and gain more perspectives. This way, you can find more solutions to pick. You will be able to find solutions no matter how complicated the problems seem to be because creativity has no limits or boundaries. 

Do more efficiently

Creativity also increase productivity as well as efficiency. Lots of people running their own business take five to ten years to gain success. However, people with creative thinking can find more efficient way to reach their goal faster than others. They have unconventional way of thinking which allow them to think of different path with more efficiency and effectivity. Thus, every process to success will run smoothly.

Reasons Why Mentawai Surf Charters Should Be On Your Bucketlist

The Indian Ocean is a true swell magnet and the Mentawai, Indonesia, is one of the best place to have it. Imagine a secluded islands ringed with stark white beaches and lush palm trees on every corner, facing bright azure sea that’s constantly pumping world class waves. The Mentawai is obviously a dream surf destination for many, and surf charters is one of the most popular way to enjoy the waves on this frontier. If you have never embark on surf cruising thorough your life, here’s why cruising for the waves in Mentawai should be in your next destination bucket list. 

Reasons Why Mentawai Surf Charters Should Be On Your Bucketlist

The Mentawai is A Mini Archipelago

Tucked in 150 km off the the south coast of the West Sumatra, Northern Indonesia, the Mentawai consist of around 70 small islands spread on the Indian Ocean. Given the geographical situation, the Mentawai has at least 10 favourite wave zones, including the Macaronias, Burger World, and Being Bengs. This speaks the opportunities you can have on surf charters on Mentawai’s archipelago. While you would generally have two to three surf spots if you stay on surf resorts, you could have wider wave spots on surf charters. 

Escape from the Crowds!

When you come to one of the surf resort in Mentawai, you would probably stay with 20 other guys in the resort. The beach could get a bit crowded—not to count some boats that’s docking in because the swells are pumping in just near the resort. When you sail with surf charters, you could always escape on emptier destination to have undisturbed surfing fun. The Mentawai has incredible quality of waves and surf charters are the best vehicle to hunt ‘em down. 

The Wave Variety

The Wave Variety to get on Mentawai Surf Charters

You have come far to the remote Mentawai and you deserve to surf on variety of waves offered on this region. Embarking on surf charters means finding the right waves for you as well as constantly challenge yourself with new type of waves. After your excursion, you might be surprised to have unlocked new surfing progression!

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The Right Spot At the Right Time

One of the beauty of embarking on surf charters is the possibility to arrive at Mentawai surf spots at the right time. At night, your surf boat will still be cruising to make sure you could get to the swelling wave at breakfast. The crews and captains know Mentawai almost like the back of their hand. They know when the waves on certain spots are pumping and the time estimation to reach the area. 

The Benefits of Applying Flexibility in Business

Flexibility is strongly connected to creativity and efficiency. Being flexible in business means you are ready to face whatever happens. You will always be able to adapt to any changes in your business. After all, business is a place with fast-paced dynamics. Being too rigid in running your business will only open more opportunities to fail. Remember that business is a place with tough competitiveness. When you are too rigid, you will be left behind by your competitors. 

Advantages of being flexible in business

Running your own business is promising and challenging at the same time. You should expect from changes to happen sooner or later. Besides, the market is not something you can calculate precisely. There is always chances of something to go wrong. However, you will be able to face them all if you are being flexible enough. Here are the advantages of being flexible in running your own business:

As mentioned above that flexibility is strongly connected to efficiency. When you are flexible, you won’t close yourself to try different or new methods. Instead of looking for methods that work just fines, flexible entrepreneur will find methods that bring more efficiency to business. In your business, you should allow flexibility in the matter of policies because it can generate innovation. That way, you will be able to find more efficient and effective methods for the benefits of your business. It will bring more benefit to the operation management as well. 

By being flexible, you will also be able to face competition in the tough market. Attracting customers is not easy because of tough competitors who work just as hard, if not more. When you are flexible, you will be able to find out what the market demand to solve their problems. You will be able to create products or deliver services that fit your customer’s needs. For example, flexibility in technology. If you are flexible, you will not hesitate to familiar yourself with technology especially since most people (your potential customers) are already familiar with it. This way, you will be able to build closer connection to your potential customers and find out what they really want. 

Flexibility is also important to improve productivity. You can apply flexibility to employee management. For example, you offer flexible work schedule to your employees so they still be able to lead their personal lives without disrupting their work commitment. Important factor for this matter is telecommute. Another example of flexibility in employment is to allow job sharing so one job can be split among two employees. It will increase productivity and efficiency. 

Your business have more opportunities to grow faster if you apply flexibility to it. When you are flexible in running your business, you will always tend to seek methods and processes that work better. You will use every potential to make your business grow positively. By being flexible, you will also identify more opportunities even through the hardest times because you are able to approach the problem in more open perspectives.